Dragon City APK v23.14.0 (MOD, One Hit, Always Turn)
Dragon City APK v23.14.0 (MOD, One Hit, Always Turn)

Dragon City APK v23.14.0 (MOD, One Hit, Always Turn)

The Dragon City Premium APK then removes any friction, allowing you to amass legendary species right from the start.

Name Dragon City
Publisher Social Point
Category Simulation
Size 241.7 MB
Latest Version 23.14.0
MOD One Hit, Always Turn
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Dragon City is the most famous version in the Dragon City series of publisher Social Point
Mod Version 23.14.0
Total installs 100,000,000+

Who doesn’t dream of raising their own magical dragons? In Dragon City, you can do just that – build a fantasy city and fill it with hundreds of cool dragons to collect, breed, and battle for supremacy! With detailed dragon designs, fun social gameplay, and real-time battles, Dragon City Lets you live out your ultimate dragon master fantasy on mobile!

Let’s take flight into everything this dragon haven has to offer:

Dragon City

Introduction to Dragon City

In Dragon City, you play as a rising dragon trainer who inherits a small island to turn into a realm filled with your very own mythical dragons. By building dragon habitats, breeding new species, and battling other masters, your goal is to grow your dragon collection and become the ultimate legend!

Key gameplay features that make raising dragons so engaging:

🐉 800+ Dragons – Collect rare and iconic breeds like Abyss, Soccer, Ninja, Wizard, Alien dragons and more!

🏘️ Custom Islands – Personalize your own floating islands with habitats, farms, decorations and training grounds.

👪 Social Play – Visit friends’ islands, join alliances, trade, and battle against players worldwide.

⚔️ Real-time Battles – Use combat skills in turn-based battles to become the top dragon master!

🧬 Breeding – Combine dragons with cool elements and traits to breed exciting new hybrid species!

Whether you’re a casual collector or hardcore competitor, Dragon City lets you raise everything from cute hatchlings to ancient legends as your very own battle-ready army!

Dragon City 1

Diverse Dragon Types to Collect

At the heart of the addictiveness is the sheer variety of imaginative dragon breeds you can obtain, each with unique designs, types, rarities, and skills. Here’s a sample:

🐲 Elemental Dragons – Fire, Water, Nature, Electric, Ice dragons with matching powers.

🐉 Mythical Dragons – Unicorns, Demon, Ninja, Samurai, Wizard dragons and more.

🐍 Epic Dragons – Extremely rare special breeds like Vampire, Crystal, Neon, Pearl dragons.

🦕 Prehistoric Dragons – Ice Age, Jurassic, Cavesaur, Tyrannosaurus dragons teleported to the present.

🐲 Legend Dragons – Top rarity dragons like Soccer, High Tech, High Resolution require lots of crafting.

Collecting all 800+ of these imaginative breeds keeps you constantly engaged. And their designs stay creative throughout with awesome details and animations. Gotta catch ’em all!

Addictive Dragon Breeding

A major part of the fun comes from breeding your own dragons by combining compatible species. Some tips:

  • Match dragons of the same element type for stronger offspring.
  • Try uncommon combinations like Fire + Ice for cool hybrids.
  • Breeding rank, rarity, and structure impacts success rate.
  • Upgrade the Breeding Mountain for faster breeding speed.
  • Limited dragons are only breedable during certain events.

With countless breeding combinations, you never know what new dragons you’ll end up with next! And it’s rewarding seeing your babies grow over time.

Dragon City 2

Building a Dragon City

Your floating islands are home base for all your dragon operations. Here are tips on developing an ideal habitat:

Farms and Habitats

  • Farms grow food to feed and level up your dragons.
  • Habitats house dragons – build diverse ones to accommodate many types.
  • Max out food and gold production to fuel deeper gameplay.


  • Erect training grounds, nurseries, shops and more for functional bonuses.
  • Decorations enhance your city’s look and mood.
  • Rearrange structures as needed for the most efficient layout.

Resource Management

  • Gold and food generation limits growth, so balance generation sources.
  • Optimize dragon per habitat count to earn more per day.

Expanding your city thoughtfully is key to supporting a larger army over time. Make your dragon paradise flourish!

Competitive Real-Time Battle

When you’re ready to test your dragon mastery against others, intense 3-on-3 battles await!

  • ⚔️ Fight Club – Battle random online opponents in repeat showdowns to climb the leaderboard.
  • 🏆 Arenas – Face seasonal challenges against increasingly tough trainers for prizes.
  • 🔥 Skills – Charge up and unleash offensive, defensive, and healing skills strategically.
  • 💡 Types – Match your dragon elements versus opponents for optimal damage output.
  • ⏲️ Limited Time – Defeat all of your opponent’s dragons before the counter expires!

Whether playing casually against friends or competing hardcore in the Fight Club, real-time battles provide a thrill and test your dragon raising prowess against the best.

Dragon City 3

MOD Features – Unlimited Dragon Fun

The regular Dragon City already provides almost endless dragon amassing fun. But the MOD APK makes it even crazier by adding:

  • 💎 Unlimited Gems – Buy any egg or item without paying real money. Everything unlocked!
  • ⚔️ One Hit KOs – Defeat any PVP or PVE opponent with just a single blow!
  • 🔁 Always Critical Hits – Every one of your attacks will CRIT for insane damage.
  • 💯 Max Level Dragons – All hatched dragons automatically start at max level evolution.

By removing waiting times and grinding, the mod lets you fully enjoy creating your ultimate dragon paradise right away!

Top Tips and Tricks

Here are some helpful tips for new dragon masters:

  • Focus on food production first so you can level up your battle dragons faster.
  • Complete all daily Goals for quick gems, gold, and other rewards.
  • Save high rarity and special event dragons for breeding instead of selling.
  • Spend some gems to expand available islands early on for more room to build.
  • Participate in Alliance events with friends for free dragon eggs.
  • Level up your Player Profile for discounts on building upgrade costs.

Follow these tips and your dragon army will be unstoppable in no time!


Is an internet connection required to play?

Yes, you need to be online to access city building features, social interactions, and PVP battles.

Is Dragon City pay-to-win?

Absolutely not! There are no features locked behind real money purchases. Patience gets you the same rewards.

Can you trade dragons with friends?

Yes! Gifting extra dragons you don’t need is a great way to help friends complete their collections.

Are limited dragons available again later?

Yes! Special event dragons reappear in breeding events a few times per year typically. Check the schedules.

Build Your Dragon Empire!

Few mobile games capture the magic of raising your own army of dragons like Dragon City. With hundreds of imaginative dragon breeds, deep city building, and competitive battles, it fulfills all your dragon keeper dreams!

The Dragon City MOD APK then removes any friction, allowing you to amass legendary species right from the start. So install Dragon City today and let your dragon reign ascent to glory! Just beware the food costs once you have dozens of mighty beasts roaming your islands. But learning to be a wise caring dragon master is all part of the journey!

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