Office Fever APK v6.1.16 (MOD, Remove ADS/Unlimited Money)
Office Fever APK v6.1.16 (MOD, Remove ADS/Unlimited Money)

Office Fever APK v6.1.16 (MOD, Remove ADS/Unlimited Money)

Office Fever Premium APK helps you become an office tycoon by giving you unlimited money and removing ads.

Name Office Fever
Publisher Rollic Games
Category Simulation
Size 128.1 MB
Latest Version 6.1.16
MOD Remove ADS/Unlimited Money
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Office Fever is the most famous version in the Office Fever series of publisher Rollic Games
Mod Version 6.1.16
Total installs 10,000,000+

Office Fever is a fun and addictive business tycoon game where you design your very own dream office, hire employees, and grow your empire! With useful mods like removing ads and getting unlimited money, you can fully immerse yourself in building a business. This guide will give tips to succeed at Office Fever!

Office Fever

Overview of Office Fever Gameplay

In Office Fever, you start out with an empty office space to fill up as you see fit. You begin by placing work desks, hiring employees, and assigning them to handle basic tasks. As you complete quests and gain more resources, you can expand to bigger offices, purchase better furniture, hire more staff, and boost productivity.

Key elements of the gameplay include:

  • Office Design – Purchase and place various desks, chairs, plants, decorations and amenities to create your ideal office layout. Be creative!
  • Employees – Hire secretaries, programmers, designers, and more. Level them up and manage them wisely.
  • Quests – Complete daily goals and challenges to earn coins and rewards to progress.
  • Interior Upgrades – Upgrade to better furniture that boosts employee efficiency and comfort.
  • Productivity – Keep employees happy and set their tasks to meet goals each day for profit.
  • Expansion – Move into bigger office spaces and even multiple floors as you advance.

With its mix of design, management and tycoon elements, Office Fever aims to make you feel like a business mogul!

Removing Ads and Unlimited Money

Two great mods that improve the Office Fever experience are removing ads and gaining unlimited money.

Removing ads clears up the screen clutter and distractions from immersive gameplay. No more pesky banner and video ads disrupting your office empire building!

Unlimited money does exactly what it sounds like – set your virtual balance to any amount for free! This lets you instantly purchase expensive office upgrades, staff, furniture etc. Your business can scale faster without tedious grinding.

Combined, these mods remove annoyances and let you focus purely on the enjoyable tycoon gameplay loop at your own pace. They remove limitations and let your creativity run wild!

Gameplay Tips for Beginning Your Business

When first starting out in Office Fever, follow these tips:

Initial Office Setup

  • Place basic desks and cheap chairs to create workspaces.
  • Hire secretaries and junior employees which cost less.
  • Prioritize keeping staff happiness up with plants, air cons etc.
  • Only hire as many employees as you have desk space for.

Handling Early Quests

  • Quest goals tend to be completing set productivity amounts.
  • Enable employees best suited to the needed task type.
  • Temporarily hire extra staff if needed to hit goals. Fire them after.
  • Don’t neglect dailies – they give great rewards over time.

Optimizing Workflows

  • Group similar employees together (e.g. programmers) for synergy effects.
  • Avoid long walking distances between desks – clump them together.
  • Buy items like coffee machines that boost productivity.
  • Specialize employees so they focus on one task type to level up.

Prioritizing Upgrades

  • Extra work desks and chairs should be purchased first.
  • Upgrade furniture incrementally so you don’t drain cash reserves.
  • Focus on boosting productivity then employee happiness.
  • Only remodel when you fully outgrow your current office.

Keep these starter tips in mind as you get going and build business momentum!

Office Fever 1

Mid-game Progression Guide

Once your basic company is up and running, use these tips to progress through the mid-game:

Expanding Your Office

  • Move into a larger office floorplan when your starter office feels cramped.
  • But don’t overupgrade your space too early – optimize what you have first.
  • Section off spaces into departments like IT, designers etc.
  • Add leisure rooms like lounges and game rooms.

Hiring More Staff

  • Hire specialized mid-tier employees when possible like coders.
  • Fire starter staff if you outgrow them to open up headcount.
  • Hire support staff like janitors when space allows.
  • Maintain a balanced budget – don’t go on hiring sprees.

Further Optimizing

  • Rearrange furniture and departments to maximize synergy between compatible employees.
  • Research which furniture boosts which stats at your current office level and buy those.
  • Start placing basic decor like plants and posters for minor happiness boosts.
  • Remove unused desks/chairs to make space.

Handling Investors

  • Investor visits start occurring – give them tours and keep them impressed!
  • Build an executive lounge and reception area to wow investors.
  • Take investor money but don’t become reliant on it. Spend wisely.
  • Meet investor requests to unlock flatscreen TVs, vending machines etc.

Use these mid-game tips to scale up while staying financially stable!

Late Game Guide – Expanding Your Empire

In the late game, go big with these moves:

Buying Multiple Properties

  • Purchase additional office floors and properties when possible.
  • Connect floors with elevators and stairways so staff can access all areas.
  • Theme each property for different departments and specializations.

Interior Design and Decor

  • Place high-end desks, chairs and lobby furniture to impress.
  • Start actively decorating areas – statues, fountains, art pieces etc.
  • Optimize decor boosts by using items employees mention liking.

Attracting Executive Employees

  • Hire executive employees with specialized bonuses and skills.
  • Build executive lounges, parking and entrances.
  • Provide executive services like personal secretaries and limo rides.

Advanced Productivity Tactics

  • Analyze employee thought bubbles for feedback on what boosts their productivity.
  • Rearrange staff into new departments and zones for fresh synergy.
  • Micro manage scheduling to reduce employee walking distances.
  • Actively monitor office flow and bottlenecks. Keep iterating.

Preparing for End-Game

  • Work toward unlocking the ability to build skyscrapers by hitting goals.
  • Hoard cash reserves so you can instantly purchase skyscrapers.
  • Grind out remaining achievements if you want 100% completion.

Follow this advice and your small startup will become a thriving workplace utopia!

Office Fever 2

Expert Strategies and Tips

Take your Office Fever prowess to the next level with these pro tips:

  • Place couches together in a circular conversation pit formation – employees interact and socialize more.
  • Build your executive office on a higher floor with big windows overlooking your company below – feels authoritative.
  • Customize your office lobby extensively – first impressions on visitors matter. Add tour paths.
  • Specialize each floor into specific functions like IT or marketing only. Don’t spread departments out.
  • Once profitable, upgrade desk spaces rapidly to keep productivity exponentially increasing.
  • Near end-game, re-center your layout around elevator banks for fast inter-floor travel.
  • Arrange recreational amenities like arcades in central hotspots everyone passes through. Maximizes visibility.
  • Before reaching new milestone goals, save up cash to instantly buy upgrades unlocked by them.

Use these expert strategies to create a truly world-class office empire!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a campaign or storyline?

No main story, the gameplay is open-ended sandbox tycoon mode only.

Should I specialize employee roles or train them in multiple skills?

Specializing is better long-term for promotion and maxing their expertise in one task.

How important is office layout optimization?

The layout impacts employee travel times and synergies greatly. Optimize it continuously.

Can you lose or go bankrupt?

No, the game has no fail state or forced bankruptcy.

Should I accept every investor offer?

Yes, there are no downsides to accepting investor cash injections when offered.

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