Guardian Tales APK v2.84.0 (MOD, Damage, Defense Multiplier)
Guardian Tales APK v2.84.0 (MOD, Damage, Defense Multiplier)

Guardian Tales APK v2.84.0 (MOD, Damage, Defense Multiplier)

Guardian Tales is better than ever with Premium Apk! In this version, high damage and you start the game with defense multiplier.

Name Guardian Tales
Publisher Kakao Games Corp.
Category Role Playing
Size 210.3 MB
Latest Version 2.84.0
MOD Damage, Defense Multiplier
Get it On Google Play
Guardian Tales is the most famous version in the Guardian Tales series of publisher Kakao Games Corp.
Mod Version 2.84.0
Total installs 5,000,000+

For mobile RPG fans searching their next adventure, look no further than the whimsical realm of Guardian Tales. With its mix of retro pixel art, colorful characters, and real-time combat, Guardian Tales offers a supremely fun and accessible experience fans can dive into for hours on end. Let’s explore what makes this charming action-RPG a cut above the rest!

Guardian Tales

The World of Kanterbury

The fantastical land of Kanterbury serves as Guardian Tales’ setting, which draws inspiration from classic fairytale and fantasy themes. Players join the epic quest to confront the returning Ancient Demon King and restore peace to the kingdom, with humorous twists and subversions along the way.

The quirky characters like the cartoony Guardian heroes and various townsfolk further bring Kanterbury to life. Guardian Tales doesn’t take itself too seriously, poking fun at RPG tropes within its wacky storybook world. But underneath the gags lies an epic adventure spanning diverse locales.

Guardian Tales 3

Retro Pixel Art Style

Harkening back to legendary 16-bit action RPGs, Guardian Tales features splendid retro-themed visuals. The pixel art animations have a stunning charm and personality that expresses the humor and spirit at the game’s core. Detailed sprites and vibrant effects give battles an engaging look.

The sprite-based graphics also enable varied locales and set pieces, from deep forests and mines to coastal pirate coves. Interactable elements fill the levels, encouraging exploration. Between its nostalgic style and intricate design, Kanterbury feels like a fully realized realm begging to be saved.

Accessible Gaming Goodness

With intuitive gameplay, Guardian Tales makes satisfying action-RPG combat accessible to all. Controlling the Guardian hero feels great using the touch or controller setup. Actions like moving, jumping, attacking, dodging and activating skills flow smoothly.

Most stages mix action-packed 2D brawling with environmental puzzles. Raining down blows on the amusing enemy designs like goblins and walking plants feels oddly satisfying! Guardians also gain XP to level up abilities. With engaging gameplay for all skill levels, Guardian Tales knocks down barriers to enjoyment.

Guardian Tales 1

Build Your Dream Team

A key draw of Guardian Tales lies in recruiting the adorable Guardian heroes to your cause, with over 100 unique characters to discover. Ranging from intrepid knights and marines to ninjas, princesses and mecha pilots, the design diversity makes collecting them all rewarding.

You can have up to four heroes in your party for tactical synergies. Heroes have different rarities, strengths, attack types and party buffs to mix and match. Leveling up and evolving your favorites is addictive. And their charming idle animations and background stories tug at the heartstrings!

Take Down Big Bosses

While exploring Kanterbury offers plenty of fun, epic boss battles put your skills to the ultimate test! Guardian Tales excels at incorporating large-scale boss fights into stages. These screen-filling behemoths have creative attack patterns to learn and big weaknesses to exploit using your party’s abilities.

The colossal encounters require focus and quick reflexes to dodge environmental hazards while chipping down the boss’ health. Toppling these juggernauts grants major rewards and progression. Guardian Tales’ boss design constantly impresses with smart mechanics and multi-phase challenges.

Guardian Tales 2

Tweak Your Strategy

Guardian Tales isn’t just hack-and-slash mayhem; it offers ample strategic decisions in assembling your party, gear and upgrades. You’ll need to weigh factors like hero synergy, formation bonuses, equipment bonuses and more to maximize effectiveness.

Resource collection also fuels progression by upgrading gear and hero star ranks. Managing inventory space and hero collection adds metagame depth. Optional side challenges put your skills to the test. With strategic RPG elements combined with real-time action, Guardian Tales appeals to brains and brawn alike.

Share the Journey

While the single-player quest teaches the ropes, Guardian Tales also provides a thriving online community. Co-op modes let you join friends for dungeon delving. You can lend heroes to guildmates and request aid yourself when stuck. Leaderboards and PvP areas offer competitive fun too.

Special multiplayer events and raid bosses unite players worldwide in epic struggles yielding unique rewards. Between the social features and regular content updates, there’s always a new adventure on the horizon!

Guardian Tales 4

Timeless Mobile Gaming

With phenomenal retro presentation, diverse progression systems, multiplayer connectivity, and satisfying gameplay, Guardian Tales exemplifies mobile gaming done right. Its balance of depth, accessibility and charm demonstrates why it has enchanted fans for years. For an endearing action-RPG that will make you grin quest after quest, Guardian Tales eagerly awaits!

Frequently Asked Questions

What game genre is Guardian Tales?

Guardian Tales is an action RPG with gacha character collection elements. It combines real-time combat with deep roleplaying progression.

Is the game free-to-play friendly?

Yes, the core story is fully playable without spending money. Premium currency can be slowly earned through gameplay as well.

Will my phone run Guardian Tales smoothly?

The game isn’t too demanding spec-wise. Midrange phones and up from the last 3 years should have no issues. Older phones may struggle.

Is there voice acting during story dialogue?

Dialogue uses text only without voiced acting. But sound effects and music help bring the world to life.

Are heroes permanently missable if I don’t pull them?

No, hero summoning banners eventually get added to the general pool so old heroes return periodically.

In Summary

From its vibrant pixel graphics to strategic depth and heartwarming story, Guardian Tales delivers an accessible yet deep action-RPG experience. Its seamless blend of retro charm and polished design explains its rampant popularity. For mobile gamers craving their next gaming obsession, defending Kanterbury should be at the top of your quest log!

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