Stickman Legends APK v4.1.8 (MOD, Mega Menu/Unlimited Money)
Stickman Legends APK v4.1.8 (MOD, Mega Menu/Unlimited Money)

Stickman Legends APK v4.1.8 (MOD, Mega Menu/Unlimited Money)

The most remarkable features of Stickman Legends Premium APK are Mega Menu and Unlimited Money. These features give players additional benefits.

Name Stickman Legends: Shadow Fight
Publisher ZITGA
Category Action
Size 140.4 MB
Latest Version 4.1.8
MOD Mega Menu/Unlimited Money
Get it On Google Play
Stickman Legends: Shadow Fight is the most famous version in the Stickman Legends: Shadow Fight series of publisher ZITGA
Mod Version 4.1.8
Total installs 10,000,000+

Stickman Legends is an epic stick figure action RPG for mobile. It features hack and slash combat, customizeable heroes, massive monster-filled worlds to explore, and tons of loot to collect. With engaging progression mechanics and deep RPG systems, Stickman Legends provides hours of stick figure adventuring.

This guide will cover the core gameplay, modes, hero development, level designs, MOD APK benefits, and tips for new players. Let’s jump in!

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Introduction to Gameplay

The main Stickman Legends gameplay consists of:

  • Real-time combat pitting your stick hero against monsters.
  • Leveling up your hero, upgrading skills, and collecting loot.
  • Exploring huge worlds and completing story campaigns.
  • Defeating menacing bosses requiring skill and strategy.
  • Tackling challenging special operations with unique modifiers.
  • Assembling a squad of heroes with complementary powers.

It’s an addictive hack and slash RPG loop enhanced by deep hero progression and PvE game modes. The combat and overall polish exceed expectations for a stick game!

Hack and Slash Combat

  • Intuitive one-touch controls for melee and ranged attacks.
  • Combos, critical hits, weapon skills, magic attacks, and defensive maneuvers.
  • Dodge, block, and interrupt enemy attacks with precise timing.
  • Synergize hero abilities and gear loadouts to maximize damage output.
  • Defeat endless hordes of monsters across diverse locations.

With satisfying real-time combat, unlocking new skills and abilities provides that addictive sense of slowly becoming unstoppable.

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Engaging Game Modes

Stickman Legends offers great variety beyond the main campaign:

Infinity Mode

  • Special challenge runs with unique modifiers for extra rewards.
  • Race for high scores against other players on leaderboards.

Arena Mode

  • Fight endless waves of enemies solo or in co-op.
  • Special bosses spawn periodically.

Daily Events

  • Limited time events with exclusive loot.
  • Earn event currency to exchange for items in the shop.

Special Operations

  • Handcrafted challenges requiring skill and strategy.
  • Boss fights with mechanics to master.

With so many modes to dive into, Stickman Legends provides tremendous replay value.

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Hero Development

You can extensively develop your stick heroes:

  • Level Up – Defeating enemies grants XP to level up, increasing stats.
  • Skills – Spend skill points to unlock active combat abilities and passive buffs.
  • Gear – Equip weapons, armor, amulets, and rings with special bonuses. Rarer gear provides larger boosts.
  • Magic – Collect magic spell scrolls of various elements like fire, ice, and lightning.
  • Traits – Earn points through milestones to unlock traits with unique effects.

Furthermore, you can assemble a squad of up to 5 heroes, each with specialized builds that combine powers for maximum mayhem!

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World and Level Design

Stickman Legends incorporates Console-quality world design:

  • Huge worlds teeming with secrets like hidden chests and side dungeons.
  • Varied environments including forests, deserts, mines, beaches, villages, and forbidden temples.
  • Dynamic weather from rainfall to sandstorms that affects hazards.
  • State of the art lighting creates day/night cycles and atmospheric dungeons.
  • Destructible objects like exploding barrels and obstacle manipulation.
  • Treacherous traps, ambushes, and challenging platforming segments.

Exploring every nook and cranny of the imaginative worlds with your squad is addictively rewarding.

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MOD APK Benefits

The Stickman Legends MOD APK provides:

  • Mega Menu
  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Energy

The mega menu grants access to cheat commands any time like instant max level, all skills unlocked, one hit kills, and more. This lets you breeze through content effortlessly if desired.

Unlimited money and energy removes wait times and grinding, allowing you to play uninterrupted and get heroes maxed out faster.

Together these make Stickman Legends a total sandbox. Great for casual fun if you just want to slash endless monsters without limits.

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Tips for New Players

Here are some helpful tips for new stick heroes:

  • Make sure to collect daily and achievement rewards. They provide valuable upgrade resources over time.
  • Focus on fully upgrading one hero before leveling up others. A main carry is important.
  • Prioritize increasing damage output through abilities and gear first. This makes progression much easier.
  • Manual control is stronger than auto mode when fighting bosses or in PvP.
  • Cursed Chests provide great loot but require surviving a gauntlet. Use potions before opening.
  • Play each Hero’s Challenge daily for upgrade materials and free Hero Shards.

Mastering these tips will help you assemble a legendary stick squad ready for intense monster destruction in no time!


Does the game have PvP?

Yes, asynchronous PvP unlocks after completing Story mode where you can battle other players’ squads.

Is there a clan system?

Yes, joining a clan lets you team up with others and participate in Clan Wars together against other clans.

How F2P friendly is Stickman Legends?

Very! There are no paywalls hindering progression at any point. Patience is more key than money spent.

Are there limited time events?

Yes, holiday events and collaborations with other games happen regularly bringing exclusive loot and game modes.


With its immensely satisfying hack and slash combat, extensive hero development, and diverse PvE game modes, Stickman Legends provides a premier action RPG experience on mobile. The MOD APK transforms it into a sandbox for unlimited monster-slaying mayhem if desired. Especially impressive are the sprawling worlds and environmental design exceeding typical mobile games. Overall, Stickman Legends is a must-play title for RPG fans looking for visceral combat, enchanting vistas to explore, and near infinite progression in their pocket. Now grab your sword and get ready to paint some epic stick figure legends across the land!

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