War Robots APK v9.5.1 (MOD, Menu, Jump, Speed, Dumb Enemy)
War Robots APK v9.5.1 (MOD, Menu, Jump, Speed, Dumb Enemy)

War Robots APK v9.5.1 (MOD, Menu, Jump, Speed, Dumb Enemy)

The War Robots Premium APK Menu allows you to customize your gaming experience and enhance the way that you play War Robots.

Name War Robots Multiplayer Battles
Publisher UPWAKE.ME
Category Action
Size 114 MB
Latest Version 9.5.1
MOD Menu, Jump, Speed, Dumb Enemy
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War Robots Multiplayer Battles is the most famous version in the War Robots Multiplayer Battles series of publisher UPWAKE.ME
Mod Version 9.5.1
Total installs 100,000,000+

War Robots is an epic sci-fi multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game that provides heart-pumping PvP robot warfare combat. As a mech pilot, you control giant walking battle machines armed to the teeth in live 6v6 team battles against real opponents from around the world.

With diverse maps, multiple game modes, and over 50 robots to choose from, War Robots offers endless strategic PvP action. Piloting hulking mechs ranging from nimble assassins to heavy brawlers, you overwhelm enemies with laser cannons, rockets, stealth, and sheer metal force. This is skill-based, competitive gaming at its best.

Below we’ll explore War Robots gameplay in-depth, highlight exciting features, overview mod benefits, and provide tips to dominate the battlefield. Strap in for this detailed guide covering the ultimate sci-fi robot action game.

War Robots Multiplayer Battles

Overview of Game Modes

War Robots provides a variety of competitive game modes to test your skills:

Team Deathmatch

The classic 6v6 team elimination mode. Destroy all enemies to win! With respawns enabled, it’s non-stop action. Execute ambushes, flanking maneuvers, and use teamwork to decimate foes.

Beacon Rush

Capturing and holding beacons earns points. Balances frantic combat and tactical beacon control. Win by capturing more beacons than the enemy before time runs out.


Three beacons on the map must be captured and held. The longer you hold beacons, the more points your team earns. Quickly move between beacons to outscore your opponents.


It’s every man for himself! No teams, just 6 players battling to rack up the most kills. This tests your full range of combat and survival skills.

Team Deathmatch (Ranked)

A competitive ranked version of Team Deathmatch with leagues, ratings, and seasonal rankings. Climb leagues for status and rewards by consistently topping ranked matches.

Beacon Rush (Ranked)

The ranked competitive mode for Beacon Rush. Show off your tactical skills by coordinating with allies to capture and control critical beacons against skilled opponents.

These diverse PvP modes ensure endless adrenaline-fueled robot action. Now let’s overview the hulking mech warriors you can pilot across these battlefields.

War Robots Multiplayer Battles 1

Robot Classes and Selection

War Robots provides a wide menagerie of metal warriors to choose from. Here are the main robot classes available:

Light Robots

These swift and nimble bots specialize in scouting, beacon capturing, and harassing enemies with hit-and-run attacks:

  • Cossack – Basic starter robot with good mobility.
  • Stalker – Invisibility allows stealth takedowns.
  • Gareth – Equipped with mobile frontal shields.
  • Hover – Glides across terrain making it slippery.

Medium Robots

Versatile all-rounder bots balancing speed, firepower, and durability:

  • Griffin – Balanced with mid-range weapon mounts.
  • Vityaz – Shotgun wielder that excels up close.
  • Doc – Support bot that can heal allies.
  • Raven – Sneaky mid-ranger with built-in weapon hides.

Heavy Robots

These lumbering beasts pack huge armor and overwhelming firepower. Slow yet hard-hitting:

  • Natasha – Walls of heavy firepower. A living fortress.
  • Butch – Multiple weapon mounts provide a barrage.
  • Lance – Uses shields to bull rush enemies fearlessly.
  • Bulgasari – Dashes around knocking down foes.

