Download: Battlefield Mobile v0.10.0 APK (Latest)
Download: Battlefield Mobile v0.10.0 APK (Latest)

Download: Battlefield Mobile v0.10.0 APK (Latest)

Battlefield Mobile is a free-to-play FPS game that features tactical combat and vehicular warfare. Players can team up with friends or other players in order to take on the enemy together.

Name Battlefield Mobile
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Latest Version 0.10.0
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Battlefield Mobile is the most famous version in the Battlefield Mobile series of publisher ELECTRONIC ARTS
Mod Version 0.10.0
Total installs 500,000+

The Battlefield franchise has long set the benchmark for heart-pounding FPS combat centered around teamwork and vehicular warfare. With the upcoming release of Battlefield Mobile, this action-packed experience is poised to transition seamlessly to the mobile platform for the first time. Let’s dive into what we know about this ambitious title aiming to bring console-quality gameplay to your phone!

Battlefield Mobile 1

An Overview of Battlefield Mobile Gameplay and Key Features

Battlefield Mobile is being developed from the ground up by Industrial Toys in partnership with EA to deliver the core Battlefield experience on mobile. Here’s what we know so far about the game’s design:

  • Large-Scale Maps and Modes – Battlefield’s signature all-out war for up to 100 players featuring objectives like Conquest will adapt grandly to handheld devices.
  • Tactical Squad-Based Combat – Team up in squads and use coordinated strategies and roles like assault, support and recon to achieve victory. Lone wolf Rambo types will struggle!
  • Iconic Vehicular Warfare – Take control of tanks, helicopters, jeeps and more to devastate enemies. Battlefield’s diverse vehicle sandbox translates seamlessly to mobile.
  • Impressive Arsenal of Weapons – Take your pick from an array of lethal firearms like shotguns, snipers, assault rifles, rocket launchers and LMGs all optimized for touch controls.
  • Cutting-Edge Mobile Visuals – Built using the Frostbite engine, Battlefield Mobile really pushes the graphical boundaries of what’s possible on phones and tablets.
  • Customizable Loadouts – Create your own custom soldier, weapons and gear combinations to suit your playstyle across game modes. Get creative with loadout builds!

This first true Battlefield experience designed for mobile maintains the epic scale, tactical squad play and explosive action the series is known for in a slick handheld package. It’s shaping up to be a portable technical showcase demonstrating just how far mobile gaming has come.

Downloading Battlefield Mobile on iOS and Android

Battlefield Mobile’s worldwide mobile launch is slated for 2022. Here is how you’ll be able to get it on your device once it releases:

On iOS devices:

  1. Using your iPhone or iPad, open up the App Store.
  2. Search for “Battlefield Mobile”. Tap on the official Battlefield Mobile app listing that will pop up.
  3. Tap “Get” on the listing page to begin downloading Battlefield Mobile.
  4. Once finished, open up the newly downloaded app to start playing!

On Android devices:

  1. Launch the Google Play Store on your Android phone or tablet.
  2. Search for “Battlefield Mobile” and select the official app from the search results.
  3. Tap “Install” on the Battlefield Mobile listing to download it.
  4. When the install finishes, simply open Battlefield Mobile to jump right into the action!

Once Battlefield Mobile appears on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store, downloading and installing it on your chosen device will be quick and seamless. With mobile gaming technology advancing so rapidly these days, your phone likely meets the minimum system requirements to run this new Battlefield game smoothly. Just charge up your battery, clear some storage space, download the game when available and enjoy Battlefield gameplay on-the-go!

Battlefield Mobile

Mastering Battlefield Mobile’s Core Gameplay Elements

Succeeding in Battlefield Mobile’s dangerous battlegrounds requires quickly mastering its fundamental FPS mechanics tailored expertly for mobile. Here are the key gameplay elements every player should get familiar with:

Motion and Touch Controls

The touch controls have been optimized for precise movement and aiming needed in a competitive FPS:

  • Left thumb controls your soldier’s movement like normal joystick.
  • Right thumb aims and fires your equipped weapon through touch gestures.
  • Certain actions like switching weapons or jumping are assigned to virtual buttons.

