Dash.io APK v0.9.7 (MOD, Unlimited Diamonds, Dumb Enemies)
Dash.io APK v0.9.7 (MOD, Unlimited Diamonds, Dumb Enemies)

Dash.io APK v0.9.7 (MOD, Unlimited Diamonds, Dumb Enemies)

With Dashero Premium Apk you can start playing with unlimited diamonds, dumb enemies and many features. Upgrade your character, strengthen them, and attack.

Name Dash.io (Dashero)
Publisher Trèfle & Co. Game
Category Casual
Size 101.6 MB
Latest Version 0.9.7
MOD Unlimited Diamonds, Dumb Enemies
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Dash.io (Dashero) is the most famous version in the Dash.io (Dashero) series of publisher Trèfle & Co. Game
Mod Version 0.9.7
Total installs 1,000,000+

Looking for a challenging, action-packed platformer with roguelike elements? Then you need to play Dashero! This indie game will test your skills with its brutal difficulty and relentless enemy hordes. 😱 With procedural levels, unlockable characters, and leaderboards to climb, it offers tons of replayability. Let’s dive into the addictive gameplay loop that has made Dashero a hit among hardcore gamers.


What is Dashero?

You play as the Dashero, a brave warrior battling through dynamically generated dungeons filled with monsters and traps.

Armed with a sword and skills, you must descend deeper through the dungeons each run, collecting loot and defeating menacing bosses. But death means starting your next run from the beginning!

With permanent progression via unlockable characters and abilities, you gradually become stronger across runs. However, the random levels and tough enemies ensure each run feels unique.

Key Gameplay Features:

  • Procedural dungeon levels – never the same twice
  • Melee combat and magic abilities to slay monsters
  • Permadeath roguelike design – start over when you die
  • Multiple playable characters with varying skills
  • Tons of monsters and bosses to battle
  • Daily challenges and leaderboards for high scores
  • Pixel art visuals and energetic chiptune music

Dashero synthesizes the adrenaline-pumping action of platformers with the risk-reward tension of roguelikes. Your skills are constantly tested as each run pushes you to the limit. Can you endure the grueling gauntlet and become the ultimate dashero?

Dashero Gameplay Overview

When starting a run in Dashero, you begin by selecting one of several unlocked characters, each with their own unique traits. As an example, the Knight has a shield for defense, while the Mage wields powerful spells.

Armed with basic gear, you then descend into the first level of the dungeon via a portal. Each level is procedurally generated, with random room layouts and enemy types. You must battle through, collecting coins and loot, in order to locate the portal to the next level down.

But between you and the exit lie countless deadly threats:

  • Monsters – Skeletons, zombies, demons and more stand in your way. They each have different behaviors, from flinging projectiles to charging recklessly.
  • Traps – Avoid spike pits, arrow barrages, and other deadly traps concealed in rooms. Tread carefully!
  • Hazards – Fireballs shoot from walls, boulders roll down slopes, and explosions rock the terrain.
  • Bosses – On specific milestone levels, you’ll face off against hulking horror bosses with complex attack patterns.
  • Timer – You’re constantly racing against the clock, as time continues ticking down to your doom! Additional time can be earned by slaying foes.

To battle these adversaries, you have several moves at your disposal:

  • Sword attack – Slice enemies up close to defeat them.
  • Dodge roll – Execute quick evasive rolls to avoid attacks.
  • Block – Use shields and defense gear to absorb damage.
  • Spells – Cast devastating magic like fireballs, lightning, and healing.
  • Loot weapons – Equip new weapons and gear found in chests.

Throughout this gauntlet, you must avoid getting hit too often. Taking excessive damage will quickly destroy you, ending your run and forcing you to start over from the beginning.

But during each life, you can acquire powerful gear and permanent upgrades that will assist on subsequent attempts. By gradually strengthening your dashero through multiple runs, you can delve deeper into the dungeons than ever before.

Can you endure the lethal traps and monster hordes to emerge victorious? Your journey has just begun…

Unlocking New Characters

Initially, only the Knight character is available. But as you play through runs, more characters like the Mage, Archer, and Rogue can be unlocked. Each dashero plays differently with their own strengths and weaknesses:


  • High health and defense
  • Shield can block attacks
  • Slow but powerful sword strikes


  • Casts devastating offensive spells
  • Vulnerable without magic
  • Can teleport short distances


  • Shoots arrows rapidly from afar
  • Special bomb arrows do AoE damage
  • Low health and weak up close


  • Quick dodges and sword strikes
  • Throw daggers at distant enemies
  • Gains bonus gold from chests

There are a total of 8 playable characters to unlock, providing tremendous replay value. You can tailor your playstyle by selecting the dashero that matches your abilities. Their varied skills also make multiple playthroughs feel fresh.

