Ego Sword APK v1.95 (MOD, Menu/Always Boss, Free Souls)
Ego Sword APK v1.95 (MOD, Menu/Always Boss, Free Souls)

Ego Sword APK v1.95 (MOD, Menu/Always Boss, Free Souls)

With Ego Sword Premium Apk addictive progression, robust customization, and strategic depth, this game engrosses you in the journey to become the ultimate legendary hero.

Name Ego Sword
Publisher MAGMA CUBE
Category Simulation
Size 90.44 MB
Latest Version 1.95
MOD Menu, Always Boss, Free Souls
Get it On Google Play
Ego Sword is the most famous version in the Ego Sword series of publisher MAGMA CUBE
Mod Version 1.95
Total installs 1,000,000+

Ego Sword is an exciting new idle RPG game that’s taking the mobile gaming world by storm. As an idle game, Ego Sword allows players to progress through the game even when they aren’t actively playing. Your hero continues to gain XP, loot, and power, even when you aren’t glued to the screen!

As the name implies, Ego Sword revolves around constantly improving your weapon as you train to become the most legendary and unstoppable hero the world has ever seen! Let’s dive into what makes this game so addictive and fun.

Ego Sword Idle Hero Training

Getting Started in Ego Sword

When you first boot up Ego Sword, you’ll get to customize your hero’s look, gender, and starting class. The game provides a lot of freedom in creating your perfect vision of a valiant hero.

After customizing your hero, you’ll start in the training camp area. Here you’ll take on some basic missions and tutorials to get familiar with the combat mechanics.

The basics are simple:

  • Tap the screen to perform basic attacks.
  • Tap and hold to charge up for powerful skills.
  • Swipe to dodge enemy blows.

Defeating enemies earns you gold, EXP, and loot. These will all help you improve your hero’s power over time.

Choosing the Right Class

As an RPG, Ego Sword allows you to choose your hero’s class and skills. The classes available are:

  • Warrior – A balanced fighter equally skilled with weapons and armor. A solid choice.
  • Mage – Masters of offensive magic that can annihilate groups of foes. Squishy but powerful.
  • Paladin – These holy knights can outlast any foe and heal allies. Great tanks.
  • Rogue – Agile and cunning, rogues strike from the shadows for massive damage.
  • Hunter – Marksmen that cripple foes from a distance with ranged weapons. High DPS.
  • Berserker – Savage warriors that unleash unrelenting carnage up close. Very aggressive play.

Each class has its own unique skills and abilities, so choose the one that fits your preferred playstyle. You can always change class later too!

Ego Sword Idle Hero Training 1

Progressing Through the World of Ego Sword

Once you’ve completed the training missions, the real adventure in Ego Sword begins! You’ll be able to explore the world map, taking on story quests, side missions, and dungeons.

Here are some key features you’ll encounter:

Idle Progression

Even when you aren’t playing actively, your hero will continue to train and grow stronger over time. Here are some of the idle progression systems:

  • XP – You’ll constantly earn XP, allowing you to level up and increase your stats.
  • Coins – Earn gold coins over time that can be spent on upgrades.
  • Daily Rewards – Get free loot just for logging in each day!
  • Item Drops – Your hero will randomly find loot out in the world.

So feel free to close the game and come back later – your hero will have grown!

Story Quests

Epic story quests will take you through the rich lore of the Ego Sword world. Journey across the world map to complete these RPG-style campaigns. The stories are full of colorful characters, fearsome villains, and heroic moments.

Completing quests is one of the fastest ways to supercharge your hero’s growth!

Side Activities

Along with the main story, there are many optional activities to partake in:

  • Dungeons – Battle through procedurally generated dungeons crawling with foes and bosses. They get more challenging (and rewarding) as you progress.
  • Arena – Prove your might against other players in PvP arena combat. Earn trophies and points on the ranked ladder.
  • Guilds – Join up with other players in guilds. Complete guild missions for cooperative play.
  • Crafting – Collect resources as you play to craft powerful equipment. Customize your gear’s look and stats!

