Gladiators Survival in Rome APK v1.30.1 (MOD, God Mode, Attack, Move Speed)
Gladiators Survival in Rome APK v1.30.1 (MOD, God Mode, Attack, Move Speed)

Gladiators Survival in Rome APK v1.30.1 (MOD, God Mode, Attack, Move Speed)

Feel the roar of the crowd with the contribution of God Mode, Attack, Move Speed as you step onto the sands of the arena with Gladiators: Survival in Rome Premium Apk.

Name Gladiators: Survival in Rome
Publisher Colossi Games
Category Role Playing
Size 456.85 MB
Latest Version 1.30.1
MOD God Mode, Attack, Move Speed
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Gladiators: Survival in Rome is the most famous version in the Gladiators: Survival in Rome series of publisher Colossi Games
Mod Version 1.30.1
Total installs 1,000,000+

Feel the roar of the crowd as you step onto the sands of the arena in Gladiators: Survival in Rome. This action-packed mobile game throws you into the vicious world of gladiatorial combat, fighting for glory and survival against ferocious foes. Sharpen your sword, armor up, and get ready for intense battles!

Gladiators Survival In Rome

Entering the Arena as a Novice Gladiator

As you begin your journey in Gladiators, you enter the ludus (gladiator school) as a lowly recruit. Through training mini-games, you’ll build up your combat skills in:

  • Swordsmanship
  • Defense
  • Agility
  • Combos

Once you’ve honed your basics, you’ll be ready to compete in your first arena matches. Here are some tips as you get started:

  • Master parrying and dodging
  • Time combos and special attacks properly
  • Use gear with bonuses that complement your playstyle
  • Upgrade armor and weapons frequently
  • Learn enemy patterns and weaknesses
  • Move and roll to avoid being surrounded

Show good instincts and ability early on, and you may earn fame and favors quickly. But one mistake could mean a sword in the back! Surviving the arena is never assured.

Factions – Aligning With Ludo Masters

As you progress, you’ll choose a faction to align with for training and support. Each faction is led by a master known as a lanista, who will provide guidance and resources.


  • Julius Maximus – Prioritizes balanced fighting techniques
  • Gallus Magnus – Focuses on brute strength
  • Porcus Magnus – Specializes in defensive strategies
  • Lucius Agilis – Trains in speed and agility

Consider your playstyle when choosing a faction. Aligning with one will give access to unique perks, armor sets, and bonus missions. Make your lanista proud by utilizing what you learn!

Gladiators Survival In Rome 1

Weapons and Armor – Gear Up for the Fight

Proper equipment is crucial for survival as a gladiator. Collect and upgrade gear to maximize offense and defense:


  • Swords – Quick slashes and combos
  • Spears – Long reach and area attacks
  • Hammers – Slow but devastating crushing blows


  • Helmets – Extra protection for your noggin
  • Shields – Increased blocking and parrying
  • Chestplates – Boosts to health and resistance


  • Damage types – Slash, crush, fire, ice, poison, etc
  • Critical strike – Chance to deal double damage
  • Lifesteal – regain health from damage dealt

Carefully balance your gear loadout to match your gladiator’s abilities. A smart warrior uses more than just brute force to win!

Gladiators Survival In Rome 2

The Arena Experience – Spectacle and Savagery

Entering the arena in Gladiators is a blood-pumping experience. The energetic crowds, savage fights, and potential riches combine for an thrilling spectacle.

Some key features that define the arena battles:

  • Diverse enemy types with unique skills to master
  • Environmental hazards like fire traps, spikes, and roaming beasts
  • Tag team matches where you control multiple gladiators
  • Gruesome finishing moves to end opponents in style
  • Roars and cheers from thousands of spectators
  • Opulent arenas ranging from palaces to forests to mines

Be prepared to face any kind of challenge or foe in the harsh crucible of the arena! Only with skill, wisdom and favor of the crowds can you hope to survive and attain glory.

Story Campaign – Rise From Slave to Legend

Gladiators features an extensive single-player story campaign where you guide a custom character from slave origins to gladiator stardom. Some key story beats:

  • Being rescued from slavery by a retired gladiator
  • Rigorous training at the imperial ludus
  • Earning your lanista’s respect through performance
  • Uncovering a conspiracy against the emperor
  • Seeking vengeance against corrupt politicians
  • Exploring ancient Rome through missions
  • Spectacular boss battles in exotic arenas
  • Making decisions that impact the story ending

The narrative provides context and motivation for your arena battles. Will you bring justice to Rome, or succumb to corruption? The choice is yours!