With practice, the controls should feel natural and responsive like playing a shooter on PC or console but all skillfully adapted for a mobile touchscreen.

Squads and Teamwork

  • You are organized into squads of up to 4 players. Coordinate and support your squadmates using in-game voice chat.
  • Effective team strategies like flanking and combining abilities are key to victory. Rambo solo players will get annihilated.
  • Revive and give ammo/health packs to squadmates in need. Use tactical synergies between your loadouts.

Combat Roles and Loadouts

  • Loadouts allow customizing weapons, gear and abilities for your playstyle and squad needs. Tweak and optimize them constantly.
  • Assault loadouts focus on attack power up front. Medics support the team. Recons gather intel. Choose what your squad is lacking.
  • Unlock new combat roles with unique abilities and traits by gaining XP and ranking up as you play. Expand your options.

Large-Scale Multiplayer Battles

  • 64-100 players battle it out on expansive maps with diverse objectives like Conquest capture points.
  • Multiple land and air vehicles like helicopters, tanks and transport trucks add scale and strategic dynamics.
  • Destructible environments add to the epic battlefield chaos and grant tactical advantages like obtaining cover.

Game Modes and Matches

  • Objective-based multiplayer modes challenge you to capture points, push payloads, and annihilate the enemy in creative ways.
  • Quick matches for casual play as well as a ranked competitive mode for hardcore gamers will be supported.

Mastering Battlefield Mobile’s FPS gameplay foundations, like moving tactically as a squad and optimizing your loadouts, is key to dominating the opposition in this dynamic mobile shooter.

Battlefield Mobile 2

Optimizing Graphics and Performance on iOS and Android

Battlefield Mobile is built using the powerful Frostbite engine to deliver a new level of graphical fidelity on phones and tablets that brings the gritty realism of the franchise to life. Here are some tips for optimizing performance:

On iOS:

  • Close background apps and limit widgets on your iPhone/iPad for maximum processing power.
  • Disable auto-locking and reduce screen brightness to reduce system demands.
  • Take off your device case to prevent overheating which can throttle performance.
  • If supported, enable High Frame Rate mode in iOS Game Center settings.

On Android:

  • In Settings > Developer Options, enable Force 4x MSAA and Disable HW Overlays for improved graphics.
  • Limit battery saver options and background processes that can drain resources.
  • Force GPU rendering and Reduce Animations in Developer Options for smoother gameplay.
  • Try clearing cache and restarting your device if you notice performance drops over time.

Adjusting these OS and game settings will grant you those extra few FPS and stability needed to stay competitive. Visually, Battlefield Mobile really shows off the atmosphere and grit of its expansive battlegrounds translated wonderfully onto your mobile screen with optimized graphical settings.

Excitement of Battlefield’s Signature Vehicular Combat

The vehicular warfare that Battlefield pioneered in the genre shines on the mobile platform. Here are some of the vehicles you can commandeer:


  • Heavy tracked vehicles with powerful cannons perfect for spearheading attacks.
  • variants balance speed, armor and firepower to fit different needs.
  • Shell infantry while your squad spawns in to capture points.


  • Rule the skies by mastering flight controls and raining death while dodging missiles.
  • Transport your squad swiftly or provide essential air support.
  • Engage in intense dogfights with enemy aircraft attempting dominance.


  • Quick and agile 4x4s perfect for rapid transportation and flanking.
  • Mounted machine guns let you spray bullets while on the move.
  • Chase down objectives before the enemy can reach them.

Landing Craft

  • Essential for amphibious assaults to storm beaches and river banks.
  • Unload your squads straight into the heat of battle.

Each vehicle has a distinct strategic purpose. Coordinate with your squad when operating vehicles to really maximize their capabilities and turn the tide of the whole battle to your faction’s advantage. Vehicles in Battlefield Mobile truly capture the intensity and scale only this franchise can provide on the go.

Customizing Your Loadouts for Your Playstyle

An essential part of your pre-battle prep in Battlefield Mobile is customizing your soldier loadouts to match both your playstyle and fill the gaps in your squad’s overall composition. Here are some of the options to tinker with:


  • Primary weapon chooses your general combat role like assault rifle user or sniper.
  • Secondary provides a different range option like a shotgun up close or handgun at distance.
  • Explosive launchers give heavy fire support against vehicles and bunkers.


