Demon Hunter: Premium APK v60.95.13.0 (Full Game)
Demon Hunter: Premium APK v60.95.13.0 (Full Game)

Demon Hunter: Premium APK v60.95.13.0 (Full Game)

Demon Hunter: Premium apk allows you to play the full version of the game. Now it's time to enjoy the game!

Name Demon Hunter: Premium
Publisher EA Publishing
Category Action
Size 1.48 GB
Latest Version
MOD Full Game
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Demon Hunter: Premium is the most famous version in the Demon Hunter: Premium series of publisher EA Publishing
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Total installs 1,000,000+

For centuries, humankind has battled the forces of darkness. Demonic hordes seek to overrun the earth, feasting on the souls of mortals. Our only defense lies with an ancient order known as the Demon Hunters – warriors who harness unholy power to destroy evil. You are one of them.

Demon Hunter thrusts players into an eternal war against demonic corruption. This action RPG tasks you with slaughtering demons, acquiring loot, and developing your hero’s skills. While the core game provides hours of entertainment, the Premium Edition takes the experience to the next level.

Demon Hunter Premium

Premium Perks for Serious Slayers

The Premium Edition gives demon slayers access to exclusive features and content for next-level gameplay:

  • 💥 Expanded Storyline – Uncover more of the epic lore with additional story chapters.
  • ⚔️Legendary Gear – Unique armor and weapons provide bonuses unmatched by common loot.
  • 📜Elite Skills – Master prestigious abilities to obliterate hordes of enemies.
  • 🧬Hybrid Classes – Combine multiple classes for near-limitless build options.
  • 💰Currency Boosts – Increase gold and item find rates to speed progression.

“Thought you were tough before? The Premium Edition will make you a legend among demon hunters.”

Let’s explore these benefits in-depth so you can unleash hell on the swelling demonic ranks!

Demon Hunter Premium 1

Diving Deeper into the Story

The world of Demon Hunter is rich with lore about the eternal struggle between angels, demons, and humans. The core game features an epic storyline revealing some of this ancient history.

Premium players gain access to additional story chapters and side quests. These build upon the base narrative, uncovering more about characters like the Demon Lord Belphegor and archangel Gabriel.

We learn secret histories of legendary artifacts used in battle. Deeper character development shows what motivates key allies and enemies. Additional levels reveal more of the ravaged world torn apart by the war.

Immersing yourself in this expanded lore brings greater meaning to the endless demon slaying. You gain insight into the balance of good and evil while forging your warrior’s place in history.

But Wait, There’s More!

Minor characters from the core story get expanded roles. These support characters have full plot lines and side missions fleshing out their backstories.

We experience firsthand their motivations for aiding humanity’s struggle. This connects us more deeply to the world and characters.

Demon Hunter Premium 2

Wield the Legendary Weapons of Hellstrom

Common weapons and armor found as random loot are useful early on. But demon slayers yearn for Legendary gear – artifacts of immense power.

The Premium Edition grants access to Hellstrom Arsenal – a collection of Legendary weapons and armor sets. This is end-game gear that unleashes your hero’s maximum potential.

Some examples include:

  • Gáe Bulg: This demonic spear unleashes critical hits with massive damage. It also slows enemies on impact.
  • Veil of Shadows: Makes the wearer invisible. Perfect for stealth kills and slipping past enemies unseen.
  • Pauldrons of Atlas: Grants superhuman strength, increasing melee damage and carry capacity.

Collecting a full Hellstrom gear set unlocks epic buffs. The Damnation set boosts fire skills by 200% when complete!

With Hellstrom Arsenal, you will devastate demons and rival even the greatest slayers. You’ll tear through enemies that once gave you nightmares.

The Thrill of the Hunt

Tracking down Hellstrom items also adds more exciting loot pursuit gameplay. Legendary gear has a low chance to drop from bosses. So you’ll hunt targets repeatedly, driven by hopes of new upgrades.

Finally seeing that red beam of light appear after defeating Baal again is a thrilling moment! Equipping your shiny new Leviathan axe makes the grind worthwhile.

Hellstrom Arsenal will supercharge your demon hunter to new heights of greatness.

Demon Hunter Premium 3

Harnessing Elite Skills

All heroes in Demon Hunter utilize Skills that define a playstyle. Common skills like Double Jump and Flame Burst are handy, but Elite skills truly set champions apart.