Massive Robots

The biggest and baddest bots. They bring the pain with otherworldly firepower but are slow and large targets:

  • Fury – Triple heavy weapon mounts on a hovering platform.
  • Ming – Epic flying dragon robot that rains down missiles.
  • Kid – Giant titan robot with devastating energy cannons.
  • Arthur – Enormous mech that blasts enemies with gatling guns and cannonballs.

This extensive selection of robots allows you to customize your playstyle. Will you be a nimble scout capturing beacons? A stealth assassin? A shielded heavyweight brawler? Or will you intimidate foes with towering titan bots?

The choice is yours! And collecting new robots through missions and upgrades is part of the fun. Now let’s see them in action on the battlefield.

War Robots Multiplayer Battles 2

Captivating Real-Time Combat

The heart of War Robots is partaking in 6v6 team battles against human opponents. Here is what high-octane PvP combat looks like:

As your hulking robot deploys onto the battlefield, you maneuver into position. Light bots rush ahead to scout enemy movements. Heavies lumber behind to reinforce chokepoints.

Spotting a medium robot ahead, you take aim and unleash laser fire. Alarms sound as your enemy returns fire. Trading blows, you strafe and weave, missiles exploding around you.

A friendly Griffin swoops in to flank the enemy bot, catching it in pincer fire. The opponent’s armor ruptures in sparks and flames. “Target destroyed!”

Advancing, you spot three heavy enemy bots defending a beacon. Your teammates rally, charging from multiple angles with guns blazing…

The frenetic action never stops. You constantly assess terrain, reposition, and pinpoint moment-to-moment tactics. Is your health low? Fall back and find a heal beacon. Take advantage of cover and elevation. Coordinate with allies.

There are no dull moments – only explosive metal on metal action. And landing the killing shot on an opponent is a thrilling adrenaline rush. With strategic depth too, War Robots offers a world-class PvP combat experience.

War Robots Multiplayer Battles 3

Engaging Progression and Content

Beyond combat, there is plenty of additional content and long-term progression:

Collect Robots – Unlock new robots through missions, events, and upgrades to grow your mechanical army.

Customize Loadouts – Obtain new weapons and equipment through the Workshop to outfit robots to your playstyle.

Upgrade Robots – Install modules and chips to specialize robots. Level them up over time to strengthen stats.

Skills – Pilot skills add bonuses and abilities. Invest in the skills that match your combat role.

Drones – Equip support drones that follow and repair your robot, suppress enemies, and more.

Leagues – Climb competitive ranked leagues for status and special rewards.

Events – Limited-time events with exclusive robots and gear up for grabs.

Operations – Stage-based cooperative events to complete with friends for big rewards.

Clans – Join a clan to take on roles, participate in wars, and earn clan benefits and prizes.

Challenges – Daily and free battle pass challenges unlock resources as you play.

With extensive content and long-term development, War Robots provides engaging depth beyond just combat. Now let’s overview how mods can enhance the experience even further.

MOD Features

War Robots offers a great baseline experience. But the game also has a thriving modding community that has produced some useful mods to further improve gameplay. Some popular mod features include:

Menu Mods

Menu mods add new options directly to the game interface for convenience:

  • Detailed Damage Indicator – See exact damage done to enemies.
  • Active Module Selector – Quick activate modules from an on-screen menu.
  • Threat Level Indicator – Displays an enemy’s threat level based on loadout.

Aim Assist Mods

Aim assist mods provide targeting enhancements:

  • Smart Aim – Your weapons auto-aim and track enemies.
  • Projectile Acceleration – Increases projectile speed for easier hits.
  • Increased Zoom – Allows zooming in further for precise shots.

Action Mods

Additional combat capabilities:

  • Moonwalk + Air Jump – Bunny hop across the air making you harder to hit.
  • 360° Rotation – Twist instantly in any direction.
  • Faster Movement – Move at 150% regular speed for quick maneuvers.

