Gangstar Vegas APK v6.5.1a + OBB (MOD, Unlimited Money, VIP 10)
Gangstar Vegas APK v6.5.1a + OBB (MOD, Unlimited Money, VIP 10)

Gangstar Vegas APK v6.5.1a + OBB (MOD, Unlimited Money, VIP 10)

With Gangstar Vegas Premium Apk, you can focus on exploring the open world and completing missions without any hassle or waiting with unlimited money and VIP status.

Name Gangstar Vegas
Publisher Gameloft SE
Category Action
Size 2.21 GB
Latest Version 6.5.1a
MOD Unlimited Money, VIP 10
Get it On Google Play
Gangstar Vegas is the most famous version in the Gangstar Vegas series of publisher Gameloft SE
Mod Version 6.5.1a
Total installs 100,000,000+

Gangstar Vegas is an action-adventure open world game for Android and iOS devices. This exciting game allows players to live the dangerous and thrilling life of a gangster in Las Vegas. With stunning 3D graphics and gameplay, Gangstar Vegas provides an immersive experience like no other mobile game.

Gangstar Vegas

Overview of Gangstar Vegas Gameplay

In Gangstar Vegas, you take on the role of an MMA fighter named Jason Malone who is framed for a crime he didn’t commit. After spending some time in jail, you bust out determined to find the truth behind the conspiracy that put you there.

The open world of Las Vegas is your playground, filled with 80 side missions, casinos, vehicle customizations and more. You can complete missions to progress through the story, or simply explore the city, stealing cars, fighting rival gangs, or making a trip to the casino. The gameplay is fast-paced and action-packed, with cover-based third-person shooting, melee combat, driving, and other exciting elements.

Some key features of Gangstar Vegas include:

  • Vast open world: Explore the full scale city of Las Vegas and its surroundings, with highly detailed graphics and visuals. Over 80 missions in Sin City.
  • Customization: Customize Jason with hundreds of outfits from hats and glasses to masks and suits. Pimp your rides by giving them a fresh paint job, mods and more.
  • Third-person action: Enjoy cover-based shooting, melee takedowns, drive-bys, and epic chases in third-person perspective.
  • Vehicles: Steal and drive over 50 different vehicles including cars, trucks, buses, jets, helicopters, tanks, ships and more.
  • Weapons: Utilize pistols, shotguns, automatic rifles, grenade launchers and even rappelling gear to take out enemies.
  • Casinos: Try your luck by spending ill-gotten gains on casino games like poker, slots and blackjack.

With so much content and activities crammed into the city, Gangstar Vegas offers hours upon hours of gameplay and replay value.

Gangstar Vegas 1

MOD Features (Unlimited Money, VIP 10)

The MOD version of Gangstar Vegas takes the gameplay experience to another level by providing:

  • Unlimited Money: Have unlimited cash to spend on whatever you want – weapons, vehicles, clothes, casino chips etc. No need to grind for money!
  • VIP Package 10: Instantly gain VIP status with special perks and bonuses:
    • Extra health regeneration
    • Increased ammo capacity
    • Faster sprint speed
    • Additional XP on missions

With unlimited cash and VIP status, you can focus on exploring the open world and completing missions without any annoyances or waiting around. The MOD enhances the overall gameplay tremendously and allows you to experience Vegas in all its criminal glory.

Gangstar Vegas 4

Gameplay Walkthrough

Let’s dive into the main missions and activities you can enjoy in Gangstar Vegas:


The game opens with a cutscene showing Jason during an MMA fight, before being arrested by the corrupt cops. You then start playing as Jason wakes up in his jail cell.

After the guards have left, Jason breaks out of his cell by removing an air vent. This serves as a short tutorial on movement controls and attacking.

Make your way through the prison while taking down guards. The escape finishes with an intense car chase scene with police cruisers and a helicopter pursuing Jason.

Working for Frank

Once free from jail, Jason meets his friend Frank and joins his gang. Frank provides missions for Jason to build up his reputation in Vegas.

