Cats & Soup APK v2.30.0 (MOD, Free Purchase/Unlimited All)
Cats & Soup APK v2.30.0 (MOD, Free Purchase/Unlimited All)

Cats & Soup APK v2.30.0 (MOD, Free Purchase/Unlimited All)

This Cats & Soup Premium APK allows players to purchase and unlock all in-game items for free.

Name Cats and Soup
Publisher HIDEA
Category Simulation
Size 165 MB
Latest Version 2.30.0
MOD Free Purchase/Unlimited All
Get it On Google Play
Cats and Soup is the most famous version in the Cats and Soup series of publisher HIDEA
Mod Version 2.30.0
Total installs 10,000,000+

You can upgrade to the most recent version of the publisher using the resources that were saved from the mod version. Follow this step.

  1. Download the Mod and Update package versions;
  2. Disconnect the network from the moment the download is completed;
  3. You can shop for everything, even diamonds and gold coins, and receive them via mail as instructed.
  4. Install the most recent version (update package), without removing an older version.
  5. Enjoy.

Cats & Soup is a super cute and addicting mobile game that has taken the app stores by storm! In this game, you play as a charming little cat running your own soup kitchen. Your job is to cook and serve delicious soups to hungry animal customers passing by. With its fun gameplay, adorable art style, and ridiculous sense of humor, it’s no wonder Cats & Soup has become such a hit!

In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at Cats & Soup’s gameplay, features, and mods to help you get the most out of this purrfectly adorable game. Whether you’re a casual gamer looking for something cute and funny or a hardcore completionist aiming to unlock everything, you’ll find plenty of soup-er helpful info ahead! So let’s dive right in – the customers are waiting and these soups won’t cook themselves!

Cats Soup

Overview & Gameplay

Cats & Soup is a casual cooking simulation game with tycoon elements. As a cute cat chef, you’ll chop ingredients, cook soups in your cauldron, and serve hungry customers for gold coins. The gameplay loop is simple yet satisfying:

  • Chop ingredients from your garden or buy them from the market
  • Combine ingredients to cook soups based on customer recipes
  • Add garnishes and customize the soup how you like
  • Serve customers and earn coins for upgrades and expansions

It starts easy enough with just a few basic ingredients and recipes. But as you progress, you’ll unlock more complicated soups with 10+ ingredients! Juggling all these elements keeps the cooking action fast-paced and engaging. And seeing customer reactions to your soups is so cute and rewarding!

The main campaign takes you through vibrant villages filled with quirky animal characters who love your cooking. You’ll also encounter funny situations as you build up your soup-making empire bit by bit.

Beyond the story mode, there are sandbox and endurance modes to provide extra gameplay challenges. And the wide range of whimsical customization options encourages you to make your soup restaurant distinctly your own.

With its bubbly cooking action and laughs-out-loud humor, Cats & Soup will have you craving “just one more day” in your cat’s adorable shoes!

Cats Soup 1

Key Features & Activities

Here are some of the main features and activities you can look forward to in Cats & Soup:

Run Your Own Soup Restaurant

  • Build cute soup kitchens and dining areas
  • Upgrade equipment like stoves, gardens, fridges, etc
  • Customize with 100+ whimsical furniture pieces and decorations
  • Manage supplies and set menu options
  • Research new recipes and ingredients

Cook Up Delicious Soups

  • Chop, slice, and dice ingredients using touch controls
  • Combine 10+ ingredients following customer recipes
  • Cook soups in fun cauldrons with bubbling animations
  • Garnish bowls with croutons, herbs, and more
  • Upgrade cooking tools for increased automation

Serve Quirky Animal Customers

  • Cats, dogs, birds, pandas, and more!
  • Satisfy customer orders before timers run out
  • Earn tips for good service and tasty soups
  • Unlock new customers and story scenes by leveling up
  • Each customer has unique preferences and dialogues

Grow Ingredients in Garden Plots

  • Plant seeds in garden plots to grow veggies
  • Harvest fresh ingredients to use in soups
  • Unlock and import special regional seeds
  • Crossbreed plants to discover new rare varieties
  • Use fertilizers and tools to boost garden output

Forage for Wild Ingredients

  • Search the wilderness for foragable goods
  • Find rare ingredients like mushrooms and berries
  • Unearth treasures and loot to sell for profit
  • Encounter NPC campsites with quests
  • Explore procedurally generated forest maps

