PunBall Premium APK v4.6.1 (MOD, Dumb Bot, Balls Increase)
PunBall Premium APK v4.6.1 (MOD, Dumb Bot, Balls Increase)

PunBall Premium APK v4.6.1 (MOD, Dumb Bot, Balls Increase)

Enjoy the game to the fullest with PunBall Premium apk! You will be able to progress faster thanks to dumb bot and balls increase.

Name PunBall
Publisher Habby
Category Puzzle
Size 130.3 MB
Latest Version 4.6.1
MOD Dumb Bot, Balls Increase
Get it On Google Play
PunBall is the most famous version in the PunBall series of publisher Habby
Mod Version 4.6.1
Total installs 5,000,000+

PunBall is a wildly addictive and explosive physics-based puzzle game that has taken the mobile world by storm. With its simple yet challenging gameplay, vibrant graphics, and ever-increasing difficulty, it’s no wonder PunBall has smashed its way into the hearts of casual gamers everywhere.


Getting Started with PunBall

Getting started in PunBall is simple – just launch the ball towards the structures and objects on screen by tapping and dragging back on the trajectory line. The goal is to demolish everything in sight with your ping pong ball of destruction!

Learning the Ropes

When you first start playing PunBall, you’ll be presented with a short tutorial teaching you the basics:

  • Aiming – Drag back on the trajectory line to aim, then release to fire. Learn how shots ricochet off objects for tricky angle shots!
  • Power Ups – Special boosts like explosions, electric shots, and more spice up the gameplay.
  • Structures – Wood, stone, steel – you name it. Smashing down stronger structures earns more points.
  • Levels & Stages – Journey through whimsical worlds bursting with destructible stuff. The further you get, the harder it gets!

Once you have the basics down, you’re ready to start bouncing your way through the explosively fun levels.

Getting Hooked on Destruction

At first, you’ll find yourself demolishing simple wooden structures as you learn the ropes. But soon, you’ll be chaining together epic trick shots to blast apart complicated structures for big combos and high scores!

The amount of skill and strategy involved is deceivingly deep for such a casual game. You’ll be planning angles of attack, using power ups wisely, and pulling off feats of pinball pyrotechnics before you know it. The satisfaction of completely clearing a stage becomes intensely addicting!

PunBall 1

Game Modes: Where the Fun Never Stops

The addictive, destructive excitement goes beyond the main Adventure mode too. PunBall offers varied gameplay with numerous tricks up its sleeve:

Adventure Mode

  • 150 action-packed main stages
  • Whimsical worlds and structures
  • Escalating difficulty put skills to the test

Battle Mode

  • Take on friends for destruction domination
  • Climb the ranks in seasonal leagues
  • Win trophies and prestige

Special Events

  • Limited-time themed stages
  • Special power ups and game mechanics
  • Unique challenges to master

With so much lively variety, you’ll never run out of explosive fun in PunBall!

PunBall 2

Power Ups: Boosting Your Boom

To add more zany zen to the pandemonium, PunBall features unlockable power ups that make blasting through stages even more thrilling.

Elemental Explosions

  • Dynamite – Obliterate chunks of structures for an advantage
  • Lightning Shot – Zap pesky objects out of the way
  • Earthquake – Shake structures to their demise!

Trick Shots

  • Pinball Bumper – Knock the ball around for tricky ricochets
  • Slingshot – Fling your ball into the fray at intense speeds
  • Orbit Circles – Loop the loop for roundabout demolitions!
PunBall 4

Score Boosters

  • 2X Multiplier – Double your points earned for a period
  • Demolition Bonus – Increased points for structure destruction
  • Coin Magnet – Attract coins and riches scattered on stages
RocketFires balls rapidly upwards
BombDetonates a devastating explosion
Multi-ballShoots 3 balls simultaneously!
LaserFires laser beams to slice bricks

Plus many more! Mastering these power ups at key moments is vital for crushing stages with flying colors.

PunBall 3

Tips, Tricks, and Secrets to Unlock

Becoming an expert pinball wizard at PunBall requires learning a few essential tips and tricks. Follow these strategies and you’ll be shattering high scores in style:

  • Aim for foundations first – Clear out lower supports to drop entire towers for epic collapses!
  • Ricochet is your friend – Bounce off angled edges for sneaky structure hits.
  • Charge shots to maximum – Long holds = awesome demolishing power!
  • Master special ball skills – Curving, freezing, rocket balls have unique perks.
  • Awaken your inner architect – Study structures for optimal blast points.

Also keep an eye out for secret areas after destroying certain walls and objects. Clearing hidden bonus zones grants sweet rewards!

With masterful placement of power-ups, pinpoint aim, and plenty of practice, you’ll unlock your full potential as an agent of spherical destruction!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some tips for getting high scores?

Clear entire structures and stages for big multipliers
Use power ups to demolish groups of blocks
Activate the score booster at key moments
Start levels by sniping high value targets
Maintain shot momentum to keep hitting objects

How do you unlock new power ups?

Play Adventure mode levels to earn coins
Open chests in the shop to obtain power ups
Complete certain challenges and achievements
Level up your player profile over time
Participate in special events

Is there multiplayer or PvP?

Battle mode lets you challenge friends!
Compare high scores on stage leaderboards
Event competitions with prizes and glory

What are keys for in the game?

Keys unlock Chests in the shop which contain rewards
Earn keys by watching ads, completing levels, etc.
Open Chests for power ups, coins, gems and more!

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