Satisfying Combat

At its core, Ego Sword delivers immensely satisfying combat every step of the way. Watch your hero elegantly dispatch foes with visual flare. Unleash devastating skills and combos that pack a serious punch. Top notch animations, effects, and sounds make combat visceral.

As their name implies, critical hits in Ego Sword provide an especially juicy dose of impact. Landing a perfectly timed power attack and seeing the damage numbers soar is simply sublime!

Ego Sword Idle Hero Training 2

The Eternal Pursuit of a Stronger Ego Sword

The core progression loop in Ego Sword revolves around constantly improving your hero’s weapon – the Ego Sword. This powerful blade grows alongside your hero, becoming ever more legendary.

Leveling Up Your Sword

The Ego Sword has its own level that increases as you play. Leveling up the sword boosts your hero’s base stats and unlocks new combat skills. Pay attention to your current Ego Sword level – it’s one of the key measures of progression.

Evolving Your Sword

When you reach key level milestones for your Ego Sword, you’ll be able to evolve it into more powerful forms. Higher tier Ego Swords confer even greater boosts to your hero.

Evolving weapons is satisfying as you see your humble Ego Sword slowly transform into a legendary blade with a cool new look. Work your way up to the God Slayer tier Ego Sword and beyond!

Enhancing and Enchanting

Use the blacksmith to boost your Ego Sword’s stats through enhancing and enchanting. Enhancing raises the Ego Sword’s base attack power. Enchanting adds bonus attributes like critical hit chance, life steal, or bonus XP.

Slowly enhancing and enchanting your Ego Sword makes each upgrade feel impactful. Min-maxing your weapon is key to creating the ultimate hero.

Ego Sword Idle Hero Training 3

Customizing Your Hero

Of course, a legendary hero is defined by more than just their weapon. You’ll be able to kit out your champion with all manner of equipment and cosmetics.


Ego Sword has tons of stylish outfits to make your hero look like a complete badass. Ragged wanderer gear, bulky battle armor, stealth suits, and more await. The outfits aren’t just for looks – they offer stat boosts too!

Mix and match gear pieces as you please. Pursue full armor sets to unlock bonuses. Your hero will look like a legendary warrior before you know it!


Adorable pets follow you around, providing buffs and passives. Level them up to evolve them into more powerful forms. With pets like dragons, unicorns, phoenixes, and more, your options are limitless! Match your pet’s aesthetic to your hero for ultimate synergy.


Once their level is high enough, your hero can ride mounted steeds into battle like a true medieval champion. Charge into the fray atop a majestic armored horse or mystical ice wolf! Mounts make travel speedy and grant unique bonuses.

Major Gameplay Features

Let’s take a deep dive into some of the key features that make moment-to-moment gameplay in Ego Sword so engaging and addictive.

Satisfying Progression Loop

Ego Sword nails the addictive sense of constant progress and growth that makes idle RPGs so successful. There’s always something to work towards:

  • New Ego Sword evolutions
  • Level milestones
  • New abilities
  • Better gear
  • Daily rewards

You constantly feel your hero getting stronger through numbers that steadily rise higher and higher. It’s immensely rewarding to feel progression happening even when idle.

High Reward Daily Login

The daily login reward system is generous, raining loot on players each new day. From resources to premium currency to super powered gear, you’re showered with gifts. Players are incentivized to return day after day. Who knows what manner of goodies await tomorrow’s login?

No Stamina System

Ego Sword eschews energy/stamina systems which limit gameplay. You’re free to grind and play as you please, not gated by timers. Always having the option for “just one more quest” makes Ego Sword easy to binge. No need to hoard stamina pots here!

Smooth Idle Performance

Even when running idle in the background, Ego Sword performs smoothly without dragging your device down. The game engine is well optimized, allowing you to keep progressing even while using other apps or with the screen off. No lag or choppiness.

