Cyberika APK v2.0.10-rc622 (MOD, Unlimited Money)
Cyberika APK v2.0.10-rc622 (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Cyberika APK v2.0.10-rc622 (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Cyberika Premium Apk is a modified version of the game that comes with various advantages. One of the advantages of mod apk is that it offers unlimited money.

Name Cyberika
Publisher Brickworks Games Ltd
Category Role Playing
Size 141.46 MB
Latest Version 2.0.10-rc622
MOD Unlimited Money
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Cyberika is the most famous version in the Cyberika series of publisher Brickworks Games Ltd
Mod Version 2.0.10-rc622
Total installs 10,000,000+

Step into a dazzling cyberpunk future in Cyberika, an open world action RPG that offers stunning visuals, intense real-time combat, hacking, stealth, augmentations and more. Choose your playstyle and explore Night City while taking on jobs and uncovering conspiracies.

This in-depth guide covers all the key features of Cyberika’s gameplay, story, characters, combat, hacking, augmentations and open world. We’ll also look at how the unlimited money mod lets you acquire the best cyberware early. Time to jack in!


Overview and Setting

Cyberika is set in a stunning, neon-lit vision of the future where advanced technology, cybernetics, hacking and mega-corporations rule. Key features include:

  • Huge open world Night City to explore with verticality.
  • Gripping story spanning 30+ main missions.
  • Dynamic real-time FPS and melee combat.
  • RPG progression with levels, skills and attributes.
  • Stealth, hacking and dialog playstyles supported.
  • Augment your body with cyberware implants.
  • Fully interactive world with dynamic NPCs.
  • Multiple endings based on player choice.

Night City is a violent but intriguing futuristic playground. How you navigate its cyberpunk underworld is up to you!

Cyberika 2

Story and Characters

Cyberika’s story tackles themes of transhumanism, privacy, and corporate power through a narrative lens.


You play as V – a skilled mercenary taking on jobs in Night City’s seedy criminal underbelly. Character customization lets you pick gender, appearance and backstory.


Along the way you’ll partner with unforgettable characters like:

  • Jackie – Your best choom and fellow merc. Always has your back.
  • Takemura – A stoic corporate agent who becomes an unlikely ally.
  • Judy – A talented underground BD editor involved in conspiracies.
  • River – A detective who can provide crucial intel.


Powerful factions influence the story:

  • Arasaka Corporation – Ruthless mega-corp at war with rebels.
  • Scavengers – Anti-corpo rebel group fighting back.
  • Animals – Violent street gang that’s taken over sectors.
  • Voodoo Boys – Elite hackers controlling cyberspace.

Choose allies carefully in this complex web of factions with distinct agendas.

With great writing and voice acting, Cyberika’s story and characters are deeply engaging. Tough choices await that will determine the fate of Night City and those you care about.

Gameplay and Progression

Cyberika’s gameplay is flexible, letting you complete objectives how you want. Core systems include:


Combat mixes first-person shooting with deadly melee weapons. Take down enemies with smarts rather than just blazing guns. Use cover, flanking and gadgets to gain tactical advantage.


Turn enemies’ tech against them by hacking into networks, security systems and even augmentations. Manipulate the environment to your benefit through clever breaches.


Avoid full-frontal confrontations and sneak your way to objectives unseen. Use shadowy routes, cover, distractions and non-lethal takedowns to become a ghost.


Talk your way through certain situations with dialogue trees. Choose persuasive, aggressive or other options to manipulate conversations and gain intel from NPCs.


Install advanced cyberware into your own body to gain superhuman abilities. Enhanced vision, strengh, defense, hacking skills and more open up new playstyles.


Take on open-ended story missions and side jobs that often give you flexibility in how objectives are completed. Experiment!


With every mission and activity, you’ll gain Street Cred experience to level up. Allocate attribute points and unlock new abilities to build V your way.

Whether you tackle objectives guns blazing or slinking unseen through networks, Night City is your playground. Make choices that match your preferred playstyle.

Cyberika 3

Open World Night City

Night City is an immense, living open world that invites exploration. Here’s an overview of the key areas:


Each district has a distinct flavor and architecture:

  • City Center – Gleaming corporate towers and luxury.
  • Watson – Dense urban population and Asian influences.
  • Heywood – Middle class residential and commercial mix.
  • Pacific – Beachfront tourist district with rich and poor contrasts.
  • Santo Domingo – Industrial zone with power plants and factories.

From neon-bathed urban jungles to dusty industrial wastelands, each sector feels unique.


Buildings tower into the sky and have multiple floors to infiltrate. Traverse vertical space to take enemies by surprise from above or below.


Night City’s buildings are fully explorable, from bustling markets to dodgy hideouts. Discover secrets and take on missions indoors as well.

Interactive World

NPCs go about dynamic routines in a lifelike manner. Shops and vendors are usable. Systems can be hacked. The world feels immersive and lived-in.

Night City begs you to get lost in its streets and really feel the buzz of this futuristic megalopolis. Lose yourself in the crowd or stand out – it’s up to you!

Cyberika 4

Combat and Playstyles

Cyberika is designed for you to play as you want with varied playstyles supported.


With a wide array of pistols, SMGs, shotguns, rifles and exotic weapons, gunplay is a visceral thrill in both first and third-person perspective. Blast away, but keep an eye on ammo.


