DEAD TARGET APK v4.123.1 (MOD, Unlimited Money, Mega Menu)
DEAD TARGET APK v4.123.1 (MOD, Unlimited Money, Mega Menu)

DEAD TARGET APK v4.123.1 (MOD, Unlimited Money, Mega Menu)

With DEAD TARGET Premium Apk, you will enjoy the game to the fullest. You start the game with unlimited money and mega menu.

Name Dead Target
Publisher VNGGames Studios
Category Action
Size 141.9 MB
Latest Version 4.124.1
MOD Unlimited Money, Mega Menu
Get it On Google Play
Dead Target is the most famous version in the Dead Target series of publisher VNGGames Studios
Mod Version 4.124.1
Total installs 100,000,000+

Grab your weapons and prepare for heart-pounding action – it’s time to take on the zombie apocalypse in Dead Target: Zombie Games 3D! This intense FPS throws you into a world overrun by the undead and only your quick reflexes and arsenal of upgradable weapons can stop the grisly zombie threats. Let’s dig into everything this mobile shooter offers for on-the-go zombie annihilation.

Dead Target

The Nightmare Begins

Dead Target thrusts you into a once-vibrant city devastated by a virus turning humans into ravenous zombies. As one of the last surviving members of an elite team, it’s up to you to take back the streets and buildings from the undead mobs.

Armed with an assault rifle and pistol, you’ll battle through infested areas like:

  • Abandoned city streets crawling with humanoid walkers
  • Flooded subway tunnels filled with pale lurkers
  • Ruined buildings where leaping infected wait around corners
  • Research labs overrun by failed experiments
  • Dark sewer catacombs echoing with inhuman shrieks

Survival of the Fittest

Facing nonstop hordes in close quarters requires lightning quick reactions and constant movement. You’ll need to:

  • Blast zombies before they overwhelm you in mobs
  • Evade deadly acid spit and projectile vomit
  • Flank around zombies for clean headshots from behind
  • Use explosive barrels to take out groups
  • DUCK behind cover to avoid special mutated zombies

With gruesome zombies flooding in, you’ll be pushed to the limits just to make it out alive!

Dead Target 1

Arsenal of Upgradable Weapons

While starting with just a pistol and rifle, you’ll soon build up an arsenal of specialized zombie-slaying firearms. Dead Target features upgradable weapons like:

  • Assault Rifles – Mow down mobs with automatic firepower
  • Shotguns – Obliterate zombies at close range
  • Sniper Rifles – Pick off undead from a distance
  • Grenade Launchers – Clear rooms with devastating explosions
  • Machine Guns – Shred zombies with hundreds of bullets
  • Flamethrowers – Roast the hordes to cinders

Upgrade for Max Carnage

Weapons can be upgraded for more damage, fire rate, and magazines size. Apply mods like:

  • Extended clips
  • Laser sights
  • Recoil stabilizers
  • Reflex scopes
  • Incendiary/explosive ammo

Upgraded guns let you dish out even more destruction to the restless dead!

Dead Target 2

Deadly Special Zombies

While most zombies are mindless drones, some have developed lethal mutations making them greater threats:

Acid Spitters

These hunched zombies retch globs of sizzling acid from a distance. Dodge their bile or you’ll melt fast!


This variant spews viral projectile vomit that sticks like napalm. Don’t let them get close or you’ll get covered!


These bulky juggernauts smash you with brute force. Maintain distance and keep pelting them!


Warped into stealthy predators, these zombies turn invisible to sneak up on you. Stay alert!


Shrieking at deafening volumes disorients you. Kill them quick or your aim will suffer.

Special zombies force you to adapt strategies and use the right guns for each threat.

Dead Target 3

Hungry for Headshots

Scoring clean headshots is key to dropping zombies efficiently. The more heads you pop, the bigger score bonuses you earn!

Some headshot tips:

  • Aim for zombies mid-lunge as they are exposed
  • Flank mobs to gain easy back-of-head shots
  • Let zombies cluster, then pierce through multiple heads at once
  • Activate bullet time to easily line up cranial hits

With your shooting skills, you’ll rack up major bonus points by exploding zombie brains.

Gear Up for the Mission

You’ll need toequip special gear to increase your odds against the zombie swarms.


  • Heavy armor – Extra resistance against zombie attacks
  • Riot gear – Prioritize protection in risky areas


  • Grenades – Lob these into hordes for mass damage
  • Molotovs – Create walls of fiery death
  • Mines – Set traps to ambush unwary zombies
  • Turrets – Automated guns provide backup

Aid Items

  • Medkits – Recover lost health mid-mission
  • Adrenaline – Slows time and boosts damage temporarily
  • Antidote – Cures infection from special zombie attacks

The right equipment loadout makes battling the undead much more manageable.

Team Up with Fellow Survivors

Taking on the zombie menace solo is an option, but teamwork makes the dream work! You can partner with friends or get matched with other players online.

Co-op Multiplayer Missions

Fighting alongside other survivors combines your firepower against the zombie masses. You can provide cover, divided zones of control, flanking maneuvers, and more. Just don’t let pals become zombie chow!

Daily Raids

These intense co-op challenges pit teams of up to 4 players against relentless zombie swarms in an enclosed area. Raid rewards include rare loot and items.

Boss Battles

Huge hulking zombie experiments and mutated giants require teamwork to take down. Flank, distract, and bombard them with everything you’ve got!

Watching buddies’ backs is key to survival against the deadliest threats.

Dead Target 4

Customizable Characters

As you blast through missions, you’ll unlock skins to customize your character’s looks and style. Options include:


  • SWAT – Classic tactical police garb
  • Spec Ops – Sleek futuristic battle armor
  • Scavenger – Makeshift gear with armor scraps
  • Hazmat – Sealed radiation suit


  • Bandana – For that rebel flair
  • Helmet – Extra cranial protection
  • Gas Mask – Filter out viral particulates
  • Night Vision Goggles – Enhanced aiming in dark zones

Victory Dances

  • No Sweat – Pretend the win was easy
  • Cocky – Style on zombies with flair
  • Bring It On – Taunt undead with bravado
  • Throat Slit – Mark their death with a quick gesture

Different looks let you battle zombies with personality.

Dead Target 5

Survive the Nightmare However You Can

With its intense zombie shooter gameplay and eerie post-apocalyptic atmosphere, Dead Target captures the frantic action of fending off an undead epidemic. You’ll need quick reflexes, smart upgrades, and gritty determination to make it through each blood-soaked battle. And playing with friends makes containment more fun.

Can you rise up, take back your world, and erase the viral plague once and for all? If so, ready your weapons because the fight won’t be easy – but someone’s gotta do it. The question is… will you survive?

Dead Target FAQ

Is Dead Target free to play?

Yes, the core game is free to download and play.

What devices is Dead Target available on?

It can be played on Android mobile devices as well as PC via emulators.

Does it require an internet connection?

Yes, you need a stable internet connection for all game modes.

Is there a campaign mode?

Yes, there is a solo campaign with many levels across various zombie-filled locales.

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