Melon Playground APK v19.0 (MOD, Menu, Characters, No Ads)
Melon Playground APK v19.0 (MOD, Menu, Characters, No Ads)

Melon Playground APK v19.0 (MOD, Menu, Characters, No Ads)

The Melon Playground Premium APK adds lots of extra features and customization options to enhance the gameplay. It also removes ads.

Name Melon Playground
Category Simulation
Size 85.9 MB
Latest Version 19.0
MOD Menu, Characters, No Ads
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Melon Playground is the most famous version in the Melon Playground series of publisher
Mod Version 19.0
Total installs 10,000,000+

Melon Playground is a fun physics-based sandbox game where you can create your own playground using various objects like seesaws, springs, ropes, and more. With simple, intuitive controls, you can build intricate structures and then throw cute little characters called Melonheads into the playground to bounce, roll, swing, and crash around. It’s endless silly fun!

The gameplay is focused on creativity and experimentation. There are tons of objects to choose from, ranging from basic blocks and platforms to more complex items like cannons, weight scales, fans, and catapults. You can place objects anywhere in the 3D space and connect them together to make wacky contraptions. Then grab one of the adorable Melonheads, adjust their throwing angle and power, and toss them into your playground masterpiece to see the chaos unfold!

Some of the things you can build include:

  • Seesaws and teeter-totters – Use pivoting platforms to launch Melonheads up into the air
  • Swings – Construct rope swings to make Melonheads fly across the area
  • Trampolines and springs – Use bouncy objects to send Melonheads bouncing to great heights
  • Ramps and slides – Build inclined surfaces and watch Melonheads slide down
  • Pendulums – Create swinging arm structures to fling Melonheads around
  • Spinning platforms – Rotate objects fast to send Melonheads hurling off

And much more! Let your creativity run wild. The wackier your designs, the funnier the results will be as the helpless Melonheads get tossed, rolled, and bounced around your contraptions.

Melon Playground

Game Modes

Melon Playground has several game modes to enjoy:


This is the main creative mode where you can build any type of playground design you want with unlimited objects. Just go wild and test out your silly ideas!


This mode provides challenging levels where you have to build a playground that solves a specific task, like getting the Melonhead to hit a target or reach a goal spot. Great for testing your physics and construction skills!


Zen mode has no objects to build with – it’s just serene nature environments. Fling Melonheads into trees, ponds, and fields to relax.


Check out playgrounds built by other players online and download them to your game. You can also upload your own to share.

Melon Playground 1

Mod Features

The Melon Playground Mod APK adds lots of extra features and customization options to enhance the gameplay:

Unlocked Characters

The mod unlocks all 20+ secret characters that you’d normally have to pay for, including Ninjas, Astronauts, Pirates, Cowboys, and more! Each has unique shapes, sizes, weights that affect their physics in fun ways.

Unlimited Money

You’ll get unlimited coins to spend on whatever you want! Buy all the coolest objects right from the start.

No Ads

Enjoy uninterrupted gameplay without annoying ads popping up.

Menu Unlocking

The mod unlocks debug menus and hidden options to let you customize just about everything. Tweak gravity, object properties, level settings, and more!

Melon Playground 2

Gameplay Tips

Here are some handy gameplay tips to build awesome contraptions and get the most out of Melon Playground:

  • Start simple – Build basic ramps and seesaws first to get a feel for the physics before making complex machines.
  • Use weights – Place heavy objects like anvils on one end of teeter-totters or catapults to make them tilt and fling further.
  • Friction matters – Slick surfaces like ice or oil will make Melonheads slide fast and far. Rough wood or glue can stop sliding.
  • Transfer momentum – Connect objects together so Melonheads retain their speed/rotation when moving between them.
  • Think 3D – You can build upward too! Construct multilevel structures and connect higher parts with ladders.
  • Customize Melonheads – Change their weight, size, shape and other factors for unique results.
  • Save designs – If you make something really awesome, save it to your local blueprints so you can reuse it.
  • Share online – Upload fun designs to the Playgrounds mode for others to play and download.
  • Break stuff – Things don’t have to stay intact! Crash and demolition can be just as hilarious.
Melon Playground 5


The main stars of the game are the cute characters called Melonheads. Here are some key facts about them:

  • Weight – Heavier Melonheads fall faster and hit objects harder. Light ones get flung farther.
  • Size – Bigger Melonheads are easier to hit but can break objects more easily. Smaller ones are harder to launch.
  • Shape – Melonhead shape affects trajectory, rolling, and surface contact.
  • Durability – Adjustable toughness determines how much abuse Melonheads can take before splitting apart.

