Jobmania Eternal Dungeon v2.17.1 APK (MOD, Kill Enemy, Instant Win)
Jobmania Eternal Dungeon v2.17.1 APK (MOD, Kill Enemy, Instant Win)

Jobmania Eternal Dungeon v2.17.1 APK (MOD, Kill Enemy, Instant Win)

One such hybrid gaining traction is Jobmania Eternal Dungeon Premium Apk, melding dungeon crawler RPG action with engaging job simulation mechanics.

Name Jobmania Eternal Dungeon
Publisher Aubjective Technology
Category Role Playing
Size 272.85 MB
Latest Version 2.17.1
MOD Kill Enemy, Instant Win
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Jobmania Eternal Dungeon is the most famous version in the Jobmania Eternal Dungeon series of publisher Aubjective Technology
Mod Version 2.17.1
Total installs 500,000+

The mobile gaming scene continues to thrive, with innovative fusions of classic genres reimagined for touchscreen play. One such hybrid gaining traction is Jobmania Eternal Dungeon, melding dungeon crawler RPG action with engaging job simulation mechanics. Let’s explore why this surprisingly deep dungeon diver has exploded onto the scene!

Jobmania Eternal Dungeon

What is Jobmania Eternal Dungeon?

Jobmania Eternal Dungeon is a mobile RPG combines hack-and-slash dungeon crawling with job simulation systems. Key features include:

  • Character classes – Pick from Knights, Mages, Rogues and more. Each has unique skills and abilities.
  • Dungeon diving – Battle through procedural dungeons full of enemies, traps and treasures.
  • Job mechanics – Take on jobs like blacksmithing, cooking and crafting to earn resources.
  • Town building – Construct and manage buildings in your personalized town hub.
  • Gear and loot – Equip armor and weapons looted from dungeons or crafted.
  • Pets – Tame pets to battle by your side, like dragons, goblins and spiders!
  • Multiplayer – Cooperate or compete with others in dungeons for rewards and glory!

This fusion of job simulation, town building, and traditional RPG adventure makes for surprisingly engaging and deep gameplay on mobile. There’s always something to achieve whether delving dungeons or developing your town.

Why Has Jobmania Gone Viral?

For a relatively under-the-radar release, Jobmania Eternal Dungeon has spread like wildfire through word of mouth and positive buzz. Some key factors behind its rise in popularity include:

  • Novel fusion – The seamless blend of dungeon crawler and job/town mechanics is incredibly novel and appeals widely.
  • Satisfying progression – Whether gaining XP and loot in battle or acquiring resources through jobs, progression feels rewarding.
  • Idle and active play – Dungeon battles require active play, while jobs and town can progress offline idle style.
  • Multiplayer appeal – Co-op raids and competitive dungeons add significant replayability with friends or randoms.
  • Retro pixel art – The colorful old school pixel graphics strike a nostalgic chord reminiscent of classic RPGs.

Jobmania expertly fuses conventional mobile RPG systems like jobs and town building with active dungeon crawling for a fresh and fulfilling experience on the go. This innovative blend has sparked an explosion in popularity.

Core Gameplay Loop – Battle And Build

At its core, Jobmania Eternal Dungeon provides two distinct yet interwoven gameplay loops:

Dungeon Crawling Battle

  • Assemble a party with your hero and hired adventurers or pets
  • Dive into procedural dungeons filled with enemies, traps, treasures and bosses
  • Dash, dodge and slash through baddies in real-time combat using intuitive touch controls
  • Gain XP and loot by conquering dungeon challenges
  • Unlock new equipment and skills for your hero to take on greater challenges

Town Jobs and Building

  • Take on jobs like mining, fishing and crafting to earn resources
  • Use resources to construct new buildings like taverns and workshops
  • Manage and upgrade buildings to produce more resources even offline
  • Craft weapons, armor, potions and other gear to equip for dungeon runs
  • Unlock permanent boosts and bonus loot by developing your town

This duality provides exciting real-time combat when active, and satisfying long-term town progression for idle sessions. Players can pivot between the two loops freely to tailor the experience to their mood and playstyle!

Character Classes – Pick Your Playstyle

A staple of any good RPG, Jobmania lets you choose from several classic hero classes:

Mighty Knights

  • Wield massive blades and shields
  • Specialize in defense and crowd control
  • Buff allies’ armor and shield them from harm
  • Taunt enemies and withstand huge damage

Cunning Rogues

  • Master dagger and dual-wield builds
  • Specialize in delivering burst damage
  • Strike weak points for massive critical hits
  • Disable foes and inflict devastating poisons

Mystic Mages

  • Harness elemental and dark magics
  • Specialize in AOE and ranged damage
  • Immobilize groups of enemies
  • Heal and enhance allies with empowering spells

And More!

With additional classes like Rangers, Monks, and Necromancers added regularly, you’re bound to find a style suited to you!

Each class feels meaningfully distinct and brings something unique to your party. You can even combine classes in creative ways through multi-classing!