Experiment with new characters and discover your favorites! But choose wisely – some heroes fare better against certain levels and bosses. Your skillset must match the dangers ahead.

Dashero 2

Looting Weapons & Gear

While exploring dungeon levels, you’ll discover chests containing powerful items. Equipping these weapons, armor, rings, and spells can give you the edge needed to push deeper into the dungeon.

Some examples of loot to discover:


  • Swords with increased damage
  • Maces that stun foes
  • Bows with piercing arrow shots
  • Wands for casting unique spells


  • Helmets and shields for extra defense
  • Robes enchanted with protection magics
  • Gear that boosts health or speed


  • Elemental rings that add fire/ice/lightning to attacks
  • Rings that regenerate health or magic faster


  • Fireballs, lightning strikes, healing aura
  • Summon animal companions to fight for you
  • Curses that debuff enemies

The many combinations of gear allow you to customize your playstyle. A swift Rogue may dual wield daggers while a tanky Knight equips heavy armor. magistral

Gear found within a run is lost when you die. But the game also includes permanent relics and traits you can unlock across multiple attempts. These provide bonuses that stack, making you progressively stronger.

Conquering Dungeon Levels & Bosses

Your primary objective is reaching and completing all the levels of the dungeon. Each run will take you deeper, but you must start back at level 1 if you die.

Every few levels, you’ll face a unique boss. These huge monsters present a major difficulty spike with new mechanics to master:

Level 5 – Giant spider queen with spawning spiderling adds and poison blobs.

Level 10 – Undead giant who pummels you with bone fists and causes quakes.

Level 15 – Dragon sorcerer flying around the arena raining fireballs.

Level 20 – The diabolical Dungeon Demon itself!

The bosses push your skills to the limit. You may need to adjust your gear, class, and strategy after repeated failed attempts. But eventually overcoming them provides huge satisfaction!

In addition to major bosses, each level is populated by various normal enemies. Here are some common foes you’ll encounter:

  • Skeletons – Melee ambushers who mob you in groups.
  • Slimes – Oozing jellies that split into more slimes when attacked.
  • Ghosts – Ethereal spirits immune to physical damage.
  • Mimics – Treasure chests that reveal toothy maws.
  • Wraiths – Specters that curse you from afar.
  • Spiders – Fast-moving crawlers who overwhelm in swarms.
  • Constructs – Animated statues that come to life.
  • Cultists – Fanatic mages casting deadly spells.
  • Demons – Horrific denizens of the underworld.

Learning the attack patterns and special behaviors of these adversaries will keep you alive longer. Expect new monster types the deeper you manage to delve as well.

But if you can overcome the icy spiders on level 8 and the acid oozes on level 14, you just might have a chance against the final boss awaiting on level 20!

Daily Challenges & Leaderboards

In addition to the main adventure, Dashero offers daily challenges for competing against the global community.

These challenges introduce special modifiers and twists, such as:

  • Time attack – Race to the lowest time possible.
  • Hardcore – Permadeath enabled – no respawning!
  • Bighead – Enemies have enlarged heads with more health.
  • Vampiric – Lose health constantly, but regain it by attacking.
  • Low Gravity – Bounce higher but move slower.

Daily challenges shuffle these mutators to keep the experience fresh and test your skills in new ways. Can you adapt to the changed rules and still conquer the dungeon?

Completing daily challenges rewards you with gems – premium currency used to unlock new relics. It also places you on leaderboards against all other players’ times that day. Competing for top ranks against other dashing heroes around the world is the ultimate challenge!

The daily mode also lets you gain gems without using real money. Just be prepared for some intense platforming gauntlets!

Dashero 1

Dashero Meta-Progression & Relics

Although each life starts you over at level 1, Dashero includes long-term progression and unlocks to strengthen your hero across runs.

As you play, you gain experience points used to unlock relics. These relics function like permanent buffs and bonuses that stack as you acquire more.

