Last Day on Earth APK v1.20.16 + OBB (MOD, Mega Menu, Many Features)
Last Day on Earth APK v1.20.16 + OBB (MOD, Mega Menu, Many Features)

Last Day on Earth APK v1.20.16 + OBB (MOD, Mega Menu, Many Features)

Thanks to this Last Day on Earth Premium Apk, you will have access to the in-game menu. This will make your gaming experience easier.

Name Last Day on Earth
Publisher KEFIR
Category Action
Size 751.8 MB
Latest Version 1.20.16
MOD Mega Menu, Many Features
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Last Day on Earth is the most famous version in the Last Day on Earth series of publisher KEFIR
Mod Version 1.20.16
Total installs 100,000,000+

Last Day on Earth: Survival is a free mobile zombie survival game developed and published by Kefir!. The game drops players into a post-apocalyptic world overrun by zombies, where they must scavenge resources, craft items, and build shelters to survive. With its fun gameplay, frequent updates, and vibrant community, Last Day on Earth has become one of the most popular zombie survival games since its release in 2017.

Last Day On Earth Survival

Features and Gameplay

Last Day on Earth contains many features typical of survival games, while also incorporating crafting, RPG, and sandbox elements to create a unique gameplay experience. Some key features include:

  • Open World Exploration – The game takes place in a large, open world map that players can navigate and loot for resources like wood, stone, cloth, and more. Abandoned areas like towns, gas stations, farms, and military bases offer places to scavenge.
  • Crafting & Building – Resources can be used to craft hundreds of items like weapons, armor, first aid kits, and more. Players can also build and upgrade their home base with fortifications, decorations, and work stations.
  • Character Progression – As players level up their character by completing tasks and raiding, they earn skill points to unlock abilities and bonuses. Their character’s health, damage, healing, and other stats can be improved.
  • Raiding – Bases of real players can be raided for loot. Raids are complex and require planning your hero loadout, weapons, and items to take down base defenses.
  • Hardcore Survival – Resources like food, water, weapons, and ammo are scarce. Players must constantly gather and manage supplies to survive. Health depletes and requires food/first aid to restore. Death results in character loss.
  • Multiplayer – Bases of real players are scattered across the map and can be raided. Global chat enables communication.

Game Modes

There are a few different game modes in Last Day on Earth:

  • Single player – The main open world survival experience against zombie AI enemies.
  • Cooperative – In this mode, a group of players can build a settlement together and team up to defeat enemies and raids.
  • Events – Special limited-time events and game modes that offer exclusive rewards. Some examples include escorting a VIP NPC or competing for high scores.
  • Hardcore – This ultra challenging game mode has 1 life only. Death results in the character getting deleted. Recommended for experienced players.

Early Game Survival Tips

For new players, the first days of survival can be brutal. Here are some useful early game tips:

  • Pick berries and mushrooms for food/healing while searching buildings nearby the initial starting zone. Avoid zombies if possible.
  • Craft basic tools like a pickaxe, hatchet, and spear first. Upgrade your backpack space.
  • Get a melee weapon then attack isolated zombies one at a time to loot resources and clothing.
  • Build walls and spikes around the NPC base to hold off zombie raids. Upgrade these defenses over time.
  • Listen for the AI specialist’s air drop signals then run to the marked area to loot the drop before zombies arrive.
  • Save materials and only craft necessary items until you get established and move to a permanent base location.
Last Day On Earth Survival 2

Base Building Strategies

Your home base is crucial for storage, crafting, and staying alive. Follow these strategies when building up your base:

  • Find a secluded location – Try to build far from high traffic areas to avoid detection. The forest is a good spot.
  • Layered walls & defenses – Surround your base with multiple layers of defensive walls, traps, turrets, spikes, etc. to thwart raiders.
  • Resource production – Build resource producing structures like farms, greenhouses, mines, laboratories, and bunkers. These generate raw materials over time.
  • Storage – Maximize storage capacity as you progress to stockpile abundant resources. Unload gear after trips.
  • Living area – Designate part of your base for crafting, sleeping, and healing. Use decorations to boost stats.
  • Protect your loot – Place your most valuable loot behind inner walls and traps in case perimeter defenses fail.

