Download: Undead vs Demon v2.4.1 APK (MOD, Mega Menu)
Download: Undead vs Demon v2.4.1 APK (MOD, Mega Menu)

Download: Undead vs Demon v2.4.1 APK (MOD, Mega Menu)

You will be able to have all the features thanks to the Undead vs Demon APK Mega Menu. There are dozens of features such as super soldier, immortal king.

Name Undead vs Demon
Publisher FunTriggerGames
Category Strategy
Size 148.62 MB
Latest Version 2.4.1
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Undead vs Demon is the most famous version in the Undead vs Demon series of publisher FunTriggerGames
Mod Version 2.4.1
Total installs 100,000+


  • Super Soldier
  • Immortal King
  • Dump Monster (Monsters Can’t Move)
  • Freeze Mana

The city of Kaede is under attack by the Queen of Debars, Debra. She is armed with a sword that can summon demons and has a demon army under her control. The city is protected by a small group of undead warriors led by a Skeleton King. You will lead the undead and battle the demons.


The Queen Debra is a threat to the entire Demonic realm and it’s your job to bring her down. You’ll need a powerful army to take her down and you’ll need the best heroes to do it. You’ll start by leveling up the Skeleton King and then you’ll be able to start training your army. You’ll be able to collect and enhance different heroes as you progress through the game. There are many different heroes that you’ll be able to collect and use, including the Skeleton King, the Witch Doctor, and the Angry Knight. You’ll also be able to create a strong army from the heroes that you’ve collected and enhanced.

Undead Vs Demon
Undead Vs Demon 5


To build your Undead army you will need to gather Undead Bones and Undead Hearts from the dead. Undead Hearts are the first and most important resource in your Undead army. You will also need to gather Undead Hisses and Undead Eyes from the dead to convert them into guards for your army. You can also collect Undead Necks and Undead Stomachs to create a champion. To get the best results, you will also need to gather Undead Limbs and Undead Necks to create powerful Champions.


Now, it is time for the Undead to take action and create their own army. You must create a strong army and then unleash it onto the Demon realm. Unlock different heroes and train them to use their abilities so that you can take the Demons out of the Demonic realm.


Once you have leveled up, you will have to build your Skeleton King! Your Skeleton King is a powerful character, who can be leveled up to help you fight your Demon enemies. The more your Skeleton King is leveled up, the stronger he becomes! At the same time, you will gain more and more powerful heroes to help you take on your Demons.

Undead Vs Demon 4
Undead Vs Demon 3


Now you have to fight your way past the Ghouls and then take down the Demon Queen. In this new adventure, you will be able to train your undead army and collect new heroes to use in battle. You’ll also be able to unlock new items and equip them to your heroes as you progress through the game.


The game comes with a variety of different hero options for players to choose from. Unlocking new heroes is a key part of the game, and it’s a great way to increase your chances of winning. You can get new heroes by completing achievements. The game also takes place in a different time period, so you have to play in order to get new heroes. When you complete an achievement, you unlock new heroes and increase the difficulty of the game.


With the Undead vs Demon MOD APK Mega Menu, you will be able to have all the features that you need to survive in your game. There are dozens of features such as super soldier, immortal king, and more. However, they can be unlocked with a single click of the button. The Undead vs Demon MOD APK Mega Menu is the only one of its kind in the market.

Undead Vs Demon 1
Undead Vs Demon 2


Can I customize my skeleton army?

Definitely! You’ll have options to equip a variety of weapons and abilities for each of your heroes, allowing for unique customization.

Will there be other bands besides Undead and Demon?

The focus right now is the conflict between these two groups. However, there may be work to include more groups with future updates.

Are there any in-game purchases?

There will be optional in-game purchases for players who want to further enhance their gaming experience. However, it is not necessary to make purchases to enjoy the game and progress.

Will new content be added?

Regular updates with new heroes, abilities, and features are planned for the game for an ever-evolving experience.

How do I access the features of the Undead vs Demon MOD APK Mega Menu?

Simply click on the “MOD MENU Features” button within the game to unlock all available features.

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