Guild Co-Op Play

Joining guilds allows for cooperation and social play. Team up to take down epic bosses, climb the competitive guild ladders, and chat with other players. Having a guild makes progression faster and more engaging. Solo play is great, but working together is more dynamic and fun.

Frequent Updates

The developers consistently add new content, events, systems, and goodies. Frequent updates keep the game feeling fresh. There are always new heroes to collect, challenges to attempt, areas to explore, and upgrades to earn. You’ll never run out of things to do!

Ego Sword Idle Hero Training 4

Is Ego Sword Pay to Win?

A common concern with many mobile RPGs is whether they are “pay to win,” meaning spending money confers such advantages that free players are left behind.

Thankfully, Ego Sword offers reasonable monetization that stays fair for all players. While there are optional purchases, they don’t ruin the experience if you play for free.

Here’s a breakdown of monetization in Ego Sword:

Acceptable Microtransactions

You can buy various currencies, loot packs, materials, and boosts with real money. But free players can acquire these same goods by playing diligently. Paying just lets you accumulate them faster – not anything exclusive.

No VIP Tiers

There are no monthly subscriptions or VIP tiers that restrict certain bonuses to paying players only. Everyone has access to the same content.

Good Drop Rates

The game provides a fair rate of loot drops, gear upgrades, and progression speed for free players. You won’t be starved of resources and upgrades.

Ads Optional

Watching video ads can speed some upgrade timers and give freebies, but they aren’t excessive or forced on players. Feel free to play without them.

All in all, Ego Sword succeeds at keeping monetization reasonable. The devs make their money while not selling power directly.

Ego Sword Idle Hero Training 5

Tips and Tricks for Success

Let’s go over some pro tips and strategies to maximize your progression in Ego Sword:

  • Log in daily – Never miss your sweet daily login rewards!
  • Join a guild ASAP – Take advantage of guild bonuses and teamwork.
  • Upgrade your Ego Sword – Make this your overall priority.
  • Buy gear – Don’t hoard coins. Spend them on the best weapons/armor you can equip.
  • Attempt events/challenges – Some offer juicy rewards if you can beat them.
  • Change classes to find one you vibe with. Try different playstyles.
  • Watch ads selectively for key upgrades and unlocks.
  • Check stores for discounts on valuable items. Buy when there’s a good sale!
  • Have patience – Progression slows down in late game. Enjoy the journey!

Follow these tips and you’ll be a master Ego Sword player in no time!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Ego Sword have PvP?

Yes! The game features 1v1 PvP arena battles. Win fights against other players to climb the ranked ladder and weekly leaderboards. Earning PvP trophies unlocks sweet rewards too.

Is there a clan/guild system?

Absolutely. Joining an active guild lets you team up with others to complete missions, conquer raids, and unlock powerful buffs. Having an active guild makes progression much smoother.

Can you play Ego Sword on PC?

Officially the game is only available on iOS and Android mobile devices. But you can unofficially play Ego Sword on PC using an Android emulator like Bluestacks or Nox Player. Performance may vary.

Does Ego Sword work offline?

You need an internet connection to play, as user data is stored in the cloud. But the idle progression systems allow you to close the app and still grow stronger offline!

Is there a max level cap?

Not currently! You can continuously level up your hero, Ego Sword, pets, and other progression systems. New content updates continue raising the ceiling.

Wrapping Up Our Ego Sword Review

Ego Sword executes the idle RPG formula about as well as you can ask. With addictive progression, robust customization, stylish graphics, and strategic depth, this game engrosses you in the journey to become the ultimate legendary hero.

This is the rare gacha game where spending money isn’t required to enjoy the full experience. But fair monetization gives paying players a boost if they wish.

If you love the incremental growth and laid back pace of idle clickers meshed with deep RPG mechanics, Ego Sword belongs on your phone. Just don’t blame us if you can’t put it down!

So install Ego Sword today and let your inner hero’s legend unfold. An unforgettable idle adventure awaits!

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