Dead God Land APK v0.0.0164 (MOD, Mega Menu/Money/Max Lv)
Dead God Land APK v0.0.0164 (MOD, Mega Menu/Money/Max Lv)

Dead God Land APK v0.0.0164 (MOD, Mega Menu/Money/Max Lv)

Thanks to Dead God Land Premium Apk, they provide access to features such as Money and Max Level that allow players to reach the highest level in the game.

Name Dead God Land (Dead Island)
Publisher DevVision Games
Category Role Playing
Size 876.5 MB
Latest Version 0.0.0164
MOD Mega Menu/Money/Max Lv
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Dead God Land (Dead Island) is the most famous version in the Dead God Land (Dead Island) series of publisher DevVision Games
Mod Version 0.0.0164
Total installs 100,000+


Dead God Land is an action RPG set in a dark fantasy world filled with monsters and gods to battle. With engaging hack-and-slash combat, expansive skill trees to develop, and tons of loot to find, Dead God Land offers hours of gameplay for ARPG fans. The modded version provides nice quality-of-life upgrades to enhance the experience even more.

Dead God Land

Overview of Dead God Land Gameplay

Dead God Land features classic isometric ARPG combat and exploration. Here are some key aspects of the gameplay:

  • Hack-and-slash combat – Take on hordes of undead and demons using fast-paced combo attacks, area skills, and powerful magic.
  • 4 playable classes – Choose from the Warrior, Mage, Ranger, and Paladin, each with unique skills and abilities.
  • Procedural dungeons – Battle through randomized dungeons with dangerous enemies and valuable loot.
  • Gear and loot – Equip tons of weapons, armor, and accessories. Hunt for rare set items and artifacts.
  • Skill trees – Spend points to unlock active and passive skills, allowing custom character builds.
  • Missions and quests – Take on story quests and side missions to earn more gear and XP.
  • Boss battles – Defeat epic bosses like liches, golems, and demon lords. Learn attack patterns to prevail.

With satisfying real-time combat, expansive maps to explore, mountains of loot to find, and RPG character progression, Dead God Land delivers a compelling action RPG experience.

Dead God Land 1

MOD Features – Mega Menu, Money, Max Level

The modded version of Dead God Land provides several handy upgrades:

  • Mega menu – Enhanced main menu with extra options and information for convenience.
  • Unlimited money – Start with a huge amount of gold and gain unlimited money as you play. Removes scarcity.
  • Max level – Character starts at maximum level with stats fully upgraded, letting you focus on gear and skills.
  • One-hit kills – Optional one-hit damage setting for overpowered attacks against normal enemies.
  • High loot chance – Improves odds of getting rare item drops from enemies to gear up faster.
  • Fast travel unlocked – Normally locked waypoints available immediately for quick travel.

The unlimited money lets you buy any gear immediately, max level boosts stats, and the other tweaks remove limitations and grind. This leaves more room for smashing endless demons with maxed out characters!

Dead God Land 2

Getting Started Guide

For new players, here is a quick guide to getting started in Dead God Land:

Choose a Class

  • Warrior – Tanky fighter good at crowd control and defense. Wields swords and axes.
  • Mage – Glass cannon nuker with devastating AoE and elemental magic damage.
  • Ranger – Agile ranged fighter effective at kiting enemies. Uses bows and crossbows.
  • Paladin – Hybrid fighter and healer. Can buff, heal, and deal damage.

Allocate Attribute Points

  • Strength – Increases melee damage and gear requirements.
  • Dexterity – Boosts attack speed, crit chance, and dodge chance.
  • Intelligence – Powers magic damage and boosts skills.
  • Vitality – Gives more health and physical defense.
Dead God Land 5

Learn the Controls

  • WASD – Move your character.
  • LMB – Perform basic attack.
  • RMB – Use currently equipped skill.
  • 1-4 – Hotkeys for other skills.
  • I – Open inventory.
  • M – View map.
  • Esc – Access menus, settings, save, and exit.

Start Killing and Looting!

  • Take on enemies and complete quests to gain XP and items.
  • Check mini-map for points of interest.
  • Visit shops in town to buy potions and gear upgrades.
  • Spend skill points in your chosen skills to optimize your build.
  • Upgrade to new weapons and armor with improved stats.
  • Travel through waypoints to discover new areas and dungeons.

