Retro Bowl APK v1.5.91 (MOD, Unlimited Money, Unlocked)
Retro Bowl APK v1.5.91 (MOD, Unlimited Money, Unlocked)

Retro Bowl APK v1.5.91 (MOD, Unlimited Money, Unlocked)

Experience the exciting Retro Bowl Premium Apk American football game with unlimited money and everything unlocked! Unlock all teams and players quickly.

Name Retro Bowl
Publisher New Star Games Ltd
Category Sports
Size 15 MB
Latest Version 1.5.91
MOD Unlimited Money, Unlocked
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Retro Bowl is the most famous version in the Retro Bowl series of publisher New Star Games Ltd
Mod Version 1.5.91
Total installs 5,000,000+

Retro Bowl is an outrageously fun, addicting American football game that distills the best parts of the sport into quick, bite-sized matches. With easy tap controls, team management decisions, and just the right amount of depth, it perfectly captures the arcade football experience.

This comprehensive guide will dive deep into Retro Bowl’s core mechanics, key strategy principles, stats, and secrets that arm you with the skills to crush the opposition on your journey to bowl glory. Let’s get started!

Retro Bowl

An Overview of Retro Bowl Gameplay

The core Retro Bowl gameplay centers around playing offense and advancing the ball downfield into scoring position against the defense. As coach, you direct your team’s offensive drives. Here are the main gameplay components:

  • Pre-snap – Choose a run or pass play, then pick which receiver to target.
  • Running – Tap to hand off to the RB, then swipe to juke and dodge tackles.
  • Passing – Tap to throw as the QB, then tap receivers as they get open.
  • Kicking – Score field goals by swiping to aim then tapping to kick.
  • Defense – Your defense is AI controlled, but you select plays and can watch.
  • Drives – Take turns driving the length of the field against the opponent to score TDs.
  • Team Management – Sign free agents. Upgrade facilities. Manage salaries.

Combining smart offensive play-calling with deft ball carrier moves is the key to driving downfield, outsmarting defenses, and lighting up the scoreboard on your way to total gridiron supremacy!

Gameplay Fundamentals: Offense, Defense, and Scoring

While simple to play at first glance, mastering Retro Bowl requires understanding key gameplay basics like down management, play types, scoring, and defensive schemes. Let’s break it down:

Down Management

  • First down – Received at start of each drive. Gain 10+ yards to proceed.
  • Second down – Failed first down attempt. Make up remaining yardage or restart at 1st down.
  • Third down – Final chance before turnover on downs. Should try to convert the first down yardage needed.
  • Fourth down – Last chance to convert via high risk run/pass or kick field goal. If fail, turnover possession.

Offensive Plays

  • Run – Hand off to the RB. Gain steady yards but risk fumbling.
  • Short pass – Quick throw to a receiver behind line of scrimmage. Lower risk option.
  • Medium pass – Target a receiver 5-15 yards downfield. Must avoid interceptions.
  • Long pass – Throw deep downfield for possible big yardage. But very risky turnover chance.
  • Kick field goal – If in range, take easy 3 points instead of risky turnover on downs.


  • Touchdown – Running or passing ball into endzone scores 6 points.
  • Extra point – Kicking through goal posts after TD scores 1 point.
  • 2-pt conversion – Run or pass into endzone again instead of extra point for 2 points.
  • Field goal – Kick the ball through uprights for 3 points if you can’t score TD.
  • Safety – Tackling opponent with ball in their own endzone awards 2 points.


  • Blitz – Heavy pass rush but weak run defense.
  • Cover – Strong pass coverage but weak pass rush.
  • Normal – Balanced defense.

Mastering these core offensive and defensive concepts is critical to strategic play-calling that maximizes your drive potential and out-schemes opponents!

Retro Bowl 1

Offensive Strategy: Moving the Chains and Finding the Endzone

Scoring touchdowns and advancing downfield requires a strong offensive strategy revolving around smart play calling, deceiving the defense, and skillfully executing your runs and passes.

Drive Strategy Tips

  • Mix up run pass selection – Don’t let defense know your tendency
  • Take what defense gives – Call run if they are dropping back, pass if blitzing heavy
  • Convert on 3rd down – Use your most reliable bread and butter plays
  • Go on 4th – Taking risks is necessary once in scoring position to get TDs
  • Use HB screens and slants – Reliable short yardage gains to move the chains
  • Don’t force deep balls – Unless you have a speed mismatch, these often get picked off
  • Establish the run – Commit to runs early to open up later play-action passes
  • Slow tempo in 2-minute drill – Run clock down and kick field goal for win

Execution Tips

  • Lead and juke as runner – Don’t just run straight into tackles, string moves together
  • Throw before receiver is open – Anticipate windows before they come open
  • Bullet passes – Fast tight throws give defense less time to react and pick off
  • Go out of bounds – Stop clock when in 2-minute drill
  • Dive forward – When tackled, tap wildly to fight for extra yards

Combine smart scheming with precise user mechanics for unstoppable scoring drives to put up insane points!

