Mobile Legends APK v1.8.32.9053 (MOD, Mega Menu/ESP/Skins)
Mobile Legends APK v1.8.32.9053 (MOD, Mega Menu/ESP/Skins)

Mobile Legends APK v1.8.32.9053 (MOD, Mega Menu/ESP/Skins)

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Premium Apk provides various enhancements and additions to the game aimed at improving the overall gaming experience for the players.

Name Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
Publisher Moonton
Category Action
Size 128.9 MB
Latest Version
MOD Mega Menu/ESP/Skins
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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is the most famous version in the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang series of publisher Moonton
Mod Version
Total installs 500,000,000+


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a hugely popular multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game for mobile. Two teams of 5 heroes battle to destroy the enemy’s base. Fast 5v5 gameplay, familiar MOBA elements, and a massive roster of heroes make Mobile Legends fun and addictive. The modded version provides nice bonuses like extra skins and an ESP hack.

Mobile Legends Bang Bang

Overview of Mobile Legends Gameplay

For those new to MOBAs, here’s a quick overview of how Mobile Legends matches work:

  • 5v5 teams – Two teams of 5 human players face off in PvP multiplayer. You can also play vs. AI bots.
  • Hero selection – At the start of a match, each player selects from a roster of unique heroes with different skills and roles.
  • Lane pushing – Minion waves spawn and automatically move down 3 lanes toward the enemy base, which you can push with your own minions.
  • Jungling & ganking – Kill neutral “jungle” monsters to gain XP and gold. You can roam and ambush enemies in lanes and the jungle.
  • Leveling & items – Heroes gain levels for more abilities. You earn gold to buy items and gear to strengthen your hero.
  • Team fights – Groups will fight 5v5 over objectives like towers, or for ambushes and ganks. Proper hero synergy and coordination is crucial.
  • Destroying objectives – To win, destroy the enemy turrets and base while protecting your own.

With familiar MOBA gameplay tailored expertly for touchscreen mobile, quick 5-10 minute matches, and a huge hero roster, Mobile Legends provides endless competitive fun.

Mobile Legends Bang Bang 4

MOD Features – Mega Menu, Skins, ESP

The Mobile Legends mod unlocks some useful bonuses:

  • Mega menu – Enhanced main menu with extra options and info.
  • All hero skins unlocked – Get access to premium skins to customize each hero’s look without paying.
  • ESP hack – Reveal enemy locations on the minimap at all times for positional advantage.
  • Max battlepoints – Start with maximum battlepoints used to unlock heroes so you can access the full roster immediately.
  • Custom attack – Change the visual effects for your hero’s attacks and abilities.
  • No skill cooldown – Skills can be used continuously without waiting for cooldowns.

With all skins unlocked, the ESP aimbot-like hack, and instant hero access, you’ll have gameplay advantages and cosmetic customization benefits right off the bat!

Mobile Legends Bang Bang 2

Hero Roles and Teamplay Basics

Here’s a quick intro to hero categories and how teamwork functions in Mobile Legends:

  • Tank – Tough heroes that can take hits and crowd control enemies. Initiate fights and peel for damage heroes.
  • Fighter – Flexible melee heroes good at brawling, chasing, and surviving. Deal and take damage.
  • Assassin – Mobile high burst damage heroes that target weak enemies. Specialize in ganking lone targets.
  • Mage – Ranged magic damage and AoE control heroes. Use spells from distance.
  • Marksman – Ranged basic attack damage carries. Very damaging later on but vulnerable early.
  • Support – Heroes with healing, shields, and buffs. Enable allies and protect teammates.

Work together to maximize strengths! Tanks engage, fighters follow up, mages and marksmen deal damage, assassins pick off prime targets, and supports enable the team.

Mobile Legends Bang Bang 1

5v5 Battle Tips and Meta Strategy

Here are some key competitive gameplay tips for Mobile Legends:

  • Lane balance – Effective lane setups include 1-1-3, 1-2-2, or 1-3-1. Don’t leave lanes empty.
  • Map awareness – Constantly glance at the minimap for enemy locations. Call missing enemies with pings.
  • Objective focus – Coordinate with your team to capture the Turtle and Lord monsters which provide big team buffs for pushing.
  • Target prioritization – Focus on quickly bursting down vulnerable high damage enemies like mages and marksmen in team fights.
  • Ganking – Successful ganks require cooperation and timing. Ambush targets from multiple directions and have crowd control ready.
  • Itemization – Adapt builds based on game situation. Counter enemies with items like Deadly Blade against healing heroes.

With good teamwork, communication, and adaptive strategy, you’ll dominate Mobile Legends matches and climb the competitive ranked tiers!