Character Development and Stats

There are many stats players need to develop to take on the brutal challenges in Last Day on Earth:

  • Health – This represents overall life/tanking ability. Health determines how many hits you can take.
  • Damage – Increases melee and ranged damage to kill enemies faster. Allows use of heavy weapons.
  • Healing – Speeds up regenerating health over time and boosts effectiveness of first aid kits.
  • Energy – Determines maximum energy for running, chopping, mining and other actions. Energy regenerates over time.
  • Defense – Reduces damage taken from enemies. Essential for handling groups and tough enemies like frenzied giants.
  • Crit Chance – Chance of landing a critical hit that does bonus damage. Useful against bosses.

Crucial Resources to Find

These crucial resources should be top priorities when scavenging:

  • Wood – Required for crafting weapons, building structures, traps, fires, and more. Chop down trees to harvest.
  • Stone – Main material for building strong walls around your base. Can also be used for crafting furnaces and advanced items later on.
  • Food – Necessary to keep your character fed and health/energy up. Find non-perishable foods or plant your own crops at base.
  • Medicine – Valuable for crafting first aid kits that heal lost health after battles. Look for pills and alcohol for disinfecting wounds.
  • Weapons – Melee weapons like machetes and swords as well as guns like handguns and rifles spawn around the world. Essential for defense.
  • Fuel/Gas – Powers generators that produce electricity for advanced crafting/building and running chopper transport.
Last Day On Earth Survival 3

Fighting Enemies and Raid Strategy

Combat in Last Day on Earth relies on luring individual enemies away from groups and using tactical raid approaches:

  • Lure lone zombies – Pull isolated zombies away from swarms by sneaking up then withdrawing. Kite them into spike traps or land headshots.
  • Circle strafing – Strafe around enemies in circles while attacking to avoid being surrounded and overwhelmed in melee.
  • Wall trick – Lure a zombie to an open doorway with a wall on each side. Attack as they pause squeezing through then retreat when they lunge. Repeat to kill safely.
  • Noise distraction – Throw an empty can or object to make noise and divert nearby zombie attention away from you.
  • Sneak attacks – Crouch and move slowly while undetected to initiate attacks on unsuspecting enemies. Critical hits help quickly dispatch threats.
  • Raiding – Scout bases thoroughly before attacking. Lure outside guards away then destroy weak walls/doors with melee weapons or explosions to infiltrate and steal loot. Time C4 detonations between turret cooldowns. Retreat and bandage frequently.

Base Defense Tips

Raids from AI survivors and waves of zombies will attack your base. Use these tips to bolster defenses:

  • Upgrade walls, doors, hatches, and other barriers to highest tier materials like steel for maximum durability.
  • Create maze-like approach paths using multiple gates, walls, and rooms to disorient and separate raiders.
  • Use spike traps, mines, turrets, and electric fences to inflict steady damage as raiders advance.
  • Dispatch explosive specialists first when defending against raids to prevent wall breaching.
  • Rotate healing, weapons, and armor in your quick slots to restore health and swap gear during raids.
  • Retreat inside and fight enemies from behind interior walls and defenses if exterior fortifications fall.
Last Day On Earth Survival 1

Crafting Essentials

These craftable items and gear provide major benefits for survival:

  • First aid kits – Carry these to stop bleeding and heal during/after combat without using food. Make bandages as temporary versions.
  • Repair kits – Critical for fixing damaged walls, doors, and tools/weapons during a base siege to keep defenses intact as long as possible.
  • Flare gun – Used to signal AI specialist air drops. Allows unlocking floppy crate loot through hacking mini-game.
  • C4 – Essential for breaching tough walls and gates when raiding enemy player bases. Can blast open steel walls.
  • Steel room/vault – Make a secure steel vault to protect your most valuable loot pile from raids. Requires 8 steel plates to build.
  • Chopper – Restoring the abandoned chopper allows fast traveling between zones. Saves energy rather than walking.

