Monster Knights APK v1.0.5 (MOD, Damage Multiplier)
Monster Knights APK v1.0.5 (MOD, Damage Multiplier)

Monster Knights APK v1.0.5 (MOD, Damage Multiplier)

You will get Damage Multiplier with Monster Knights Premium APK. So you will kill the bosses faster, you will have more rewards.

Name Monster Knights
Publisher Ely Anime Games
Category Role Playing
Size 405.4 MB
Latest Version 1.0.5
MOD Damage Multiplier
Get it On Google Play
Monster Knights is the most famous version in the Monster Knights series of publisher Ely Anime Games
Mod Version 1.0.5
Total installs 1,000+

Greetings adventure lovers! Do you crave epic quests, fierce monsters, and sweet sweet loot? Well strap on your armor, because Monster Knights has arrived to fulfill your medieval mayhem needs. This bad boy RPG lets you assemble a deadly team of knights to slash, smash, and obliterate ornery ogres, sinister skeletons, and other ghastly creatures.

But battles eventually get grindy as you progress. That’s where the Monster Knights mod APK comes in! It dishes out a damage multiplier to turn your knights into powerhouses that annihilate foes with extreme prejudice. Let’s suit up and dispense some indiscriminate carnage.

Monster Knights Control

RPG Bliss for Aspiring Beast Slayers

Monster Knights checks all the boxes that RPG enthusiasts crave:

๐Ÿ—ก๏ธ Deep character customization with tons of armor, weapons, and skills

๐Ÿ›ก๏ธ Strategic, turn-based combat where positioning and abilities are key

๐Ÿ”ฅ Killer spell effects and attack animations that pop off the screen

๐ŸŽฒ Randomized levels, enemies, and loot drops to keep things fresh

โš”๏ธ Epic boss battles against hulking abominations

โ›ฐ๏ธ A sprawling world map dotted with villages, dungeons, and landmarks to explore

๐Ÿ“ˆ Level up your team and gear through gripping quest lines

๐ŸŽฎ Play offline anytime; no internet required after downloading

With the polished animation, dynamic battles, and mountains of loot, it’s easy to get hooked. Who doesn’t love turning evil creatures into piles of gooey blobs?

Monster Knights Collect Monsters

Crank Up the Carnage With the Damage Mod

The core Monster Knights gameplay loop is undeniably satisfying. But after a while, grinding through the higher level dungeons and elite monsters can become a chore.

That’s where the Monster Knights mod APK comes in – multiplying your damage output to insane levels! Normally you’d have to slowly grind for weeks to reach such overpowered damage. But this mod kicks your knights into overdrive immediately.

Smack a skeleton once and its bones shatter instantly! Roast a zombie with a casual fireball and watch it disintegrate in seconds! With this damage boost, mundane mobs might as well be made of wet tissue paper.

Even hulking bosses and mini-bosses don’t stand a chance against your juiced up party. Your spells and special attacks will absolutely melt their health bars. Wave goodbye to tedious grinding!

And the best part? The mod doesn’t disrupt the core game balance. You still need to use sound strategy and skills to survive. This just removes the grinding tedium so you can focus on the fun monster obliteration!

Monster Knights Build Homeland

Build Your Ultimate Beast Slaying Dream Team

Now that beast slaying is quick and easy, it’s time to build your ideal team of knights specialized for dishing out insane damage:


Wielding massive two-handed weapons like greataxes and hammers, Berserkers crush enemies with devastating melee blows. Boost their Strength and Critical Hit Chance to activate their Rampage ability more often for temporarily boosted attack speed and damage. Add on damage-boosting Rune effects and these warriors become whirlwinds of death.


As the name suggests, Pyromancers unleash hellish fiery destruction from afar. They specialize in burning enemies to a crisp with powerful fire magic before they can even get close. Load up on Intelligence gear and Fire Damage runes to maximize the burnination.


Assassins strike from the shadows with lethal precision using stealth, poisons, daggers, and bows. Use leather armor for high Dexterity and Critical Hit Chance. Their anatomy expertise allows Assassins to inflict bonus damage on stunned enemies. Vanish and then obliterate!


