Dark Steel APK v1.5.1 (MOD, Unlimited Energy)
Dark Steel APK v1.5.1 (MOD, Unlimited Energy)

Dark Steel APK v1.5.1 (MOD, Unlimited Energy)

This The Dark Steel Premium Apk allows you to use the Unlimited Energy feature. In this way, you can get an excellent gaming experience.

Name Dark Steel
Publisher Dark Curry
Category Role Playing
Size 425 MB
Latest Version 1.5.1
MOD Unlimited Energy
Get it On Google Play
Dark Steel is the most famous version in the Dark Steel series of publisher Dark Curry
Mod Version 1.5.1
Total installs 500,000+

Dark Steel is an exciting new fighting game for Android that offers intense 1v1 battles, stunning graphics, and thrilling gameplay. With its easy controls, special moves, and wide array of fierce fighters to choose from, Dark Steel brings the heart-pumping action of arcade fighting games to your mobile device.

In this in-depth guide, we’ll explore all the key features of Dark Steel, including gameplay, modes, characters, moves, and more. We’ll also take a look at the unlimited energy MOD – an awesome hack that lets you play nonstop without worrying about your energy meter running dry. Let’s jump in!

Dark Steel


Dark Steel gameplay centers around 1v1 fighting matches between you and an opponent. Each fighter has their own playstyle, special moves, combo attacks, and more that you’ll need to master in order to come out on top.

Here are some key gameplay elements:

  • Controls – Dark Steel uses easy virtual buttons and stick controls, allowing you to pull off moves and combos with tap and swipe gestures. You can also customize the position of buttons.
  • Energy – Each match requires energy, which gradually depletes as you attack and get hit. Run out of energy and you’ll be unable to use special moves.
  • Health – Reduce your opponent’s health bar to zero before they do the same to you to win the match. Your health bar will decrease when you take hits.
  • Moves – Every fighter has quick strikes, heavy blows, grapples, throws, blocks, dodges, and special moves. Master these to dish out serious damage.
  • Combos – Chain together different moves to unleash devastating combo attacks on your opponent. These are key to maximizing damage.
  • Super Moves – Charge up your super meter to unleash epic, cinematic super moves that can potentially end a match in one blow.
  • Counters – Time your strikes carefully to counterattack and interrupt your opponent’s moves, leaving them vulnerable.

The fast-paced battles are intense and rewarding as you unleash fiery uppercuts, spinning pile drivers, lightning kicks and more. Timing, combos and resource management are key to coming out on top.

Dark Steel 1


Dark Steel features a variety of gameplay modes to keep you hooked:

  • Story Mode – Battle through multiple chapters and opponents to complete each fighter’s unique story. Excellent for honing skills.
  • Arcade Mode – Fight through random opponents in fast succession. Aim for high scores and survival time.
  • Versus Mode – Take on friends or the AI in competitive 1v1 bouts. Climb the online leaderboards.
  • Training Mode – Practice moves, combos and counters here without pressure. Ideal for new players.
  • Survival Mode – Battle endless waves of opponents. How long can you last before your health runs dry?
  • Challenges – Complete specific tasks like pulling off combos, avoiding hits, and more to earn rewards.

With so many ways to play, you’ll easily sink dozens of hours into mastering Dark Steel’s fighters without it ever getting repetitive.

Dark Steel 3


Dark Steel boasts a diverse roster of 10 larger-than-life playable characters, each with their own fighting style, background story and special abilities.

Here are some of the standout fighters:

  • Hotaru – A fierce ninja who wields a deadly katana and uses quick slashes, shadow clones and agile moves. Easy to pick up for beginners.
  • Drago – A hard-hitting luchador wrestler who overpowers foes with brute strength grapples and throws.
  • Valkyrie – A noble warrior armed with sword, shield and magical skills. Balanced all-rounder.
  • Moloch – A hulking demon-like being with fiery punches, charge attacks and a vicious berserker rage mode.
  • Blade – A cocky street fighter who uses street fighting skills, knives and dirty moves like eye gouges.
  • Vortex – An armored villain who controls gravity itself, crushing foes with telekinetic force.

The varied fighters ensure you’ll find one that suits your playstyle. And they all have unique personalities and backstories revealed through story mode.

Moves and Combos

Each Dark Steel fighter has their own set of special moves and combos that are key to mastering them.