These initial missions let you get familiar with the combat, driving mechanics and exploring the city. Missions include stealing cars, sabotaging a rival gang’s drug deal, kidnapping a bartender, and assassinating targets.

After impressing Frank, he makes Jason a made man in the Vegas crime family.

Meeting Karen

In one mission, Jason receives help from Karen – a skilled sniper. Karen later gives Jason a call and they meet up at a bar.

Karen reveals she has information related to Jason’s arrest. This kicks off a series of missions where you team up with Karen, with objectives involving infiltration, kidnapping a hacker, and raiding a mansion.

Through these missions, the pieces of the conspiracy begin falling into place. But Karen’s past remains mysterious…

Gangstar Vegas 3

Taking Down Ricardo

Ricardo is the head of a rival gang who is revealed to be involved in the conspiracy against Jason. This sparks an all-out war between the two gangs across Vegas.

Major set piece missions in this chapter include assaulting Ricardo’s penthouse suite, rescuing Karen after she is kidnapped, and chasing down Ricardo through construction ramps and crane lifts.

After finally taking down Ricardo in a dramatic showdown, Jason gets closer to finding out the truth.

The Truth is Revealed

In the final act, Jason discovers that his MMA coach Frank was actually the mastermind who framed him!

This leads to an epic final mission where you battle Frank and his thugs in a MMA arena, before chasing him down in a helicopter and motorcycle chase sequence.

The credits roll after Jason defeats Frank and proves his innocence. This wraps up his quest for truth and vengeance against those who betrayed him.

Gangstar Vegas 2

Game Modes

Apart from the main story, Gangstar Vegas offers different game modes:


Compete against real opponents in action-packed multiplayer modes like drug wars,MIT Heists etc. Climb the leaderboards in challenges and contests.


Try making a fortune by playing high stakes poker, slot machines, and more Vegas-style casino games.

Side Missions

Take a break from the main story by completing side missions like street races, survival, transporter contracts etc. This is a fun way to explore off the beaten path areas.


Find all the hidden collectibles scattered through Las Vegas like abandoned cars, safes, wanted felons etc. Discover interesting lore and backstories related to the city.

With so many activities crammed into the vast open world map, you’ll always find something fun to do in Gangstar Vegas.

Gangstar Vegas 5

Tips and Tricks

Here are some useful tips to help you make the most out of Gangstar Vegas:

  • Take cover often in combat and watch your health bar. Use medkits and armor to recover health.
  • Aim for headshots when firing at enemies for quicker kills.
  • Customize weapons with better grips, scopes and magazines for improved performance.
  • Drive safely and watch out for traffic to avoid damaging your vehicle.
  • Try drifting around corners for faster turns.
  • Use the mini-map and waypoints to navigate to objectives.
  • Buy properties like garages and businesses to earn additional income.
  • Upgrade your skills like health, driving and weapon stability using EXP.
  • Change clothes regularly for buffs like extra ammo or stealth.
  • Play poker and slots in the casino to win big bucks. Save before gambling.
  • Utilize cover and stealth to infiltrate restricted areas undetected.
  • Call in backup from your gang members for help.

With these tips, you’ll be ruling the streets of Vegas in no time!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Gangstar Vegas free to play?

Yes, Gangstar Vegas can be downloaded and played for free on Android and iOS.

Does it have controller support?

Yes, Gangstar Vegas supports gameplay with external controllers like the PS4 and Xbox One controller. This allows for greater control and immersion.

Is there a Gangstar Vegas mod APK?

Yes, unlimited money, all weapons unlocked, etc. There are modded versions that offer features such as. You can download it from the link below.

What graphics settings are available?

Users can pick between low, medium and high quality graphics. There is also an ultra graphics option for newer high-end devices.

Does Gangstar Vegas have multiplayer?

Yes, the game offers real-time 8 player multiplayer mode. You can compete in action challenges like races, deathmatches etc against other players.

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