Jobmania Eternal Dungeon 1

Gear and Loot – Equip for Adventure

A good haul of loot can make any dungeon run a success! Jobmania provides tons of gear to discover:


  • Swords, axes, daggers, staves, bows and more
  • Various damage types like fire, ice, lightning
  • Unique effects like life steal, multi-strikes, knockback


  • Helms, chest plates, gloves, leggings, shields
  • Boosts to health, regeneration, resistance, and more
  • Class-specific sets with big synergy bonuses

Potions and Scrolls

  • Health/mana restoration and temporary buffs
  • AOE effects to turn battles: rain fire, freeze enemies, confuse
  • Teleportation, invisibility, treasure finding

And More!

Amulets, rings, pets, mounts, AND artifacts await those who delve deep! Finding that perfectly rolled drop or crafting a shiny new armor set brings huge excitement. The loot hunt never ends!

Multiplayer Mayhem – Cooperate and Compete

While Jobmania offers immense solo content, multiplayer magnifies the fun:

Co-op Raids

  • Assemble a party with friends, clanmates or random matchmaking
  • Take on dungeons too dangerous for one hero alone
  • Coordinate skills and combos to overwhelm mighty bosses
  • Distribute the epic shared loot pool after victory!

PvP Arena

  • Test your parties against others in 3v3 or 5v5 arena battles
  • Climb the competitive ranks for glory and prizes
  • Wager spare gear for the chance to win big

Trading and Helping

  • Trade gear with other players to help each other progress
  • Gift extra resources/supplies to new players to pay it forward!

Whether playing collaboratively or competitively, sharing the world with others always spices things up. The community makesJobmania feel alive!

Endgame – What Lies Beyond?

For dedicated players who’ve exhausted early content, the endgame offers new challenges and goals:

Nightmare Dungeons

  • Take on amplified dungeons with enhanced enemies and traps
  • Giant bosses with new mechanics to master
  • Require highly optimized gear and skill just for a chance to beat

PvP Tournaments

  • Bracket-style PvP cups with valuable prizes
  • Chance to prove your party’s supremacy once and for all

Clan Raids

  • Massive dungeons requiring an entire clan’s cooperation
  • Epic struggles that take days, weeks or more to complete
  • Fights so grueling, victory isn’t guaranteed – only glory awaits

Prestige Ascension

  • Sacrifice current progression for permanent boosts
  • Chance to push ever farther, though harder than one can imagine…

For the heroes who’ve conquered all else, these intense challenges offer a chance at legendary status! Few will see all the endgame even has to offer.

The Road Ahead

Jobmania Eternal Dungeon’s world continues evolving with frequent updates:

New Dungeons

  • Strange new dimensions like lush jungles, freezing tundras, even the heavens!

Class Expansions

  • Existing classes enhanced with new skills and abilities
  • Rumors of secret classes only masters can unlock…

Events and Seasons

  • Limited-time dungeons and festivities to shake things up
  • Holiday content and themed loot!

Quality of Life

  • UI upgrades, notification improvements, and accessibility options
  • Continued game balancing and bug fixes

With a steady stream of new content and QOL changes planned, Jobmania’s future looks bright. What other dungeon dimensions lie ahead? Delve in to find out!

Jobmania Eternal Dungeon 2

Top Tips for Aspiring Dungeon Delvers

Ready to plunge into Jobmania’s dungeon depths? Here are some key tips for new players:

  • Do the optional tutorial – Don’t skip it! The rewards teach game basics well.
  • Build resource generators early – Invest in resource buildings to accelerate passive growth.
  • Only enhance gears past +3 – Enhancing before is inefficient. Be patient and save enhancement materials.
  • Join a clan ASAP – Clans provide bonuses and open up group content. Find an active one!
  • Do daily quests – They offer great XP and loot for quick progression. Never miss them!
  • Save summon scrolls – Use them only during summon events for a shot at bonus rare heroes.
  • Retry dungeons for 3 stars – The first 3-star clear gives big rewards. Retry until you ace it!
  • Have a diverse party – Mix up damage types and roles for greater flexibility. Don’t just cram your top heroes in.

Follow these tips and you’ll be delving dungeons like a pro in no time. Soon you’ll be the one giving advice to newcomers! Now grab your sword and get questing, brave hero!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the available game modes in Jobmania?

The main modes are story dungeon crawling, multiplayer dungeons/PvP, clan raids, town building, and jobs. Limited events also occur.

Is co-op mandatory or can I play solo?

All core content can be played solo. Co-op is optional but adds significant endgame replayability. Parties are also helpful early on.

Are dungeons totally random or handcrafted?

They are procedurally generated with random elements, but pre-designed room and monster pools. So a mix of both random and handcrafted.

How important is player skill vs. gear and levels?

Player skill matters a lot! Experience and skill can overcome lower gear through smart play. Gear just provides more flexibility.

Approximately how long does it take to hit the level cap?

For casual play, hitting the current level cap takes 2-3 months typically. More hardcore players can do it in under a month.

How deep is the guild/clan system?

Very deep! Shared clan spaces, large-scale clan raids, clan PvP, and significant passive bonuses from levelling the clan.

Is PvP completely optional or forced?

100% optional. You can enjoy all PvE content without any PvP if desired. The PvP scene is just there for those interested.

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