Real Boxing 2 APK v1.46.0 + OBB (MOD, Unlimited Money)
Real Boxing 2 APK v1.46.0 + OBB (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Real Boxing 2 APK v1.46.0 + OBB (MOD, Unlimited Money)

With Real Boxing 2 Premium APK, you can get unlimited money and make all your boxing dreams come true.

Name Real Boxing 2
Publisher Vivid Games S.A.
Category Sports
Size 838.5 MB
Latest Version 1.46.0
MOD Unlimited Money
Get it On Google Play
Real Boxing 2 is the most famous version in the Real Boxing 2 series of publisher Vivid Games S.A.
Mod Version 1.46.0
Total installs 10,000,000+

Real Boxing 2 is one of the best boxing simulation games available on mobile platforms. This sequel to the highly popular Real Boxing takes mobile boxing to new heights with stunning graphics, realistic physics, thrilling game modes and intense PvP action.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore all the details of Real Boxing 2’s gameplay, features, tips and tricks, along with the bonuses offered by the mod version. So let’s jump into the ring!

Real Boxing 2 1

Overview of Game Modes and Core Features

Real Boxing 2 offers diverse gameplay modes that provide endless exciting action:

  • Career Mode – Create your own boxer and take them through an illustrious career fighting opponents in different weight classes across multiple tournaments to become a legend.
  • Local Multiplayer – Compete against a friend on the same device in exhilarating 2-player duels.
  • Global Multiplayer – Take on rival players worldwide in ranked online PvP matches and tournaments to climb the leaderboards.
  • Quick Fight – Jump straight into the ring against AI or player opponents in instant exhibition fights.
  • Training – Hone your boxing skills by taking on challenging training quests to develop speed, power and combos.

Along with these, some of the standout features include:

  • Console-quality 3D graphics and lifelike animations
  • Hundreds of licensed boxers with their unique styles
  • Realistic boxing physics with different punches, defensive movements etc.
  • In-depth customization with skills, gear, tattoos etc.
  • Dynamic environments that get damaged during fights
  • Thrilling sound effects and music

This combination of exciting game modes and realistic gameplay mechanics makes Real Boxing 2 the complete boxing experience on mobile.

Real Boxing 2 Customize

Mastering Boxing Techniques and Controls

Real Boxing 2 offers intuitive and responsive touchscreen controls combined with depth in boxing mechanics for immersive gameplay. Here are the main controls and techniques:

  • Punching – Tap the left/right side of the screen alternately to throw jabs, crosses, hooks and uppercuts.
  • Blocking – Swipe down to raise the guard and block opponent’s punches to the head and body.
  • Dodging – Swipe left or right to dodge punches with lateral movements and shoulder rolls.
  • Clinching – Swipe up to initiate a clinch and neutralize opponents at close range.
  • Knockouts – Land clean, hard punches continuously without getting blocked to score a KO!
  • Stamina Management – Don’t spam punches wildly. Time them properly and allow stamina to regenerate periodically.
  • Combos – Unlock special combos like overhand punches, liver shots etc. via training quests.

With practice, you can become proficient at attack, defense and counterpunching to take down human opponents and tough rivals like Mike Tyson!

Real Boxing 2

Career Mode Progression – Your Road to Glory

The career mode in Real Boxing 2 is your journey to become a boxing legend by competing in different circuits across multiple weight divisions. Here is an overview:

Start Out As An Amateur

  • You begin as an amateur nobody with low stats. Take part in amateur circuits to build reputation.

Join Professional Circuits

  • Turn pro and participate in minor pro events and tournaments to transition into major leagues.

Improve Your Ranking

  • Keep winning fights and titles to climb up the world rankings and gain fame.

Compete In Major Events

  • Qualify for major events like World Championships and League Tournaments by reaching the top of rankings.

Dominate Your Weight Class

  • Defeat top contenders to become the undisputed world champion of your weight class.

Change Weight Classes

  • Move up or down weight classes during your career for greater glory.

Retire As A Legend

  • Keep dominating until you cement your legacy as an all-time boxing great!

The career mode provides a structured path with steady progression as you make the journey from an amateur to a hall of fame legend.

