The Wild Darkness APK v1.2.95 (MOD, Mega Menu)
The Wild Darkness APK v1.2.95 (MOD, Mega Menu)

The Wild Darkness APK v1.2.95 (MOD, Mega Menu)

With The Wild Darkness Premium Apk, players face intriguing challenges and strategic decisions as they drill through the mysterious world.

Name The Wild Darkness
Publisher PoPeyed Inc
Category Role Playing
Size 95.7 MB
Latest Version 1.2.95
MOD Mega Menu
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The Wild Darkness is the most famous version in the The Wild Darkness series of publisher PoPeyed Inc
Mod Version 1.2.95
Total installs 1,000,000+

The Wild Darkness is an exciting survival game that will immerse you in a mysterious dark forest filled with dangers around every corner. With useful mods like the Mega Menu, you can enhance your gameplay and survive even the deadliest challenges. This walkthrough will provide tips and tricks to master The Wild Darkness!

The Wild Darkness

Overview of The Wild Darkness Gameplay

The Wild Darkness drops you in an expansive dark forest environment. Your character wakes up in the woods unaware of where they are or how they got there. You must explore dangerous areas, collect resources, craft weapons/tools, erect shelters, hunt animals and try to find clues about the forest’s secrets and a way to escape.

The forest is filled with abandoned structures, caves and secrets to uncover. But you must be smart about navigating it because deadly animals and supernatural entities roam the woods. Resources are scarce so you’ll need to scavenge everything while managing hunger, thirst and exhaustion. At night, the forest becomes even more dangerous!

The gameplay is open-world survival sim with crafting, building and RPG elements. Key features include:

  • Expansive Open World Map – Run freely and explore a massive, randomly generated dark forest map. Discover abandoned structures, shelters and secrets hidden in the woods.
  • Crafting & Building – Gather resources to craft weapons, tools and survival gear. Build shelters, fires and other structures to survive.
  • Day/Night Cycle – Manage your time wisely. Explore and scavenge in the day, take shelter and defend yourself at night.
  • Hunting & Fishing – Hunt wild animals and fish in lakes/rivers for food sources. Beware of aggressive wildlife that can attack!
  • RPG Progression – Level up your character’s skills over time to unlock abilities and become more resilient.
  • Mystery & Story – Discover notes/clues to reveal the forest’s backstory and escape its dark depths.
  • Central Town – Find the safe haven Town which has traders and residents. But danger still lurks around it!

With its eerie atmosphere, range of mechanics and permadeath mode, The Wild Darkness offers a one-of-a-kind survival challenge!

The Wild Darkness 1

Mega Menu MOD Overview

The excellent Mega Menu mod enhances The Wild Darkness gameplay in so many ways. After installing it, a new “Mega Menu” button appears in the pause menu. This grants you access to super useful features including:

  • Instant Structures – Instantly spawn any structure like camps, walls, traps and more! This lets you quickly create safe hideouts.
  • Free Crafting – Craft any item for free without needing resources. Build the most powerful gear immediately.
  • Teleportation – Teleport instantly to any location or point of interest on the map. Great for fast travel!
  • Map Revel – Reveal the entire map to see all points of interest and plan your exploration.
  • Time Control – Change the time of day or speed up time’s flow for convenience. Skip night easily!
  • Spawn Items – Spawn any item you need like weapons, resources, tools, food etc. Very useful!
  • God Mode – Become invincible so you’ll never die! Focus just on exploring.

The Mega Menu provides an incredible amount of utility making survival easier. It’s great for beginners who want a less harsh experience. You can enable only the features you want for the desired gameplay.

The Wild Darkness 2

Early Game Guide – Starting Up and Survival Tips

When first starting The Wild Darkness, follow these tips to setup a solid early game:

Exploring the First Areas

  • Move slowly and crouch to remain stealthy when exploring new areas. Listen for animal sounds.
  • Pick up rocks, sticks and fibers scattered around as your first resources.
  • Keep an eye out for abandoned structures, caves or shelters to take refuge.
  • Don’t sprint excessively as it drains your stamina. Walk to conserve energy.
  • If enemies approach, try to retreat to a hiding spot or run away. You lack weapons currently.

Gathering Resources

  • Chop down trees for wood (hold chop button). Target small trees first which fall faster.
  • Break down bushes for sticks. Large bushes yield the most sticks per bush.
  • Pick up plants, berries and mushrooms scattered around the environment.
  • Loot any chests, cupboards, shelves you find for random supplies.
  • Mine rocks with your axe to obtain stone. Pickaxe works faster once crafted.
  • Open your satchel to check how many materials of each type you’ve gathered.

