Tap Wizard 2 APK v6.1.2 (MOD, God Mode, Free Shopping)
Tap Wizard 2 APK v6.1.2 (MOD, God Mode, Free Shopping)

Tap Wizard 2 APK v6.1.2 (MOD, God Mode, Free Shopping)

Meticulous upgrades and customization with Tap Wizard 2 Premium Apk allow your wizard to compete with the greatest wizards in the realms!

Name Tap Wizard 2
Publisher TopCog
Category Simulation
Size 97.04 MB
Latest Version 6.1.2
MOD God Mode, Free Shopping
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Tap Wizard 2 is the most famous version in the Tap Wizard 2 series of publisher TopCog
Mod Version 6.1.2
Total installs 100,000+

Tap Wizard 2: Idle Magic Game is a free-to-play mobile game that will cast a spell on you! This idle wizard sim has players tapping their way through levels, collecting resources, and unlocking new spells and upgrades. With its lighthearted graphics and addictive gameplay, it’s no wonder Tap Wizard 2 is so popular. Let’s dive in and explore the magical world of this idle game!

Tap Wizard 2 Idle Magic Game

Getting Started as an Apprentice Wizard

When you first download Tap Wizard 2, you’ll start as a lowly apprentice with basic magic skills. Your journey begins by tapping on the screen to collect magical essences. These essences are used to cast spells and progress through the levels.

The gameplay is simple – just tap away! But don’t let the simplicity fool you. As you collect essences and advance, there is an incredible amount of depth and customization. You’ll be amazed how such basic mechanics can turn into a deep, multilayered experience!

Here are some tips for starting out:

  • Tap quickly to collect essences faster
  • Upgrade your spells early on for more power
  • Prestige often in the beginning to boost your progress
  • Check the shop regularly for deals on essences

With persistence, your humble wizard will grow into a master spellcaster! :mage:

Advancing Through the Ranks

As you gather essences and collect resources, your wizard will level up and unlock new magical abilities. The gameplay will expand as you gain access to more spells, upgrades, and areas to explore.

Some of the key features you’ll unlock include:


  • Fireball – Your starting spell that shoots flames at enemies
  • Ice Shard – Freezes foes in their tracks
  • Lightning Bolt – Strikes enemies with electrifying power
  • Poison Cloud – Showers poisonous fumes on the opposition

You can upgrade these spells multiple times to increase their power. It’s important to level up your arsenal early!


Skills give your wizard passive benefits and boosts. A few examples are:

  • Spell Power – Increase all spell damage
  • Casting Speed – Decreases casting time
  • Essence Magnet – Automatically draws in essences

Prioritize skills that accentuate your playstyle for the best advantage.


As you defeat bosses, you’ll rescue allies who will fight by your side. Some helpful allies include:

  • Fairy – Flies around healing you
  • Golem – Tanky fighter who taunts enemies
  • Sorcerer – Offensive spellcaster that enhances your magic

Position allies strategically to support your wizard optimally in combat!


You’ll face a rogues gallery of villains trying to stop your magical progress. Some common foes are:

  • Slimes – Basic starting enemies
  • Skeletons – Spooky undead warriors
  • Goblins – Mischievous imp-like creatures
  • Cultists – Sinister hooded spellcasters
  • Demons – Fiery monsters from the underworld

Use your spells wisely to counter each threat! As you advance, enemies will become tougher but the rewards will be greater.


When your progress slows, you can prestige to reset your level and collect essence multipliers. Prestige becomes crucial later on for progression. Be sure to do it often once you hit level caps.

With new gear, allies, enemies, and prestige at your disposal – you’ll be a master wizard savior in no time!

Tap Wizard 2 Idle Magic Game 1

Optimizing Your Wizarding

While the tap-to-progress format is simple, there are many ways to optimize your wizard:

  • Essence multipliers – Level these up early to exponentially increase essence collection
  • Offline progression – Earn essence even when the app is closed
  • Auto-casting – Automatically cast spells without tapping
  • Talents – Specialize your build with powerful talents
  • Pets – Cute critters that provide unique buffs
  • Elixirs – Concoctions that boost certain stats and skills
  • Relics – Equipable items that enhance your wizard’s might

Don’t spread yourself too thin – focus on upgrades that maximize your chosen playstyle and talents. Customize your gear loadout for your ideal build. Experiment to find the best synergies!