Some example relics:

  • Increase max health
  • Start each run with an extra piece of gear
  • +10% critical hit chance
  • Reduce magic cost by 10%
  • Gain gems from daily challenges faster

There are over 50 relics to uncover in categories like Offense, Defense, Magic, and Daily. Upgrading these gradually over many runs will slowly but surely make you more powerful.

Certain milestones also permanently unlock additional content:

  • Defeating dungeon bosses grants access to new playable characters.
  • Clearing a set number of levels reveals new levels to explore.
  • High daily challenge rankings unlock unique hero costumes.

Through this meta-progression, death still stings but doesn’t feel totally discouraging. Everything is building toward the ultimate goal of clearing all 20 levels and defeating the final boss!

Dashero DLC Expansions

The developers continue expanding Dashero with paid DLC packs that add new dungeons, monsters, heroes, and more.

Some of the additional content from DLC includes:

Ancient Empires

  • Ancient Egypt themed dungeons with mummies and pharaohs
  • Cursed Sands biome with deadly sandstorms
  • Sphinx pet that assists you in battle
  • Egyptian themed Anubis character class

Infernal Depths

  • Hell dimension dungeons with lava, brimstone, and demons
  • Final boss battle against the Devil himself
  • New fire-based Tiefling character class
  • Torch item to light your way in dark rooms

Fungal Forest

  • Overgrown forest levels filled with mushrooms
  • Poisonous new mushroom enemies
  • Giant evil tree boss
  • Druid class which wields fungal magic

The DLC packs provide wonderful new variety and challenges to master. They introduce novel themes, enemies, gear, and characters to diversify the core gameplay.

While optional, the DLC is expertly designed and gives existing players more content to enjoy. Definitely check them out once you’ve honed your skills on the main dungeons!

Dashero Tips & Strategies

Mastering Dashero requires much more than just quick platforming reflexes. You’ll need to utilize clever strategies and knowledge to overcome the brutal dungeons. Here are some key tips to excel at Dashero:

Learn enemy behaviors

  • Different monsters have unique attack patterns – figure them out!
  • Prioritize the most dangerous foes first in a room.
  • Lure enemies into hazards like spikes to defeat them.

Maximize gear abilities

  • Pay attention to gear affixes for bonuses like lifesteal or burning damage.
  • Enchant gear at blacksmith statues to improve its properties.
  • Equip gear that counters level hazards like fire resistance for lava.

Pick complementary character abilities

  • Choose a dashero with skills suited for the current level.
  • For bosses, value defense and sustain over raw damage.

Improve reflexes and precision

  • Nail difficult jump sequences consistently without mistakes.
  • Dodge enemy attacks at the last possible moment for iframes.
  • Interrupt spellcasts and dash attacks at the right moments.

Analyze and learn from deaths

  • Don’t rage or get frustrated. Think critically about why you died.
  • Identify the most problematic enemies and rooms.
  • Experiment with new strategies and gear loadouts.

With dedicated practice, you’ll be clearing levels like a pro dashero in no time. The journey is challenging but rewarding!

Dashero 3

Is Dashero Worth Playing?

With so many great platformers and roguelikes out there, what makes Dashero stand out?

In short – Dashero is absolutely worth your time and money! ✅ Here’s why:

Satisfying combat – Slicing through monsters and bosses with combos feels great.

Build variety – Tons of gear and hero combinations to customize your playstyle.

Meta-progression – Permanent unlocks provide a sense of persistent advancement.

Daily challenges – Compete against the world for high scores and rewards.

Secrets to discover – Hidden levels, loot, and lore rewards the curious.

Constant expansions – The developers actively maintain and expand the game.

Beautiful pixel art style – Detailed sprites and animations bring the world to life.

For fans of tough-as-nails retro platformers, Dashero is easily recommendable. It distills the core appeal of roguelikes – overcoming challenges through skill – into an incredibly polished package. Grab your blade and get ready for glory!

Dashero FAQs

Is Dashero multiplayer or singleplayer?

Dashero is a singleplayer focused experience. You adventure through the deadly dungeons solo rather than cooperating with others.

How is the Nintendo Switch version?

Dashero plays excellently on Switch. The tight controls and retro graphics feel right at home on Nintendo’s handheld. It’s the definitive portable Dashero experience.

Do I need to play the Dashero games in order?

No, each Dashero title functions standalone. There is loose chronology but no direct story continuity. Feel free to jump in wherever!

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