There are tons of skins to unlock for your Melonheads too, changing their facial expressions, colors and costumes. Dress them up before sending them off into your playground!

Melon Playground 3


The game features a huge library of objects to build your playgrounds with. Here are some of the most useful:


  • Blocks – Basic building blocks in different shapes, sizes, and materials.
  • Ramps – Ramps of varying lengths, heights and friction properties.
  • Platforms – Flat, tilting, or spinning platforms.
  • Seesaws – Pivoting teeter-totters that fling Melonheads.
  • Swings – Suspended swings that can sway or circle around.
  • Trampolines – Bouncy surfaces for extra jump height.


  • Fans – Fans with adjustable wind speed and direction to push Melonheads.
  • Cannons – Cannons that shoot Melonheads with adjustable angle and power.
  • Catapults – Spring-loaded catapults that fling Melonheads when triggered.
  • Flippers – Paddles that smack and launch Melonheads forcefully.


  • Buttons – Buttons that trigger other objects when pressed by Melonheads.
  • Spinners – Discs, cylinders and spheres that spin rapidly when activated.
  • Conveyors – Moving conveyor belts that carry objects.
  • Portals – Portals that teleport objects between them.
  • Grabbers – Claw arms that can grab and move Melonheads around.


  • Weights – Heavy objects like anvils, crates and stones to load down structures.
  • Explosives – Bombs, TNT crates, dynamite that detonate when triggered.
  • Hazards – Spikes, lava, ice patches and other dangerous obstacles.
  • Decorations – Trees, rocks, buildings and other scenery items.

Plus many more to discover! Every item has adjustable properties like friction and bounciness too. Get creative combining them in your playgrounds!

Melon Playground 4

Tips for High Scores

Scoring in Melon Playground is based on how far, fast and hard you can make the Melonheads move by flinging them off your structures. Here are some tips for getting high scores:

  • Use speed boosts – Cannons, catapults and launchers give extra initial velocity.
  • Build long ramps or ice slides – The farther Melonheads travel, the more points.
  • Create chain reactions – When one object triggers the next, combos multiply your score.
  • Smack Melonheads with paddles – Each smack increases points during a combo chain.
  • Activate hazards – Spikes, lava, explosives all add points when Melonheads hit them.
  • Adjust Melonhead properties – Lighter ones fly farther, earning more points.
  • Share your designs – Other players can boost your ratings when they play your levels.

Don’t worry too much about scores though – the main joy is watching your intricate mechanisms go haywire in hilarious ways!

Melon Playground Mod FAQs

Is the mod safe to download?

Yes, the mod is 100% safe and does not contain any viruses or malware. It is a clean modification of the original app.

Will I get banned for using it?

No, you cannot get banned for using the mod. It is a client-side mod that only affects your own game, not others.

How do I install the mod?

First, uninstall any existing version of Melon Playground. Then download and install the mod APK file onto your device. Make sure to enable “Install from Unknown Sources” in your Android settings first.

Does the mod work on iOS/iPhone?

Unfortunately no. The mod only works on Android devices currently. iOS mods are more difficult to create.

Do I need to root my phone?

No root required! The mod works simply by installing the APK file.

Where can I download the Melon Playground mod?

You can download it by clicking the link below.

What version is the mod based on?

The mod is kept up-to-date with the latest version of the game available on Google Play Store.

Will I still earn achievements with the mod?

Most achievements can still be earned normally. But achievements related to in-app purchases may be locked unless you unlock those items through normal gameplay.

Can I play online/multiplayer with the mod?

For fairness, it’s recommended to avoid playing online or doing multiplayer with mods enabled. Use the mod in singleplayer mode only.

Does the mod work on emulators like Nox or Bluestacks?

Yes, the Melon Playground mod works fine on most modern Android emulators for PC.

And that covers the basics of this fun mod! Enjoy all the new unlocked content and customizations that let you take your playground creativity to new heights. Just be sure to download mods safely from trustworthy sources. Have fun launching cute Melonheads with your wacky contraptions!

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