Here are some example specialized builds:

  • War Mage – Focuses on offense spells and damage for boss battles
  • Controller – Uses slowing, freezing and taunting skills for crowd control
  • Skirmisher – Fast-paced build relying on mobility and crits
  • Support Caster – Boosts allies with healing and enhacements
  • Elementalist – Masters elemental spells like fire, ice, and lightning

Find the customization options that best suit your preferences. That’s part of the fun!

Enjoying the Journey

The greatest thing about Tap Wizard 2 is seeing your wizard grow from a novice apprentice into an all-powerful archmage! Here are some milestones you can look forward to:

  • Unlocking your first ally creature
  • Getting a flashy new spell animation
  • Defeating your first major boss enemy
  • Seeing essence gains skyrocket after prestiging
  • Saving up gems for your first premium wizard skin
  • Topping the leaderboards for daily challenges
  • Completing achievements and side quests

It’s immensely satisfying to set goals, work your way up through the ranks, and check them off one by one. The colorful graphics and humorous characters make grinding enjoyable rather than a chore.

And while much of the joy comes from personal progression, the competitive aspects like leaderboards and PvP arena battles provide external motivators as well. Friendly competition can drive you to keep taking your skills to the next level.

One word of advice – don’t get discouraged if you hit occasional walls in your advancement. Be patient, focus on optimizing your wizard build, and use prestige to boost your progress. The struggle makes finally overcoming obstacles even more rewarding!

Tap Wizard 2 Idle Magic Game 2

Final Tips for Tap Wizard Success

Here are some final tips to mastering Tap Wizard 2:

  • Check in frequently – offline progression doesn’t fully replace active play
  • Watch ads for free bonuses when available
  • Complete daily quests and events for extra rewards
  • Backup your game progress in case of device issues
  • Follow the subreddit and Discord for community tips
  • Participate in seasonal leagues and challenges
  • Experiment and pivot your build if needed
  • Spend gems wisely – best uses are talent resets and offline progression
  • Report any bugs or issues to help the game improve

Overall, don’t be afraid to enjoy the Tap Wizard experience at your own pace. It’s not a game you can truly “beat” – there will always be more progression and content to explore if you choose. Let it be your casual, go-to idle game rather than an obsessive chore.

Now get out there and start tapping, wizard! Adventure awaits in the magical realms of Tap Wizard 2! Your powerful spells and mystical allies are needed to defeat evil and bring peace to the lands. And remember – with great magic comes great fun!

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of game is Tap Wizard 2?

Tap Wizard 2 is an idle/incremental RPG game with tapping mechanics. Players incrementally upgrade their wizards by tapping to gain resources.

Is Tap Wizard 2 free-to-play friendly?

Yes! The game can be completed without spending money. Premium currency can be earned through gameplay. There are no forced ads either.

How does prestige work?

When progress stalls, players can reset their level in exchange for permanent essence/skill multipliers to boost advancement speed.

Should I focus on a specialized build?

Yes, choosing synergistic talents and gear for your playstyle will optimize your wizard’s power.

What makes a wizard build strong?

Upgrading key spells early, establishing resource generation, utilizing talents effectively, and proper gear choices.

Is there a story/campaign?

There is light lore via short level descriptions but no overarching narrative. The focus is on incremental progression.


Tap Wizard 2 delivers a magical idle gaming experience that engages the mind and reflexes. Despite simple beginnings as an apprentice, meticulous upgrades and customization allow your wizard to rival the greatest magi in the realms! Addictive progression systems and competitive aspects give short play sessions impact. While Tap Wizard 2 lacks a deep narrative, its charm and mechanics weave an enjoyable tale of progression. So rest your fingers no more – it’s time to tap into adventure!

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