Hay Day Premium APK v1.60.231 [MOD, Unlimited Gems, Money]
Hay Day Premium APK v1.60.231 [MOD, Unlimited Gems, Money]

Hay Day Premium APK v1.60.231 [MOD, Unlimited Gems, Money]

Improve your gaming experience with Hay Day Premium apk. With this version you will get unlimited gems and money.

Name Hay Day
Publisher Supercell
Category Casual
Size 248 MB
Latest Version 1.60.231
MOD Unlimited Gems, Money
Get it On Google Play
Hay Day is the most famous version in the Hay Day series of publisher Supercell
Mod Version 1.60.231
Total installs 100,000,000+

Hay Day is a popular free-to-play farming simulator game for mobile devices. With its cute graphics, quirky characters, and addictive gameplay, Hay Day has charmed casual gamers everywhere since its release in 2012. This in-depth guide will provide tips, tricks, and strategies to help you become a profitable virtual farmer. Let’s get farming!

Hay Day

Getting Started

When you first start playing Hay Day, follow these steps:

  • Customize your farmer avatar with hats, clothes, and hairstyles
  • Name your farm
  • Meet your uncle, who will guide you through the early game
  • You start with a small plot of land, a house, silo, and roadside shop
  • Tap fields to clear debris, then tap crops to plant wheat, corn, carrots, and more
  • Tap production buildings like dairies and sugar mills to produce goods to sell

The main goals early on are expanding your farm by unlocking new land, gathering resources like wood and stone, leveling up to unlock buildings, and selling goods at your roadside shop.

Farm Expansion

To grow your farm in Hay Day, you’ll need coins and experience points. Here are some tips:

  • Fulfill truck and boat orders to earn coins for land plots
  • Build and sell bakery goods for profits to purchase expansion areas
  • Ask friends to buy expansion materials you can’t afford
  • Chop down trees to gather wood for building new structures
  • Clear boulder debris to gather stones for constructing buildings
  • Check for expansion areas hidden behind shrubs and trees!

With enough coins and building materials, you can steadily purchase new farm plots to expand your growing agricultural empire.

Hay Day 2

Crop Management

Managing your ever-expanding crop fields efficiently is key in Hay Day:

  • Plant your lowest cost crops like wheat and corn in larger bulk quantities first
  • Grow more valuable crops like pumpkin and indigo in fewer numbers
  • Always keep production buildings like dairies and sugar mills running by feeding them raw materials
  • When logging in, quickly harvest crops ready to collect coins right away
  • Utilize the newspaper and live events to monitor crop demands
  • Turn raw crops into goods to sell for higher profits at your roadside shop

Following crop cycles and processing raw crops into value-added goods is essential to profits and progression.

Hay Day 5

Animal Husbandry

Raising and caring for animals is another core farming activity in Hay Day:


  • Houses chickens which produce eggs
  • Feed chickens wheat and corn to prevent them running out
  • Sell eggs in your roadside shop or use for bakery goods


  • Cows produce milk that can be processed into cheese, butter, and other dairy items
  • Make sure to pet cows daily and feed them hay to keep happy and producing


  • Sheep grow wool over time that can be sheared off
  • Feed sheep hay to maximize wool growth rate
  • Shear sheep whenever their wool fully grows back


  • Pigs need slop feed to produce coins over time
  • Build additional pig pens to increase your daily coin earnings

By keeping animals fed and housed, they’ll provide essential farm resources.

Fishing and Trees

Adding fishing docks and trees expands productivity:

  • Fishing Docks – Build docks on pond shores to catch fish for coins and lobster traps. Use lobsters in seafood recipes!
  • Trees – Cherry, oak, and maple trees provide wood for building. Shaking fully grown trees drops coins.

These passive income elements provide valuable resources over time that contribute to your profitability.

Hay Day 4

Machines and Crafting

Machines allow you to process raw goods into other items:

  • Smelters – Turn ore into bars to use for crafting and town orders
  • Looms – Weave yarn from wool sheared from sheep
  • Sugar Mills – Process sugar cane into refined sugar for bakery recipes
  • Dairies – Churn milk into butter, cheese, and cream
  • Bakeries – Bake bread, cakes, cookies, and pies to sell

Combining raw materials with crafted goods maximizes profit potential.

Town and Visitor Orders

Fulfilling townsfolk and visitor orders keeps goods moving and coins flowing:

  • Town Orders – Townspeople make bulk orders for raw goods needed soon
  • Visitor Orders – Visitors order multiple processed items and will wait longer
  • Truck Orders – Timed orders deliver goods around the town
  • Boat Orders – Export orders deliver goods downriver by boat when full

Prioritize urgent town orders first, then aim to fill high coin boat orders to maximize profits.

Hay Day 1

Tips and Tricks

Use these tips to succeed at Hay Day farming:

  • Wheat and corn are cheap starter crops, while berries, lavender, and indigo make good profit
  • Group production buildings together and harvest all at once to save time
  • Set an alarm to harvest fully grown crops waiting overnight
  • Queue machines to process goods for efficiency while you do other tasks
  • Buy production and decoration boosters with diamonds to increase output
  • Fishing overnight and shaking trees maximize passive coin earnings
  • Look for strategy guides on optimizing town and boat order combinations

Learn profitable strategies and you’ll be raking in hay day profits in no time!

Social Features

Connecting with other farmers creates a vibrant community:

  • Trading and Helping – Trade goods and help each other fill orders faster
  • Visiting Farms – Visit friends’ farms to get ideas you can replicate
  • Leaderboards – Compare your progress on production and wealth leaderboards
  • Derby Tasks – Team up on cooperative tasks to win derby races
  • Chat – Chat with your friends in real-time while playing

Playing collectively with other farmers enhances the overall Hay Day experience.

Events and Updates

Special events and new content keep Hay Day fresh:

  • Fishing Events – Limited-time fishing competitions with big rewards
  • Seasonal Themes – Holiday decorations and limited edition goods
  • Farm Versions – Explore expanded land areas in other farm versions
  • New Crops and Animals – New production options let you craft exciting goods
  • Town Building – Restore and customize new shops and community buildings
  • Season Passes – Premium season passes offer special cosmetics and boosts

Events spice up the gameplay, while updates introduce great new long-term content.

Hay Day 3

Tips for Free Players

You can succeed at Hay Day without spending real money by using these tips:

  • Prioritize coin-earning tasks like filling boat orders and fishing
  • Focus your limited diamonds on farm production boosters
  • Strategically buy and sell goods in your roadside shop for profit
  • Take advantage of free chest rewards from daily login bonuses
  • Watch video ads to double production and upgrade buildings instantly
  • Participate in derby tasks and events to win free diamonds
  • Save up and spend wisely during discount sales for needed items

With smart play, you can progress quickly and compete with paying players.

Hay Day FAQs

How often should I log in and check Hay Day?

Ideally 2-3 times per day to harvest crops, fulfill orders, and set new production queues.

Should I use diamonds to speed up production?

Sometimes it’s worth it, but focus on farm boosters first. Use wisely.

What’s the benefit of expanding my farm so much?

More land allows growing additional crops for revenue and resources.

How do I get more coins fast?

Fishing overnight, filling boat orders, selling high value goods, and expanding production.

Is there a way to organize my production buildings?

Yes! You can move and rearrange all buildings however you like.

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