Botworld Adventure APK v1.17.3 (MOD, Mega Menu, Free Shopping)
Botworld Adventure APK v1.17.3 (MOD, Mega Menu, Free Shopping)

Botworld Adventure APK v1.17.3 (MOD, Mega Menu, Free Shopping)

With Botworld Adventure Premium APK Mega Menu you will be able to access features like Free Shopping and more.

Name Botworld Adventure
Publisher Featherweight
Category Role Playing
Size 862.2 MB
Latest Version 1.17.3
MOD Mega Menu, Free Shopping
Get it On Google Play
Botworld Adventure is the most famous version in the Botworld Adventure series of publisher Featherweight
Mod Version 1.17.3
Total installs 5,000,000+

Are you looking for an exciting new adventure game to really immerse yourself in? Allow me to introduce you to Botworld Adventure, a fascinating game world filled with exploration, quests, and memorable characters.

In this detailed guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about Botworld Adventure:

  • Overview of gameplay and core features
  • Details on the available MODs and hacks
  • How to get the Mega Menu and Free Shopping
  • Tips, tricks, and strategy guide
  • FAQ answering common questions

Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or just entering the world of Botworld for the first time, this in-depth guide will provide everything you need to fully enjoy this engrossing title. Let’s dig in!

Botworld Adventure

Gameplay and Core Features

Botworld Adventure delivers an expansive open world RPG packed with things to do. Here are some of the key features and gameplay elements:

Vast Open World

  • Over 50 unique areas to explore across multiple colorful biomes
  • Hidden areas abound – find secret recipes, rare resources, and more!
  • Dynamic weather, time of day impacts environments
  • Ocean swimming, mountain hiking, forest trekking encourages diverse gameplay

Immersive Quests

  • Help bot friends by taking on quests to gather items or defeat enemies
  • Quests often unveil unexpected depth through storytelling
  • Puzzles to solve and objectives to complete
  • Easter eggs and secrets hidden throughout the world

Crafting & Customization

  • Gather resources to craft new weapons, potions, foods, furniture and more
  • Thousands of crafting combinations for creative experimentation
  • Customize your bot house with furnishings, decorations, and layouts
  • Change bot’s outfit and appearance for stylish looks

Social & Multiplayer Elements

  • Meet non-playable bot characters with daily schedules and stories
  • Participate in special calendar events like festivals, concerts
  • Limited co-op and trading features to play with friends
  • Leaderboards to compete against other players’ times and scores

With so much to see and do in this charming world, Botworld Adventure encourages endless adventure. Now let’s dive into special mod features.

Botworld Adventure 1

Botworld MOD

One of the best parts of Botworld Adventure is the active modding community that has produced some amazing tweak mod. These mods can add lots of fun to the game. Here are some top options:

Mega Menu Mod

The Mega Menu mod unlocks special new crafting stations and items. Highlights include:

  • Mega Workbench – Craft rare armor and weapons
  • Mega Decor – Unique furnishings like hot tubs, observatories
  • Mega Vehicles – Submarine, blimp, and mech suits!
  • Mega Materials – Uncommon resources enable special creations

With Mega Menu installed, you’ll double your crafting possibilities!

Botworld Adventure 2

Free Shopping MOD

Normally in Botworld, you need to gather coins from quests and mining in order to purchase items from market merchants. But with the Free Shopping mod enabled, all market items are free!

  • Buy any equipment, resources, furniture with no money required
  • Unlock all market expansions right away
  • Save time grinding for coins and just shop freely

Free Shopping makes acquiring goods a breeze.

Infinite Energy/Stamina MOD

Exploring the huge world of Botworld and partaking in active quests consumes energy and stamina. But with this handy mod, your energy reserves become limitless.

  • Never worry about running out of energy during activities
  • Removes need to consume food/potions to restore energy
  • Great for marathon gaming or grinding quests efficiently

Infinite energy means endless adventure!

Botworld Adventure 3

How to Get Mega Menu and Free Shopping

Using these awesome mods to enhance Botworld Adventure requires just a few quick steps:

  1. Download Mod APK – On Android, get the modded .apk file from trusted sites like HappyMod.
  2. Install – Allow install from unknown sources, install the mod .apk like a normal app.
  3. Disable Auto-Update – In Play Store, disable auto-updates for Botworld to prevent overwriting the modded .apk.
  4. Launch and Enjoy – Start Botworld Adventure to experience the mods! Mega Menu and Free Shopping will be unlocked.

And that’s it! With these simple steps you can install the mods and start taking advantage of their benefits for a more awesome Botworld experience.

Botworld Adventure 4

Tips, Tricks, and Strategy Guide

Let’s go over some key tips and strategies for getting the most out of Botworld’s gameplay, whether you’re playing the base game or loaded up with mods:

Prioritize Main Quests

  • Focus on pushing main quest lines forward first to unlock key features and areas quickly. Don’t get overdistracted with side ventures early on.

Only Gather What You Currently Need

  • Inventory fills up fast. Avoid hoarding extra resources since you can always return and gather more later when needed.

Use Warp Shrines

  • Unlock and activate warp shrines ASAP for quick travel between areas. Saves huge time traversing the world.
Botworld Adventure 6

Develop Town Relationships

  • Chat with town NPCs daily and bring requested items to boost relationship levels. Unlocks rewards and story events.

Cook Food Buffs

  • Cook foods like Steamed Carrots and Fruit Salad for temporary buffs to health, energy, speed, etc. Very useful!

Use Area Guides

  • Refer to guidebooks scattered in the world for tips and secrets related to specific areas. Some are hidden off the beaten path!

With these tips in mind, you’ll make steady progress in Botworld Adventure and have an absolute blast along the way!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the game require an internet connection?

Botworld can be fully enjoyed offline. Only the limited co-op and social features require internet. Mods also work offline.

How much does the game cost upfront?

Botworld Adventure is currently free to download and play, with optional in-game purchases for cosmetic items. The base game is very expansive without spending money.

Should I use a controller instead of touch controls?

Touch controls work very well in Botworld, but some players definitely prefer using a Bluetooth controller. Try both options to see which you like best.

Will modding get me banned?

Using mods like Mega Menu and Free Shopping is completely safe and will not get you banned in any way. The developers have no issues with modding the single player experience.

Hopefully these FAQs have provided answers to any pressing questions you had so you can confidently dive into Botworld Adventure. This magical realm awaits – it’s time to play!

Botworld Adventure 5


With its captivating characters, massive world, deep crafting system, and seemingly endless adventures, Botworld has rightfully earned its reputation as one of the best open world RPGs out there. And with the vibrant modding community taking things even further with expansions like Mega Menu and Free Shopping, there’s no limit to the fun and excitement Botworld can deliver.

I hope this detailed guide has provided everything you need to fully experience Botworld Adventure and make the most of its magical realm. Now get out there, mod up, and explore one of gaming’s most wondrous worlds. Your bot friends are waiting – adventure calls!

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