Vice Online APK v0.10.3 (MOD, Mega Menu/Free Rewards)
Vice Online APK v0.10.3 (MOD, Mega Menu/Free Rewards)

Vice Online APK v0.10.3 (MOD, Mega Menu/Free Rewards)

With the Vice Online Premium APK Mega Menu, players now have access to even more free rewards and exclusive in-game content.

Name Vice Online
Publisher Jarvi Games Ltd
Category Action
Size 491.6 MB
Latest Version 0.10.3
MOD Mega Menu/Free Rewards
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Vice Online is the most famous version in the Vice Online series of publisher Jarvi Games Ltd
Mod Version 0.10.3

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Ever wondered what life is like deep in the underbelly of a bustling virtual city? Vice Online lets you experience just that by taking the role of a rising figure in a ruthless criminal network.

This in-depth crime simulator from Zahir lets you build a powerful criminal empire through clever strategy, management and calculated brutality. Whether you choose to be a cruel kingpin or a benevolent boss, Vice Online offers endless opportunities for life on the other side of the law.

In this comprehensive guide, we will cover Vice Online’s key features, gameplay overview, tips and tricks, using the mod version and more. So let’s step into the shoes of a criminal overlord!

Vice Online

Key Features and Gameplay Overview

Here are the main features that make Vice Online a compelling criminal simulator:

In-depth Business Management – Manage your criminal ventures like casinos, fight clubs, drug dealing, gun running etc. Hire and manage staff, launder money smartly.

Realistic Physics-Based Action – First and third-person gameplay with realistic shooting, driving and physics for immersive crime action.

Open World Exploration – Explore the vast open world city with different districts, discover secrets and take over territories.

Realistic Graphics – Detailed character models, vehicles and city environments powered by the Unreal Engine for next-gen visuals.

Character Progression – Level up your boss by completing missions and upgrading stats and abilities. Unlock elite gear.

Missions and Activities – Take on story missions, side activities like gambling, street racing, and more for bigger rewards.

Gang Management – Recruit gang members with unique skills. Attack or defend territories against rival gangs strategically.

This unique mix of business empire building, gritty action and open world freedom provides an incredibly immersive criminal experience on mobile.

Vice Online 4

Build Your Criminal Empire from the Ground Up

You start Vice Online as an aspiring figure looking to dominate the city’s criminal underworld. Here are the key things you can do:

Establish Operations – Set up illegal businesses like speakeasies, counterfeit goods rackets, drug smuggling rings. Build an income flow.

Recruit Staff – Hire staffers for your fronts and illegal operations like smugglers, bookies, thieves etc. Keep them loyal.

Acquire Turf – Take over districts from rival gangs through stealth or brute force. Control more turf to expand.

Manage Finances – Launder money through fronts to make it clean. Invest wisely, balance income and expenses.

Produce and Trade – Manufacture illegal wares like moonshine or drugs. Set up distribution channels and supply chains.

Influence People – Build connections with corrupt cops, politicians, judges to turn a blind eye to your activities.

Settle Rivalries – Use negotiations or violence to settle turf wars and bad blood with other crews.

By balancing strategy, resources and a dose of ruthlessness, you can become the kingpin ruling over the city’s criminal underbelly.

Vice Online 3

Thrilling Activities for a Budding Criminal Mastermind

Vice Online offers a ton of illicit activities to keep you occupied on your path to the top:

Casino Gambling

Try your luck at blackjack, slots and roulette at underground casinos you take over. A steady revenue stream if managed well.

Street Racing

Take part in illegal street races using cars you’ve pimped out. Useful for extra cash or eliminating racing crew rivals.


Plan and execute heists at banks, convenience stories, gas stations and more for big loot. Just be ready to flee the cops.

Fight Clubs

Bet on brutal underground fight club matches between NPCs or step into the ring yourself against ruthless opponents.

Contract Killings

Take on contracts to assassinate targets like gang leaders or snitches. Choose long range sniping or up close and bloody.

