Super Stylist APK v3.2.02 (MOD, Unlimited Money, Energy)
Super Stylist APK v3.2.02 (MOD, Unlimited Money, Energy)

Super Stylist APK v3.2.02 (MOD, Unlimited Money, Energy)

Look no further than Super Stylist Premium APK - the ultimate fashion game with unlimited money and energy.

Name Super Stylist
Publisher CrazyLabs LTD
Category Role Playing
Size 1.7 GB
Latest Version 3.2.02
MOD Unlimited Money, Energy
Get it On Google Play
Super Stylist is the most famous version in the Super Stylist series of publisher CrazyLabs LTD
Mod Version 3.2.02
Total installs 50,000,000+

Super Stylist is a fun and addictive fashion and dress up game that allows players to live the dream of becoming a superstar fashion stylist. As a budding fashionista, you get to dress up models, style them, and send them down the runway in weekly fashion shows. The game features tons of clothes, accessories, hairstyles and makeup options to mix and match. You can also decorate your salon and interact with clients. With the mod version, you get unlimited money and energy so you can enjoy the game to the fullest.

Super Stylist 1


Super Stylist offers engaging gameplay that revolves around giving makeovers to models and clients. Here are some of the main tasks you need to do:

Dress Up Models

  • As a stylist, your job is to dress up models according to different fashion themes and send them down the runway. You have to dress them up from head to toe – give them a suitable hairstyle, apply makeup, accessories and pick the perfect outfit.
  • There are 4 models available initially but you can unlock more as you progress. Each model has her unique personality and style preferences that you have to keep in mind.
  • There are hundreds of clothing items, hairstyles, accessories and makeup products to choose from. You can mix and match to create perfect looks.
  • You need energy to dress up each model. The amount of energy required depends on the number of items used.

Run Fashion Shows

  • The dressed up model walks the ramp in weekly fashion shows. You have to style all 4 models for each fashion show based on that week’s theme.
  • Other players vote on your styled looks. The top looks make it to the finale round where judges vote and give points.
  • Gain reputation points for winning fashion shows. Reputation points help increase your stylist rank.

Style Salon Clients

  • Real clients visit your salon for a makeover. These include men, women, kids, brides etc.
  • Listen to their style needs, preferences and occasion. Accordingly, give them a full makeover.
  • Gain coins and reputation points for satisfying salon clients. Unlock new makeup, hairstyles etc. as you advance.
  • Share makeover photos on social media. Your salon becomes popular with more shares.

Manage and Decorate Salon

  • Purchase furniture and amenities for your salon using coins. Keep clients happy by providing a world-class salon experience.
  • Unlock cool items like a makeup station, hair wash station, posters, plants, aquarium etc. to decorate your salon.
  • Upgrade and expand your salon as you earn more. Add more chairs, mirrors, shelves, workers and stations.
  • Customize the look by changing wall colors, floors, windows, music etc. Design your dream salon!
  • Happy clients and a popular salon earns you more daily coins for upgrades.


  • Play fun mini games like makeup matcher, dress-up relay and pop the pimple to take a break from the regular styling tasks.
  • Earn power-ups and coins by playing these mini games.

The main goal is to rank up from an amateur stylist to a super stylist by completing tasks, winning fashion shows, satisfying clients and expanding your salon. The gameplay is easy to grasp and fun for aspiring fashionistas of all ages!

Super Stylist 2

Key Features

Here are some of the cool features which make the game enjoyable:

Unlimited Customization

  • The game offers incredible customization options. You can mix and match hundreds of clothes, hairstyles, accessories, makeup products and more.
  • New fashion items and options are added regularly through updates so you always have more to explore.
  • Express your creativity and try bold styles without worrying about limits! Go wild with colors, textures, layers and effects.

Fun Mini-Games

  • The mini games like dress-up relay, makeup matcher and pop the pimple provide a nice break from the salon tasks.
  • They are short, addictive and test your speed and memory. Earn coins, gems and power-ups to help your styling.
  • More unique mini-games are added frequently to keep the experience fresh.