  • Tactical pack grants abilities like health packs, ammo packs, recon drones.
  • Armor kit improves defense, speed or stamina at the cost of weight.
  • Gadgets provide tactical advantages like spawn beacons or repair tools.


  • Passive buffs like increased HP, faster actions, improved stamina generation.
  • Unlocks based on your player level and past performance.

Carefully customizing your soldier to be a synergetic part of the squad is crucial. For example, you may choose to equip an ammo pack and armor buffs to serve as a durable support role while your buddy plays a stealthy sniper. The possibilities for lethal loadout combinations are endless!

Battlefield Mobile 4

Map Tactics and Key Battlefield Strategies

Dominating the opposition in Battlefield Mobile requires smart adaptating your broader strategies and tactics to both the current match mode and the map’s unique terrain. Here are some key considerations for battlefield dominance:

  • Learn ideal vehicle routes and flanking paths offered by the map’s layout.
  • Identify high ground spots and buildings that make prime sniper nests and give visibility.
  • Rush to capture points closest to your start if playing Conquest or Breakthrough. Forward bases win matches.
  • In modes with spawn tickets, focus on not dying rather than just getting kills. Staying alive matters.
  • Spot enemies constantly to enable your team to track movements and barrage hot zones. Information is ammunition!
  • When defending, booby trap key objectives with landmines and other ordnance to surprise enemies.

Each map features its own personality and flow you’ll come to learn over time. Maybe certain trees or buildings make great hiding spots for ambushes. Read the terrain and patterns in each locale to shape smarter strategies.

Gun Customization for Different Battlefield Scenarios

An often overlooked area of loadout optimization is tweaking your primary weapon’s attachments to be ready for different combat scenarios. Here are some customization tips:

Long Range (Snipers, Marksmen Rifles):

  • Higher zoom optics like 8x or 12x for seeing those distant headshots.
  • Bipods reduce recoil for precise fire at high magnifications.
  • Flash Hider muzzles prevent giving away your sneaky position.

Medium Range (Assault Rifles, LMGs):

  • 3x or 4x optics offer a balance of visibility and peripheral vision.
  • Forgrips help control recoil during rapid full-auto firefights.
  • Compensators or Brakes limit vertical climb so you can land more shots.

CQB (Shotguns, SMGs):

  • Red dot sights allow fast target acquisition up close.
  • Lasers improve hip fire accuracy in hectic room clearing.
  • Extended mags grant extra lead to take out multiple enemies per reload.

Think about what situations you find yourself in during each match and customize your weapon accordingly. The right attachments make a massive difference in having the advantage over your enemies in various battleground scenarios. Test out different configurations to find your favorites for each range and purpose.

Mastering Mobile FPS Skills and Techniques

Beyond proper loadouts and team play, success in competitive Battlefield Mobile requires honing your personal FPS skills tailored for mobile. Here are some tips for upping your game:

  • Learn recoil patterns for each gun so you can accurately control sustained fire. The initial kick is often vertical then curves side to side in a repeating pattern.
  • Strafe and shoot instead of firing while stationary to make yourself a harder target. Practice circle strafing.
  • Utilize cover to limit exposure. Don’t stand in open areas! Pop in and out of safety for quick shots.
  • Flick aiming lets you quickly snap between targets at close range. Useful with shotguns.
  • Crouching improves accuracy at medium range. Going prone is even better but reduces mobility.
  • Don’t immediately reload after just a few shots. Wait for safe moments to conserve ammo.

Drilling key FPS techniques like minimizing exposure, strafing effectively and controlling recoil takes your skills to the next level. Combine them with smart team play and you’ll be dominating every match. Even Rambo had a spotter!

Battlefield Mobile 3

Best Game Mode Strategies for All Players

Battlefield Mobile will launch with classic Battlefield multiplayer modes customized for mobile. Here are key tips for playing the objective and winning more matches:


  • Capture uncontested objectives first to gain early advantage.
  • Fortify captured points with protection like landmines to avoid quick flips.
  • Always attack with at least 1 teammate to overrun defenders. Lone wolf caps get thwarted.

