Supermarket Village APK v1.4.1 (MOD, Unlimited Money)
Supermarket Village APK v1.4.1 (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Supermarket Village APK v1.4.1 (MOD, Unlimited Money)

With the unlimited money feature of Supermarket Village Premium Apk, you will have the chance to build your own village the way you want.

Name Supermarket Village
Publisher Codigames
Category Simulation
Size 165.1 MB
Latest Version 1.4.1
MOD Unlimited Money
Get it On Google Play
Supermarket Village is the most famous version in the Supermarket Village series of publisher Codigames
Mod Version 1.4.1
Total installs 1,000,000+

Looking for a fun, relaxing game where you can live out your retail management dreams? Allow me to introduce Supermarket Village, an engaging tycoon game where you build up your own supermarket empire from a single corner store.

This in-depth guide will cover everything Supermarket Village has to offer:

  • Overview of core tycoon gameplay elements
  • Exciting features like crafting, decor, events
  • Benefits of the unlimited money mod
  • Tips, tricks, and strategy guide
  • FAQ answering common questions

Whether you enjoy laidback simulation games or are just looking for your next time sink, Supermarket Village is easy to pick up and hard to put down. Now let’s check out what makes running your own markets so much fun!

Supermarket Village Farm Town

Gameplay Overview

Supermarket Village casts you as the owner of a fledgling grocery business. Here are the key activities and objectives:

  • Build counters and shelves to setup shop layouts
  • Stock your shelves with hundreds of products
  • Manage supply chains and inventory
  • Create deli foods, craft artisan goods
  • Tend the register and keep shoppers satisfied
  • Upgrade stores and expand to multiple locations
  • Complete challenges and events for bonuses
  • Customize decor, outfits, and character styles

With easytap controls, upbeat background music, and cute pixel art style, Supermarket Village mixes engaging supermarket management with a relaxed, chill vibe.

Supermarket Village Farm Town 1

Key Features

Let’s explore some of the standout features that make running your markets so enjoyable:

Wide Selection of Products

  • Hundreds of grocery and household items to stock
  • Perishable foods need refrigerated counters
  • Seasonal goods like holiday decorations
  • Clothes, furniture, electronics, and more

Crafting System

  • Gather ingredients to cook delicious foods like pizza
  • Combine materials to craft items like candles
  • Craft custom furnishings and decorations
  • Fun mini-game activities to create special recipes

Custom Styling

  • Customize your shopkeeper’s outfit and looks
  • Build and design your dream house
  • Decorate the markets with furniture, wall art, flooring
  • Collect fashion pieces and accessories

Special Events

  • Seasonal shop decorations and goods
  • Fun side events like food eating contests
  • Community crafting events requiring teamwork
  • Holiday orders and challenges

With so much to do, Supermarket Village never feels repetitive or stale. There’s always some new activity to engage in!

Supermarket Village Farm Town 2

Supermarket Village Mod Features

While Supermarket Village is great fun in its base free-to-play form, the experience can be enhanced even further with mods. Here are some top mods for the game:

Unlimited Money

The unlimited money mod provides limitless coins to spend, allowing you to:

  • Buy any item, upgrade, or crafting ingredients
  • Speed up building construction instantly
  • Own multiple shops and houses faster

Money is no longer a gate on gameplay progress!

Unlimited Gems

Gems are the premium currency used for special purchases. This mod provides infinite gems to:

  • Buy exclusive limited items and outfits
  • Instantly finish lengthy crafting processes
  • Purchase special perks and buffs

All Decor and Furniture

Normally you need to gradually purchase furniture and decor over time. This mod unlocks all decor options upfront to freely design shops and home.

Max Shop Upgrades

Have a huge 5-story megastore right from the start! This mod maxes out all shop expansions for maximum retail dominance.

How to Get Unlimited Money

Using mods like unlimited money to enhance Supermarket Village only takes a few quick steps:

  1. Download the mod APK file from trusted sites like HappyMod or TechBigs.
  2. On your Android device, enable install from unknown sources.
  3. Install the modded APK, overwriting the original game app if prompted.
  4. Disable auto-updates for Supermarket Village so your mod doesn’t get overwritten.
  5. Launch the game and enjoy infinite money!

With just these simple steps, you can quickly install mods to start dominating the retail world in Supermarket Village!

Supermarket Village Farm Town 3

Tips, Tricks, and Strategy Guide

Here are some helpful tips and strategies to progress quickly and optimize your shops in Supermarket Village:

  • Initially focus on speeding through builder quests to unlock features faster
  • Only upgrade counters as needed to increase shelf capacity
  • Always keep popular products like milk and eggs stocked
  • Fulfill citizen requests promptly to increase town reputation
  • Construct a solid suppliers list to enable bulk purchasing
  • Use income multipliers like candles and cats to maximize profit
  • Buy ingredient crates during crafting events to speed up event progress

Follow these tips to ensure your shops thrive and your village loves your services!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is unlimited money the only mod available?

No, there are also mods for unlimited gems, all decor, and max shop upgrades to customize the experience.

Do mods disable achievements/progress?

Nope, mods only affect money and items. You can still complete quests/events normally.

Is Supermarket Village online/multi-player?

SV can be fully enjoyed offline. Only leaderboards require internet. It’s single-player focused.

Does it require constant attention?

Not at all – you can close the game anytime and shops will still generate income. Very casual friendly.

Will mods cause banning or issues?

Supermarket Village is 100% single player, so using mods is perfectly safe and won’t cause any problems.


From stocking shelves to crafting goods to designing eye-catching shops, Supermarket Village successfully merges laidback simulation mechanics with satisfying progression and rewards. Unlocking new areas and upgrades provides a sense of steady progress, while the charming graphics and upbeat music create a relaxing backdrop ideal for some casual playtime.

Mods like unlimited money allow you to circumvent the grind and focus purely on the fun management and customization aspects. With regular events and expansions, Supermarket Village continually provides new content and goals to chase. If you think a game about running supermarkets can’t provide hours of low-stress entertainment, think again. Supermarket Village approaches the tycoon genre from an angle of creativity and vibrancy rather than just revenue charts and cash flow – and is a better game for it.

So ready those registers, prep those crafting pots, and get ready to build an entire village’s favorite shopping destination one shelf at a time! Have fun, and happy managing!

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