Clash Royale APK v40088004 (MOD, Unlimited Gems/Resources)
Clash Royale APK v40088004 (MOD, Unlimited Gems/Resources)

Clash Royale APK v40088004 (MOD, Unlimited Gems/Resources)

Clash Royale Premium APK provides unlimited gems and resources. This allows for free in-game purchases. You can use any deck you want.

Name Clash Royale
Publisher Supercell
Category Strategy
Size 235.5 MB
Latest Version 40088004
MOD Unlimited Gems/Resources
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Clash Royale is the most famous version in the Clash Royale series of publisher Supercell
Mod Version 40088004
Total installs 100,000,000+

Get ready for an epic multiplayer battle game from the creators of Clash of Clans! Clash Royale is an insanely fun mix of card collecting, tower defense, and head-to-head combat. 😎⚔️

With stunning graphics, quick-paced gameplay, and tons of unlockable rewards, it’s no wonder Clash Royale has become one of the most popular mobile games ever!

In this ultimate guide, we’ll overview everything you need to know about Clash Royale’s addictive gameplay and features. Let’s jump right in!

Clash Royale

An Introduction to Clash Royale

Clash Royale is a freemium mobile strategy game. It was first released globally in 2016 and quickly gained a huge playerbase.

The game combines elements from several popular genres:

  • Tower Defense – Destroy your opponent’s three towers while defending your own.
  • Card Battling – Build the ultimate battle deck and use your cards strategically in combat.
  • MOBA – Bring down the enemy King and Princesses to achieve victory.
  • Multiplayer Online – Battle players from around the world in real-time competitive matches.

The main premise is simple – collect powerful Clash characters and cards, create your ultimate battle deck, and use them in intense 1v1 duels. Matches are fast-paced at only 3 minutes per round!

Some key features that make Clash Royale so fun and addictive include:

  • Short, exciting matches perfect for mobile -Unlock tons of cards and build unique decks
  • Combine cards to pull off cool combos
  • Compete in global leaderboards
  • Join clans to share cards and battle together
  • Regular new content updates with fresh cards and modes

Let’s breakdown how these features come together to create such an awesome game!

Getting Started with Clash Royale

Clash Royale is free to download on iOS and Android devices. Follow these steps to get playing:

1. Download and Install

  • Get the game from the App Store or Google Play Store. It only takes a few minutes to install.

2. Complete the Tutorial

  • When first launching the app, you’ll complete an interactive tutorial covering the basics.
  • Pay close attention, as this tutorial will teach you fundamental strategy.

3. Unlock your starter Cards

  • After the tutorial, you’ll receive a starting collection of Cards and a free Chest.
  • Use these Cards and Chest rewards to build your first Battle Deck.

And that’s it! Once your starter Deck is built, you’ll be ready to start dueling other players online.

Clash Royale Gameplay Overview

Now that you’re ready to play, let’s overview how a typical real-time 1v1 Duel works in Clash Royale:

  • Two players are matched online based on trophy level.
  • The battle takes place on a small arena map with two towers for each player.
  • Your goal is to destroy the opponent’s two Arena Towers and their King’s Tower to win.
  • To attack, you deploy troop and spell Cards from your Battle Deck.
  • Elixir regenerates over time to play more Cards. Deal damage to build up your Elixir faster!
  • The first player to destroy a Tower gains an Elixir advantage.
  • If the match timer ends with both players still standing, the player with more total damage wins.
  • Winning matches lets you earn reward Chests and trophies for global leaderboard ranking.

The core mechanics are easy to learn but take skill to master. Let’s break down key concepts in more detail…

Clash Royale 1

Key Gameplay Concepts

Understanding these key concepts is crucial for effectively dueling against other players:


  • Cards represent troops, spells, and buildings you deploy during battle.
  • Each Card costs a specific amount of Elixir to play based on rarity and strength.
  • Building a balanced Battle Deck using Cards with synergy is extremely important.


  • Elixir is used to play Cards and regenerates at a fixed rate during battle.
  • Deal damage to build up Elixir faster via an Elixir Collector.
  • Manage Elixir efficiently by anticipating your opponent’s moves.


  • Destroy enemy Towers while protecting your own from damage.
  • Princess Towers provide ranged defense. King Towers offer melee defense.
  • Losing a Princess Tower amplifies enemy troops who advance deeper into your territory.


  • Open reward Chests using keys to unlock new Cards of various rarities.
  • Silver/Gold/Giant/Epic/Legendary Chests contain increasing valuable loot!

Customizing Your Battle Deck

Collecting and upgrading Cards allows you to create a custom Battle Deck tailored to your personal playstyle and strategies. Here are some tips for building a killer deck:

  • Include both troops and spells – Troops are offensive melee and ranged units. Spells provide utility through area damage, slowdowns, spawners etc. You need a mix of both in your deck for maximum flexibility.
  • Consider Elixir costs – Aim for a consistent curve of low, medium and high cost cards. You want to avoid getting stuck with only high cost cards you can’t play!
  • Focus on common Win Conditions – Win Conditions are Cards particularly good at damaging Towers, like Giant and Balloon. Build your deck around one of these.
  • Defend against air & ground – Have responses ready for both ground swarms (Skeleton Army) and air units (Bats). Neglecting either weakness will be punished.
  • Synergize Card abilities – Some Cards work extremely effectively together like Miner and Wall Breakers. Discover powerful combos to shock opponents.
  • Counter the current meta – Study popular meta decks and tech in Cards good against today’s trends, like Tornado for countering swarm.