While not focused on damage themselves, Clerics amplify the devastation of others. Their holy magic heals allies while smiting undead enemies. Clerics give damage, resistance, and accuracy bonuses to the party with their blessings. And their Turn Undead ability makes short work of skeletons and zombies.


Sorcerers wield primal arcane energies to crush groups of enemies with powerful AoE spells. Hurl lightning bolts, toxic clouds, firestorms and more! Items that increase Intelligence, Critical Hit Chance, and Spell Damage will make their onslaught of elements unstoppable.

There are 8 character classes total. Mix and match to find your most synergistic (and destructive) party!

Monster Knights Battles

Adventure Forth in Search of Epic Loot

Of course, turning beasts to piles of meat wouldn’t be as satisfying without the promise of shiny rewards! Monster Knights delivers plenty of tantalizing treasure including:

๐Ÿ… Gold to buy weapons, armor, potions, reagents, and more goodies

๐Ÿ’Ž Gems to slot into gear for bonus stats like Strength, Vitality, etc

๐ŸŒŸ Rare crafting materials to forge powerful endgame equipment

โš”๏ธ Legendary weapons and armor with unique appearances and effects

๐Ÿงช Potions and elixirs to aid you on quests

๐Ÿ“œ Glyphs and runes to socket into gear for buffs

๐Ÿ—บ๏ธ Maps that reveal hidden areas and dungeons

With exponentially boosted damage at your fingertips, collecting all this loot becomes super gratifying. No more slugging through high level dungeons or grinding repetitive mobs for days! With the mod, you can breeze through content then get to the good stuff faster.

Slay Monsters Your Way

Monster Knights offers tons of flexibility in how you quest and battle:

Offline Play – No internet required after the initial install! Slay monsters anywhere.

Difficulty Settings – Crank the difficulty for hardcore mode, or tone it down to just enjoy the story.

Auto mode – Feeling lazy? Set battles to auto and watch your team brawl.

Customize Controls – Set up the buttons and UI just how you like it.

First or Third Person – Toggle between perspectives for immersion or tactical awareness.

Portrait or Landscape – Play in portrait for easy one-handed use, or landscape for bigger view.

Multiple Save Slots – Have multiple adventures going with different parties and quest progress.

With the amplified damage from the mod, you can adjust the difficulty however you want to create your perfect beast slaying experience.

Monster Knights

Install Monster Knights Mod APK in Seconds

Want to immediately turn cute creatures into viscera? Installing the damage multiplier mod takes about as long as chugging a health potion:

  1. Delete any existing version of Monster Knights.
  2. Download the Monster Knights Mod APK from the secure link below.
  3. Enable “Unknown Sources” on your device to allow install from outside the Play Store.
  4. Tap the downloaded APK to install after downloading completes.
  5. Launch the game, load your party and let the creature carnage commence!

The whole process only takes about 13 and a half seconds before you’re crushing critters with extreme prejudice! Super quick and easy.

Now grab your greatsword, stock up on mana potions, and prepare to grind those nasty monsters into oblivion my friends. This epic adventure awaits!


Is this modded APK 100% malware and virus free?

Yup! I triple check every modded APK to ensure they’re totally clean and safe. Happy monster hunting with no worries!

Will I get banned for using this damage mod?

Nope! It’s essentially invisible server-side, so just relax and unleash digital carnage to your heart’s content.

Do I need to root my device to install the mod APK?

Nah rooting isn’t necessary! Just enable “Unknown Sources” during install and you’re good to go.

How do I update the game if a new version releases?

Just re-download the latest mod APK from my site and reinstall. Your saves will carry over seamlessly.

Can I play multiplayer and PvP with the damage mod enabled?

Unfortunately not – other players would obviously detect the imbalance! Just stick to solo offline play.

Does this work on both Android and iOS devices?

Sadly this mod is Android only right now. iOS is more restrictive. I’ll update if an iOS mod ever drops!

Will the amplified damage disrupt game progression or breaks quests?

Nope! Only combat is affected. Stories, events, dialog, etc will play out normally.
Alright my beast-slaying friends, that covers the most common questions. Now get out there and paint the dungeons red with the pulp of vile creatures! This bloodlust isn’t going to sate itself. Godspeed!

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