Good Pizza, Great Pizza APK v5.2.4 (MOD, Unlimited Money)
Good Pizza, Great Pizza APK v5.2.4 (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Good Pizza, Great Pizza APK v5.2.4 (MOD, Unlimited Money)

By installing the Good Pizza, Great Pizza Premium Apk version, players can gain access to unlimited funds, which can help improve their in-game operations.

Name Good Pizza, Great Pizza
Publisher TapBlaze
Category Casual
Size 144.8 MB
Latest Version 5.2.4
MOD Unlimited Money
Get it On Google Play
Good Pizza, Great Pizza is the most famous version in the Good Pizza, Great Pizza series of publisher TapBlaze
Mod Version 5.2.4
Total installs 100,000,000+

Good Pizza, Great Pizza is a fun and addictive mobile game that lets players run their own pizzeria. The goal is to make delicious pizzas to order and keep customers happy. With challenging gameplay, cute graphics, and the ability to customize your own pizzeria, it’s easy to see why this game is so popular!

In this article, we’ll take a deep dive into Good Pizza, Great Pizza. We’ll cover gameplay elements, tips and strategies, special features like the unlimited money mod, and much more. Whether you’re an experienced pizza chef or just thinking about downloading the game, you’ll learn everything you need to know by the end of this article!

Good Pizza Great Pizza

Gameplay Overview

In Good Pizza, Great Pizza, you play as a pizzeria owner and chef. When customers come in, you need to take their orders, prep ingredients, cook pizzas, and serve the finished pies to hungry customers.

The core gameplay loop looks like this:

  • New customers enter your shop and place orders at the counter
  • You prep ingredients like dough, sauce, cheese, and toppings
  • Drag the ingredients onto fresh pizza pies to make customers’ orders
  • Cook pizzas in the oven until they’re baked just right
  • Serve the finished pizzas to customers before they get angry and leave

You’ll need to multitask between taking orders, prepping ingredients, and baking pies to keep up with demand. As you play, you’ll unlock new toppings and appliances to help serve more complex orders faster.

The game supplies some initial customers to get you started. But as you progress, you’ll have multiple customers placing orders simultaneously. You need to work fast and efficiently to make sure orders get out on time!

There’s definitely a chaotic, fast-paced feel to the gameplay that makes it addictive. Being able to perfectly multitask orders and manage your pizzeria supplies is very rewarding.

Good Pizza Great Pizza 1

Restaurant Upgrades & Customization

A major part of the gameplay loop is upgrading your pizzeria over time. As you earn coins from completed orders, you can purchase upgrades like new ovens, additional countertops, and more ingredient stations.

These upgrades allow you to prep ingredients ahead of time and take on more orders simultaneously. Your pizzeria will go from a humble counter to a pizza-making powerhouse!

Some other elements you can upgrade include:

  • More decorative pizzeria designs and furniture
  • New menu items like salads, drinks, and desserts
  • Bigger ovens that can cook multiple pizzas at once
  • Topping and dough stations to expand your ingredient variety
  • Hiring additional chefs to help you fill orders faster

With all these customizations, you can tailor your pizzeria’s layout and menu to create a unique restaurant. Part of the fun is deciding which upgrades to prioritize as you earn more coins.

Good Pizza Great Pizza 2

Order Types & Menu Variety

Good Pizza, Great Pizza really shines in the variety of orders you’ll receive. Customers will order different amounts of toppings and ingredients to match their preferences.

Here are some examples of order types you’ll see:

  • Cheese Pizza: The most basic pizza with just cheese and sauce
  • Pepperoni Pizza: A popular topping choice to add some meatiness
  • Supreme Pizza: Loaded up with 3-4 different toppings like peppers, onions, and sausage
  • Hawaiian Pizza: Controversial but delicious with ham and pineapple toppings
  • Vegetarian Pizza: Omitting the meat and loaded with veggies instead
  • Custom Pizzas: Orders with specific ingredient preferences and amounts

The combinations of pizza toppings customers can request are nearly endless. You’ll need to pay close attention to make sure each custom order is followed properly.

On top of pizzas, you’ll also serve salads, drinks, and desserts as your menu expands. So the variety stays fresh and challenging.

Completing orders perfectly is key to keeping your customers happy and your pizzeria profitable.

Good Pizza Great Pizza 3

Customer Satisfaction & waiting times

Making good pizzas is important, but you also need to serve them fast in Good Pizza, Great Pizza.

Each customer has a set patience level before they’ll get angry and leave your restaurant. You can see impatience growing in the red bar above their heads.

