Dreamdale Premium APK v1.0.33 (MOD, Unlimited Money, Bag Space)
Dreamdale Premium APK v1.0.33 (MOD, Unlimited Money, Bag Space)

Dreamdale Premium APK v1.0.33 (MOD, Unlimited Money, Bag Space)

Thanks to Dreamdale Premium APK, you can have unlimited money and bag space. Enjoy the game to the fullest.

Name Dreamdale
Publisher SayGames Ltd
Category Role Playing
Size 149 MB
Latest Version 1.0.33
MOD Unlimited Money, Bag Space
Get it On Google Play
Dreamdale is the most famous version in the Dreamdale series of publisher SayGames Ltd
Mod Version 1.0.33
Total installs 5,000,000+

Dreamdale: Fairy Adventure brings all the fun of home design to a fantasy setting filled with magic. This sequel to the popular Dreamdale game allows you to build a village for fairies and magical creatures in a beautiful natural realm.

With new gameplay features, expanded customization, and quirky fantasy characters, Dreamdale: Fairy Adventure lets you design a mystical haven filled with magic.

In this comprehensive guide, we will cover everything you need to know about the game including features, designing tips, using the mod, and more! Let’s jump into this magical world.

Dreamdale Fairy Adventure

Overview of Features and Gameplay

Dreamdale: Fairy Adventure builds upon the foundation of the original Dreamdale game and takes it to new heights. Here are the key features:

  • Build and customize a magical fairy village with houses, decorations etc.
  • New village design mechanics like arranging buildings and roads
  • Process resources by crafting at production buildings
  • Populate the village with fun fantasy characters like fairies, elves etc.
  • Complete quests and requests from magical villagers
  • Unlock new fantasy-themed building blueprints and decorations
  • Relaxing open-ended gameplay with no timers or limits
  • Vibrant graphics and cheery magical ambience

The blend of village design, resource management and quest completion provides a rewarding gameplay loop for casual gamers.

Step-by-Step Gameplay Walkthrough

Here is an overview of the core gameplay elements as you play Dreamdale: Fairy Adventure:

Set Up the Village

After the tutorial, you get an empty grass patch to build on. Layout roads and place the main village buildings like houses.

Meet Villagers

As you place buildings, colorful fantasy villagers will appear with quests and requests to help expand the village.

Complete Villager Quests

By completing quests for villagers, you gain resources and items to unlock new blueprints.

Set Up Crafting Buildings

Construct production buildings like the Carpenter to process resources into materials needed for new buildings.

Expand and Decorate

Keep building new structures. Customize buildings and the village with hundreds of decorations.

Open New Areas

Progressing unlocks new village areas to expand into with more quests.

Through this magical design loop, you get to see your village prosper in a cheerful fantasy realm.

Dreamdale Fairy Adventure 1

Customizing Your Fairy Village

One of the joys in Dreamdale: Fairy Adventure is decorating your village with magical themed items. Here are some customization tips:

Use Paths to Arrange Buildings

Paths help neatly arrange buildings and structure the village layout.

Theme Areas

Decorate areas with matching items like a market square or magical grove.

Customize Buildings

Each building can be decorated with dozens of items including walls, roofs, gardens etc.

Create Harmony

Carefully pick colors, styles and items that complement each other for a harmonious look.

Variety is Key

Vary decorations so every area has unique sights – avoid repetitive looks.

Mix and Match

Blend different themed decorations for striking contrasts like medieval + magic.

With strategic customization, you can create a truly mesmerizing fairy village tailored to your taste.

Fabulous Fantasy Characters

The characters inhabiting your village add plenty of charm and make requests to improve their homes:


Pretty, playful fairies are key residents. They love gardens with magic mushrooms.


Mystical elf druids have a connection to nature. They need magical groves.


These wise wizards request towers and laboratories to conduct experiments.


Aquatic mermaids who reside near waters ask for enchanted corals.


Tiny gnomes acting as the village helpers request upgrades to their cozy burrows.


These shy tree spirits ask for secluded woodland areas to protect the forest.

By fulfilling each character’s unique request, you attract them to inhabit your prospering magical realm.

Dreamdale Fairy Adventure 2

Exciting Features of Dreamdale Mod

The modded version includes:

  • Unlimited coins and gems
  • All premium village areas unlocked
  • Unlimited crafting materials
  • No crafting time needed
  • Unlimited energy
  • Increased storage capacity
  • No annoying ads or popups

This allows you to instantly access any building blueprint and decoration to design freely. You can craft and expand endlessly without worrying about costs or timers. The mod takes village design freedom to new heights!

How to Download and Install the Mod

Here are the simple steps to install the mod on your device:

  1. Delete any installed version of Dreamdale Fairy Adventure.
  2. Download the latest mod APK file from a trusted source.
  3. Enable “Install from Unknown Sources” in Android settings.
  4. Tap on the downloaded file to begin installation.
  5. Grant the app all the requested permissions.
  6. Launch the game and enjoy unlimited resources and designing!

You can now craft your perfect fairy village easily with unlimited coins and materials. Time to make some magic!

Dreamdale vs Hay Day – Which Game is Better?

Dreamdale and Hay Day are two of the most popular crafting and village games. But how do they compare?

FactorDreamdaleHay Day
GraphicsBeautiful fantasy art styleBright and casual farm art
ThemeMagical fairy villageFarming village
CharactersFairies, gnomes, elvesFarm animals, farmers
CraftingBuildings, decorationsFarm goods, town items
ProgressionQuest drivenLevel driven
MultiplayerNoneCo-op farming and trading

In summary: Dreamdale has more fantasy charm and customization while Hay Day offers deeper social features.

So choose Dreamdale if you prefer to design a magical village solo. Pick Hay Day for co-op farming gameplay in a social environment.

Final Verdict – Is Dreamdale: Fairy Adventure Worth Playing?

For anyone who loved the first Dreamdale game, the sequel takes the enchanting game design formula even further with more depth. The new village arrangement mechanics add strategy, while the visuals and fantasy characters provide plenty of magical charm.

The quest-driven progression and massive customization possibilities make building your perfect fairy habitation engaging and relaxing. It retains the ability to play completely stress-free at your own pace.

While the core loop remains familiar, the new features provide a fresh magical world to dive into. The mod removes all restrictions so you can bring any design ideas to life easily.

Overall, Dreamdale: Fairy Adventure is absolutely worth playing for some laidback fantasy home design fun away from the real world. Immerse yourself in a magical land of endless design possibilities!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the game work offline?

Yes, it can be played 100% offline after initial resource download.

Does progress carry across devices?

Unfortunately progress does not sync and is device specific.

Is there a multiplayer or community feature?

No, currently it is a completely solo experience.

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