Interact with Clients

  • Real clients visit your salon with unique preferences and needs. Interact with them via chat before their makeover.
  • Read their style briefs carefully. Ask questions if you have doubts about their needs.
  • Giving them the perfect look they desire earns you more rewards. An unsatisfied client means fewer tips.
  • Building rapport with clients makes the game more realistic and engaging.

Social Media for Salon

  • Share your salon makeovers on Fashbook, the in-game social media platform.
  • Post pictures of your styled models and clients to gain more followers and shares.
  • Interact with friends by giving likes and comments on their posts. Visit their salons too.
  • Increased social media popularity attracts more clients, unlocking rewards.

Freedom to Decorate

  • You have complete freedom in designing your dream salon – get creative with walls, flooring, furniture, amenities, music, lighting and more!
  • Shop for hundreds of chic and whimsical decorative items. Add color and personality to your salon.
  • Change up the look frequently or stick to a theme. The choice is yours.
  • A luxury salon impresses clients, bringing you more profit and fame.

Regular Events

  • Limited time events like Fashion Weeks, Styling Contests, Holiday Parties keep the game dynamic.
  • Participate to win exclusive clothing pieces, accessories, furniture and other grand prizes.
  • Events have fun themes and challenges. They break the routine with new ways to play.
  • Special celebrity guest visits during events! Style them to earn big rewards.

With so many cool features, customization options and fun mini-games, Super Stylist offers an immersive fashion stylist simulation experience!

Mod Features (Unlimited Money and Energy)

The mod version of Super Stylist is modified to provide players unlimited money and energy. This takes the game enjoyment to another level!

Unlimited Money

  • Shopping is a super important part of the game. You need money to purchase clothes, accessories, salon items, upgrades etc.
  • But money can be hard to earn at times. Some items are expensive while earnings are slow initially.
  • With unlimited money, you don’t have to worry about the prices. Shop to your heart’s content!
  • Buy whatever runway outfits, makeup, hairstyles and salon decor you desire without thinking twice!
  • Spend lavishly on salon upgrades and expansion. Unlock everything instantly.
  • Overall, you get to experience the full scale of customization and enjoy shopping freely with no limitations.

Unlimited Energy

  • You need energy to dress up models before fashion shows. Special client makeovers also require energy.
  • Energy refills slowly over time. You may run low on energy quickly, having to wait before doing more styling tasks.
  • This can disrupt the flow of the game. With unlimited energy, you don’t have to stop for refills.
  • Style models and clients back to back without waiting. Complete fashion shows faster.
  • The unlimited energy allows you to binge play and enjoy seamless styling action!

No Grinding Needed

  • The mod eliminates the need to grind for money and energy. You can simply focus on the fun creative aspects.
  • Spend more time doing awesome makeovers and experimenting with styles rather than worrying about resources.
  • Get deeper into the game, unlock all salon features faster and participate in more events for rewards.
  • Overall, the unlimited money and energy makes the progression more enjoyable.

100% Safe

  • The mod is 100% safe to use on Android devices. It is an APK file that can be downloaded and installed just like a normal app.
  • It does not affect your phone’s OS or other apps in any way. You can uninstall it anytime.
  • No need to root or jailbreak your device. Simply enable installation from unknown sources.
  • The game save data or progress will NOT be affected by this mod. It only modifies in-game values.

So in summary, the unlimited money and energy mod allows you to take your salon and styling career to greater heights in Super Stylist without frustrating limitations!

Super Stylist 3

Tips and Tricks

Here are some useful tips and tricks to master Super Stylist faster:

Complete Daily Tasks

  • The daily tasks give rewards like money, gems, energy etc. Make sure to complete them before they reset.
  • Tasks include styling a certain number of clients, achieving store sales targets, playing mini-games etc.
  • Using the claim all button makes it easier to collect from all completed tasks in one go.

