SimCity BuildIt APK v1.52.2.119900 (MOD, Unlimited Money)
SimCity BuildIt APK v1.52.2.119900 (MOD, Unlimited Money)

SimCity BuildIt APK v1.52.2.119900 (MOD, Unlimited Money)

With SimCity BuildIt Premium Apk, you will enjoy the game to the fullest. You will be able to start with unlimited money and build your city faster.

Name SimCity BuildIt
Category Simulation
Size 209.1 MB
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MOD Unlimited Money
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SimCity BuildIt is the most famous version in the SimCity BuildIt series of publisher ELECTRONIC ARTS
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SimCity BuildIt lets you craft your very own living, breathing city filled with homes, shops, factories, parks, landmarks, and more. This pocket-sized version of the classic SimCity game provides hours of strategic city planning and management fun.

This in-depth gameplay guide covers all the core SimCity BuildIt features to design efficient cities, boost population, enhance services, maximize profits, and keep your citizens happy. Let’s get building!

SimCity BuildIt

Starting Your City

When you first start out, follow these steps:

  • Pick a unique city name and customize the landscape with mountains, rivers, forests, etc.
  • Zoom in close and use roads to neatly divide land into organized sections. Make road grids rather than winding roads for optimal zoning.
  • Initially zone small residential, commercial, and industrial areas right near roads. Balance the three zones.
  • Build power plants, water towers, and sewage pipes so zones can develop. Position them centrally to maximize coverage.
  • Add a park or plaza in your first neighborhoods for increased land value boost. Land value encourages growth.

Take it slow at first, planning roads and utility infrastructure to enable basic zoning expansions. Don’t overzone too soon beyond your resource capabilities.

SimCity BuildIt 1

Zone Types

There are three main zones to designate areas using roads:

Residential Zones – Where your citizens live in houses. Provide nearby parks, plazas, fire/police protection, and other services to level up homes over time. High land value attracts more affluent residents.

Commercial Zones – Businesses that provide shops, entertainment, restaurants, offices, and jobs. Commercial zones level up as your population grows and residents require more goods and services.

Industrial Zones – Factories, manufacturers, farms, mines, etc that produce essential goods and materials for commerce and export. Generate pollution so place far downwind of residential zones.

Zone thoughtfully and link all zones to roads. The population will gradually increase over time as you add more zones. Balance residential, commercial, and industrial areas.

Resources and Facilities

Citizens require the following essential resources and facilities:

  • Power – Generated by power plants, wind farms, solar farms, etc. All buildings require power to operate. Expand power generation as the city’s demand grows.
  • Water – Pumped from water towers, treated, and consumed by all buildings. Citizens need water for homes and businesses. Provide adequate clean water.
  • Sewage – Sewage treatment plants and pipes remove sewage and prevent sickness. Filter sewage to keep pollution down and satisfy ecological policies.
  • Waste – Manage garbage with incinerators, recycling centers, waste processing plants, and landfills. Effective waste management keeps cities clean.
  • Fire – Prevent fires from spreading with strategically placed fire stations nearby residential, commercial, and industrial zones. Fires decrease land value.
  • Police – Police stations reduce crime. Dispatch police cars manually to quickly resolve crimes lowering land value.
  • Health – Clinics, hospitals, and specialty buildings like elder care keep citizens healthy and raise land value. Good health is essential.
  • Transport – Develop local roads and highways along with rail, bus, metro, airplane, and cargo transport systems to efficiently move citizens around.

Proper budgeting ensures these critical services and facilities expand in parallel as your city’s population and demand grows over time. Do not neglect any one municipal service.

SimCity BuildIt 3

Population Boosts

There are several key ways to boost your city’s population and drive growth:

  • Provide ample jobs by continuously zoning new industrial and commercial areas as workers arrive. Unemployment stifles growth.
  • Maintain high land value across all residential areas by adding parks, plazas, decorations, landmarks, tree-lined avenues, and fully upgrading services. Higher land value attracts more new residents.
  • Regularly update residential zones to denser housing levels by providing utilities and services. Higher density housing supports larger populations.
  • Ensure traffic, noise, and pollution are minimized around homes using buffers, transit, and clever urban planning. Heavily polluted areas deter settlement.
  • Offer cultural buildings like museums, theaters, zoos, libraries, stadiums etc to make citizens happy and attract tourists.
  • Enact city policies aligned to your target population demographics. For example, build universities to encourage educated residents.

More citizens means increased tax revenue along with demand for goods and services, which powers further expansion. Plan everything with population growth in mind.