Gladiators Survival In Rome 3

Multiplayer Mayhem – Test Your Skills Against Others

In addition to the story, you can test your gladiatorial greatness in PvP multiplayer matches. Climb the global leaderboards by:

  • Fighting quick 1v1 duels against rivals
  • Entering ranked seasons and tournaments
  • Forming clans with other players to share rewards and tactics
  • Betting currency to challenge foes in high stakes matches
  • Participating in limited-time special events
  • Customizing your gladiator with cosmetics to show off

Lay claim to the title of top gladiator by besting opponents from around the world! But beware – the arena is home to many ruthless killers.

Choosing How To Fight – Varied Game Modes

Gladiators offers diverse game modes to showcase your skills:


  • Follow the story through narrative missions
  • Make crucial plot decisions that branch the story
  • Fight unique boss enemies


  • Hone skills against AI without risk
  • Test gear, combos, and environment tactics


  • Duel human opponents in PvP matches
  • Climb leaderboards and earn seasonal rewards


  • Survive endless waves of enemies
  • Earn points for a high score spot


  • Overcome various trials of combat
  • Beat records to earn medals and laurels

With such variety, you’ll never run out of ways to prove your championship caliber!

Gladiators Survival In Rome 4

Customize Your Gladiator – Make Your Fighter Stand Out

You can fully customize your gladiator’s looks with a diverse wardrobe of armor sets, weapons, shields, and cosmetic items:

  • Earn new cosmetic gear through gameplay milestones
  • Craft unique equipment like plumed helmets or jeweled swords
  • Purchase premium cosmetic packs for real money
  • Dress to match your faction colors and style
  • Strike fear into enemies with intimidating armor

Your glamorous appearance affects crowd reactions in the arena too. Make them gasp in awe at your combat prowess and fashion sense!

Keep Fighting – Endgame Progression Systems

Gladiators offers plenty of content and goals for dedicated players in the endgame:

Prestige Ranks

  • Reset your gladiator to rank 1 but earn permanent stat bonuses
  • Increase potential with each prestige tier
  • Maximize attributes for the deadliest build


  • Daily trials test specific skills
  • Limited-time gauntlets push you to the limit
  • Shoot for mastery by beating par times and high scores


  • Special game modes and crossover events
  • Timed battles with unique rewards
  • Cooperative clan events uniting the player base


  • Compete each season for bragging rights
  • Factions have their own boards for pride
  • Consistent play needed to hold top spots

There’s always a new goal or milestone to achieve, so you can keep enjoying Gladiators for hundreds of hours!

Final Tips For Victory

Here are some final tips to excel in the arena:

  • Stay moving and use quick rolls to evade attacks
  • Study enemy patterns closely and exploit weaknesses
  • Balance offense and defense with smart gear choices
  • Maximize combo potential with focused attribute points
  • Communicate tactics with clanmates to dominate multiplayer
  • Keep multiple gear sets ready for any match situation
  • Use special attacks at key moments for maximum impact
  • Entertain the crowds with dramatic showmanship and gruesome fatalities

Most importantly, don’t lose your head even when the battles get bloody. Fight with wisdom and honor to earn the adoration of the crowds. The arena awaits its next champion – will it be you? Now get out there and make history!

Gladiators Survival In Rome 5


Unleash your inner warrior and thrill the crowds in Gladiators: Survival in Rome! Skilled real-time battles, deadly weapons and armor, competitive multiplayer, and intense effects make every match heart-pounding. Extensive role-playing progression provides long-term engagement. Step proudly into the arena and stake your claim as the people’s champion!

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of game is Gladiators: Survival in Rome?

It’s an action RPG with real-time combat focused on 1v1 arena battles against human and AI opponents.

Does it require an internet connection to play?

No, the single player campaign can be enjoyed fully offline. Online connection is only needed for PvP multiplayer features.

Is the game pay-to-win?

No, all gear and gladiators can be unlocked through skillful gameplay alone. There are no mechanics favoring paying players.

How deep is the weapon/armor system?

There are hundreds of combinations for a robust gear system. Different rarities, bonus perks, crafting, and cosmetic skins allow extensive customization.

Is there a clan/guild feature?

Yes, joining a clan allows you to team up with others for multiplayer events and rewards. Communication helps coordinate strategies.

Can you respec or change your build?

Yes, you can respec your gladiator’s stats and skills at any time to experiment with different builds to suit your playstyle.

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