Best Weapons

These powerful weapons are worth crafting or finding to maximize damage output:

  • Skullcrusher – Devastating melee weapon with extreme damage potential. Requires Skullcrusher skill to assemble and use properly.
  • Winchester Rifle – Powerful long range rifle with great damage and accuracy. Ammo can be scarce.
  • M16 Assault Rifle – Standard 5.56 NATO rifle with excellent versatility, rate of fire, and reliability. Ammo is common.
  • Machete – Ideal multi-purpose melee tool for Silent Legion skillset. Fast attack speed shreds regular zombies.
  • Saw Blade Mace – Weapon with deadly DPS thanks to rapid spinning attacks. Cheaper to craft than Skullcrusher.
  • Glock Pistol – Common 9mm handgun useful as backup ranged weapon if main guns are broken. Ammo is plentiful.
Last Day On Earth Survival 4

End Game Goals

After establishing a thriving base, players aim for these major end game goals:

  • Complete specialist tasks – Unlock rare items and new NPC skills by delivering requested items to specialists.
  • Multiplayer raiding – Accumulate C4 and raid gear like silenced handguns to successfully breach and loot other players’ bases.
  • Farm reputation – Build reputation with various NPC factions to gain access to lucrative quests and gear for purchase.
  • Obtain rare blueprints – Blueprints for vehicles like the ATV, advanced weapons, and end game gear are extremely rare finds from certain areas.
  • Explore new regions – Continuously explore and map out new regions added in updates to find exclusive areas and loot.
  • Maximize stats – Become nearly unstoppable by maxing out character stats through constant grinding and skill upgrades.

Tips for Free Players

While paying and grinding can help progression, free players can thrive with these tips:

  • Only open floppy crates and air drops when dealer is visiting to get dealer skill points for free rare items.
  • Avoid wasting resources on decorative base items. Focus building materials on functional facilities, production, and defenses.
  • Cache extra gear and resources at strategic map locations to recover if base is repeatedly raided.
  • Save coins from daily tasks and free battle pass tiers to get deals on the dealer or rare items in store.
  • Use grenades and wall tricks to defeat heavy enemies like frenzied giants without burning through melee/ranged weapons. Lure them into mines.
  • Multiplayer raids can gain game-changing loot. Careful scouting and skilled execution can succeed, even with basic guns or melee weapons.

Final Tips

Follow these final tips to master Last Day on Earth:

  • Learn enemy behavior like zombie lunge distance and patterns. Knowledge is power.
  • Choose skills and bonuses that complement your playstyle when leveling up.
  • Bring food, first aid, and backup gear on every major trip. Don’t rely on finding loot.
  • Play aggressively but cautiously. Seize opportunities while mapping escape routes and monitoring hazard zones.
  • Grind areas like bunker Alfa and the Police Department for essential crafting materials like guns, armor plates, and more.
  • Join an active clan for sharing items, advice, and coordinating group raids against strong enemy bases.
  • Check your inbox frequently for free rewards, items, and other opportunities to support your survival.

Frequently Asked Questions

What items should I focus on at the start?

Focus on obtaining basic tools like pickaxes, hatchets, and shovels first. Also prioritize backpacks, food, bandages, and simple weapons in the early game.

How can I get more weapons and ammo?

Weapons and ammo can be found by looting areas like bunker Alfa, the Police Station, or Military Base. Some events also provide guns and ammo as rewards.

What’s the best way to get transportation?

Finding all the rare parts to fix the abandoned chopper allows using it to travel the map quickly. The ATV found in certain zones also provides transportation.

How should I defend my base from raiders?

Use layers of thick perimeter walls, traps, turrets, and explosives combined with inner vault rooms protecting your most critical loot.

What gear should I bring when raiding other players?

Bring silent weapons, C4, med kits, food, backup melee weapons, and at least 1-2 guns. Tactical or stealth armor provides protection. Leave valuables at home.

How can I store more items?

Upgrade storage facilities like chests, racks, shelves, and trunks. Completing specialist tasks also increases storage capacity. The steel room provides interior protection.

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