Crafting Starter Tools

  • Craft a Stone Axe – This is your primary chopping and mining tool.
  • Make a Torch – Allows vision in dark areas when held. Limited durability.
  • Build a Stone Knife – Essential for skinning animals after hunting them.
  • Construct a Spear – Main starting weapon for defense and hunting. Better than knife.
  • Optional – Make a Bow & Arrows – Allows ranged hunting. Requires lots of resources.

Creating a Shelter

  • Choose a suitable shelter spot near trees/rocks for resources. Avoid animals.
  • Start with a Thatched Hut if short on materials. Make a Wooden Hut later when possible.
  • Build Chests to expand storage since your satchel has limited space.
  • Craft Campfires inside your shelter for light, cooking and crafting.
  • Build Walls & Doors to fortify your shelter’s defenses. Add Traps too.

Managing Needs

  • Check your hunger and thirst gauges – replenish them by eating food/drinking water.
  • Cook meat at campfires before eating for best results. Avoid raw meat.
  • Maintain your energy by sleeping in shelters. Don’t let it fully drain.
  • Healing – Bandage wounds from fighting. Make healing salves. Sleep to heal over time.

Follow this starter advice to get yourself established. Soon you’ll be ready to challenge the forest’s harsher areas!

The Wild Darkness 3

Combat Guide – Fighting Enemies and Wildlife

The dark forest is full of dangers like wild animals, mutated beasts and supernatural enemies. Here are some key combat tactics and tips:

Melee Combat

  • Use spears and knives to kill beasts at close range. Time your strikes to land hits.
  • Counterattack promptly after blocking enemy strikes to stun them. Then land hits.
  • Dodge to avoid enemy blows at the last second. Dodge around them to flank.
  • Lure Enemies towards traps you’ve laid like spike pits for an advantage.
  • Hide & Ambush – Stealthily approach then surprise attack from hiding spots.

Ranged Combat

  • Bows & Crossbows let you snipe enemies from a distance. Use cover.
  • Throwables like Molotov cocktails and grenades are great vs groups. Lure them together.
  • Stockpile Explosive Barrels to detonate when enemies come near.
  • High Ground – Shoot from elevated spots for better accuracy and vision.

Melee Weapon Types

  • Spears have long reach but slow attack speed. Use quick jabs.
  • Axes deliver heavy damage, but swing slowly. Time your hits.
  • Swords strike fast. Rely on speed to overwhelm.
  • Maces break guards and armor quickly with heavy blows.

Defense Tactics

  • Rotate between blocking and dodging rather than just blocking.
  • Listen for subtle enemy attack sounds so you can react quickly.
  • Use estus healing flasks if wounded. Tactically fall back if overwhelmed.
  • Place traps like spike pits to weaken tougher enemies before fighting them.

Mastering combat takes practice, but these tips will give you an edge. The wise survivor knows when to fight aggressively and when to lay low!

The Wild Darkness 4

Survival Guide – Finding Resources and Maintaining Needs

Lasting in The Wild Darkness requires securing key resources and keeping your needs fulfilled. Follow this guidance to master long-term survival:

Vital Resources

  • Wood – Your #1 need. Chop trees daily. Target smaller, faster trees.
  • Food – Kill animals for meat. Fish for salmon/trout. Harvest berries.
  • Stone – Needed for tools and building. Mine rock deposits.
  • Fibers – For ropes, bows, torches etc. Pull from bushes.
  • Medicinal Herbs – Critical for healing items and antidotes. Grab all you see.

Efficient Harvesting

  • Use stone pickaxes to mine rock and metal faster.
  • Build skinning knives to double yield from animal corpses.
  • Construct furnaces to smelt metal ores into ingots efficiently.
  • Create tanning racks so you can tan every hide from hunting.
  • Use better axes like steel to chop trees quicker.

Maintaining Needs

  • Carry mutli-use water bottles to quickly drink from rivers.
  • Cook surplus meat into jerky at fires to preserve it.
  • Build lots of storage chests and stockpile resources you gather.
  • Sleep on bed rolls to rapidly restore lost energy.
  • Make healing salves and use bandages after combat.

Long-Term Goals

  • Upgrade to stone structures for better defense.
  • Grow crops in farmland once seeds are found.
  • Craft steel tools & weapons when you build a furnace.
  • Obtain ranger armor for protection during exploration.
  • Build an elevated watchtower to spot enemies before they notice you.

Following this advice will ensure you have the resources needed to thrive long-term. A good scout is always prepared!