Here are some tips to serve customers quickly and keep satisfaction high:

  • Prepare dough, sauce, and toppings ahead of time so pizzas can be assembled faster
  • Upgrade ovens to cook multiple pizzas simultaneously
  • Have your best/fastest appliances placed closer to the order counter
  • Use time-slowing boosts and upgrades to extend customer patience
  • Make good use of topping/dough prep stations to get ingredients ready faster

Losing customers due to long wait times will cut into your profits. So working efficiently is just as important as making quality pizzas.

The game does a good job ratcheting up the challenge. Managing a dozen angry, impatient customers will put your pizza skills to the test!

Good Pizza Great Pizza 4

Game Modes

Good Pizza, Great Pizza offers several game modes so players can tailor the experience to their liking:

Career Mode

The main mode where you build your pizzeria over hundreds of in-game days. Starts easy but progressively unlocks new features and gets more chaotic over time. Great for players who want the full business tycoon experience.

Freeplay Mode

A sandbox mode with all appliances and ingredients unlocked. You can test your skills and experiment with different pizzeria layouts. Disable certain features like impatient customers to relieve some pressure.

Time Attack Mode

Focuses on completing individual orders or serving a set number of customers as fast as possible. Perfect for players who just want the intense pizza-making action without the management aspects.

Custom Mode

Adjust a myriad of settings to create your perfect game mode. Change order frequency, customer patience, available ingredients, and much more. Great way to slowly introduce new elements at your own pace.

The variety of modes ensures both new and experienced players can enjoy Good Pizza, Great Pizza. You’re bound to find a mode that fits your style and difficulty preference!

Tips & Strategies For New Players

If you’re struggling with the hectic multitasking of Good Pizza, Great Pizza, here are some tips that can help:

  • Start in Freeplay mode – turning off impatient customers lets you practice at your own pace.
  • Upgrade oven speed – cook pizzas much faster so orders get out quicker.
  • Freeze time upgrades – extra seconds to prep ingredients when things get hectic.
  • Counter first – take customer orders first so you know what to prep. Don’t prep blindly.
  • Pre-cook dough – they take the longest, so bake some ahead of time.
  • Topping shortcuts – add quick buttons so you can place toppings faster.
  • Pause orders – temporarily stop accepting orders when you need to catch up.
  • Manage stations – turn off stations when ingredients get stockpiled to save space.

With the right approach and using helpful time-slowing abilities, the game becomes manageable even for less experienced players. Don’t get discouraged if you struggle at first – practice makes perfect!

Good Pizza, Great Pizza MOD APK

For players who want an easier experience or unlock everything faster, there are Modified (MOD) versions of Good Pizza, Great Pizza you can download.

These MODs typically offer the following benefits:

  • Unlimited money so you can buy any upgrade immediately
  • All cooking appliances/ingredients unlocked at start
  • Max customer patience so they never get angry
  • Disable ingredient spoiling so they last forever
  • Increase movement speed for quicker cooking
  • Remove ads for uninterrupted pizza-making action

The unlimited money and instant unlock mods allow you to fully upgrade your pizzeria right away. This lets you experiment with different layouts and ingredient combinations faster.

Other cheats like longer customer patience give you breathing room as you learn the game. Ingredients never spoiling means you can prep tons in advance without worrying about waste.

However, I’d recommend new players start with the normal game first. Using mods can remove some satisfaction from earning upgrades and mastering the chaotic multitasking. But they can be fun to play around with after getting the hang of things!

Good Pizza Great Pizza 5

Final Thoughts

With fun, fast-paced pizza preparation action and deep restaurant management mechanics, Good Pizza, Great Pizza lives up to its name.

Some key takeaways:

  • Addictive gameplay loop of taking orders, prepping ingredients, and serving fresh pizzas
  • Variety of order combinations keeps things interesting
  • Progression from humble counter to full-featured pizzeria is very satisfying
  • Different game modes appealing to players of all skill levels
  • MOD version makes earning upgrades and ingredients easier

If you like cooking games, tycoon games, or just pizza in general, this game is definitely worth a download. The cute pixel art style and ability to customize your own pizzeria kitchen is just icing on the pizza!

Whether you’re a total beginner or pizza master, Good Pizza, Great Pizza has something for you. Now get out there and start perfecting your pepperoni pies!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Good Pizza, Great Pizza available on iOS and Android?

Yes, Good Pizza, Great Pizza can be downloaded for free on both iOS and Android devices. There is also a PC version available on Steam.

Does the game require an internet connection to play?

No, Good Pizza, Great Pizza can be played completely offline once downloaded on your mobile device or PC.

Is there controller support?

Yes, the Steam version has support for USB controllers. The mobile versions can be played with most touchscreen compatible controllers.

How much does the full game cost?

Good Pizza, Great Pizza is completely free to download and play on all platforms. There are optional in-app purchases for permanent boosts and removing ads, but they are not required.

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