Temple Run 2 v1.105.1 APK (MOD, Menu, Unlimited Currency)
Temple Run 2 v1.105.1 APK (MOD, Menu, Unlimited Currency)

Temple Run 2 v1.105.1 APK (MOD, Menu, Unlimited Currency)

Temple Run 2 Premium APK is the insanely addictive 3D endless running mobile game where you must escape demonic temple guardians and avoid deadly obstacles.

Name Temple Run 2
Publisher Imangi Studios
Category Action
Size 123.6 MB
Latest Version 1.105.1
MOD Menu, Unlimited Currency
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Temple Run 2 is the most famous version in the Temple Run 2 series of publisher Imangi Studios
Mod Version 1.105.1
Total installs 500,000,000+

Temple Run 2 is the insanely addictive 3D endless running mobile game where you must escape demonic temple guardians and avoid deadly obstacles. With its simple swipe controls, power-ups, and online leaderboards, Temple Run 2 provides exhilarating gameplay perfect for killing time or challenging friends.

This gameplay guide will provide tips, tricks, and strategies to help you last longer and run farther in Temple Run 2. Let’s start running!

Temple Run 2


Temple Run 2 relies on simple touch screen controls:

  • Swipe up to jump over obstacles or onto platforms.
  • Swipe down to slide under low obstacles.
  • Swipe left or right to turn in that direction.
  • Swipe forward to perform a leaping long jump.
  • Tap on the screen to use power-ups you’ve collected.

The more responsive and accurate you become with swipe controls, the better your runs will go. Practice makes perfect!


The main goals in Temple Run 2 are:

  • Run as far as possible without dying.
  • Collect as many coins as you can during your run.
  • Avoid hazards by jumping, sliding and turning.
  • Activate power-ups to overcome challenges.
  • Complete objectives to unlock artifacts.
  • Earn high scores and compete on leaderboards with friends.

Just focus on running smarter, reacting quicker, and lasting longer to become an elite runner.

Gameplay Modes

Temple Run 2 offers a few fun gameplay modes:

  • Classic Temple Run – The core endless running mode through different temples. See how far you can go!
  • Objectives – Complete specific tasks like collecting a certain number of coins or running a set distance.
  • Treasures – Rescue hidden treasures before the guardian catches you.
  • Daily Challenges – Unique special daily runs with specific requirements to complete.
  • Versus – Compete in real-time against another player’s past run for the higher score.

Each mode provides a slightly different twist on the core running gameplay.

Temple Run 2 1

Obstacles and Hazards

You’ll need quick reflexes to overcome obstacles like:

  • Gaps – Swipe up to jump over open gaps in the path.
  • Tree Roots – Leap over tangled roots and vines blocking your way.
  • Zip-lines – Swipe up to grab onto zip-lines as you approach them.
  • Logs – Slide under logs hovering overhead by swiping down.
  • Mine Carts – Swipe left or right to dodge oncoming mine carts barreling at you.
  • Bridges – Jump the gaps in rickety rope bridges.
  • Flames – Duck under jets of fire shooting across the path.

Sliding, jumping, and swerving around objects keeps your run going!


Activate power-ups by tapping the screen when they appear to improve your run:

  • Magnet – Pulls nearby coins towards you automatically as you continue running.
  • Boost – Doubles your speed for a short duration, great for outpacing the guardian.
  • Coin – Instantly adds a bundle of coins to your run total.
  • Invincibility – Makes you immune to hazards for a few seconds.
  • Sugar Crash – Slows down the chasing guardian for a short while.
  • Hoverboard – Lets you glide over obstacles to avoid hazards.

Power-ups like Magnet and Boost are game-changers if used at the right moments.

Temple Run 2 3

Tips and Strategies

Use these tips to maximize your Temple Run 2 skills:

  • Look ahead and recognize upcoming obstacles early to react faster.
  • Release your finger between swipes to avoid accidentally turning when only meaning to jump.
  • Lean your device slightly in real life to steer more precisely through turns.
  • Save power-ups until really needed to pass hard sections. Don’t waste Boost early!
  • Memorize level layouts to run more confidently after failing initially.
  • In Versus runs, take risky routes your opponent may have avoided.
  • In Objectives mode, prioritize the specific task over coins if short on distance.

Learning each level’s hazards and mastering your reactions will drive your improvement over time.


As you play, you can customize your character and earn bonuses:


  • Unlock unique playable characters like Barry Bones, Karma Lee, Sir Montague, and more! Each has perks.


  • Craft special costumes and outfits to personalize your look.


  • Equip silly hats or useful helmets that provide coin bonuses.

Treasures & Artifacts

  • Rescue hidden treasures and complete artifact sets to gain permanent upgrades like a longer power-up duration.


  • Activate boosters like Coin Doubler and Mega Head Start for big advantages.

Express yourself through customization while also earning practical game benefits!

Multiplayer and Social

Temple Run 2 incorporates fun social elements:

  • Friends – Connect with friends via Facebook, Apple GameCenter etc. to challenge their high scores.
  • Leaderboards – Compare your performance to runners worldwide on global leaderboards.
  • Replay Sharing – Save and share replay videos of your best runs on social media.
  • Versus – Race against your friends’ previous best runs for bragging rights.
  • Achievements – Earn achievements by completing challenges, unlocking items, and hitting milestones.

Social competition drives you to hone your skills in pursuit of high score fame and glory.

Temple Run 2 2

Advanced Tips

Use these next-level tips once you’ve mastered the basics:

  • Briefly look backwards to trigger faster guardian chasing, then look ahead again to keep your speed up.
  • Learn attack patterns of the giant monkey guardian to maximize your score once caught.
  • Perfectly timed forward jumps allow crossing multiple hazards in quick succession.
  • In Versus, memorize routes where your friend used power-ups so you can take an alternate efficient path.
  • Slide under zip-lines at the last second just as you pass under to gain a speed boost.
  • Spin your character during jumps and falls for additional style points.

Finesse and advanced techniques will squeeze every last bit of performance out of your runs!

Temple Run 2 FAQs

How can I turn faster?

Tilting your device gently left/right speeds up turning responsiveness.

What happens when you die?

Dying ends your current run. You lose all coins from that attempt.

Do power-ups appear randomly?

Yes, power-ups spawn randomly during a run. You can’t control when they appear.

Does collecting coins do anything?

Coins unlock new characters, outfits, and items. They also contribute to your score.

Is Temple Run 2 a multiplayer game?

Not directly, but you can race against ghost runs from your friends.

Will there be a Temple Run 3?

The creators have not announced plans for a third game yet. But it remains possible!

Master swiping, jumping, sliding, and tilting to become the ultimate Temple Run 2 legend! Your adventures in treasure stealing awaits. Now get running!

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