Invest Gems Wisely

  • Gems are precious! Use them to purchase only rare exclusive items that cost gems.
  • The special vintage clothing series, angel wings, gem furniture etc. are worthwhile buys with gems.
  • Use gems to unlock slots for additional models or salon stations also. But don’t waste them on common items.

Take Part in Events

  • Events offer exclusive rewards not available normally in the game. So make sure to participate.
  • Log in frequently during event periods because there are usually multiple sub events.
  • Save up gems and money ahead of special events like Black Friday or Fashion Week to buy all the limited edition items.

Satisfy VIP Clients

  • Occasionally VIP celebrity clients visit your salon. Ensure you give them a 5 star makeover.
  • Read their requests carefully and pick options that match their desired style and occasion wear.
  • Satisfying VIP clients gives a huge boost to salon reputation along with premium rewards.

Check Model Profiles

  • When selecting makeup, hair and outfits for models, check their profiles first.
  • Each model has style preferences listed like colors they prefer, makeup styles they avoid etc.
  • Choosing options they love increases their satisfaction score. This benefits your stylist ranking.

How to Win Fashion Shows

  • To win fashion shows, you need high satisfaction scores from both Models and Voters.
  • For models, pick clothes and styles tailored to their preferences as mentioned above.
  • For voters, go with trendy styles and avoid styles they reject. Check the fashion show theme and description.
  • Ask friends to vote for your styles to increase votes. Return favors and vote on their fashion shows too!

Using these handy tips and tricks will ensure your career as a super stylist takes flight!

Some Common FAQs About Super Stylist

Is Super Stylist game free to play?

Yes, the original Super Stylist game is completely free to download and play on Android and iOS devices. There are no upfront costs. You can access all the core features without paying anything. There are some in-app purchases offered for premium currency, but they are optional.

Does it require internet connection to play?

Yes, you need an active internet connection while playing as the game includes online features like interacting with other players and participating in events. Much of the content is server based. Without internet, you will not be able to access the full game.

How much storage space does it require?

Super Stylist requires about 150-200 MB of free storage space on Android devices for installing the app. The space requirements may increase slightly after installing game data and updates. Make sure you have sufficient storage before installing.

How long does it take to complete the game?

Super Stylist is an online fashion simulation game that does not exactly have a completion point since new content and events keep getting added. But it takes most players about 1-2 months of regular gameplay to unlock and max out all the core features available. Completion time also depends on your play style.

Is there a player vs player (PVP) mode?

Currently there is no direct PVP mode where you compete against other players. But you participate alongside others in fashion shows where your styling skills are judged and rated by them. You aim to style models better than other player-stylists and win shows.

Can you play Super Stylist offline?

No, an internet connection is required at all times to play. There is no offline mode available. The game involves real-time interactions and online features which cannot function offline.

Is it safe to use the modded APK version?

Yes, the unlimited money and energy mod for Super Stylist is 100% safe to use. It is free of malware or spyware that could harm your device. Being an offline modded APK, it won’t affect your main game progress either. But make sure to download the mod from trusted sites only.

How to restart Super Stylist from the beginning?

On the settings screen of the game, scroll down and tap on the ‘Reset Progress’ option. This will delete your current salon and story progress entirely. You can then tap on ‘Start Over’ on the opening screen to begin the game again fully afresh.

Final Take

With tons of clothes and accessories to mix-and-match, exciting fashion shows, cute mini-games, dream salon design and regular events – Super Stylist offers a wholesome styling simulation for fashionistas. The game’s core progression can be slow and energy meter frustrating, but the unlimited money and energy mod fixes these issues nicely. As you style models flawlessly, decorate a trendy salon, interact with clients and move up the stylist ranks with these enhancements, Super Stylist becomes an absolute blast! If you have an eye for fashion and love makeovers, this is the ultimate dress up game to showcase your skills.

That concludes this comprehensive guide to everything you need to know about Super Stylist – the gameplay, features, tips, FAQs and the value additions by modding. If you are someone with a keen interest in fashion and style, hop into Super Stylist today for a super fun time!

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