Mobile Legends Bang Bang 3

HeroRoles and Playstyles

Mobile Legends has over 100 heroes, providing tons of options for your playstyle:


Tigreal – Jack of all trades warrior with CC and durability. Strong initiator and defender.

Grock – Rock golem tank extremely durable when near walls and great zone control.

Belerick – Nature guardian with healing, CC, and sustain. Disrupts enemies with vines and thorns.


Chou – Kung fu master and extremely mobile disruptive fighter. Deadly crowd control capabilities.

Dyroth – Ferocious physical fighter and duelist. Excels at killing lone targets with barrage of axes and spikes.

Lapu-Lapu – Fighter/Tank hybrid adept at diving the backline and creating chaos in teamfights with AoE stuns and damage.


Lancelot – Extremely mobile assassin. Quickly deletes squishies by dashing through them with skewering sword skills.

Helcurt – Horror-themed assassin that excels at ambushing lone targets and finishing them off quickly with slashes, leaps, and bursts of darkness.

Natalia – Stealthy assassin adept at singling out vulnerable targets and quickly ganking them before vanishing again into the shadows.

Mobile Legends Bang Bang 5


Valir – Fire mage with excellent AoE control via walls of flame that block paths and knockup enemies. Great teamfight presence.

Pharsa – Long range magical artillery capable of devastating enemies from safety with precise mystic owl strikes from massive distance.

Lunox – Mystic mage wielding the powers of chaos and order for both ranged and short range magical nuking potential.


Layla – Beginner friendly marksman with extremely long range and simple kit. Carries games through raw auto-attack damage at max range.

Miya – Agile elf ranger adept at both fast wave clearing and shutting down melee enemies that try to reach her with stuns, crowd control, and a hail of deadly arrows.

Claude – Super mobile marksman that excels at evading enemies and repositioning to dish out damage from odd angles with his dual pistols.


Angela – Celestial sorceress excelling at protecting allies by tethering to them and providing strong shields, healing, and boosts.

Estes – Druid support that keeps his team sustained through powerful group healing spells. Can undo burst damage.

Rafaela – Angelic support that provides strong burst healing and can enable allies with movement speed buffs and enemy slows.

With over 100 distinct heroes spanning tons of categories, playstyles, and themes, you’re bound to find heroes that match your preferred role and playstyle.

Mobile Legends Bang Bang 6

Feature Overview

Let’s take a look at some of the standout features that make Mobile Legends such an addictive and fun MOBA:

  • Accessible touch controls – Intuitive joystick and ability buttons make controlling your hero smooth and responsive. Various aim assist options available too.
  • Polished 3D graphics – Bright, smooth graphics and effects that look great while remaining well-optimized for mobile.
  • Regular updates – Frequent updates add new heroes, skins, features, and balance changes to keep things fresh.
  • Ranked play – Compete in ranked matchmaking against players of your skill level. Climb through Bronze, Silver, Gold, and beyond towards being the Mobile Legend!
  • Massive hero pool – Huge variety of unique heroes covering all standard MOBA roles. Always someone new to master.
  • Fast match times – Short 10-15 minute match times great for quick play on the go. Have time for a match or two anywhere.
  • Customizable emblems – Earn points to unlock emblem bonuses that enhance your hero. Tweak builds to your playstyle.
  • E-sports scene – Vibrant competitive esports scene if you want to take your play to the highest level. World championships held annually.

With familiar but fast-paced and streamlined MOBA gameplay tailored for mobile, tons of hero variety, and constant updates, Mobile Legends offers seemingly endless competitive multiplayer fun.

Here Are Answers to Some Common Mobile Legends Questions

Does Mobile Legends work offline?

No, you require an internet connection as it is an exclusively online multiplayer game. No offline play is possible.

Is the game pay to win?

No, all heroes are freely accessible without paying. Only cosmetics like skins require cash purchases. No actual gameplay advantages are locked behind payments.

How do I unlock more heroes?

Play matches to earn battle points which are used to unlock heroes. The mod provides instant battle points to immediately unlock the full roster.

Can you play on emulator?

Yes, Mobile Legends is fully playable on Android emulators like BlueStacks for PC users who don’t have mobile access.

Does it work on low-end devices?

Yes, Mobile Legends can run smoothly on most modern smartphones thanks to good optimization. Requirements are relatively low.

Is there a training mode?

Yes, you can access a training mode to test heroes. There is also an AI Bots match mode to practice before playing against real opponents.

With engaging 5v5 multiplayer battle arenas optimized for mobile devices, tons of heroes to master, and constant updates, Mobile Legends is one of the best MOBAs for on-the-go competitive gaming.

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