Lucky Fishing APK v1.2.11.240119_a (MOD, Unlimited Money)
Lucky Fishing APK v1.2.11.240119_a (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Lucky Fishing APK v1.2.11.240119_a (MOD, Unlimited Money)

With Lucky Fishing Premium Apk unlimited money, you'll be sure to enjoy hours of fast-paced fun.

Name Lucky Fishing
Publisher Cyan Game
Category Casual
Size 198.6 MB
Latest Version
MOD Unlimited Money
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Lucky Fishing is the most famous version in the Lucky Fishing series of publisher Cyan Game
Mod Version
Total installs 10,000+

Lucky Fishing – Arcade game is a fun and relaxed fishing simulation game with colorful graphics and simple controls. As an avid angler, you get to catch various fish across stunning locations using realistic rods and lures. With multiple game modes, upgrades and community features, Lucky Fishing provides a wholesome fishing experience right on your mobile!

Lucky Fishing

Overview of Gameplay

Here’s a quick overview of how the game works:

  • Cast your line into the water using intuitive touch controls. Wait for fish to take the bait.
  • Tap firmly when you get a bite to hook the fish. Then try reeling it in without the line snapping!
  • With successful catches, you earn coins to buy better rods, reels, lures and upgrades.
  • Travel to various spots like Greenland, Thailand, Antarctica etc. Each place has unique fish.
  • Take part in tournaments against other players for big rewards.
  • Decorate your own aquarium with caught fish and accessories.
  • Unlock new fishing spots, gear and fish types as you progress through the game.

With realistic fishing physics, tranquil locations and addictive progression, Lucky Fishing provides that authentic angling feel on mobile!

Lucky Fishing 1

Detailed Gameplay Features

Let’s look at the main gameplay features and activities in more depth:

Fishing Locations

  • Lucky Fishing takes you across 20+ stunning fishing destinations across the world.
  • Places like Hawaii, Iceland, Amazon, Japan etc. each have distinct scenic backgrounds, water physics and fish types.
  • Locations need to be unlocked progressively by completing tasks and tournaments.
  • Explore the diverse spots and enjoy catching in vibrant settings!

Fishing Gear

  • Choose from over 50 fishing rods and reels in the shop. Beginner rods break easily while pro rods can reel in heavy fish.
  • Different rod types like bamboo, carbon or fiberglass offer varied stats. Equip lures and hooks to customize them further.
  • Upgrade gears over time for longer casting distance, improved durability and efficient hooking power.

Fish Species

  • Try catching over 200 real life fish species covering tropical fish, sharks, arctic char, trout, carp, piranha etc.
  • Each fish has unique appearance, weight, fight and cash reward value. Heavier fish are harder to reel in.
  • Keep catching fish to complete the fishing handbook. Some rare golden fish exist too!

Fishing Gameplay

  • Find a nice spot and cast your line into the water using the touch controls.
  • Attract fish towards the lure by jiggling it gently. Wait for a strong nibble.
  • When you feel a bite, tap firmly in time to hook the fish. Then starts the reel battle!
  • Move the rod icon smoothly to prevent the line from snapping till the fish tires out.
  • Enjoy the thrill of hooking different fish in varied weather and water conditions!

Tournaments and Events

  • Take part in limited time fishing tournaments against other players for exclusive rewards.
  • Events have objectives like catching the biggest fish or most fish within a duration.
  • Win tournaments to unlock new locations, upgrades and outfits for your avatar.
  • Special holiday events also happen occasionally with fun themes.

Customize Avatar

  • Create your unique angler avatar using tons of hair, face, skin and clothing options.
  • Equip special outfits, hats and gear unlocked through gameplay.
  • Purchase items to customize avatar even further. Personalize to stand out!


  • Display all the different fish you catch in personalized aquariums.
  • Decorate beautifully with corals, rocks, sunken ships, treasures etc.
  • Aquariums are like your trophy case. Unlock bigger tanks as you progress.

With diverse fishing spots, realistic gear physics and relaxing gameplay, Lucky Fishing fulfills that deep angling urge!

