Grim Soul APK v5.7.1 (MOD, Mega Menu/VIP Unlocked)
Grim Soul APK v5.7.1 (MOD, Mega Menu/VIP Unlocked)

Grim Soul APK v5.7.1 (MOD, Mega Menu/VIP Unlocked)

With Grim Soul Premium apk you will have Mega Menu and VIP Unlocked. Thus, you will be able to progress faster in the game and have many contents.

Name Grim Soul
Publisher Brickworks Games Ltd
Category Role Playing
Size 374.3 MB
Latest Version 5.7.1
MOD Mega Menu/VIP Unlocked
Get it On Google Play
Grim Soul is the most famous version in the Grim Soul series of publisher Brickworks Games Ltd
Mod Version 5.7.1
Total installs 10,000,000+

Grim Soul: Dark Fantasy Survival drops you into a brutal medieval world overrun by zombies, demons, and other horrors. This mobile RPG challenges you to survive against all odds by mastering crafting, building, combat, farming, and exploration across bleak landscapes.

This gameplay guide will provide tips, strategies, and insight to help you endure the desperate struggle to live another night. Light your torch and ready your blade – it’s going to be a grim fight indeed.

Grim Soul Dark Survival RPG

Getting Started

When you spawn in the plagued starting area, follow these initial steps:

  • Search the nearby ruins and wagons to loot useful equipment and items. Look for clothes, weapons, food, materials, and more.
  • Craft basic tools like a pickaxe, knife, and torch using materials scavenged in the starting zone. Open your crafting menu.
  • Mine stone, chop trees for wood, and kill animals like wolves and deer to obtain essential crafting resources.
  • Build walls, floors, a workbench, and chests to create an initial secure shelter. Place a campfire inside.
  • Craft better weapons, armor, cooking gear, furniture, tools, and other items to progress.

Surviving the early hours is crucial. Avoid combat until geared up and build a basic shelter to protect against enemies.

Combat Basics

Combat in Grim Soul relies on careful tactics and skillful dexterity:

  • Time dodges and rolls properly to avoid enemy blows when they flash red.
  • Kite enemies and lure them away from groups whenever possible. Don’t let them swarm you.
  • Attack specific body parts like the head to stun enemies, opening them up for heavy blows.
  • Use the environment strategically. Traps, fires, and obstacles can damage foes.
  • Manage stamina carefully. Don’t exhaust it completely or you won’t be able to evade or block.

Mastering combat fundamentals ensures you can take down zombies, wolves, bandits, and other threats roaming the world. Exercise caution at all times.

Grim Soul Dark Survival RPG 1


Crafting and equipping good quality melee and ranged weapons is a top priority:

Melee Weapons

  • Clubs – Common early game weapons. Slow but high damage.
  • Spears – Fast attacks but lower damage. Good for weak foes.
  • Mace – Balanced speed and damage. Stuns enemies.
  • Sword – Agile and versatile for precision strikes.
  • Battleaxe – Devastating but slower and consumes more stamina.

Ranged Weapons

  • Wooden Bow – Weak but allowing pulling and kiting tactics.
  • Hunting Bow – Faster and longer range. Better damage.
  • Crossbow – Slow reload but high damage bolts.
  • Pistol – End game gun with stopping power, if scarce ammo.

Different weapons suit certain situations and enemy types. Utilize your full arsenal.


The right protective gear can save your life. Prioritize crafting these arms and armor:

  • Leather armor – Early essential armor until you can upgrade. Offers basic protection from bites and blows.
  • Iron armor – Requires extensive mining but offers substantially better defense.
  • Shield – Crucial for blocking enemy attacks. Manage its durability.
  • Helmet – Provides major damage reduction against lethal head strikes.
  • Boots – Upgraded boots allow longer sprinting to flee or kite enemies.

Only engage in serious combat when adequately geared up. Armor will deteriorate with use and requires repair.

Grim Soul Dark Survival RPG 2


Some of the lethal enemies you’ll face include:

  • Zombies – Slow and weak individually but dangerous in groups. Will infect your food.
  • Knights – Heavily armored undead knights wielding swords and shields.
  • Abominations – Massive resistant zombies that are powerful but slow.
  • Spiders – Fast and venomous giant spiders emerging from caves.
  • Bandits – Ruthless marauders trying to steal your loot or kidnap you.
  • Undead – Skeletal horrors frozen in ice that come alive when approached. Handle carefully.
  • Demons – Menacing horned fiends with imposing attacks. Exercise extreme caution.

Certain enemies appear only at night or in specific dungeons. Expect new threats to arise over time.