SimCity BuildIt 4

Making Money

Profitable cities utilize these money-making approaches and initiatives:


  • Households and businesses pay taxes based on the zone type, density, and underlying land value. Set tax rates higher on more productive zones.
  • As population increases, gradually raise residential tax rates as the market can support it without scaring away residents.
  • Impose special taxes on heavily polluting industries. High taxes encourage them to clean up emissions.


  • Build excess utility resources like power plants and water towers to sell the surplus electricity and water to neighboring cities for profit.
  • Export manufactured goods and natural resources from industrial buildings via trade depots and cargo shipments. Import rare materials.


  • Construct a robust trade port with attached cargo airport and trade depot. Sell items in bulk to global headquarters.
  • Import rare items needed for specific upgrades that can’t be produced locally. This may include Vu items.


  • Permit a casino or two which generate substantial tax revenue. But take care not to overbuild and spread vices.

With diverse and balanced income streams, you can fund major civic works, services, and amenities as the city grows.

SimCity BuildIt 2


Unfortunately disasters will occasionally strike your city, testing your preparation and response capabilities:

  • Meteor Strike – A massive meteor impact unleashes giant craters requiring extensive repairs. Have reserves to rebuild.
  • Earthquake – Shakes the earth, toppling buildings that must be demolished and reconstructed. Retrofitting buildings boosts resilience.
  • Tornado – Spinning vortices touch down leaving paths of intense infrastructure destruction you must quickly clear and rebuild from.
  • Fire – Especially dangerous if fire stations are overwhelmed. Fires rapidly spread and must be contained before homes are lost.
  • Flooding – Hurricane rainfall or broken dams flood developed areas and spread water pollution. Have pumps ready.
  • Pollution – Toxic industrial pollution makes citizens sick until you enact environmental cleanup initiatives like filters.
  • Traffic – Vehicle gridlock slows commuting, commerce, and emergency services until optimized with transit options.

Have ample disaster response units, utilities, healthcare facilities, policies, and savings set aside to rapidly recover after disaster strikes. Prevention is also key.

PvP and Clubs

You can engage in competitive and collaborative multiplayer elements as well:

  • Contest of Mayors – A limited-time competition event where you can attack and counter-attack rival real player cities to earn rewards and rank on the leaderboards!
  • Club Chat – Join a club to meet fellow mayors for trading items, strategy discussion, and general socializing about the game. Feel a sense of community.
  • Club Contests – Team up with club members to complete cooperative tasks like accumulating the most Mayor Points or building certain structures.
  • Trade Supplies – Buy and sell resources, items, keys, and rare materials with other members through your trade depot. Access more items.

These social features enhance the experience beyond just solitary city building, adding satisfying teamwork and competition elements.

SimCity BuildIt 5

Tips and Strategies

Follow these expert tips and strategies:

  • Use grid road designs instead of winding roads for the most efficient, orderly zoning layouts. Grids maximize buildable space.
  • Initially specialize zone areas, focusing upgrades on a single zone type rather than mixing industrial with residential. Specialization boosts output.
  • Construct all necessary utilities and services within an area first before any new zones. Then development can flourish with adequate support.
  • Prioritize buying expansion items to increase land over speeding upgrades. More usable space enables larger populations and new areas to develop.
  • Site polluting industrial buildings far downwind outside main cities using buffer trees and rivers. Keep pollution away from housing.
  • Constantly monitor advisor messages and notifications to quickly address developing issues before they escalate. Be proactive.
  • When able, time shipments of regional resources and factory goods to always be exporting for profit using trade ports and airports.

With smart urban planning, proactive leadership, and sustainable economic policies, your city will thrive! The sky’s the limit.

SimCity BuildIt FAQs

How can I earn simoleons quickly in the early game?

Selling extra power, harvested lumber, and metal from mines are great ways to generate simoleon revenue when starting out and on a limited budget.

Should I spend real money to buy simcash?

You definitely don’t have to. Buying simcash accelerates new building speed and unlocks, but everything can be unlocked for free over time with patience. Thanks to the premium apk you have already downloaded from here, you will start the game with unlimited money.

Why are some residential buildings abandoned and empty?

Ensure residential areas have good road access, fire/police coverage, utilities, and parks/services. Increasing land value also attracts more residents.

How many residential zones should I build relative to industrial and commercial zones?

Zone a balanced mix of all three types. Slowly add more residential, industrial, and commercial zones in step as population grows to maintain harmony.

What causes major traffic jams in a city?

Too few roads, intersections spaced too closely, lack of public transit options, poorly considered zone locations, and inadequately spread utilities.

Should I build specialization industrial zones or stick to general dirty industry?

Specializations certainly boost certain factory outputs but take time to develop. Generic zones level up quicker. Find a strategic mix that works.

With these tips, you can build the bustling metropolis you’ve always dreamed of. Happy city building!

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