FIFA Soccer APK v20.1.02 [MOD, Menu, Easy Win, Dumb Enemy]
FIFA Soccer APK v20.1.02 [MOD, Menu, Easy Win, Dumb Enemy]

FIFA Soccer APK v20.1.02 [MOD, Menu, Easy Win, Dumb Enemy]

With ultra-realistic graphics and controls, FIFA Soccer Premium Apk creates an authentic soccer gaming experience for players around the world.

Name FIFA Soccer
Category Sports
Size 138.6 MB
Latest Version 20.1.02
MOD Menu, Easy Win, Dumb Enemy
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FIFA Soccer is the most famous version in the FIFA Soccer series of publisher ELECTRONIC ARTS
Mod Version 20.1.02
Total installs 100,000,000+

FIFA Soccer on mobile devices brings the intense, skill-based gameplay and authentic leagues, teams, kits, and players of the FIFA console experience to the palm of your hand. With easy controls, nail-biting competition, and exciting upgrades and team building, it offers a full soccer simulation you can play on the go. Let’s dive into the menus, fool the opposition with crafty moves, and build a squad destined for greatness. Get ready to dominate the pitch and score some screamers!

FIFA Soccer

Getting Started: Navigating the Menus

Booting up FIFA Soccer Mobile for the first time can feel overwhelming. Let’s break down each menu tab and key features to set you up for success:


The main hub to access all game modes and announcements. Check here for new events, season resets, and content updates.


  • VS Attack: Fast-paced asynchronous multiplayer where you take turns attacking and defending. Rack up fans to progress through higher tiers 🔥
  • Head to Head: Traditional PVP mode where you battle another player in real time. Climb the leaderboards for rewards.
  • League Tour: Authentic league play against AI clubs. Earn crests to unlock special players for your squad.


Manage your club here. View player cards, upgrade skills, and tweak tactics like formation and gameplans.


Acquire new talent through the transfer market or pack openings. Search by position or stats to find missing pieces.


Limited-time competitions and challenges to complete for prizes and players. Check back often for fresh content!

Got it? Now let’s get out on the pitch and go over some tips for dominating the opposition.

FIFA Soccer 1

Gameplay Guide: Finish Like A Pro

Scoring goals and keeping clean sheets is the name of the game. Apply these strategies to outplay the competition:

Master the Controls

The virtual joystick and buttons may feel awkward at first. Practice sprinting, passing, shooting, and switching players until reactions become second nature.

Pass Smart

Constantly passing between teammates pulls the defense out of position and opens gaps. Look for incisive through balls to catch the backline sleeping.

Shoot at the Right Time

Don’t just blast shots recklessly. Draw the keeper off his line, round him on a breakaway, or finesse it into the corners. Pick your moments.

Defend as a Unit

Don’t drag defenders out of place. Contain with midfielders and time tackle attempts well. Last ditch slide blocks in the box do wonders too!

Customize Your Squad

Tailor formations, roles, and tactics to suit your style. Set quick counters against slow build up play. Go all out attack or park the bus.

With the basics covered, let’s move on to dominating the AI and climbing the leaderboards against real opponents.

FIFA Soccer 2

AI Matches: Exploit Their Predictability

Playing against the computer can feel fruitless when they thwart your every attack. The key is recognizing their tendencies and exploiting the gaps:

  • The AI often leaves the wings exposed. Send speedy wingers on runs in behind the fullbacks.
  • Slow build up play draws them out of position. Switch the angle of attack rapidly once they overcommit.
  • CPU defenders back off too much inside their own box. Finesse shots to the far post often squeak by.
  • Goalkeepers parry shots directly back into danger areas. Follow up on rebounds quickly to punish their mistakes.
  • On corners and free kicks, the AI shows its hand early. Watch their positioning and adjust your aim accordingly.

Once you identify and target these AI weaknesses, beating World Class and Legendary difficulties becomes much more manageable. Just don’t get too cocky – they’ll occasionally surprise you with a worldie!