You’ll eventually face unique boss enemies with distinct attack patterns and strengths:

  • Crazed Knight – Deranged former warrior wielding a huge hammer. Watch for area attacks. Sets the floor on fire.
  • Evil Spirit – Spectral being that can summon minions and vanish to flank you. Block her dark magic bolts.
  • Gladekeeper – Giant vine-covered beast guarding old ruins. Charges and releases vine traps. Keep your distance and brace for charges.
  • The Immortal – Heavily armored knight with powerful sword combos and shield bashes. Save health potions for this lengthy battle.

Dedicate time to learning bosses’ telegraphs and weaknesses. Defeating them bestows valuable loot but don’t expect an easy fight.

Grim Soul Dark Survival RPG 3

Base Building

Constructing a secure base provides protection from foes:

  • Build deeper into the mountains away from high traffic areas. Have an escape plan if overrun.
  • Use thick walls 2-3 layers deep and surround your base perimeter completely. No gaps for enemies to breach!
  • Incorporate NPC allies like the Healer and Engineer to occupy, bolster defenses, and support you.
  • Leave spaces for vital crafting stations, storage chests, furniture, torches, farms, and sleeping quarters.
  • Customize with decorations like trophies, carpets, candles, and banners when possible.

Your capabilities will multiply exponentially once you have a fully functional self-sufficient base. But dangers lurk, so be ready to defend it.

Character Progression

As you complete tasks and quests, your character will gain:

  • Experience – Earn XP by crafting, building, killing foes, and completing quests. XP increases your overall character level.
  • Skill Points – Spend these to unlock active skills like running slide, bear trap, and healing. Passive skills boost stats.
  • Talent Points – Invest these in beneficial talents like Cliffhanger, Medic, and Commando. Open up talent branches.
  • Knowledge – Discover recipes, materials, enemy info, locations, and more. Knowledge unlocks new crafting recipes.
  • Reputation – Higher rep gives access to better faction rewards. Increase by helping allies.

Strengthening your hero will help handle the relentless dangers that await.

Survival Tips

Follow these crucial tips to endure the grim horrors:

  • Only fight when adequately geared and properly prepared. Else flee.
  • Have bandages, medicine, cooked meat, and water on hand before battles or long trips.
  • Collect all items and materials. Everything has uses for crafting or quests.
  • Cook food over fires and bring food on trips to maintain health and energy.
  • Clear dungeons, raids, and camps fully once entered. Enemies will respawn over time when off-screen.
  • Perform tasks and quests sequentially in tight loops near your base to maximize each excursion.
  • Spend talent points on resource collection bonuses like woodcutting and mining early on.
  • Repair your best armor and weapons constantly to maintain their effectiveness.

Staying wise and vigilant is imperative to overcoming the ceaseless threats that emerge from the darkness. Steel your heart and be smart.

Grim Soul Dark Survival RPG 4

Tips for Free Players

Succeeding as a free player is challenging but very possible:

  • Carefully plan base construction to maximize space efficiency for all essential stations.
  • Only open floppy crates when the specialist has an active contract for rewards. Save diamonds.
  • Equip whatever the best gear you acquire is, even if not matching. Focus on raising power.
  • Recycle unused equipment at the specialist to slowly gain valuable steel bars and plates.
  • Do daily tasks and raid tombs each reset for consistent coin, resources, and items.
  • Watch ads to double resources from gathering trips. Use other temporary boosts wisely.
  • Cook and preserve extra food when possible to build buffers against starvation during hard times.
  • Learn enemy attack timing and kite relentlessly. Skilled footwork saves weapons durability and health resources.

With intelligent play, you can survive the horrors and progress alongside paying players. Stay frugal and determined.

Final Tips

Follow these last pieces of advice to master Grim Soul’s harsh world:

  • Remain calm under pressure. Panic worsens odds of survival.
  • Know when to fight aggresssively versus fleeing to regroup. Discretion is key.
  • Keep backup gear and resources in case of defeat. Don’t risk everything at once.
  • Study enemy attack patterns closely as each foe has strengths and weaknesses.
  • Play offline when tackling new challenges to avoid item loss from death.
  • Coordinate raids on dungeons and camps with your allies for greater success.
  • Above all, never lose hope. The786 light of each new dawn offers another chance to endure.

Stay vigilant, resourceful survivor. May your torch continue flickering brightly against the ever-encroaching darkness.

Grim Soul FAQs

Is the game really playable without spending money?

Yes! You can still experience all the content without purchases. Spending just accelerates progress. Exercise patience.

What happens when you die?

You will lose all non-equipped inventory items and respawn back at your base. Try to recover lost gear quickly.

Should I use guns or stick to melee weapons?

Save guns for tougher enemies. Ammo is extremely scarce. Melee is more sustainable long-term.

Is there a story or just pure survival?

There is an underlying story revealed through notes, NPC dialog, and exploring the world. But survival is the core focus.

How important is base building?

Incredibly important for storage, production, security, allies etc. A strong base makes life much easier.

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