Get up close and personal with shock-charged monowires, electrified katanas, heavy pipes and more. Dismember and slice up enemies in brutal fashion.


Keep to the shadows and strike from behind with deadly precision. Non-lethal methods let you disable enemies quietly without killing. Remain undetected.


Turn your foes’ tech against them. Hack into cameras, robots, security systems, augmented limbs and more. Breach network defenses.


Craft advanced tools of destruction like grenades, mines, turrets and chemical agents. Upgrade weapons and gear for added potency.


Mix things up by combining moves like leaping from stealth into melee, then following up with ranged attacks. Employ advanced tactics to maximize your effectiveness.

However you want to play – guns blazing, sneaky stealth, pacifist, or mix and match – Cyberika accommodates all styles. Build your mercenary exactly how you want.

Augmentations and Cyberware

A key part of mastering Cyberika is installing augmentations that enhance your combat, sensory and technical abilities.


  • Reflexes – Enhances speed and reaction time. Essential for melee/guns.
  • Muscular – Boost strength and carrying capacity. Rip doors open!
  • Subdermal Armor – Hardens skin for damage resistance.
  • Neuralware – Additional memory, logic processing and hacking skills.
  • Sensory – See heat signatures, zoom vision, auditory enhancements and more.
  • Maneuvers – Double jump, air dash and more mobility options.

Mix and match cyberware to build the ultimate augmented merc. But upgrades don’t come cheap…

Implementation Costs

Higher grade augmentations require euros, street cred level and occasionally side effects:

  • Budget cyberware is affordable but low level benefits.
  • Powerful military-grade chrome is very expensive and rare.
  • Experimental black market augmentations offer extreme abilities but risky drawbacks.

Choose cyberware wisely – your body has limited space. Focus on enhancing your gameplay style. Slot those reflex boosters in and become a whirlwind of death!

Breach Protocol Minigame

  • Gain access to secure networks and systems via a fun hacking minigame.
  • Overcome defensive AIs by capturing nodes across a digital grid.
  • Unlock new daemon programs to improve your breaching skills.
  • High hacking unlocks doors, cameras, turrets, and even enemy limbs!


These specialized programs have offensive, defensive and utility purposes:

  • Distract guards with fake sounds
  • Stun robots or cyberlimbs
  • Manipulate machinery
  • Sabotage weapons
  • Download data from access points
  • Plus many more clever quickhack effects!

Take full advantage of Night City’s interconnected digital landscape. Seamlessly blend hacking with gunplay, stealth and more to dominate missions.

Cyberika 1

Choices and Consequences

Decision making is at the heart of Cyberika’s narrative with branching dialog options and multiple endings based on how missions are completed.

Dialogue Choices

  • Charm, intimidate, reason with, and manipulate NPCs in conversations.
  • Unlock new dialog paths and consequences based on skills.
  • Certain missions can be completely resolved through talking alone!

Job Approach

  • Will you gun down a gang quietly or wage all out war?
  • Can objectives be met without bloodshed?
  • Take more subtle routes like hacking security instead of the frontal assault.

Major Decisions

  • Who will you ally with and which factions will become enemies?
  • Will you obtain dangerous info that could start wars?
  • How will you handle crucial characters and their loyalties?

Even small choices can have huge unforeseen repercussions. Think carefully about the ramifications of your actions in Night City’s chaotic web of power.

Unlimited Money / Eurodollars Mod

One great mod removes the money grind completely, giving unlimited funds to experience Cyberika’s best augmentations and weapons early.

What it Lets You Do

  • Buy the most advanced cyberware outright.
  • Acquire exotic weapons and vehicles.
  • Bribe NPCs freely for access or intel.
  • Focus on missions, not money grinding.


  • Removes challenge of saving up for upgrades.
  • Reduces incentive to explore side content.

Overall, the unlimited money mod removes barriers to experiencing Cyberika’s best content immediately. Well worth trying!

Cyberika 5

Cyberika Review

Cyberika delivers an incredible cyberpunk action RPG brimming with choice, playstyles and atmospheric worldbuilding. Night City is one of the most fully realized open worlds ever created.

The freedom to approach missions in drastically different ways coupled with top-notch writing and characters creates an experience that’s deeply personal. You shape the story based on your own principles.

Of course, stomping through Night City unleashing devastating hacks, gunshots, and melee carnage is simply wild fun too. The action stays intense but strategic, blending FPS, brawling, stealth, and abilities seamlessly.

While minor bugs exist, none ruin the game. With unlimited mod potential, Cyberika can be enjoyed by all – from those seeking a deep narrative to just having overpowered destructive fun in a futuristic sandbox.

Overall, Cyberika executes its ambitious vision, setting a new bar for non-linear open world RPGs.Install your best augmentations and prepare for an unforgettable trip into the dark tech future. This cyberpunk masterpiece is not to be missed!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Cyberika only first-person?

You can seamlessly switch between first and third person perspectives at any time.

Does it support different playstyles?

Absolutely! Combat, stealth, hacking, dialog focus are all completely viable.

How important are romances?

Optional romances with companions exist and add nice flavor, but are not central.

Can I respec attributes or perks?

Yes, you can reset perks and attributes for a fee if you want to respec.

How gory/mature is it?

It earns its mature rating with violence and cyberpunk themes, but isn’t overly gratuitous.

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