Retro Bowl 2

Defense: Stopping Opponent’s Offense

While you directly control offense, defense is managed by selecting your scheme and hoping the AI can stop opponent drives. Here are tips to strengthen your D:

  • Pick defense to counter offense – Call blitz heavy D against pass happy teams. Use Cover against run teams.
  • Watch for runs up the middle – This is a weak point in Cover 2 and Cover 3 schemes.
  • Stop long gains – Blitz on early downs to force stops for long yardage on later downs.
  • Force field goals – Bend but don’t break. Making opponent kick is still a defensive stop.
  • Generate turnovers – Interceptions when covering passes or fumble tackles when blitzing runs.
  • Upgrade Coordinators – Invest coaching credits in stronger defensive coordinators.
  • Avoid fatigue – Rotate defensive players with bench to keep them fresh and performing.
  • Observe tendencies – Note what plays opponent prefers on certain downs and distances to predict them.
  • Watch for trick plays – Unexpected reverses, fake punts/FGs on 4th down.

Solid defensive play prevents opponents from running up the score on you. Bend but don’t break and force them to settle for field goals or punts!

Retro Bowl 3

Team Management: Assembling a Juggernaut Roster

Beyond just play calling, you need to manage your team long-term through free agency, the draft, salaries, facility upgrades, and more. Here are some roster tips:

Sign Free Agents

  • Fill weak positions – Target free agents at positions you lack depth.
  • Youth over age – Younger free agents can develop over time.
  • Fit scheme – Sign fast receivers for long bombs. Get strong RBs for inside runs.
  • Be selective – Wait for truly elite 5 star potential free agents worth large contracts.


  • Scout player stats – Check speed, strength, stamina, throwing accuracy, etc to unearth gems.
  • Draft prospects – Spend picks on promising young players to develop over seasons.
  • Address needs – Draft players at thin positions first.
  • Take risks – Some flaws can be coached up over time if underlying stats are good.

Manage Salaries

  • Frontload contracts – Pay more upfront to reduce later year cap hits.
  • Maintain rollover – Don’t overspend. Leave salary cap space to carry over.
  • Extend veterans – Lock up key players before their contract expires to avoid free agency.
  • Let others walk – Be willing to part ways with aging or mediocre talent. Can’t pay everyone!


  • Focus on one at a time – Alternate upgrading Offense and Defense specialties year to year.
  • Player health – Medical facility reduces injury rate and recovery times. Critical investment.
  • Morale – Furniture and decor boosts player happiness and development when young.

Careful roster management enables you to develop a cost-controlled yet talent-loaded juggernaut built to dominate season after season!

Retro Bowl 4

Individual Player Progression: Training and Leveling Up Stars

Beyond the team as a whole, you need to train and develop individual player skills over multiple seasons to build an elite squad.

Gaining XP and Leveling Up

Players earn XP and level up their permanent stats through:

  • Game performance – Yards gained, TDs scored, etc grants XP to level up over time.
  • Weekly training – Complete training drills during weekly strategy phase to boost XP.
  • Facilities – Upgraded training facilities multiply XP earned from drills and games.

Focus Training

Designate training focus areas for player development:

  • Speed – Faster receivers and RBs run by defenders.
  • Strength – Stronger runners break more tackles. QBs throw farther.
  • Stamina – Increased fatigue resistance and health.
  • Throwing – Quarterbacks improve pass accuracy and arm strength.

Commit to focused training tailored to each player’s position and needs to maximize their weekly XP gains and permanent stat progression over multiple seasons.

In-Game Strategy: Playcalling Advice for Common Downs & Distances

Making the optimal play call for any given game situation is crucial. Follow this shorthand guide for the best plays to run on common downs:

SituationRecommended Plays
1st & 10HB Toss, Slants, Drags, Dives
2nd & Medium (4-6 yds)HB Off-tackle, Slants, Drags
2nd & Long (7-9 yds)Pitches, Screens, Hitches, Medium Passes
3rd & Short (1-3 yds)QB Sneak, HB Dive, Slants
3rd & Medium (4-6 yds)HB Toss, Screens, Slants, Drags
3rd & Long (7+ yds)Pitches, Deep Passes, Go/Post Routes
4th & ShortQB Sneak, Power Run, Option Run
Red ZoneFades, Slants, Screens, Shovel Pass

Use these as a starting point and adjust based on your roster strengths vs. opponent tendencies.

Retro Bowl 5

Advanced Tips and Tricks

Once you’ve mastered the basics, here are some advanced tips and tricks to gain an extra edge:

  • Two point conversions – Go for 2 after late TDs to avoid losing by exactly 1 point.
  • Onside kicks – Attempt them when trailing late to steal extra possessions.
  • Fake punts – Use them sparingly when you need a few critical yards for a first down.
  • QB kneel – Use to burn clock once ahead by multiple scores in 4th quarter.
  • RB abilities – Equip hurdle and stiff arm on power backs. Equip spin move on elusive RBs.
  • Defense assignments – Manually double team dominant receivers. Spy mobile QBs.
  • Coach mode – Take full control of offense and defense playcalling to perfection.

Learning next level strategies like these will help you out-scheme and outplay any opponent on your way to grueling Retro Bowl victories!

Frequently Asked Retro Bowl Questions

What is the best offensive playbook?

West coast has great short plays. Vertical is best for deep bombs. Spread is most balanced. Try them all!

How can you increase player XP gain?

Upgrade facilities, complete training drills, purchase XP boosting items, and play well in games.

What is the maximum player level?

10. It takes many full seasons to develop a player to max level through training.

Should I always go for 2 point conversions?

No. Only go for 2 when you score very late in the game and need an extra point to avoid losing by 1.

Does coach salary matter?

Not really – higher coach salaries don’t provide any actual benefit to your team’s performance.

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