Brawl King APK v0.30.19 (MOD, Unlimited All Resources)
Brawl King APK v0.30.19 (MOD, Unlimited All Resources)

Brawl King APK v0.30.19 (MOD, Unlimited All Resources)

Brawl King Premium APK is a modified version of the game that offers additional features or changes to the gameplay.

Name Brawl King
Publisher Fruitshake
Category Action
Size 162.8 MB
Latest Version 0.30.19
MOD Unlimited All Resources
Get it On Google Play
Brawl King is the most famous version in the Brawl King series of publisher Fruitshake
Mod Version 0.30.19
Total installs 50,000+

Brawl King is an exciting roguelike RPG game for mobile that combines hack-and-slash dungeon crawling with strategic deck building. With stylish pixel graphics, addictive gameplay and tons of heroes to collect, Brawl King provides hours of dungeon exploring fun.

Brawl King Roguelike RPG

Overview of Brawl King

The game first launched in 2022 and has been praised for its fusion of RPG combat with roguelike elements.

In Brawl King, players explore randomly generated dungeons while battling monsters. Gameplay consists of:

  • Assembling a deck of hero cards for turn-based combat
  • Unlocking and upgrading new heroes
  • Exploring procedural dungeons and boss lairs
  • Finding epic loot and gear
  • Strategic, RPG-style combat using hero decks
  • Roguelike permadeath and procedurally generated levels
  • Multiple character classes with unique abilities

With the addictive “just one more run” factor of roguelikes blended with the strategic depth of card battlers, Brawl King appeals to fans of both genres.

Turn-Based Card Combat

The combat gameplay of Brawl King revolves around using a deck of collected hero cards in battle. Each hero card has their own health, damage, abilities and mana cost.

During a battle, you can play cards from your hand to summon heroes onto the battlefield. Heroes have a variety of abilities like:

  • Direct damage attacks
  • Area of effect spells
  • Healing and buffs
  • Defensive moves
  • Status effect inflicting attacks

Managing your hand, coordinating your team, and anticipating enemy actions is key. You need to balance offense and defense each turn to counter the threats.

The card gameplay keeps combat engaging and strategic. You have to adapt your lineup and tactics as new enemies appear. Customizing your deck with heroes and spells that complement each other is important too. The card mechanic elevates the combat beyond simple button mashing.

Explore Procedurally Generated Dungeons

Like all roguelike games, the levels in Brawl King are procedurally generated each run for infinite replayability. As you delve into the darkness, each floor and room is randomly assembled from hand-crafted tiles.

Dungeons contain various environments like:

  • Dank sewers filled with vermin
  • Mossy caves with underground lakes
  • Fire and brimstone hellscapes
  • Treasure-filled tombs
  • Magic infused arcane labs
  • Many more occult themes

Along with unique monsters and bosses, there are secrets to uncover and chances for powerful rare loot. You never know what you’ll encounter next in these deep dungeons.

The random generation and unexpected discoveries keep each run fresh. And the dungeons offer different branching paths, allowing you to choose your route strategically based on risk vs reward.

Brawl King Roguelike RPG 1

RPG Character Progression

Like any great RPG, progressing your character over multiple runs is an essential part of gameplay. Each failed run still earns meta currency and unlocks that make you stronger for next time.

Key progression elements include:

  • New hero cards to recruit
  • Upgrading your heroes’ stats and skills
  • Collecting loot with unique bonuses
  • Permanent upgrades like +health or damage
  • New character classes and decks to unlock
  • Expanding your card collection size
  • Item crafting from materials

With so many angles to grow stronger, gaining levels and loot feels very rewarding. You gradually assemble an arsenal of heroes and strategies that can reach the dungeon’s deepest depths.

Four Playable Classes

Brawl King features four unique character classes, each with their own starter deck, abilities, and playstyle:


  • Balanced stats and versatile skills
  • Healing and protection abilities
  • Holy magic attacks
  • Solid basic class to learn with


  • Heavy hitting damage dealer
  • Rage mode for massive attacks
  • Tanky with strong armor
  • Straightforward brute force playstyle


  • Agile and swift attacks
  • Poison and bleed damage over time
  • Shadow magic and disguises
  • Hit and run tactics to whittle down foes


  • Elemental magic like fire, ice, lightning
  • Companion creatures that aid in battle
  • Shape-shifting into animal forms
  • Adaptive spell-based playstyle

Each class spices up the dungeon runs in their own way. You can unlock them all and switch between them over time.