Enemy Bots

Fight against dumb AI bots instead of human players for easy wins.

Together these mods allow enhancing the interface, aiming, maneuverability, and opponents to tailor gameplay more to your liking. Let’s now overview some tips for dominating matches.

Tips and Strategies to Win

Here are some crucial tips to obliterate opponents on the battleground:

  • Master dodging and using cover – Never stand still.
  • Equip weapons with complimentary ranges.
  • Use stealth bots to quickly capture beacons.
  • Ambush lone enemies and avoid unfair fights.
  • Support allies by concentrating fire on targets.
  • Drop-in heavy robots once beacons are captured.
  • Use lockdown ammo to immobilize dangerous foes.
  • Equip AoE and corrosion weapons to harass grouped enemies.
  • Time airstrikes on clustered enemies when the opportunity arises.
  • Flank distracted enemies whenever possible.
  • Learn the maps and key ambush, choke, and sniper points.
  • Maximize your robot’s strengths with suitable pilot skills.

Learning these tips will step up your game and have you dominating matches in no time.

Robot Roles Overview

Here is a quick overview of key robot classes and how to effectively utilize them:


  • Role: Capture beacons quickly. Spot targets. Distract and annoy.
  • Strategy: Use mobility to capture beacons. Harass distracted enemies. Flee when threatened.


  • Role: Devastate enemies up close. Soak damage. Push holds.
  • Strategy: Advance and use heavy weapons at close range. Draw fire with armor. Push to break holds.


  • Role: Support from range. Lock down areas.
  • Strategy: Park at long range vantage points. Use zoomed aim to destroy enemies.


  • Role: Flank and surprise enemies.
  • Strategy: Use stealth and cover to sneak up. Burst damage enemies before retreating.


  • Role: Heal and support allies.
  • Strategy: Follow allies and repair them. Suppress enemies with healing rays.

Learn your role and execute it effectively to work cohesively as a team. With the right strategy, you’ll be annihilating opponents in no time!

War Robots Multiplayer Battles 4

Final Thoughts on War Robots

With diverse maps and modes offering tactical variety, plus a huge roster of robots boasting unique abilities, War Robots succeeds in being an incredibly fun PvP experience full of epic moments.

Crushing enemies beneath metal feet, unloading barrages of missiles, and timing devastating airstrikes perfectly is immensely satisfying. Topping match leaderboards and climbing competitive ranked leagues gives a sense of pride and progression.

While the base game provides hundreds of hours of enjoyment, mods expand the experience further allowing you to customize the interface, combat abilities, and opponents to your liking.

If you enjoy competitive gaming, crushing human opponents, sci-fi, and mechs, War Robots is arguably one of the best multiplayer titles around. The skill-based combat maintains an incredible adrenaline rush that’s hard to beat.

Blast your way to the top of the rankings now and unleash mechanized hell!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a single player mode?

Currently, no. War Robots is primarily focused around 6v6 PvP battles. However, the Operations mode does provide some PvE co-op missions to complete.

How does matchmaking work?

Matchmaking tries to match you with players around your league tier and robot levels. As you progress to higher tiers, battles get more challenging. Tanking leagues to face weaker opponents is discouraged.

Is the game pay-to-win?

While paying offers advantages like unlocking content faster, skill is the biggest factor. Tactics can overcome raw power if played right. Plus matchmaking prevents pay-to-win players from clubbing newbies too often.

How can I play with friends?

Squadding allows playing with friends in teams. Having voice chat (Discord, etc.) helps coordination. You can also join the same clan for clan battle and cooperative modes.

Are there any clans I can join as a beginner?

Many clans welcome beginners and have training programs. The War Robots Discord has a clan recruitment channel to find openings. Being active and willing to learn goes a long way.

And with that, you now have a comprehensive guide to everything that makes War Robots an epic PvP experience along with tips to secure more victories. Get out there, pilot your war machine, and battle your way to the top of the leagues!

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