Armed Heist APK v3.0.0 (MOD, Immortality, No Recoil)
Armed Heist APK v3.0.0 (MOD, Immortality, No Recoil)

Armed Heist APK v3.0.0 (MOD, Immortality, No Recoil)

The Armed Heist Premium APK provides players with an impressive set of features, including immortality and no recoil on your weapons.

Name Armed Heist
Publisher Sozap
Category Action
Size 667 MB
Latest Version 3.0.0
MOD Immortality, No Recoil
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Armed Heist is the most famous version in the Armed Heist series of publisher Sozap
Mod Version 3.0.0
Total installs 10,000,000+

Grab your guns and gear up for intense PvP action – Armed Heist brings Call of Duty-inspired multiplayer combat to mobile in all its fast-paced glory. With diverse maps, loads of weapons to master, and customizable match options, Armed Heist offers a premier team-based FPS experience in your pocket.

In this guide, we’ll break down everything you need to know about dominating multiplayer matches in Armed Heist. We’ll cover core gameplay, classes, game modes, loadouts, controlling recoil, utilizing mods, and tips for getting the edge on opponents. Lock and load, it’s match time!

Armed Heist

Overview of Core Gameplay

The moment-to-moment Armed Heist gameplay will feel immediately familiar to FPS veterans:

  • Quickly aim down sights and open fire on enemies using intuitive touch controls.
  • Utilize cover and vantage points tactically across intricate maps based on real-world locales.
  • Crisp realistic weapon handling with impactful animations, recoil, and sounds.
  • Fast respawns keep the action relentless. Matches turn chaotic quickly!
  • Gain XP and level up to unlock new firearms, attachments, equipment, and perks.
  • Climb through the competitive Ranked ladder by winning matches and completing objectives.

While the gameplay sticks to proven FPS tropes, a few unique mechanics help separate Armed Heist from other mobile shooters:

  • Advanced ballistics model bullet drop, travel time, and ricochets.
  • Realtime killcam allows spectating your killer from their POV upon dying. Study tactics!
  • Slow-motion highlight reel of your best multi-kill moments. Satisfying skill showcase.
  • Weekly tournaments with prizes and leaderboard glory up for grabs.

The solid FPS foundation combined with bells and whistles like these gives Armed Heist an extra layer of polish and strategic depth. Now let’s overview the game modes.

Armed Heist 1

Overview of Core Game Modes

Armed Heist provides a great variety of multiplayer modes to choose from:

Team Deathmatch

Straightforward team vs team mode to see who can rack up the most kills. Fast and frantic action perfect for new players.

Search and Destroy

One life per round with no respawns makes team tactics much more deliberate and clutch plays more impactful. Plant/defuse bombs for round wins.


Fight to capture and control three objective zones on the map to earn points. Win by reaching the point cap first or having the highest score when time expires.

Gun Game

Race through a gauntlet of weapon spawns from weakest to most powerful. Be the first player to get a kill with each successive weapon to win.

Free for All

No teams, just you against everyone else in an all-out kill or be killed battle royale. Rack up kills quickly to come out on top.

Custom Matches

Tailor matches to your preferences with options like map selection, score/time limits, restricted weapons, hardcore modes, bots, and much more.

With this variety of well-designed modes to choose from, matches stay exciting and retain replay value. Now let’s get you equipped properly!

Armed Heist 2

Customizing Loadouts

Succeeding in Armed Heist requires tailoring your loadout to your personal playstyle and the map/mode setting. Here are the key factors to optimize:

Picking Your Class

Each class provides unique strengths:

  • Assault – Well-rounded strength at all ranges. Good default choice.
  • Medic – Heals and revives teammates faster plus spawns with a medkit.
  • Sniper – Increased scoped accuracy at long range but weaker in close quarters.
  • Demolitions – Extra equipment capacity and launcher damage against enemy vehicles/streaks.

Primary + Secondary Weapon

Find weapon types that complement your playstyle:

  • Assault Rifles – Automatic rifles effective at most ranges. Accurate and versatile. AK-47, M4A1, etc.
  • Submachine Guns – Excellent mobility and fire rate for close quarters maps. Less range. MP5, P90, etc.
  • Sniper Rifles – Extreme long range capability but lower rate of fire. Intervention, Barret 50 cal.
  • Pistols – Lightweight backup for when primary runs dry. High mobility.