Caving Guide – Ancient Ruins and Surviving Darkness

Vast cave networks weave under the forest holding ruins, resources and threats. Here’s how to safely explore caves:

Preparing to Spelunk

  • Craft mining helmets so you have hands free. Provides light.
  • Make healing salves and bandages in case you’re wounded.
  • Bring food that lasts like jerky. You may be down for days.
  • Take spare weapons/tools in case gear breaks underground.
  • Mark cave entrances with markers so you don’t get lost.

Navigating Underground

  • Place torches to illuminate pathways already explored.
  • Drop spare resources in chests as you go so your inventory doesn’t overflow.
  • Mark forks in paths with coloured tapestries so you know which way leads where.
  • Listen for dripping water or echoing sounds which signify open caverns.

Dealing with Dangers

  • Move slowly and listen for echoing monster sounds ahead.
  • Hide in alcoves and snipe tough zombie hordes with a crossbow.
  • Place wooden spike traps near ladder exits to weaken emerging enemies.
  • Collapse rocks/boulders with explosives to block paths with strong foes.
  • Use hit-and-run tactics on tough rock creatures. Don’t get cornered!

Finding Hidden Treasures

  • Mine iron veins on cave walls to obtain stronger gear resources.
  • Loot any chests tucked away in remote corners.
  • Inspect “glowing fungus” thoroughly – these often hide secret doors!
  • Destroy pots and vases to reveal treasures and consumables.
  • Listen for faint hints of underground streams. Following them leads to riches!

Surviving the sprawling caves lets you emerge with troves of resources and artifacts. Just watch your step in the darkness!

The Wild Darkness 5

Modding Guide – Must-Have Mods and Utilities

Mods expand and enhance The Wild Darkness gameplay in so many ways. Here are some must-have mods:

Gameplay Enhancement Mods

  • Mega Menu – Adds teleportation, free building and other cheats.
  • Campsite Save – Lets you save progress at campsites.
  • Fast Inventory – Provides instant looting and quick item actions.
  • First Person Enhanced – Improves immersion in first person mode.
  • Mini-map – View a small map overlay for navigation.

Quality of Life Improvements

  • Item Stack Size – Increases stack sizes for easier inventory management.
  • Quick Equip Slots – Lets you customize and access 4 quick slots.
  • Auto-Organizer – Automatically sorts your inventory and chests.
  • Tool Durability Viewer – Displays your tool’s remaining durability.

Content Expansion Mods

  • Creature Levels And Loot Control – Adds RPG progression to creatures.
  • Dungeons Of Erador – Full-fledged new random dungeons.
  • Modular Armory – Hundreds of new medieval weapons and armor.
  • Magic Overhaul – Implements spells and magic weapons.

Visual Upgrades

  • Visual Overhaul – Major graphic improvements.
  • Dynamic Night Lighting – Adds atmospheric night lighting.
  • True Storms – More intense weather, rain and thunder sounds.

Mods breathe so much life into the game! Be sure to browse NexusMods for hidden gems.

Expert Tips For Advanced Players

After mastering the basics, utilize these expert tips to step up your game:

  • Always carry spare bows/ammo on exploration treks so you never lack ranged options if stuff breaks.
  • Build mini-bases with storage caches and bed rolls hidden near faraway points of interest. Makes remote excursions easier.
  • When hunting, target deer first since they’re quick and run. Fight slower boars afterward.
  • Farm blueberries near your base – they grow back fast for reliable food. Plant near water.
  • Give your horse saddle bags for mobile item and resource transportation. Load him up and take him mining!
  • Install armor racks at your base so you can display your collection of looted enemy armor sets.
  • During horde attacks, funel enemies through narrow gaps so only a few can attack you at once.
  • Setup elevated “birdhouses” that let you zip line between trees and avoid dangers below.

If you follow these advanced tips, you’ll be ready to conquer The Wild Darkness like a true forest veteran!

FAQs – Common Questions and Answers

Is there a full story campaign or is it purely survival sandbox?

There is an overarching mystery and story to uncover in notes/diaries, but no formal campaign. The core gameplay is open-ended survival simulation.

Should I play in first or third person view?

Both have pros and cons. First person is more immersive but third person provides more situational awareness. Try both!

Does difficulty affect the map or world?

No, only player stats are adjusted. The world stays the same across difficulties. Hardcore just makes survival more challenging.

Can I play offline or does the game require internet?

Wild Darkness is fully playable offline. No internet required after initial install!

Can I build any structure or are there restrictions?

You have total freedom to build anything your resources allow. No artificial restrictions by the game.

Can I farm and grow food or is it all foraging?

Farming is possible after acquiring seeds! Build farmland near water and grow crops.

How scary is the game’s atmosphere and enemies?

More creepy than outright horror. But enemies can overwhelm so caution is required!

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