Drug Dealing

Cook up narcotics and amphetamines at your labs and set up street level dealing for profit and influence.

With such a huge variety of criminal activities, the opportunities are endless in your rise to the top of the underworld.

Vice Online 5

Strategic Conquest of Territories and Gangs

To take over the city, you need to strategically expand your turf and eliminate or absorb rival gangs. Here are some key strategies:

  • Send scouts to gather intel on enemy strengths, assets, routines before attacking. Know thy enemy.
  • Focus on capturing territory that gives strategic advantages like production hubs or steady income sources.
  • Go after the weakest gangs first by provoking all out war. Take over their assets and turf when they are weakened.
  • Win allies from among rivals by completing jobs for them. Turn them against their leaders.
  • Take on gang leaders directly with an overwhelming show of force to make them submit quickly.
  • Place trusted underbosses when taking over new turf to govern it smoothly and avoid betrayal.
  • Allow surrendered gangs limited autonomy rather than destroying them completely to avoid future clashes.

With the right strategic approach, even a fledgling outfit can dominate the city’s vast criminal networks. Think smart, play the long game.

Vice Online 2

Exclusive Features of Vice Online MOD APK

The modded version gives you the following awesome advantages:

  • Unlimited money and bank balance
  • All weapons and vehicles unlocked
  • Max stats for your customizable boss
  • God mode for immortality
  • Unlimited ammo and no reloads
  • Free purchases unlocked
  • No wanted levels or police chases

This allows you to truly live like a kingpin with endless resources and power. Experience the most extreme criminal lifestyle imaginable!

Installing Vice Online MOD APK on Android

Here are simple steps to install the mod on your device:

  1. Delete any installed version of Vice Online.
  2. Download the Vice Online MOD APK file from the link above.
  3. Enable ‘Install from Unknown Sources’ in your Android settings.
  4. Locate and tap on the downloaded APK to install it.
  5. Accept all permissions requested.
  6. Open the game and enjoy being a mega crime boss!

And now you can dominate the sprawling criminal underworld unrestricted and unopposed!

Gangstar Vegas vs Vice Online – Which Game is Better?

Gangstar Vegas and Vice Online give players similar open world crime experiences. But how do they compare?

FactorGangstar VegasVice Online
GraphicsGood but slightly dated nowCutting-edge next-gen visuals
CombatSolid third-person shootingMore realistic gunplay feel
GameplayLinear story missionsFreedom to build criminal empire
ActivitiesGood varietyWider range of criminal activities
SettingFictional Vegas cityRealistic urban environment
ProgressionLeveling up the protagonistGrow criminal organization

In summary: Gangstar Vegas has a more guided mafia story experience while Vice Online lets you craft your own criminal path. Vice Online offers better graphics, gameplay depth and freedom.

So if you want an open-ended crime simulator with great visuals and realism, Vice Online is the better pick!

Vice Online 1

Final Verdict – Is Vice Online Worth Playing?

For crime game fans, Vice Online represents a new high point with its expansive realistic open world, stunning visuals and graphics, and sheer depth of criminal activities and progression systems.

Freedom to run your own customized boss, crew and illegal empire however you want provides almost endless replayability. Realistic gameplay mechanics and physics elevate the experience beyond arcadey crime games.

While still in beta with room to grow, the strong foundation is clearly there for an all-time great mobster simulator. The mod just unlocks even crazier criminal possibilities. Definitely give Vice Online a shot if you love being on the wrong side of the law.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it work offline?

No, Vice Online requires an active internet connection for all its online features.

Can I play it on PC?

Not natively, but it can be played on PC using Android emulators like BlueStacks.

Is there a multiplayer mode?

Not currently, but online multiplayer is planned for a future update.

Does progress carry across devices?

No, your game progress including mods does not sync across devices.

Will it come to iOS?

An iOS version is likely in the future but unconfirmed as of now.

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