Team Deathmatch

  • Move as a squad to corner enemies and win fights through numbers.
  • Use recon abilities like sensors to detect enemy locations to focus fire.
  • Don’t mindlessly rush the enemy spawn and get picked off. Be patient.


  • As attackers, flank and surround objectives from multiple sides.
  • Smoke grenades cover advances when pinned down. Revive teammates often.
  • Defenders should set ambushes and traps at objectives instead of rushing forward.

Adapting broader strategies to account for the mode’s unique victory conditions is just as important as your micro FPS skills. Play the objective smart and enable your squad to make the difference in key moments. With both skill and strategy, your win rate will soar.

Unlocking New Content through Progression

Battlefield Mobile features excellent progression that rewards you with new content and gear by playing matches, ranking up and completing challenges. Here is some of the content to unlock:

  • New weapons – Rank up to unlock weapons within each category. Build your ideal loadouts.
  • Weapon attachments – Level up guns by getting kills to customize optics, muzzles, magazines and more.
  • Traits – Gain permanent buffs enhancing health, reload speed, stamina at certain ranks.
  • New character skins – Look tacticool with different uniforms like ghillie suits or military gear.
  • Vehicle specializations – Upgrade specific vehicles with bonuses like better handling or armor.
  • XP bonuses – Boosters grant extra XP for a period letting you prestige faster.

No matter your playstyle, you are constantly working toward new goodies to customize your soldier and loadout. The more you play, the more badass options open up. Prestige with pride by showing off your hard-earned gear!

Excitement of Public and Private Match Options

Battlefield Mobile provides options for both organized competitive play as well as casual quick fun. Here is what we know about public and private matches so far:


  • Quick Match drops you into fast public games for casual sessions.
  • Role select lets you choose Assault, Medic, Support etc for balanced teams.
  • Simple matchmaking by skill and latency keeps matches competitive.


  • Create custom matches and tweak options like map, mode, score limit.
  • Set passwords to control who can join. Great for games with friends.
  • Earn XP and progression even in private matches to level up.
  • Join an active squadron to regularly play and train together in private.

Whether you feel like relaxed public games or intense private sessions, Battlefield Mobile will have excellent match options tailored for both. Custom private matches in particular enable exciting new ways to compete with your most coordinated squads!

Battlefield Mobile 5

Key Tips and Strategies for Battlefield Mobile Beginners

If you are new to either the Battlefield franchise or mobile FPS in general, here are some useful tips to get up to speed quickly in Battlefield Mobile:

  • Stick close to teammates and provide support until you learn maps and gameplay. Don’t lone wolf it!
  • Slowly sweep your aim when firing instead of jerky motions. Precision beats speed.
  • Use southwest corner minimap orientation so the direction you face in game matches the minimap.
  • Spot liberally by tapping enemies to paint them for your team. Information wins games.
  • Play Conquest first to learn maps in a more structured way before diving into chaotic Team DM.
  • Use training range to test guns until you find ones suiting your playstyle. Test different attachments there too.
  • Try all class types like Medic and Support so you understand their abilities when playing with them.
  • Platoon up with experienced players willing to show you the ropes. Learn from the masters!

Follow these tips to avoid frustration and unlock your inner FPS pro in no time. Experienced players were all Battlefield Mobile noobs once too!

Impressive Attention to Detail in Graphics and Sounds

The level of graphical and audio fidelity that Battlefield Mobile offers really immerses you into the intense atmosphere of all-out war. Here are some standout areas:

Incredible Visual Details

  • Fully destructible environments with chunks of stone and wood spraying everywhere.
  • Projectiles tearing across the battlefield in a blur before slamming home.
  • Muzzle flashes illuminating soldiers’ faces in dark interiors during firefights.
  • Weather effects like pouring rain or blazing sun that make battles feel wildly alive.

Impressive Auditory Experience

  • Detailed weapon sounds with deep bass, metallic moving parts and booming gunshots.
  • Explosions featuring layers of booms, crackles and shockwaves ripping through the air.
  • Soldiers shouting tactical callouts to each other mid-combat adding to the chaos.
  • Vehicle engines revving, backfiring and whining as you push their limits.
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