World War Heroes v1.43.0 APK + OBB (MOD, Menu/Damage/Ammo)
World War Heroes v1.43.0 APK + OBB (MOD, Menu/Damage/Ammo)

World War Heroes v1.43.0 APK + OBB (MOD, Menu/Damage/Ammo)

You will get Menu access with World War Heroes Premium APK. You can do anything with it. Unlimited Money, Ammo and high damage options are available.

Name World War Heroes
Publisher Azur Interactive Games Limited
Category Action
Size 2.11 GB
Latest Version 1.43.0
MOD Menu/Damage/Ammo
Get it On Google Play
World War Heroes is the most famous version in the World War Heroes series of publisher Azur Interactive Games Limited
Mod Version 1.43.0
Total installs 50,000,000+

World War Heroes is a blend of strategy and action. You control a squad of soldiers in various WWII battle zones. You drive tanks, shoot guns, and blow things up. That’s it! The gameplay is super simple and easy to get into. But the strategy is deep. There are multiple in-game battlefields to sabotage, and a world map to navigate. The game connects players with players around the world.

World War Heroes 1


World War Heroes is a new game that brings the WWII experience to players of all ages. This free-to-play game features 12+ legendary WWII battle zones, 4 types of combat equipment, and a ton of WWII combat missions to play. With WWII combat missions that can be played in team and deathmatch modes, you’ll get to experience the battles of the most historic time of our world. Get into the action and start playing World War Heroes today!

World War Heroes


In this WWII-themed multiplayer online game, players can collect weapons, armor, and other equipment, battle players from around the world, and defend and plant bombs.

World War Heroes 2


In World War Heroes, players can choose between Soviet, British, Japan and American forces. They can also choose to compete on either team or deathmatch. In team battles, players can be part of a team of four and choose from various classes. Players start out with a basic rifle and a pistol. They can upgrade weapons and buy new ones, like rocket launchers, grenades and flamethrowers. They can also purchase various armors and helmets. They can also unlock various skills and perks. In deathmatch battles, players can choose to play as a class. They can also purchase weapons, armor and perks. Players can also upgrade their weapons and buy new ones.

World War Heroes 3


Complete missions, win battles, and compete against players from around the world! Join the battle in online combat and fight against the enemy and other players. The best rewards await you in the center of Berlin, Moscow and other cities, with 12+ legendary WWII battle zones. Destroy the enemy and survive vicious tank battles in the center of Berlin and other cities by planting bombs and defending them.

World War Heroes 4


The World War Heroes mobile game is a free online multiplayer combat game that allows you to participate in epic battles of the World War II era. In the game, you’ll battle players from around the world in strategic combat, and you’ll participate in team and deathmatch battles as well as plant bombs and defend them. You’ll be fighting in 12+ legendary WWII battle zones, including the center of Berlin, and 4 types of combat equipment, including the Sten, Thompson, Bazooka and Bazooka. You’ll also be able to unlock 3 special characters with unique skills, like the medic, sniper, and the sharpshooter.

World War Heroes 5


World War Heroes is a game of epic multiplayer WWII battles and tournaments. In-game, you join the Arena and battle players from around the world in crazy WWII-era online combat!


In the World War Heroes game, you have the chance to rise in the ranks of the world’s top tankers and gain fame and glory. You can start from the bottom and rise to become king of the battlefield.

World War Heroes 6


World War Heroes MOD APK is an Android app to change the game of the game. World War Heroes MOD APK is the best game for you. You can play any game with it. You can get everything with it. You can gain money, ammo and high damage options. You can play games with unlimited money. You can destroy any enemies with high damage. You can make all of your wishes with it.

World War Heroes 7


How many players can battle at once?

The game supports up to 10 players in a single battle.

Can I customize my character and equipment?

Yes, players can choose and customize their characters’ appearance as well as the weapons and equipment they use in battle.

Is there a ranking system?

Yes, players can earn ranks and accolades by performing well in battles and completing challenges.

Can I play with friends?

Absolutely! The game supports a clan system where players can join or create their own clans and battle alongside friends.

How do I install the MOD APK?

Simply download the MOD APK from here and then follow the instructions for installation on your Android device.

Will I get banned for using the World War Heroes MOD APK? 

This depends on the game’s terms of service and if they have a strict policy against modifications. It is always best to use the World War Heroes MOD APK cautiously and at your own risk.

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