Run Side Businesses Like a Tea House

  • Build and customize secondary soup stands
  • Research and serve new dishes like bubble tea
  • Manage multiple shops and optimize profits
  • Hire cat assistants to automate tasks
  • Compete in timed business mini-games

Decorate with Fun Customizations

  • 100+ furniture and decoration options
  • Dress up your cat chef in cute outfits
  • Customize your shop with catchy names and designs
  • Collect costumes and props through gameplay
  • Unlock colored cauldrons and cooking tools

Experience an Entertaining Story

  • Follow a humorous story campaign mode
  • Make friends with quirky villagers along the way
  • React to funny situational prompts and events
  • Unlock new areas and gameplay options
  • Discover hidden lore and backstories

With so much to do, you’ll find yourself happily lost in Cats & Soup’s addicting gameplay loops for hours!

MOD Features (Unlimited Money, Free Shopping)

The basic Cats & Soup game is free-to-play friendly, but you can speed up progress significantly with mods that give unlimited money and free shopping.

Here are some of the advantages that money and shopping mods provide:

  • Unlimited money – Never wait to earn coins for upgrades or expansions again! Buy anything you want right away.
  • Free shopping – All market items, plants, seeds, and more are 100% free! Save a ton of money.
  • Faster upgrades – Instantly purchase all store upgrades like advanced cooking tools and automatons.
  • More ingredient choices – Afford to use the most expensive ingredients without worrying about cost.
  • Endless supplies – No need to garden or forage when you can just buy ingredients in bulk.
  • Focus on fun parts – Spend more time doing fun stuff like interior design versus grinding for coins.
  • Creative freedom – Implement any shop design ideas without financial restrictions.
  • Reduce ads – Some mod versions remove or reduce ads for an uninterrupted experience.

While the core gameplay remains unchanged, unlimited money mods allow you to skip tedious grinding and get right to the fun stuff. And not having to watch video ads is a major bonus!

However, some players may find these mods make the game too fast-paced or easy. There’s a certain sense of progression and accomplishment from earning upgrades legitimately over time. But if you just want to decorate or experiment with crazy soup recipes, go wild!

Cats Soup 2

Tips & Strategies for New Players

Cats & Soup is easy to pick up but has depth if you want to optimize your restaurant and progress further. Here are some helpful starter tips:

Focus on Upgrades First

  • Prioritize upgrading your stoves, gardens, fridges, etc first.
  • Better equipment boosts productivity and profit significantly.
  • The cost to upgrade increases each time, so upgrade aggressively.

Automate Early On

  • Assistants reduce chore time and raise customer capacity.
  • Hire an assistant as soon as you have enough spare coins.
  • Keep hiring more assistants as your shop expands.

Plant High-Value Crops

  • Check market prices and plant the most valuable veggies.
  • Tomatoes, potatoes, carrots, onions all sell for big profits.
  • Lettuces and cabbages take the same time but sell for less.

Fulfill Daily Goals

  • Check the daily goals frequently and try to complete them.
  • Goals provide useful rewards like free gems or buffs.
  • Maintaining daily streaks gives the best weekly reward.

Develop Repeatable Recipes

  • Find some recipes you can perfect and make efficiently.
  • Memorize the steps so you don’t need to keep checking.
  • Good options include tomato, onion, potato, and carrot soups.

Look for Discounts

  • Watch for flash sales in the market with discounts up to 50% off.
  • Time discounted bulk purchases with when you need to restock.
  • Rare ingredients sometimes go on sale too.

Stick to these best practices in your early days and you’ll be raking in profits and upgrades in no time!


Is Cats & Soup free to play?

Yes, Cats & Soup is completely free to download and play, with optional in-app purchases. There are ads that can be disabled for a fee.

Does it require an internet connection?

You need an internet connection to download the game initially. But after that the game can be played offline without issues.

How kid-friendly is Cats & Soup?

This game is very kid-friendly! There is no objectionable content whatsoever. The cute art style and funny characters make it appropriate for all ages.

Does it have controller support?

Unfortunately Cats & Soup does not have built-in controller support right now. The game relies heavily on touch screen controls.

Is there multiplayer or online play?

Nope, this is a completely single-player experience. No multiplayer or collaborative features are available.

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