FIFA Soccer 3

Online Multiplayer: Dominate With Skills

Facing off against human opponents is a whole other beast. Sprinkle these advanced tactics into your gameplay to gain a competitive edge:

Master Skill Moves

Ball rolls, stepovers, and flicks confuse defenders. Chaining them together lets you glide past hapless opponents with ease.

Vary Set Piece Routines

Disguise your corner and free kick plays. Pass short instead of crossing or quickly change targets in the box. The element of surprise pays off.

Make Subs Count

Bringing on fresh super subs against tired legs can change a game. Pacey wingers and target men cause havoc late on.

Go Ultra Attacking

When chasing a goal late, go all out. Move players out of position, “team press”, and pump balls into the box relentlessly. Never say die!

Unnerve Your Opponent

Some harmless showboating or watching replays can frustrate an already struggling challenger. Keep them on tilt for an easier win.

Implement these next level strategies and soon you’ll be the one handing out beatdowns. But be careful not to let the banter get toxic – good sportsmanship is key after all.

Now let’s dive into the metagame of building a squad that plays like a dream.

FIFA Soccer 4

Team Building: Assemble Your Dream Squad

Fielding a competitive Ultimate Team isn’t easy. You’ll need to master chemistry, overalls, special cards, and more to stand a chance online. Here are some tips:

Chemistry is Crucial

Link players with the same league, nationality, or club for chemistry boosts that improve attributes. One weak link can throw off the whole squad.

Pace and Defense Rule

Due to the fast gameplay, pacey CBs and fullbacks are a must. Build from the back and make defense the priority.

Stick to the Meta

Some player cards are just better due to key stats and body type. Follow trends and go for what works, not just your favorite players.

Complete SBCs

Squad Building Challenges reward you with packs and special cards for submitting squads based on criteria. They can be costly, but pay dividends.

Open Packs Strategically

Lightning Rounds offer loads of packs during promos. Prices are inflated, so open saved packs from Rewards and Marquee Matchups.

Player TypeExampleHow to Obtain
Normal GoldBenzemaPacks
SpecialRoad to KOSBCs, Objectives
Team of WeekTOTW RonaldoPacks
IconMid PeleSBCs, Packs

With these tips, you’ll be leveraging promos, building hybrids, and obtaining elite Icons and Heroes in no time. Just be prepared for the grind! 💪

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I earn more coins quickly?

Play Squad Battles and take untradeable Rewards to stock your club.
Buy low during market crashes and sell high when prices rebound.
Invest in meta cards when supply is high. Their value will rise.
Do Bronze Pack Method. List all cards and high fitness. Profit adds up!

What are the best skill moves to learn?

Bridge, ball roll, fake shot, heel to heel flick, and drag back are essentials to beat defenders 1v1. Scoop turns, elasticos, and McGeady spins are flashy advanced moves to master.

How do I defend better in online play?

Don’t constantly hold sprint or drag CBs out of position. Use CDMs to press and cover runs. Time tackles instead of rushing in. And keep your defensive shape narrow on the edge of the box.

Should I buy FIFA Points and open packs?

FIFA Points offer a quick influx of cards, but pack weight is generally poor. Coins offer more control – use them during promos when special cards are in packs. But reasonable FP purchases can add more fun and variety!

What’s the best camera setting and controls?

Tele broadcast and co-op offer great visibility. Use manual shooting and assisted passing for optimal control. And tweak controller settings like auto switching air balls off to avoid frustration.

And there you have it – a comprehensive guide to dominating the pitch on FIFA Mobile! From menus to gameplay, formations to the metagame, we’ve covered all the tips and tricks you need to create an unstoppable Ultimate Team and outsmart both AI and human opponents. Just remember that while competitive, FIFA is meant to be fun! Have a kickabout with your mates, pull off some wonder goals, and engage in exciting competitions. Let me know if you have any other FIFA Mobile questions!

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