Here are some examples:


  • Rolling Shadow – A swift roll forwards through opponent ending in a slash. Great for closing distances.
  • Shadow Clone – Generate a clone that mimics your actions to confuse foes.
  • Phantom Barrage – Unleash a blindingly fast 7-hit katana combo on nearby enemies.


  • Lucha Slam – Grab opponent and slam them hard onto the ground.
  • Dragon Uppercut – Launch foes skyward with an explosive rising uppercut.
  • Suplex – Grab enemy from behind and flip slam them over your shoulder.


  • Spinning Blade – Rotate rapidly with sword extended, damaging adjacent foes.
  • Shield Bash – Smash opponent with magically-enhanced shield, stunning them.
  • Angelic Restoration – Restore a portion of your own health bar.

Learning move inputs, ranges, effects, and ideal combo chains is key to utilizing each fighter effectively. For example, you might initiate with Valkyrie’s shield bash to stun, then follow up with her spinning blade and angelic restoration to maximize damage dealt and health regained.

The movesets have immense depth for you to explore.

Dark Steel 2

Unlimited Energy MOD

One amazing thing about Dark Steel is that it can be played with an unlimited energy MOD. This hack essentially provides unlimited energy during matches, allowing you to go wild with nonstop special moves and combos without worrying about your energy meter depleting.

The standard energy system provides a balanced experience, but the unlimited energy MOD is ideal for:

  • Grinding story mode without needing to replenish energy between fights
  • Practice chaining together long combos stress-free
  • Experiment with new move combinations and playstyles
  • Focus on the action without slowing down to recover energy

It removes the energy management aspect and really amplifies the pace and excitement of matches. And best of all, it works flawlessly with the latest version of Dark Steel.

This is a must-have MOD for any fan who wants to experience Dark Steel gameplay without limits and interruptions.

Tips and Strategies

Here are some useful tips and strategies to excel at Dark Steel:

  • Master combos and special moves in training mode before taking them into real matches. Work on execution speed and timing.
  • Pay attention to each fighter’s range. Get in close with melee brawlers, keep your distance against ones with projectiles.
  • Don’t spam the same move over and over – good opponents will see through this. Vary your attacks.
  • Use throws to disrupt blocking opponents and open them up for additional hits.
  • Save up your super meter for critical moments when you need big damage or to make a comeback.
  • Counterattack judiciously to interrupt and punish predictable attacks from your opponent.
  • In story mode, rematch tough opponents to learn their patterns and movesets.
  • Customize button layouts and controls that you’re most comfortable with.

Mastering Dark Steel requires learning each fighter inside out and developing strategies and reflexes through regular play. Learning when best to attack, defend, dodge and use supers can help you gain the upper hand in fights.

Dark Steel 4

Dark Steel Review

Overall, Dark Steel is an absolute blast for fighting game fans, with responsive controls, stunning graphics, in-depth combat mechanics and a stellar roster of badass fighters to choose from.

The variety of modes provides countless hours of gameplay, and the unlimited energy MOD lets you experience over-the-top, uninterrupted action. Small touches like customizable controls and unlockable costumes further enhance the experience.

Dark Steel nails the balance between accessibility for newcomers and depth for veterans. The fights are fast, fierce and immensely satisfying as you unleash combos, counters and super moves. Each fighter brings uniquely explosive moves and tactics into the mix too.

Whether you’re a fan of old-school arcade fighters or just want a great 1v1 mobile fighting game, Dark Steel is a smash hit you can’t miss. The adrenaline-pumping matches will have you performing social distancing safety attacks against your friends in no time!

Overall rating: 9/10

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any hidden/secret fighters in the game?

Yes, Dark Steel has a few hidden fighters that can be unlocked by completing certain challenges. Defeating arcade mode on the hardest difficulty, or scoring over 100,000 points in survival mode for example.

How do I perform special moves and combos?

Each fighter has their own unique inputs for special moves that involve tapping, swiping and directional movements. Chaining these together results in big combo attacks. Practice the inputs slowly, then speed up your execution.

Is there multiplayer or online mode?

Right now Dark Steel only has 1v1 matches against the AI. The developers are working on adding online multiplayer in a future update however, allowing you to test your skills against people worldwide.

And that wraps up our in-depth guide to Dark Steel! From combat mechanics, to game modes, fighters and special moves, we’ve covered everything you need to start unleashing killer combos. Now get out there and show your opponents who the real bosses of the ring are!

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