Chicken Gun APK v3.7.01 (MOD, Mega Menu, Unlimited Money)
Chicken Gun APK v3.7.01 (MOD, Mega Menu, Unlimited Money)

Chicken Gun APK v3.7.01 (MOD, Mega Menu, Unlimited Money)

With Chicken Gun Premium Apk you get mod menu access and unlimited money. In this way, you can get in-game content and complete upgrades.

Name Chicken Gun
Publisher ChaloApps
Category Action
Size 323.2 MB
Latest Version 3.7.01
MOD Mega Menu, Unlimited Money
Get it On Google Play
Chicken Gun is the most famous version in the Chicken Gun series of publisher ChaloApps
Mod Version 3.7.01
Total installs 50,000,000+

Chicken Gun is a wacky physics-based artillery game that launched on mobile in 2022. With its diverse weapons, ragdoll chickens, and puzzle-based levels, it provides hours of explosive entertainment. Let’s ruffle some feathers and dive into what makes this poultry blasting adventure so much chaotic fun.

Chicken Gun


In Chicken Gun, players use artillery weapons to blast chickens at structures and targets to solve physics puzzles. With each level, new weapons and challenges are introduced that require creative use of the chickens’ momentum and ragdoll properties to succeed.

It starts simple, just fling chickens at a wall or obstacle using a bazooka. But soon you’ll be chaining complex trick shots with portals and explosives to get chickens to hit intricate switches. Things escalate quickly in the relentless pursuit of poultry-based destruction!

With well over 90 levels across 9 different worlds, an endless supply of user-created puzzles, and constant content updates, Chicken Gun provides hours of absurd artillery action. Let’s look closer at what sets it apart.

Chicken Gun 1

Diverse Artillery for Avian Annihilation

While the core premise is using weapons to launch chickens, the diversity of armaments is a key part of what makes Chicken Gun so humorous and entertaining. Beyond just guns, you’ll employ bizarre and anachronistic weapons with unexpected results.


Of course shotguns, bazookas, and grenade launchers are standard options for chick blasting. Each has its own arc, blast radius, and power to creatively employ.

Upgraded variants like the BFG (Big Freaking Gun) offer comical overkill with absolutely massive explosions.

Melee Madness

Melee weapons like baseball bats or frying pans swat chickens like feathery baseballs with whooshing sound effects. The PowerDrive golf club can smack a chicken clean across the level.

My personal favorite is the oversized cartoon mallet that bonks chickens so hard you can see the stars circling their heads.

Elemental Armaments

Special elemental weapons bring exaggerated chaos. Flamethrowers roast chickens at close range. Freeze rays encase birds in blocks of ice, altering their trajectories and adding slick frost particle effects.

Lightning guns electrocute birds with branching electricity animations. There’s plenty more like acid spitters, vortex cannons, and other imaginative elemental anarchy.

Wacky Weirdness

And then there are the just plain wacky armaments that defy logic and reason. Why use normal explosives when you can launch chickens with pirate cannons?

My favorite offbeat armory includes the Wood Chipper that purees chickens into sprays of meaty giblets and the Wedding Cake Launcher that…well, we’ll leave that as a surprise treat.

With 100+ options and growing, the diverse weapons ensure endless absurdity.

Chicken Gun 2

Physics-Based Chickens for Unpredictable Gameplay

Rather than explode into blood puffs or ragdoll away off screen, chickens are fully physics-based entities in Chicken Gun. Every bird has its own weight, shape, and physical properties that affect its trajectory and behavior when blasted.

Heavier chickens won’t fly as far when launched. Rounder fat chickens spin and roll more erratically mid-flight than their leaner brethren. Shooting a scrawny chicken straight up makes it hang time in the air longer before succumbing to gravity’s pull.

Chickens can also wear helmets for protection or jetpacks to remain airborne longer. Their animations and reactions always feel believable within the zany world thanks to impressive physics.

This gives every shot a satisfying unpredictability. You quickly learn to account for factors like a chicken’s weight, armor, and peculiar shape to accurately blast them into puzzle targets for level completion. The physics modeling ensures endless emergent moments that make Chicken Gun incredibly replayable.

Environments to Exploit for Trick Shots

The destructible environmental elements further add to the physics sandbox experience. Many backgrounds are fully interactive and can be used strategically.

Wooden structures splinter and explode in showers of debris after a few direct hits. You can bombard a raised platform to drop a chicken onto a see-saw lever below. Stone castle walls gradually degrade under your barrage, opening new trajectories.

Shattering glass windows or cracking chunks of ice layer the environment with slippery and bouncy new surfaces to consider.

