Candy Disaster TD APK v3.4.9 (MOD, Unlimited Gems, Energy, Candy)
Candy Disaster TD APK v3.4.9 (MOD, Unlimited Gems, Energy, Candy)

Candy Disaster TD APK v3.4.9 (MOD, Unlimited Gems, Energy, Candy)

Thanks to Candy Disaster TD Premium APK, start the game one step ahead with unlimited gems, energy and candy!

Name Candy Disaster TD
Publisher Erabit Studios
Category Strategy
Size 358.34 MB
Latest Version 3.4.9
MOD Unlimited Gems, Energy, Candy
Get it On Google Play
Candy Disaster TD is the most famous version in the Candy Disaster TD series of publisher Erabit Studios
Mod Version 3.4.9
Total installs 100,000+

Candy Disaster TD is a colorful tower defense game that provides hours of challenging strategy and addictive gameplay. With different candy-themed worlds to conquer, a variety of towers to utilize, and enemy waves to fend off, it offers a sweet tower defense experience.

Candy Disaster TD

The Goal of the Game

As a tower defense game, the goal in Candy Disaster TD is to strategically place towers which will defeat waves of incoming enemies before they can reach the end of the path and damage your base.

Enemies follow set paths on each level, and you must obstruct their progress by building and upgrading towers that will shoot projectiles and damage them. Completing levels requires analyzing enemy types, optimally positioning towers, managing resources, and reacting to emerging threats.

Candy Disaster TD 1

Tower Types and Upgrades

To defend against the assorted enemies, you have a variety of candy-themed towers with different abilities to deploy:

  • Gummy Gun – Rapid-fire tower good against weak enemies
  • Licorice Launcher – Area splash damage tower effective against groups
  • Lollipop Lancer – High single target damage but slow rate of fire
  • Marshmallow Mortar – Long range area damage tower with slow projectiles
  • Cotton Candy Cannon – Short range but high area damage tower

Towers can be upgraded by spending coins to increase their damage, range, area of effect, and attack speed. Combining towers with synergy creates potent defenses against enemies.

Enemies and Boss Monsters

Progressing through levels introduces new enemy types with increasing strength and special abilities to contend with:

  • Gingerbread Man – Basic weak early enemy with average speed
  • Pretzel Pig – Sturdier but slower enemy that appears after a while
  • Licorice Lion – Fast enemy that begins spawning in waves
  • Jawbreaker Gorilla – High health enemy that can destroy towers
  • Candy Dragon – Flying enemy that ignores ground towers

End of level bosses like the Candy Dragon and Cupcake Kraken provide intense challenges requiring smart use of your towers and abilities.

Candy Disaster TD 2

Currency and Progression

Coins earned from defeating enemies are used to build, upgrade and replace towers. Higher difficulty levels award bigger coin bonuses upon completion.

Gems can be collected from achievements and daily rewards to purchase powerful items like the Arcane Amulet and Dragon Fire Flask on a mission.

Experience points gained allow you to gain player levels which unlock new towers, items, and abilities. Progression feels satisfying as you develop and test new tower strategies.

Worlds and Environments

Candy Disaster TD features colorful worlds and environments to defend:

  • Gummy Gardens – Bright green fields with hills and trees filled with jelly bears.
  • Fudge Fjords – Chocolate cliffs and pink seas with minty waves crashing.
  • Caramel Clouds – Cotton candy clouds floating in an orange sky with lollipop obstacles.
  • Truffle Tundra – Wintery mountains of ice cream covered in sprinkles of snow.

The vivid lands provide a sugar rush of visual splendor while you enjoy the strategic action.

Game Modes

The main Campaign mode features over 100 levels to conquer across the different worlds. Each area culminates in an epic boss battle.

Other modes provide fun variety:

  • Crisis Mode – Survive endless waves for as long as possible across increasing difficulties.
  • Restricted Mode – Beat levels with limits or bans on certain towers.
  • Heroic Mode – Increased challenge with enhanced enemies but better rewards.
Candy Disaster TD 3

Defensive Tools

You have a variety of items and powers to help against especially dangerous waves:

  • Bubblegum Blast – Stops all enemies briefly by trapping them in sticky bubblegum.
  • Candy Cane Drone – Flies around damaging airborne enemies.
  • Gingerbread Guards – Summons gingerbread soldiers that fight nearby foes.
  • Sugar Rush – Temporarily increases the attack speed of all towers.

Using these abilities at key moments can turn the tide when you face towering threats.

Sweet Satisfaction

Completing a challenging level by perfectly executing tower placements provides immense satisfaction. Seeing your wild candy-filled defenses destroy hundreds of monsters with pops, explosions, and showers of sprinkles is highly gratifying.

Unlocking new towers and combining them in inventive layouts to defeat enemies leads to eureka moments. The broad strategic options make coming up with your own solutions rewarding.

Polished Presentation

Vibrant cartoony graphics, goofy character designs, and entrancing backdrops make the sweet worlds eye-catching. Soothing music complements the gameplay.

Intuitive controls and interface allow you to easily place and upgrade towers. Fun voice lines add charm when you drop a tower or defeat a big enemy.

Overall, the polished presentation enhances the tower defense enjoyment rather than detracting from it.

Candy Disaster TD 4

Massive Maps and Replay Value

Boasting over 100 levels across diverse worlds, maps offer tons of variety, from mazes to open areas to multiple paths. Maps gradually increase in complexity and difficulty.

You can replay levels to beat your high score, try new tower tactics, or aim for three-star mastery. Extra objectives, challenges, and difficulty modes provide abundant replayability.

With regular updates adding new content, there is seemingly endless tower defense action to relish.

Competitive and Cooperative Play

When you want to take a break from tackling solo campaigns, you can battle waves in synchronous PvP matches or cooperate in 2-4 player co-op survival mode for a refreshing experience.

Competing against others of similar rank in real-time provides an added sense of challenge. Communicating and working together with friends to survive longer yields satisfying teamwork.

Satisfying Progression and Unlocks

Earning stars for completing campaign levels and gathering resources lets you unlock new towers, power-ups, and upgrades over time.

Seeing your choices manifest in towers with new capabilities provides a great sense of progression. Growing your arsenal gradually creates escalating fun.

Surprise gifts like premium currency and specialty weapons reward you along the way as well.

Candy Disaster TD 5


With its cheerful candy-filled worlds, range of unique towers, challenging foes, and wealth of modes and maps, Candy Disaster TD delivers a delightful tower defense experience. Strategic thinking combines with explosive on-screen action for mouth-watering entertainment.

Unlocking an array of towers and combining them in creative layouts provides intellectual stimulation. Polish like fun visuals and sounds immerse you in an uplifting atmosphere. Both casual and hardcore TD fans will find levels perfectly tailored to provide just the right sugar rush.

Frequently Asked Questions

What platforms is the game available on?

Candy Disaster TD can be downloaded on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets through the App Store and Google Play Store. However, this premium version is only available for android.

Does it require an internet connection to play?

No, once downloaded the game can be played offline without an internet connection. Multiplayer modes do require connectivity.

Is the game appropriate for kids?

Yes, the game is rated E for Everyone and its lighthearted cartoony content is kid-friendly.

Does the game have in-app purchases?

However, everything is free in this premium version.

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