Pixel Art Visuals

Brawl King features classic pixel art with detailed sprites and animations. The heroes, monsters, environments, and spell effects all shine with retro charm. There’s smooth character animations as you battle through each level.

For players nostalgic for old-school pixel styles, Brawl King’s visual presentation hits the mark. The graphics pair wonderfully with the core card-based gameplay.

Brawl King Roguelike RPG 2

Why Players Love Brawl King

Here are some of the key reasons Brawl King has earned praise from mobile gamers:

  • Satisfying deck building game mechanics
  • Clever fusion of card play with roguelike dungeon exploration
  • Four unique character classes to choose from
  • Procedurally generated levels offer new experiences each run
  • Finding awesome loot feels very rewarding
  • Tons of heroes, abilities, and strategies to experiment with
  • Approachable gameplay but high skill cap
  • Pixel graphics oozing with retro appeal

For RPG fans seeking an accessible roguelike experience flavored with strategic card combat, Brawl King is a must-try title.

Brawl King MOD Features (Unlimited All Resources)

Like most free mobile games today, Brawl King incentivizes monetization through certain limits on earnings and unlocks. Heroes and upgrades take time to acquire without spending.

This is where the Brawl King MOD APK comes in handy! Installing the mod provides you:

  • Unlimited gold coins earned per run
  • Unlimited gems for spending on heroes/upgrades
  • All heroes instantly unlocked
  • Maxed out hero upgrades automatically
  • Remove ads for uninterrupted play

This means you can fully focus on gameplay without grind or needing to pay money. All content is available quickly to pursue endless dungeon depths.

While the game itself is still best played fair without cheating, the mod removes unfair monetization practices for a better experience. Look into “Brawl King mod apk unlimited everything” for download sources.

Brawl King Roguelike RPG 3

Tips and Strategies for New Players

Mastering Brawl King’s synergistic deck building and wise dungeon navigation takes practice. Here are some tips to get ahead:

  • Build a deck with a mix of attackers and supports. Too much of one makes you vulnerable.
  • Don’t neglect healers and defensive cards. Keeping your heroes alive is as important as dishing damage.
  • Upgrade your favorites rather than spreading resources across all heroes. A few powerful cards beats a wide weak deck.
  • Take advantage of elemental weaknesses when possible for bonus damage.
  • Visit the merchant after each level to get new cards and gear for your heroes.
  • Destroying barrels and crates can provide health/mana restoring items. Don’t leave loot behind.
  • Fleeing combat before all heroes die allows you to rescue some cards for your next attempt.

Learn enemy patterns, assemble powerful decks, and watch each run get you closer and closer to defeating the final boss!

Final Thoughts on Brawl King

Brawl King takes the addictive roguelike formula and injects it with strategic card-based combat to deliver one of the most engaging mobile RPG experiences in recent years. With challenging procedural dungeons to explore, tons of heroes to collect, and satisfying progression, Brawl King will hook you for hours of “just one more run” enjoyment.

Removing unfair monetization with the mod APK allows you to fully dive into its tactical deck building and tense dungeon combat loop without annoying restrictions. Overall, Brawl King is easy to recommend for RPG fans wanting rich strategic gameplay in addition to classic loot grinding – try it today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Brawl King mod APK safe to download and use?

Mods for any app do carry some inherent risk, so discretion is advised. However, this particular unlimited gems/gold mod has been tested extensively by the community with no negative impacts reported so far. Just be sure to download it from here.

Does the mod require a rooted device?

No rooting needed! The modded APK can be installed just like a normal app. Just enable installs from “Unknown Sources” and you’re good to go.

Will I get banned for using this mod?

It’s unlikely, as the mod just enables unlimited free resources and doesn’t disrupt multiplayer or leaderboards. But proceed with caution as account bans are always possible with unofficial game mods.

What happens if I already have a normal Brawl King account?

You should be able to install the mod without impacting your existing account data. But it’s recommended to make a backup save just in case before installing any mods.

How do I download and install the Brawl King mod APK?

Download the latest mod APK file from here
On your Android device, enable installing from “Unknown Sources”
Locate the downloaded APK and tap it to begin installation
Allow the installation process to fully complete
Launch Brawl King mod and enjoy unlimited gems and gold!

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