The interactive nature of the levels lets you get creative with ricochets, pinball-like bumpers, and other trick shots. Chaining elaborate multi-phase trajectories feels incredibly satisfying once you get in the puzzle solving zone.

Chicken Gun 3

Puzzling Levels with Evolving Complexity

Rather than simply offering target practice, Chicken Gun focuses on physics-based puzzles. Each of the 90+ levels introduces new challenges that force you to master the game mechanics.

Early on, you may just need to figure out the correct launcher angle and power to lob X chickens into a goal zone. But soon you’ll be dealing with moving targets, objects like see-saws and teleporters, and environmental obstacles.

Solving later puzzles can involve executing a meticulous series of bank shots to get a chicken through a maze of portals or using grenades to selectively destroy walls in the perfect sequence. There are often multiple solutions, but discovering the optimal approach takes skill.

New game elements get continuously introduced across 9 different worlds to keep things fresh. You’ll be clucking happily as the challenges keep ramping up.

Hilarious Ragdoll Physics

Aside from the chickens, each world features a hapless human character based loosely on historical figures like Julius Caesar or Cleopatra. These ragdolls exhibit the same exaggerated physics as the birds.

When you fail a level, your ragdoll gets brutally wiped out in gory yet humorously over-the-top ways. See them chopped up, blown to bits, or otherwise hilariously destroyed by your artillery mishaps.

Their pain is your gain though, as the rag dolls can also be used strategically in puzzles. Blast one into a barrier to demolish it or onto a platform to trigger a switch. Their ragdoll properties add slapstick entertainment and depth to the gameplay.

Chicken Gun 4

Custom Levels and Global Leaderboards

For an endless supply of new puzzles, Chicken Gun allows players to craft and share custom levels using a robust built-in editor. Select an environment, place interactive objects and weapons, spawn chickens, and set win conditions. Let your deviant puzzle book author flag fly!

You can then upload levels to the Steam Workshop or mobile platform stores for others to enjoy. This provides limitless content to conquer when you need a break from the built-in campaigns.

Global leaderboards also let you compare your completion times and fewest shots used to solve levels against the world. Prove your physics prowess by clawing your way up the ranks on both the built-in and community created levels.

Wacky Progression System

A progression and upgrade system rewards dedicated chicken blasting. Completing levels and fulfilling challenges earns you stars. Rack up enough stars and you’ll unlock sweet new weapons like the BFG Bazooka with enhanced damage.

Leveling up also lets you pimp your rag doll’s style with funny new costumes and accessories. Or earn buffs for your birdy ammo like jetpack chickens that fly faster when shot.

With constant rewards and upgrades dangled like carrots on a stick, Chicken Gun gives you plenty of incentive to keep honing your skills.

Chicken Gun 5

Local Competitive Multiplayer

For some friendly competition, Chicken Gun offers local same-device 2-player pass-and-play multiplayer. Sit with a friend and take turns trying to post the best score and fastest time on a level.

Watch your mate struggle while waiting for your turn to one-up their pathetic performance. Get distracted from the puzzle solving by excessive bragging and trash talk.

The hotseat competitive play adds even more replay value on top of the already stuffed single player offering. Wreak havoc in free roam arenas by blasting your buddy’s hapless ragdoll for sadistic laughs.

Final Thoughts

With its diverse arsenal of absurd weapons, interactive physics-based environments, challenge puzzles, and humorous ragdoll effects, Chicken Gun delivers a uniquely enjoyable artillery experience. There is real depth beneath the wacky surface as levels become complex physics simulations. Creative problem solving and pinpoint accuracy is rewarded.

Approach each puzzle with an open mind, analyze all the elements, and execute your plan like an artillery general. Stop clucking around and jump into the action now – it’s time to physics the day away with intense chicken destruction! Just try not to explode with laughter.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the system requirements for Chicken Gun?

Chicken Gun requires iOS 11.0 or later for Apple devices. The Android version needs Android 5.0 or newer. For best performance, play on a newer iOS or Android phone or tablet.

Does Chicken Gun have controller support?

Yes, Chicken Gun has full controller support on both mobile and PC. PlayStation, Xbox, and MFi controllers are known to work perfectly. The touchscreen controls are also well implemented though.

Is there online multiplayer?

Currently the only direct multiplayer is local same-device co-op. More online multiplayer modes may get added later. Players can create levels to challenge others asynchronously.

Now it’s time to grab your preferred bird blaster and prepare for some explosive artillery action! Chicken Gun offers hours of absurd physics-driven fun that will leave you clucking happily. Let’s get launching!

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