Add attachments to boost recoil control, zoom, ammo capacity, mobility and other attributes:

  • Optics – Red dot sights, ACOG scopes, variable zoom, etc improve aiming
  • Foregrip – Lessens horizontal recoil during sustained fire.
  • Extended Mags – Increases ammo capacity before reloads.
  • Laser Sight – Improves hip fire accuracy.

Lethal + Tactical Equipment

Bring equipment providing strategic advantages:

  • Frag Grenades – Flush out entrenched enemies or objectives
  • Flashbangs – Temporarily blind enemies, great for storming rooms
  • Decoys – Fake gunfire fools opponents into exposing positions
  • Gas Grenades – Prevent areas from being camped and provide cover


Perks provide passive bonuses and advantages:

  • Extra Ammo – Spawn with maximum ammo reserves.
  • lightweight – Faster movement speed
  • Cold Blooded – Hidden from enemy recon tools.

With the right combination of class, weapons, attachments, equipment, and perks – you’ll gain a strategic edge in combat scenarios and counter opposing play styles. Now let’s talk advanced mechanics.

Armed Heist 3

Advanced Combat Maneuvers

You’ll need to master some key combat maneuvers and tactics to truly excel at Armed Heist:

Recoil Control

  • Each gun has a unique recoil pattern that pulls the muzzle upward and sideways during rapid fire.
  • Grip the phone firmly and use micromovements to counteract and control the recoil as you’re firing.
  • With practice, you can spray full auto accurately by instinctively reacting to the recoil pattern.

Target Tracking

  • Keep your crosshair centered on opponents at all times, even when moving erratically.
  • Make small precise aim adjustments as you both strafe to keep bullets on target.
  • Predict enemy movement patterns and have your crosshair ready in anticipation.


  • When rounding corners or entering rooms, start firing before fully seeing enemies.
  • The element of surprise and advanced wall penetration shots can score you easy kills.

Snapshot Flicking

  • Quickly snap your aim/perspective from one target to the next rapidly.
  • Key skill for fast target acquisition in close range firefights.

Mastering maneuvers like these will put you steps ahead of less experienced players. But for that extra edge, let’s talk about handy mods!

Armed Heist 4

Game-Enhancing Mods (Immortality, No Recoil)

Mods allow enhancing Armed Heist in ways that give you tactical advantages:

Immortality Mod

This mod makes your operator invincible, preventing death from all sources:

  • Download and enable the mod before launching the app.
  • You can still take damage, but your health will never reach 0 allowing you to cheat death repeatedly.
  • Aggressively decimate enemies without worrying about being gunned down, grenaded, sniped, etc.

While blatantly cheating, immortality enables focusing on aim and reaction time without pesky interruptions. Fun for stress-free practice against human opponents.

No Recoil Mod

This mod eliminates all recoil from weapons, making spraying full auto effortless:

  • Once again, enable this alongside other mods before launching the game.
  • Any gun you use will have zero muzzle climb or erratic sideways movement as you hold down the trigger.
  • Obliterates opponents with laser-precise endless streams of bullets since staying on target is trivial.

Again, this offers a huge advantage that voids weapon handling skill. Use judiciously to avoid ruining fair play. Great for target practice.

Now for a few final tips before deploying.

Armed Heist 5

Helpful Tips and Tricks

Here are some last bits of key advice for excelling at Armed Heist:

  • Learn maps obsessively, especially chokepoints, sniper spots, and cover placement.
  • Sound whore – pinpoint enemy locations by their footsteps and reload sounds.
  • Don’t ADS constantly – be ready to fire from the hip when enemies appear suddenly.
  • Move unpredictably – slide, jump, and change directions suddenly to throw off enemy aim.
  • Use team communication – callouts greatly increase coordination and awareness.
  • Watch killcams and learn from experience how skilled opponents play.

Get out there and start dominating matches! See you on the leaderboards.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Does Armed Heist have controller support?

Yes, with full button remapping for Bluetooth controllers.

Is there bullet drop or just instant hits?

Yes there is projectile ballistics modeling bullet velocity, drop, and drag.

How many guns are in the game?

Over 75 real world guns with continual new additions.

Does the game require an internet connection?

Yes, you must be connected since it is an online multiplayer title.

Will my progress carry over across devices?

Yes via cloud sync when logged into your account!

Hopefully this guide has prepped you for dominating the battlefield in Armed Heist! Get out there soldier – time to put your skills to work. See you online.

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