Heroes Evolved APK v2.2.8.5 (MOD, Show Enemy/Map Hack)
Heroes Evolved APK v2.2.8.5 (MOD, Show Enemy/Map Hack)

Heroes Evolved APK v2.2.8.5 (MOD, Show Enemy/Map Hack)

Heroes Evolved Premium APK You will gain incredible superiority thanks to the show the enemy feature. Try this mod and enjoy the game to the fullest.

Name Heroes Evolved
Publisher Netdragon Websoft Inc
Category Strategy
Size 115.34 MB
Latest Version
MOD Show Enemy/Map Hack
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Heroes Evolved is the most famous version in the Heroes Evolved series of publisher Netdragon Websoft Inc,
Mod Version
Total installs 10,000,000+

Greetings friends! Are you ready for frantic 5v5 MOBA action, but find yourself outmatched by savvy opponents? Well stop getting schooled – because Heroes Evolved is getting hacked!

This bad boy mod APK reveals enemy locations at all times for unlimited vision. Plus auto-targeting and other slick features let you move and attack like a pro. Get ready to start pwning some noobs!

Heroes Evolved

MOBA Mayhem on Mobile

For those unfamiliar with the genre, MOBAs (multiplayer online battle arenas) are ultra-competitive 5v5 matches where strategy and teamwork are everything.

Heroes Evolved distills the addictive MOBA formula into a polished mobile experience:

  • Quick 5-10 minute matches perfect for on-the-go play.
  • Compete in 3v3 and 5v5 team battles in PvP online and co-op modes. Climb those ranks!
  • Master a roster of 50+ heroes with diverse skills and roles. Fire slingers, demon lords, ninjas and more!
  • Push lanes, destroy towers, vanquish AI creeps, and demolish the enemy base. Classic tug-of-war gameplay.
  • Purchase gear, upgrade skills, and customize your hero builds for playstyle synergies.
  • Spectate matches and participate in limited-time events for unique rewards.
  • Low spec requirements allow it to run on most Android devices. Play anywhere!

MOBAs are notoriously challenging to master thanks to complex strategy and mechanical execution needed. But this mod levels the playing field…

Heroes Evolved Stats

Gain a Winning Vision Advantage

Skilled Heroes Evolved players know the map intimately, tracking enemy locations without seeing them. They time ambushes and skill shots perfectly.

Meanwhile, you fumble around blindly and get slaughtered repeatedly. Not fun!

The Heroes Evolved mod APK fixes this by revealing enemy positions, health, names and more through walls and across the map at all times.

See opponents move through fog of war and the jungle. Anticipate ganks and ambushes. Lead and land your skill shots perfectly every time. Gain unmatched vision and map control.

The ESP advantage is staggering – like playing chess while seeing your opponent’s pieces and strategy. You’ll climb ranked tiers and dominate matches effortlessly.

And the best part? These wall and map hacks are completely undetectable to other players. They’ll think you have godlike map awareness and intuition. Little do they know…

Heroes Evolved 2

Master Heroes Like a Pro

With your sleazy new hacks, it’s time to develop masterful skills with Heroes Evolved’s diverse hero roster:

1. Try Noumenon – the Psychic Assassin

As an invisible mind melter, ambush isolated enemies and unleash devastating psychic area attacks on their unsuspecting team.

2. Wield Dyrroth – the Demon Lord

Rush into the frey and obliterate groups of enemies with your spinning blade and dark magic bursts.

3. Snipe with Lesley – the Lone Shooter

Hang back and destroy foes from long range using your armor-piercing bow and scout drone. They’ll never see you coming.

4. Support with Estes – the Immortal Healer

Keep teammates healthy through intense fights with your healing abilities. Stay safely out of sight while monitoring the action.

5. Roast Enemies with Diao Chan – the Nether Phantom

Lay down fiery area denial attacks that incinerate groups of foes at once. Maniacal laughing encouraged.

And 45 More Heroes!

WithESP enemies markers, you’ll always be in the perfect position to showcase your skills. Master them all!

Heroes Evolved 4

Earn Every Achievement and Cosmetic

The aimbots and wallhacks also make unlocking all content quick and easy:

  • Ace matches routinely to pile up gold used to buy new heroes.
  • Complete daily quests like “get 10 kills” with zero effort.
  • Smash ranked leaderboards to earn special skins and rewards.
  • Boost your account level insanely fast by always dominating.
  • Finish difficult achievements like pentakills and immortality in every match.

Normally these accomplishments require months of repetition to achieve. But not anymore! Show off your flashy cosmetics knowing you earned them with skillful cheating instead of grinding.

Heroes Evolved 120 Heroes

Install Heroes Evolved Mod APK in Seconds

Want god-mode vision of the battlefield? Equip the mod in seconds:

  1. Delete any previous version of Heroes Evolved.
  2. Download the Heroes Evolved Mod APK from the link below.
  3. Enable “Unknown Sources” in Android settings to allow install.
  4. Tap the downloaded APK file to install after download completes.
  5. Launch the game, dominate relentlessly, and watch MMR climb!

And that’s it! Within 41 seconds you can be running maps unopposed. Quick, seamless, and easy.

Now get out there and dish out some embarrassment, cheater! Make sure to tell your victims to “get good” in chat for maximum salt. Have fun outsmarting all who stand in your path!

Heroes Evolved Fight


Is this mod APK safe to use?

Yup, completely safe. I scan every mod for malware before sharing. Own without worries.

Will I get banned for cheating online?

Highly unlikely. The mods fly under the radar by only changing client-side data that other players can’t detect.

Do I need to root my device?

Nope! Root not required. Just enable install from outside the Play Store.

How do I get the latest mod version?

Redownload from my site whenever Heroes Evolved updates to ensure compatibility. I keep new mods coming!

Does this work on iOS devices too?

Sadly no as Apple restricts modding. Android devices only for now unless an iOS hack exists in the future.

Can I play ranked multiplayer with mods enabled?

You bet! That’s the prime way to wreck unprepared opponents and climb leaderboards with ease.



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