Take time to learn your Card collection inside out, and you’ll be able to create some truly dominating decks!

Game Modes

Clash Royale features a variety of game modes to provide fresh challenges:

Multiplayer 1v1

  • Duel players online in 1v1 matches to earn trophies and Chests. This is the standard multiplayer game mode.
  • There are numerous competitive arenas and leagues to progress through as you gain skill.


  • Team up with another player for 2v2 battles. Coordinate to take down the opposing duo!
  • 2v2 offers a fun twist on matches and lets you experiment more casually.

Private Tournaments

  • Create custom tournaments and invite other players to join for special modes and prizes.
  • Set custom rules and select the tournament type. Qualifier, Elimination, etc.

Special Challenges

  • Limited-time Special Event Challenges let you battle under unique conditions for one-time rewards.
  • These rotating game modes keep gameplay fresh and exciting!

Clan Wars

  • Join forces with your clanmates to take on opposing clans in Clan Wars.
  • Earn war Chests containing cards and gold by securing victories for your clan!

With so much variety between standard duels, cooperative team play, tournaments, and special events, you’ll never run out of ways to battle!

But what about progressing your account? Keep reading to learn more.

Clash Royale 2

Progressing Your Account

As you win matches and open reward Chests, you’ll make significant progress expanding and upgrading your card collection:

  • Gain experience points and level up your King Tower for hitpoint bonuses.
  • Earn gold to upgrade individual Card levels for increased stats.
  • Unlock new Arenas as you reach new trophy thresholds. Each Arena contains exclusive cards to discover!
  • Join or create a Clan to request and donate cards with other players.
  • Upgrade your Heroes like the Royal Champion and Mighty Miner through special events.
  • Complete Achievements and Crown Tasks to earn Gems, Gold, and trophies.
  • Get more Emotes and Tower cosmetics to show off your personality.

The progression systems give a constant sense of achievement. Now let’s discuss how club Clans add another social layer…

Joining a Clan

Joining an active Clan is a hugely important part of Clash Royale:

  • Chat and socialize – Get to know your clanmates and make new friends from around the world!
  • Request and donate cards – Request any Common or Rare card from your clan once per day. Donate to help others while earning bonus gold and experience.
  • Clan Wars – Band together in Clan Wars against other clans to earn exclusive chests full of rewards.
  • Community – Take part in a fun gaming community, share tips and battle strategies.

Browse the long list of international clans until you find one that seems like a good culture fit. Then get involved in the chat, donations, clan wars and community for an enhanced experience. It’s a quick way to pick up helpful game knowledge!

Advanced Tips and Strategies

Become an elite Clash Royale duelist using these pro-level tips:

  • Manage elixir efficiently – Always make sure you have enough elixir to immediately counter whatever your opponent plays next. Don’t overcommit on a push and get caught empty-handed!
  • Know when to apply pressure – If your opponent is low on elixir or lacking key cards in cycle, go on the offensive and apply pressure. Punish their vulnerabilities.
  • Master a fast cycle deck – Faster cycle decks allow you to out-maneuver opponents by cycling rapidly to your key cards. Predict their counters and stay one step ahead.
  • Learn interactions and counters – Study how each troop counters others. Knowing counters like using Mega Knight against Elite Barbarians helps immensely in decisive moments.
  • Watch replays and improve – Watch replays of your closest losses. Could you have countered better or organized your push better? Identify weaknesses to eliminate.

With practice, you’ll be climbing through the Arenas earning Chests and outplaying opponents in no time!

Clash Royale 3

Final Thoughts on Clash Royale

Clash Royale delivers a phenomenal mix of strategic card-based combat blended with the charm and humor of Clash characters we know and love.

With quick-burst head-to-head duels, an infinite number of deck combinations, and constant new content updates, it’s a game you could easily play forever.

Hopefully this guide gave you a complete overview of Clash Royale’s core gameplay elements, from basic controls to advanced strategies. Now get out there, build an unstoppable deck, and demolish some towers! See you in the Arena. 🏰⚔️

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the best cards right now?

Some of the strongest cards currently include: Mighty Miner, Golden Knight, Electro Giant, Skeleton King, Archer Queen, etc. But pay close attention to meta shifts!

How do you counter Elite Barbarians?

Use flying troops like Mega Minion or Minions. Ground splash units like Valkyrie and Bomber work too. You can also distract with low Elixir Skeletons then follow up.

What is the fastest way to upgrade Cards?

Donate as many Cards as possible to your clanmates, up to the daily limit. This will give you the most gold for upgrades. Open reward chests regularly too.

Is it better to use one big push or several small pushes?

It depends on your deck, but generally multiple smaller pushes are safer. This applies more pressure and allows you to bait their counters before the big push.

What are some good beginner decks?

Strong starter decks include Goblin Barrel Bait, Hog Rider Exenado, Giant Double Prince, and Lavahound Balloon. Look up recent beginner decks online as the meta evolves.

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