Customizing Your Boxer – Personality And Style

Before embarking on your career, you can customize your boxer’s physical appearance, strengths, gear and more:

  • Appearance – Choose from multiple face types, hairstyles, skin color etc.
  • Boxing Style – Select a style like slugger, outboxer, counterpuncher etc.
  • Physical Stats – Allocate attribute points into health, speed, strength etc.
  • Gear – Equip gloves, shorts, shoes, mouthguard etc. with different perks.
  • Specializations – Develop special moves tailored to your style like powerful uppercuts for a slugger.
  • Outfits – Unlock alternate outfits as you progress through the career.
  • Tattoos – Get cool looking tattoos inked on your body.

The depth of customizations allows you to craft a unique boxer persona with tailored skills and style.

Real Boxing 2 Tournaments

Real Boxing 2 Gameplay Tips and Strategies

Follow these tips to defeat opponents and become the best boxer:

  • Master timed counterpunching to inflict maximum damage.
  • Use lateral movements and dodging to avoid incoming attacks.
  • Reserve stamina early on, don’t spam punches recklessly.
  • Attack the body frequently to drain opponent’s stamina.
  • Use clinches and evasion when cornered against ropes.
  • Equip gear with benefits aligned to your boxer’s style.
  • Develop combos tailored for high damage or speedy attacks.
  • Perfect blocking and bobbing to set up deadly counter combos.
  • Remain patient and study your opponent’s patterns to exploit weaknesses.
  • Land clean heavy hits towards the end to score a KO when their stamina is low.

Mastering these tips along with honing your reflexes and precision will make you a force to be reckoned with in the ring!

Exciting Features of Real Boxing 2 Mod APK

The modded version gives you the following awesome advantages:

  • Unlimited money to progress faster
  • All boxers and costumes unlocked
  • Max level and unlimited skill points for attributes
  • Infinite stamina so you never get fatigued
  • Instant win option with one punch KO
  • No ads or annoying popups

This allows you to fully customize your boxer with the best gear and maxed out skills. You can dominate fights without worrying about stamina or grinding for wins. The mod takes your boxing experience to new highs!

Real Steel vs Real Boxing 2 – Which Is the Better Boxing Game?

Real Steel and Real Boxing 2 are two of the top boxing titles, but which one should you play? Here is a quick comparison:

FactorReal SteelReal Boxing 2
GraphicsGood quality 3DStunning console-like visuals
GameplayRobot boxing with light RPG elementsSimulation focused on boxing mechanics
Game ModesStory-driven career, mini-gamesExtensive career mode, training, PvP
CustomizationRobot parts, movesetsAppearance, gear, skills, taunts
ControlsTap and gesture basedIntuitive punching and dodging

In summary: Real Steel has an appeal for casual players looking for arcade-style robot boxing action. Real Boxing 2 offers much deeper and realistic professional boxing gameplay.

So choose Real Steel if you prefer lighthearted robot boxing fun. But for an authentic and engrossing boxing simulation, Real Boxing 2 is the clear winner!

Real Boxing 2 Rank

Final Verdict – Is Real Boxing 2 Worth Playing?

For boxing fans, Real Boxing 2 offers the best gameplay experience on mobile with its quality presentation, depth of mechanics, exciting career mode progression and competitive multiplayer.

The intuitive and responsive controls truly make you feel like a pro boxer pulling off amazing combos and counterpunches. There is great longevity in levelling up your boxer’s skills while climbing the ranks. Eye-catching visuals and effects make fights come alive.

While some may find career progression slightly slow, the mod addresses this issue splendidly. Overall, Real Boxing 2 is undoubtedly worth playing for an engaging and intense boxing simulation experience. Strap on your gloves and step into the ring for hours of heart-pumping action!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Real Boxing 2 online multiplayer free?

Yes, you can compete in online PvP modes absolutely free in Real Boxing 2. No subscriptions needed.

How big is the game file size?

Approximately 2 GB including optional additional resources. Extra space needed for updates.

Can I customize controls in Real Boxing 2?

Yes, you can customize the placement of buttons and change controls via the settings.

Is Real Boxing 2 pay-to-win?

No, skill matters most. While in-app purchases can speed up progression, they aren’t necessary to win.

Can I play Real Boxing 2 on PC?

Yes, you can play Real Boxing 2 on PC using Android emulators like BlueStacks and MEmu Play.

Which devices are supported?

It requires Android 4.4+ or iOS 8.0+ and is compatible with most mid-range devices and above.

And with that, we bring this guide to a close. Hope you enjoyed learning all about Real Boxing 2 and are pumped up to enter the virtual ring for some intense action!

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