The Premium Edition provides access to over a dozen devastating Elite skills. These require more skill points yet unleash abilities no foe can withstand.

Some top-tier skills include:

  • Bladestorm – Spin continuously with blades extended, shredding nearby enemies.
  • Plague – Infect an area with disease, gradually weakening enemies.
  • Inferno – Call down a pillar of flame from the sky that burns a wide area.

Elite skills combine together for thrilling synergies:

  • Use Bladestorm to gather enemies together, then hit them with Inferno!
  • Infect crowds with Plague, then finish them off while their defenses are lowered.

“Elite skills let you embrace the full power fantasy of an unstoppable demon slayer.”

Endless combinations allow you to create a unique playstyle matching your preferences. You can specialize in damaging groups, sustaining your hero, or supporting allies.

Unlock Elite skills in your skill tree by accumulating enough Skill Points from gaining levels and conquering challenges. These abilities are true game-changers, especially when enhanced further…

Enhancing Your Arsenal

Elite skills become even more formidable when enhanced with Skill Runes. These ancient relics impart modifiers to skills, evolving them in new directions.

For example, the Inferno skill can be enhanced with:

  • Brimstone – Creates a larger area of flame.
  • Blistering Winds – Makes the inferno travel quickly along the ground.
  • Napalm – Sets enemies ablaze with intense fires that slowly drain health.

Chaining together enhanced Elite skills createscombo potential far beyond standard abilities. You become an unstoppable force, tearing through the demon ranks.

Demon Hunter Premium 4

The Power of Hybrid Classes

Most heroes focus their training on a single combat discipline. But the most formidable fighters tap into multiple classes to diversify their skills.

The Premium Edition lets you combine parts of 2 classes into a hybrid hero! For example:

  • Mystic Ranger: Combine nature magic with archery for elemental attacks.
  • Warlock Monk: Use fel energy with martial arts for swift corruption.
  • Frost Paladin: Merge holy power with ice magic to protect allies.

Hybrids get the core abilities of both classes as well as shared skills. This flexibility creates countless options for your playstyle.

A Frost Paladin can deal damage with frost magic, protect allies with holy shields, and heal with restoration spells. Enemies will be frozen in their tracks before being shattered by your divine hammer!

“Hybrid classes let you tap into the deepest, most mystical forces available to demon slayers.”

You aren’t confined to preset combinations either. Experiment with different class mixes to make something completely unique!

Custom Champion

Maybe you envision a necromantic barbarian who overwhelms foes with undead minions while also whirling into a whirlwind of steel and blood. Or perhaps a spectral knight who shifts between incorporeal and physical states, disappearing and ambushing enemies.

Make the ultimate class suited to you!

This freedom of choice empowers you to fulfill any hero fantasy. You will organically develop your own innovative tactics combining disparate skills rather than just following fixed templates. Become the custom champion you were meant to be!

Demon Hunter Premium 5

Fueled by Fortune: Currency Boosts

Slaying demons not only benefits humanity – it also pays! You will acquire loads of loot to sell and gain gold to spend on upgrades.

Gold can be used for crucial tasks like:

  • Buying potions and gear from vendors.
  • Upgrading weapons and armor.
  • Unlocking skill tree nodes to acquire new talents.
  • Salvaging unwanted loot for crafting materials.

In short, wealth enables rapid progression. The Premium Edition provides a major boost to income via Fortune multipliers. These permanently increase gold and item find rates by 25-50%!

You’ll still need to slay demons to get loot drops – but you’ll have much better odds at lucrative items. Plus the gold will pour in faster, enabling more frequent upgrades.

Fueled by Fortune, you can advance far quicker and acquire top-tier gear for end-game domination. Demons will soon learn to fear your name as great riches flow into your coffers!

Demon Hunter: Premium FAQs

How often do new story chapters, gear, and skills get added?

The development team consistently adds more Premium content with each major game update (usually every 2-3 months).

Is the Premium Edition available on all platforms?

Yes, it can be purchased on PC, console editions, and mobile versions. Your Premium unlocks will carry across all platforms via your account.

Is a subscription or internet connection required to keep using Premium content?

Nope! Premium Edition is a one-time purchase granting permanent access to all exclusive content, offline and online.

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