War Machines APK v8.27.0 (MOD, Show Enemies Radar)
War Machines APK v8.27.0 (MOD, Show Enemies Radar)

War Machines APK v8.27.0 (MOD, Show Enemies Radar)

War Machines Premium apk is the best version that will help you progress in the game. You gain access to features such as show enemies radar.

Name War Machines
Publisher Fun Games For Free
Category Action
Size 150.7 MB
Latest Version 8.27.0
MOD Show Enemies Radar
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War Machines is the most famous version in the War Machines series of publisher Fun Games For Free
Mod Version 8.27.0
Total installs 100,000,000+

War Machines: Tanks Battle is an explosive tank warfare game that delivers intense online and offline battles. With a huge arsenal of realistic tanks, detailed environments, and deep customization, it provides an engrossing experience of mechanized combat.

War Machines

Immersive Tank Control

The game utilizes intuitive touch or controller mechanics for controlling your tank. You can drive forward or backward, rotate the turret, adjust aim, and fire your weapons with responsive controls. Tanks have their own characteristics like speed and turret traverse speed reflected in handling.

You need to operate position, movement, and firing seamlessly to outmaneuver foes. Mastering tank controls provides an immersive feeling of commanding these war beasts in combat.

Diverse Game Modes

Flag Capture, Destruction, Free for All Deathmatch – the game boasts a wide variety of multiplayer and single player modes providing different styles of enjoyable gameplay.

Flag Capture has you seizing enemy flags while defending your own in strategic 5v5 battles. Destruction involves destroying enemy tanks across large maps. Free for All is furious 10 player fight to the last survivor.

Online and Offline Play

You can play matches offline against AI bots for practice then take your skills online to test them against real opponents of your skill level from around the world.

Online battles deliver an adrenaline rush as you face clever human foes with unpredictable tactics. Offline play is great for learning maps and trying new tanks stress free.

Massive Arsenal of Iconic Tanks

With 250+ faithfully modeled tanks from renowned manufacturers like Leopard, Tiger, Panther, Pershing, Challenger, Abrams, T-72 and more, you have endless options for building your perfect armored fleet.

Each tank has distinct characteristics like armor, speed, firepower and turret speed reflected in its performance. You can live out fantasies of commanding your favorite real world tanks.

War Machines 3

Customizable Paint Jobs

Apply camo, paint and decal schemes to tanks for your own personalized style. Use dazzling paints like Cherry, Relic, Mint or urban camos like Digital, Granite and Clay. Decorate with numbers, symbols and awesome decals like Sharkmouth.

Your unique paint job carries across all matches so you can always fight in style.

Leveling for New Tanks & Gear

Gaining XP in matches lets you level up and unlock new tanks, equipment, and crew perks.

At higher levels, beastly tanks like the M1A2 Abrams, Leclerc T4, and T-14 Armata become available.

Equipping improved engines, armor packages, and shells enhances your tank’s capabilities.

War Machines 1

Detailed Maps with Destructible Terrain

Fight across over 25 intricately crafted maps based on real-world locations with destructible elements.

Battles take place on land, sea and air – from the desert sands of Sinai to the frozen fields of Winter Forest, and even island fortresses.

Collapsing bridges, exploding cars, and crumbling buildings amp up the action. Interactive traps like oil slicks, tesla coils, and missile strikes await.

Thrilling PVE Scenarios

Single player PVE operations let you undertake historical missions like storming Normandy Beach on D-Day, fending off Panzer divisions in the Battle of Bulge, and breaching Siegfried Line as Allied forces.

Or fight from the German perspective in battles like the North Africa campaign. Take on AI enemies and bosses in blitzkrieg struggles.

Clan Creation for Teamwork

Group up with friends to form a tanker Clan. Participating in Clan battles together provides bonus XP and coins. Having a trusted crew by your side gives an advantage on the battlefield.

Clan membership also enables crafting unique camos and issuing Call to Arms for exciting team raids. Coordinate with allies for maximum firepower.

Strategic Crew Management

Manage your tank crews by hiring Gunners, Drivers and Radio Operators with different skills. Promote and upgrade them for bonuses like faster reload speed, extra armor, or increased vision range.

Crews gain XP from battles, so balancing rotations is key. Choose crews to counter opponent tanks and the map terrain.

Artillery and Airstrike Support

Call in Artillery or Airstrikes during battles to devastate foes. Rain down howitzer shells that blast enemy tanks or summon warplanes to strafe the battlefield with explosive rounds.

Time support wisely to turn battles in your favor. Bombers clear capture points and artillery flushes out dug-in enemies.

War Machines 2

Satisfying Progression Loop

Consistent XP gains from playing let you unlock new tanks, weapons, gear, and crew members. This provides a rewarding progression curve.

Testing new tanks and experimenting with enhanced loadouts creates fun goals to strive for. You constantly improve as a virtual tank commander.

Visceral Graphics and Sounds

Crisp visuals with detailed tanks and destructible environments paired with powerful sound effects make you feel immersed in vivid WWII-era battlefields.

Engines rumble, treads clank, explosions roar and shells whistle by your tank. The sights and sounds are true to the setting.

Tense Live PVP Battles

The unpredictable nature of facing other players in real-time multiplayer matches provides adrenaline-filled experiences. You battle cunning human opponents employing creative tactics.

Matches are packed with tense stand-offs, stealthy ambushes, and gripping cat-and-mouse encounters as tankers utilize their unique skills. Victories feel hard-earned and very rewarding.

War Machines 4


With its massive arsenal of customizable tanks, great variety of solo and multiplayer modes, expansive skill-based progression, and realistic graphics and audio, War Machines: Tanks Battle offers a supremely rewarding WW2 armored warfare experience on mobile devices.

Commanding iconic battling beasts like the Tiger, Panther, and Sherman as you duel others provides gripping gameplay full of tactical choices and exciting moments. Fighting smart, working together as a clan, and dominating the battlefield in your own personalized war machine never gets old.

For tank enthusiasts and multiplayer gamers alike, this is a robust and polished game for experiencing large-scale mechanized battles on the go.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it require an internet connection to play?

Yes, an internet connection is required for all modes, including solo player battles. This enables live updates.

Is it safe for kids to play?

The game contains only fictional cartoon violence similar to action films, with no graphic content. It is appropriate for ages 12+.

What platforms is the game available on?

It can be downloaded for free on iOS and Android mobile devices as well as Windows PC through the Steam platform. However, this premium version is only for Android users.

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