Soul Tide APK v6.46.0 (MOD, Mega Menu/Easy Win)
Soul Tide APK v6.46.0 (MOD, Mega Menu/Easy Win)

Soul Tide APK v6.46.0 (MOD, Mega Menu/Easy Win)

Soul Tide Premium APK, you can access everything thanks to the Mega Menu. There are dozens of features such as Easy Win, high damage.

Name Soul Tide
Publisher LemcnSun Limited
Category Role Playing
Size 944.87 MB
Latest Version 6.46.0
MOD Mega Menu/Easy Win
Get it On Google Play
Soul Tide is the most famous version in the Soul Tide series of publisher LemcnSun Limited
Mod Version 6.46.0
Total installs 100,000+

  • Mod Menu
  • God Mode
  • Easy Win
  • Block Enemy Heal
  • Damage/Defense Multiplier

Are you a fan of epic card battle games but find them too difficult or grindy at times? Well, say goodbye to those woes with Soul Tide MOD APK! It makes the incredible Soul Tide game way more fun and accessible for casual players.

This comprehensive Soul Tide mod guide covers everything you need to know – cool features unlocked, how to download & install, tips and tricks, FAQs and more. Let’s dive right in!

Soul Tide 2

Introduction to Soul Tide

Soul Tide is a unique mix of card battle and tower defense genres developed by LemcnSun Limited. Key features include:

  • 150+ stunning heroes and monsters to collect as cards. Vibrant and detailed art.
  • Each card has specialized skills, types and rarities for strategic depth.
  • Defend against hordes of enemies by placing your cards tactically on the battlefield.
  • Various game modes like campaign, survival, daily challenges and multiplayer PvP.
  • Upgrade and evolve your cards to increase strength. Customize your deck.
  • 3D stages and battle effects that look gorgeous. Immersive fantasy world.

It’s incredibly fun and addictive trying to build the ultimate card deck and defend against mighty enemies. But the grind for resources and difficult battles can burn out more casual players. This is where the Soul Tide mod comes to the rescue!

Soul Tide Characters

Benefits of Soul Tide MOD APK

The Soul Tide mod APK makes the game much more enjoyable and accessible by unlocking:

  • Unlimited Gems – Gems are the premium currency which can be used to buy special card packs and items. The mod gives you unlimited gems to spend lavishly!
  • All Cards Unlocked – Instant access to all 150+ heroes and monsters from the get go. Tons of strategic options to play with!
  • One Hit Kill – Toggle this option to kill enemies in one hit instead of drawn out battles. Breeze through levels!
  • High Damage – Deal insane damage to enemies to destroy them before they can even reach your base.
  • Unlimited Energy – Energy limits your play sessions in the original game. But with the mod you have unlimited energy to play forever!
  • No Skill Cooldown – Use your hero skills as much as you want without waiting for cooldown periods. Turn the tide of battles!

As you can see, the mod makes Soul Tide way more enjoyable by removing limitations and letting you wreck enemies like a true legend. Next up, let’s see how to install it.

Soul Tide Customize Dorms And Themes

How to Download & Install Soul Tide MOD APK

Here are the simple steps to install the Soul Tide mod on your Android device:

  1. Delete any existing version of Soul Tide if installed already.
  2. Download the Soul Tide MOD APK file from here. Make sure to download the latest version.
  3. Enable ‘Install from Unknown Sources’ option in your Android settings.
  4. Tap on the downloaded APK file and select Install. Grant all permissions requested.
  5. Wait for the installation process to complete. Do not run the app yet.
  6. Now download and install the original Soul Tide app from Play Store. This is required for the mod to work properly.
  7. Once both apps are installed, launch the original Soul Tide app once. You can close it after a few seconds.
  8. Finally open the Soul Tide MOD APK app. Enjoy unlimited gems, cards, damage and other perks!
Soul Tide 1

This simple install process will allow you to easily run the modded version of the game side-by-side with the original app. Next, let’s explore some killer tips and tricks.

Soul Tide Missions

Useful Tips and Tricks for Soul Tide Mod

Follow these tips and tricks to get the most out of the Soul Tide mod:

  • Use the unlimited gems to buy rare cards packs and build your collection faster.
  • Prioritize hero cards that enhance other cards when placed together on the battlefield. Great for combo attacks.
  • Activate one hit kill and high damage features against bosses you are stuck on. They make defeating them easy!
  • Identify hero skills that deal heavy AoE damage to wipe out entire hordes of basic enemies quickly.
  • Use the no skill cooldown to spam your most powerful skills repeatedly without waiting.
  • Customize controls in settings for easy maneuvering and card placement during intense battles.
  • Pick a balanced deck with heroes of different types like melee, ranged, magic, tank etc for maximum effectiveness.

Using these tips will let you assemble overpowered decks with the best heroes and dominate every battlefield! But be responsible – with great power comes great responsibility.

Moving on, let’s look at some frequently asked questions about the Soul Tide mod APK.

Soul Tide 3

Final Thoughts on Soul Tide MOD APK

The Soul Tide mod APK is a must-have for anyone looking to thoroughly enjoy this unique tower defense card battler without excessive grinding or difficulty walls.

It lets you build your dream decks filled with the rarest heroes and unleash devastating skills and attacks against menacing enemies with ease. All without worrying about costs, cooldowns or energy limits!

But best of all, the fun and strategy is still preserved as opposed to outright cheating. You’ll just have far more options and freedom to play the way you want without frustrating limitations.

So download Soul Tide MOD APK from here right away if you are a fan of great card games like Hearthstone or Clash Royale. It will hook you from the first battle to the last!

Soul Tide Challenging

FAQs about Soul Tide

Is the Soul Tide mod APK safe to download?

Yes, it is completely safe to use as it is simply a modified version of the original game. There is no malware risk involved.

Will I get banned for using the mod?

No, you will not get banned. The Soul Tide mod is designed to work seamlessly just like an official game version. So there are no risks involved.

Does the mod work offline?

Yes! All the mod features work even in offline mode without an internet connection.

Do I need to root my phone?

No root required at all! The mod works flawlessly on any Android smartphone or tablet without root.

Is my progress saved across devices?

Yes, your game progress is linked to your Google Play account. So it carries over across installs and devices.

Do I need the original app installed?

Yes, for the mod to function properly you need the original Soul Tide app installed along with the modded version.

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