Refer to the in-game help section for more specifics on features and controls. Now get out there and start slaying!

Dead God Land 3

Gameplay Tips and Strategies

Here are some tips to help you conquer the demon-infested dungeons of Dead God Land:

Combat Tactics

  • Dodge and strafe around hard-hitting enemies to avoid damage.
  • Lure monsters into environmental hazards like traps and explosive barrels.
  • Freeze, stun, or knock down dangerous foes to control them.
  • Fight defensively until you learn attack patterns, then go aggressive.

Character Progression

  • Max your primary damage stat(s) first for bigger hits.
  • Spread some points into Vitality early on for survivability.
  • Focus on skills that amplify your chosen playstyle.
  • Keep some respec potions handy to re-allocate stats and skills later.

Gearing Up

  • Check shops regularly for gear better than what you have equipped.
  • Prioritize weapon damage, resistances, critical chance, and other core stats when comparing loot.
  • As you level up, don’t forget to visit the blacksmith to improve your gear.
  • Complete sets for big bonuses, but don’t sacrifice good standalone gear to force sets.

General Tips

  • Quicksave often so dying doesn’t mean losing much progress.
  • Keep health and mana potions stocked for tough battles.
  • Mark useful locations like quest-givers so you can fast travel back easily.
  • Scan the horizons carefully for hidden passages, loot, and enemies.

With smart tactics, optimal gear, and mastery of your class skills and abilities, you’ll dominate the dark forces of Dead God Land in no time!

Dead God Land 4

Key Features and Content

Here is an overview of some of the major features and content that make Dead God Land such an engrossing action RPG:

Addictive Hack-and-Slash Combat

  • Fast, visceral melee and ranged combat against mobs of enemies.
  • Variety of weapon types like swords, axes, bows, staves, and more to wield.
  • Satisfying combat feedback with visual and sound effects.
  • Huge variety of active skills and spells to demolish foes.

Extensive Loot System

  • Tons of randomized weapons, armor, and accessories to discover.
  • Rare set items with special bonuses for collecting full sets.
  • Crafting system to upgrade gear and add buffs.
  • Epic boss loot like enchanted artifacts and unique equipables.

Four Playable Classes

  • Warrior – Wields melee weapons and shields with tanking and crowd control abilities.
  • Mage – Commands powerful elemental magic like fire, ice, and lightning.
  • Ranger – Deadly archer that excels at ranged combat and traps.
  • Paladin – Battle healer that can buff, heal, and deal hybrid melee/spell damage.

Procedurally Generated Dungeons

  • Complex random dungeon layouts populate each playthrough with fresh experiences.
  • Secret rooms and side passages hide valuable treasure and quest items.
  • Various dungeon themes like caves, temples, sewers, and demonic crypts.

Tons of Missions and Quests

  • Compelling main campaign questline reveals the lore and story.
  • Dozens of optional side quests provide additional objectives and rewards.
  • Bounty board offers monster hunting assignments.
  • Dynamic daily quests for repeatable rewards.

With its blend of polished real-time combat, mountains of loot, class variety, endless dungeons, and tons of quests, Dead God Land offers practically infinite gameplay possibilities to keep you hacking and slashing for the long haul.


Is Dead God Land an online multiplayer game?

No, Dead God Land is a purely single player offline experience. There are no co-op or PvP multiplayer features. You adventure alone or with AI companions.

What platforms can I play on?

Dead God Land is available for Windows PC and Android mobile devices. There are no console or iOS versions currently.

How does progression work?

You gain XP from killing monsters which levels up your character, allowing you to increase attributes and unlock more skills in your chosen class’s skill tree.

Is there a new game plus mode?

Yes, upon completing the game you unlock New Game+ mode where you restart with your gear, levels, and skills intact for a greater challenge.

Can I respec my character?

Yes, the game provides rare consumable items that allow you to respec your attributes and skill points to try different builds.

With satisfying combat, mountains of loot, and endless monsters to slay, Dead God Land delivers an addictive hack-and-slash ARPG experience enhanced even further by mods providing unlimited money, max level, and more.

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