Archero APK v5.8.0 (MOD, Menu/One Hit, God Mode)
Archero APK v5.8.0 (MOD, Menu/One Hit, God Mode)

Archero APK v5.8.0 (MOD, Menu/One Hit, God Mode)

With Archero Premium Apk you will get a gameplay that expands the base game by unlocking additional content like God Mode and One Hit abilities.

Name Archero
Publisher Habby
Category Action
Size 1.46 GB
Latest Version 5.8.0
MOD Menu/One Hit, God Mode
Get it On Google Play
Archero is the most famous version in the Archero series of publisher Habby
Mod Version 5.8.0
Total installs 50,000,000+

Archero is an addictive archer survival game with Rogue-lite elements. Master arrow shooting action to clear monster-filled dungeons. This article will cover Archero gameplay, features, tips, and the Archero mod apk with exciting hacks like God mode, damage multipliers, and more!

Archero 2

Overview of Archero Gameplay

Archero tests your archery skills against progressively challenging dungeon levels. Core gameplay involves:

  • Shooting arrows by dragging your finger across the screen.
  • Defeating monsters like goblins, floating eyes, stone golems etc.
  • Dodging traps, lasers, spikes, and other obstacles using the slide gesture.
  • Collecting coins, gems, and equipment like arrows, armor, rings, lockets, and spirit pets.
  • Unlocking and upgrading heroes that have unique skills.
  • Levelling up to boost stats like attack, HP, crit chance, dodge, etc.

With quick reflexes and perfect aiming, you can clear rooms swarmed with monsters and tough bosses to complete dungeon chapters. Archero blends archery combat with Rogue-lite progression for an intensely addictive mobile gaming experience.

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Key Features of Archero

Let’s look at some of the standout features that make Archero highly enjoyable:

Simple One-Touch Controls

Archero’s one-touch drag to shoot control is easy to master but tough to fully perfect. Angle and aim precisely to hit monster weak points for critical damage.

Procedurally Generated Levels

Dungeon floors have random room layouts and enemy types. Adapt your strategies to tackle new surprises in every run.

RPG Character Progression

Collect coins and gems to unlock heroes, upgrade stats, and equip gear. Growth persists through deaths via Rogue-lite mechanics.

Tons of Gear and Items

Equip various weapons, armors, rings, pets and more that empower your hero or alter gameplay. Discover optimal gear combinations.

Unique Heroes

Unlock melee, ranged, and spell-casting heroes with distinctive skills and abilities. Level them up for perks.

Boss Rush Mode

Take on deadly dungeon bosses without slogging through levels. Test your skill against their complex attack patterns.


Archero Mod APK Features

The Archero mod apk unlocks:

God Mode

Become invincible! God mode grants unlimited health so you’ll never die regardless of getting hit.

One Hit Kill

Kill every enemy, even bosses, in just one shot! Insanely overpowered damage.

High Damage

Boost base damage by 9999x to destroy everything effortlessly.

Menu Mod

Access debug menus with spawn items, unlock chapters, activate all heroes, max upgrades and more.

Unlimited Money

Never worry about gold or gems again with unlimited funds to buy anything.

No Skill Cooldown

Skills can be used without any cooldown timers for rapid power spamming.

With these cheat features, you’ll conquer the most punishing Archero dungeons with ease!

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Tips and Strategies

Follow these tips to master Archero:

  • Strafe and move continuously to dodge attacks. Never stand still.
  • Upgrade life leech first to sustain health.
  • Freeze bracelet + ricochet shield combo lets you camp in corners safely.
  • Prioritize offensive abilities like front arrow, ricochet and multi-shot.
  • The spellbook is invaluable for clearing rooms quickly.
  • Melee heroes excel against bosses, while mage heroes dominate normal enemies.
  • Dodge and headshot runes boost survivability and damage greatly.
  • Reroll unwanted shops for better gear rng.

Why Use Archero Mod APK

The Archero mod apk makes the game more fun by:

  • Removing annoying grinding and progression gates.
  • Letting you smash through levels effortlessly via god mode and one hit kills.
  • Unlocking all heroes and upgrades instantly to experiment with different builds.
  • Providing unlimited money so you can enjoy pulls and purchases freely.
  • Adding wacky modifiers like no ability cooldowns for chaotic gameplay.

Tired of getting stuck on a chapter or grinding coins? The mod apk lets you circumvent progression barriers and steamroll through the game for a cathartic power trip!

How to Download and Install Archero Mod

Follow these steps to properly install the mod:

  1. Uninstall any existing version of Archero.
  2. Download the latest mod apk file from here.
  3. Enable “Install from Unknown Sources” option on your device.
  4. Open the downloaded mod apk file and tap Install.
  5. Launch the game once installed. The mod features will now be active!

Make sure to get the mod apk file from reliable sources to avoid any malware risks. But otherwise, it is very straightforward to set up.

Archero 4


With intuitive touch controls, challenging dungeon crawling action and Rogue-lite hero progression, Archero provides hours of addictive gameplay. The Archero mod apk adds god mode, one hit kills, unlimited money and other cheats to make you massively overpowered against any enemy! Mastering its arrow shooting mechanics and equipment combinations engages your mind, while the mods let you cut loose and go on a power trip! If you love archery and RPG action, this is a must-play. Download the Archero mod now and embark on your dungeon rampage!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Archero mod apk safe to download?

Yes, it is completely safe as long as you download it from trusted sources like us. We scan every file for malware.

Will I get banned for using this mod?

No, the mod is 100% private and undetectable so you cannot get banned. Play with peace of mind!

How do I get unlimited gems?

The mod menu allows spawning unlimited gems. You can also enable a setting for “always one hit kill” which auto-completes levels and earns gems rapidly.

Can I use multiple mods together?

Absolutely! Try combining god mode, one hit kill, and no cooldown mods for crazy effects.

Will my progress be saved?

Yes, any levels, heroes, or upgrades unlocked will carry over between sessions. Your progress is saved locally.

Is the mod compatible with all versions?

We make sure the mod supports the latest Archero version whenever it updates. Download again if needed.

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