FIFA Soccer APK v20.1.02 (MOD, Menu, Easy Win, Dumb Enemy)
FIFA Soccer APK v20.1.02 (MOD, Menu, Easy Win, Dumb Enemy)

FIFA Soccer APK v20.1.02 (MOD, Menu, Easy Win, Dumb Enemy)

FIFA Soccer Premium Apk is one of the most popular mobile games around, offering an authentic soccer gaming experience that you can take with you anywhere.

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Latest Version 20.1.02
MOD Menu, Easy Win, Dumb Enemy
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FIFA SOCCER is the most famous version in the FIFA SOCCER series of publisher ELECTRONIC ARTS
Mod Version 20.1.02
Total installs 100,000,000+

FIFA Soccer Mod Apk is one of the most popular mobile games around, offering an authentic soccer gaming experience that you can take with you anywhere. With excellent graphics, smooth gameplay, and tons of content, it’s easy to see why so many fans flock to this mobile version of the iconic FIFA franchise.

In this in-depth guide, we’ll explore all aspects of FIFA Soccer’s addictive gameplay for mobile. From controls and game modes to teams, players, and strategies, you’ll learn everything you need to dominate the pitch on your smartphone or tablet!

FIFA Soccer

Controls and Moving Players

The intuitive control system is one of FIFA Soccer’s biggest strengths. The virtual joystick and buttons allow you to move players around and perform actions easily. Here’s an overview of the main controls:

  • Joystick – Move your player around the pitch using the left virtual joystick. Tilt in the direction you want the player to move. Tap the sprint button for an extra burst of speed!
  • Pass and Shoot Buttons – Tap the bottom buttons to pass to teammates or take shots on goal. Tap and hold for more power!
  • Skill Moves – Flick the joystick to pull off slick dribbling skills like stepovers and rainbow flicks. Timing and direction are key!
  • Tackle Button – Dispossess opponents with well-timed taps of the tackle button. But be careful not to give away fouls!
  • Switch Player Button – Tap this to quickly switch control to another player on your team. Useful for defense!

With practice, these intuitive controls will have you moving the ball up the pitch and scoring screamers in no time!

FIFA Soccer 1

Game Modes – Play Your Way

FIFA Soccer has various game mode options to suit different tastes:

Kick Off

Jump straight into an exhibition match against AI or friends. Customize teams, difficulty, match settings and stadiums for a tailored experience. Kick Off is great for quick soccer fixes!


Guide your favorite club through a full season aiming for promotion or domestic glory! Play 38 league matches against authentic opponents with current rosters and kits for an immersive season.

Story Mode: The Journey

Experience a cinematic football story as young prospect Alex Hunter tries to make his mark on the Premier League. Make key choices and compete in matches to advance Hunter’s career in this unique RPG-style campaign!


Team up with friends or go solo in online and offline cup competitions. Knock rivals out on your path to cup glory! Tournaments are perfect for a bite-sized soccer challenge.

Ultimate TeamTM

FIFA’s most popular mode sees you build your dream squad from thousands of real players and compete in divisions and squad battles. Trade players, complete challenges and gradually strengthen your ultimate team of superstars!

With varied gaming modes, FIFA Soccer offers something for all tastes – short sessions or long campaigns, online or offline, realistic or story-driven. Now let’s get stuck into gameplay strategies and standout features!

Gameplay and Match Strategies

Success in FIFA Soccer depends on your ability to build attacks, create chances and defend purposefully. Here are some key strategies and tips:

  • Pass smart – Accurate passing is crucial. Look for angled balls to feet or creative through passes to cut apart defenses. Avoid wayward passes that will be intercepted.
  • Use width – Don’t congest the middle! Use fast wingers and overlapping fullbacks to stretch the defense. Whip crosses in for headers or cutbacks for tap-ins!
  • Shoot responsibly – Don’t blast shots from silly angles or distances. Work the ball into the box and look for composed finishes. Finesse shots, chips and 1-on-1s finish high percentage chances.
  • Mark dangerously – Track forward runs from midfield and focus on shutting down creative threats. Cut off passing angles and zones for lethal strikers.
  • Counter carefully – Look to counter after winning the ball. Pass quickly upfield before the defense recovers its shape. Use pace and precision to punish opponents on the break!
  • Change it up – If the opponent is dominating, alter tactics or personnel. Go more defensive, switch formations, shore up the midfield or bring on an impact sub; be proactive and force the issue!

Mastering these dynamics leads to satisfying attacking play, stubborn defending and ultimately, more victories!

FIFA Soccer 2

Teams and Players

With official licenses from the world’s top domestic competitions, FIFA Soccer gives you access to over 700 teams from 30+ leagues. Play as soccer giants like Real Madrid, Liverpool and Bayern Munich with authentic kits and rosters. Or take underdogs like Bournemouth or Racing Club to glory!

And with over 17,000 players included, you can field current stars like Ronaldo, Messi and Neymar or legends like Maradona, Zidane and Pelé. The depth of teams and players is truly staggering – you’ll find hidden gems from leagues across the world to bolster your squad!

Plus, constant content updates add the latest real world transfers, new signings and promoted teams to keep things fresh all season long. With unparalleled authenticity in its teams, leagues and superstars, FIFA Soccer offers soccer fans endless replay value.

Standout Game Features

Alongside robust gameplay and modes, FIFA impresses with polished presentational elements:

Slick Graphics and Animation

Crisp, high resolution visuals make the soccer world come alive no matter your device. See lifelike player faces, realistic kits and smooth 60fps animation. Watch the vivid stadiums, weather effects and match action merge for an immersive experience!

Broadcast Quality Presentation

From pre-match scenes to replay cameras, FIFA matches mimic real life football coverage. Authentic broadcast graphics, menus and the iconic soundtrack bolster the premium feel.

Atmospheric Audio

Crowd chants, cheers and songs echo around stadiums, supported by realistic commentary. Hear impact sounds as shots hit posts or players crunch into forceful challenges!

Licenses and Official Content

As well as leagues and players, FIFA boasts UEFA tournaments, legendary stadiums like Old Trafford and the Camp Nou, plus club training gear, kit crests and more. An abundance of official content creates maximum authenticity.

With its sensational presentation matching engrossing gameplay, FIFA Soccer offers a complete mobile footballing package. Let’s round up the key info with a handy FAQ!

FIFA Soccer 3

Final Whistle

With excellent touch controls, smooth 60fps gameplay and tons of official teams, leagues, and superstars, FIFA Soccer provides an engrossing mobile football experience. Impressive graphics and presentation immerse you in the soccer world, while varied game modes cater to all tastes. Mastering gameplay dynamics like build up play, shooting, and defending leads to victories, while regular content updates keep the experience fresh all season long. For soccer fans on the go, FIFA is simply unrivalled – and this guide covered everything you need to know to dominate the virtual pitches!

So get out there, fine tune your skills, build your dream squad and take your club to glory. With our gameplay tips you’ll be scoring screamers and winning titles in no time. Thanks for reading and here’s to thrilling mobile soccer!

FIFA Mobile Gameplay FAQs

Are matches fully customizable in Kick Off mode?

Yes! You can select any unlocked teams, difficulty, stadium, weather, time of day and match duration to completely customize one-off games.

Are in-game purchases required to progress in Ultimate Team?

No – while optional purchases can accelerate progress, continuous play and transfer market trading will strengthen your ultimate team over time for free. You will get the content for free with the mod version.

Does FIFA Mobile have real world transfer updates?

Yes, regular updates add the most recent player transfers, new signings, loans and promoted clubs from real world football. Keeps the experience fresh! You will get the content for free with the mod version.

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