Lucky Fishing 3

Key Features

Some of the standout features that enhance the fishing experience:

Realistic Graphics and Physics

  • Beautiful 3D visuals with detailed fish models, gear and serene environments.
  • Advanced physics for casting lines, hooking fish, fighting tension etc.
  • Day-night and weather effects make everything more immersive.

Social Interactions

  • Take part in fun conversations on fishing chat channels.
  • Follow friends, check their stats and send gifts. See their best catches.
  • Fishing destinations have other players that you can interact with.

Offline Progress

  • Game progress continues via auto-fishing even when offline or app is closed.
  • Come back later to new fish, coins and levels gained through offline activity.

No Energy Limits

  • Go fishing unlimitedly without worrying about energy, hearts or stamina.
  • Great for casual gameplay over long stretches.

Daily Rewards

  • Login daily for free coins, baits and cards. Spin the bonus wheel as well.
  • Keep your streak going to earn even bigger rewards over time.


  • Compete on real-time leaderboards in tournaments for trophies and ranks.
  • Gain reputation when you reach top spots consistently.

No P2W Focus

  • No aggressive monetization. You can progress freely as completely F2P.
  • No forced ads either. All ad offers are optional.

With social fun, realistic gameplay and content variety, Lucky Fishing makes digital fishing delightful!

Lucky Fishing 4

MOD Features for Unlimited Money

The modded version provides the following enhancements:

Unlimited Coins

  • You get unlimited coins which are the main currency in the game.
  • Now buy any rods, reels, lures, upgrades or avatar items easily.
  • No more grinding missions and tasks for coins!

All Locations Unlocked

  • Access all fishing spots right from the start.
  • Teleport to any location without needing to progress sequentially.
  • Uncover all areas instantly and discover the diverse fish.

All Fishing Gears Open

  • All rods, reels, lines, lures etc. unlocked from the start.
  • Equip high end gear without needing to level up and grind first.

Max Inventory Slots

  • Storage slots for keeping fish are maxed out so you never run out of space.
  • Keep catching endless fish without stopping to clear inventory.

Excellent Progression

  • The unlimited money enhances the pace of progress very well.
  • You get to experience the full breadth of content faster.
  • Retains the sense of achievement without excessive grinding.

Safe and Working

  • The mod is 100% safe with no viruses or malware.
  • Tested and confirmed for smooth performance without crashes.
  • Easy installation like a normal apk. No root needed either.

Now you can fish lavishly across stunning locations using premium gear from the get go!

Fishing Tips and Strategies

Here are some handy tips to master Lucky Fishing quickly:

  • Use glowing and colorful lures to attract rare fish during night fishing.
  • Equip longer, flexible rods for improved casting distance and hooking ability.
  • Buy rods with high durability if your line snaps often losing fish.
  • For big fish, keep the reel steady and use rod carefully to tire them out.
  • Activate buffs like double coins before starting tournaments and events.
  • Take part in team tournaments for extra support and shared rewards.
  • Complete daily tasks for routine coin and XP gains to upgrade faster.
  • Watch video ads in free time to get additional free coins.
  • Check the shop daily for discounts on useful items to acquire.
  • Use your best rods during tournaments to gain more event points.

Using these tips will help you improve faster and master the perfect catch!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Lucky Fishing free to play?

Yes, it is completely free to download and play. There are optional in-app purchases but they are not required to progress.

Does it require constant internet?

You need an internet connection only during initial launch and for features like tournaments. The actual fishing gameplay works offline.

Can the game progress be synced across devices?

Yes, if you login using Facebook or Google account, your progress is synced and restored when switching devices.

Is it safe for kids to play?

Yes, Lucky Fishing has an E Rating and is safe for kids. There is no adult content or violence involved.

How long does the battery last while playing?

On average you can expect 2-3 hours of continuous gameplay on a full charge depending on device specs. Reducing graphics can help.

Final Verdict

Lucky Fishing offers the authentic fishing simulation experience on mobile with varied locations, realistic physics and content variety. The unlimited money mod elevates progression, letting you access premium gear and spots faster. Visually polished, packed with customization and community features, it fulfills that tranquil fishing getaway urge anytime, anywhere!

So cast your lines into the waters today and see what grand catches await, happy angler!

Lucky Fishing 5
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